Gah I love this man! Wish I could work out how to download this vid so I can watch it even when I have no net!

And I know he doesnt, but I *love* his nails! It’s a kink of mine.. along with the nail varnish, and…. well hell.. the whole look!!!

anonymous asked:

Aww I was looking forward to seeing your face dear sir :((

Here it is, I went for a shower, hence the delay x

I take movie dates so seriously. Like no sir. Do not give me that look. Turn your face back to the screen and enjoy this fine piece of cinema. I did not invite you here to suck your face.

You know what? Screw sleep. I’ve spent hours working on commissions and I want to plan fanart, gorramit!

Hannibal, get over here. I need to do an actual portrait of your face sir!

*Aggressively starts looking through screencaps and sketching ideas*