I was thinking over my vague and uncertain long-term future plans and thinking about how I might feel better about it all if I actually had a better sense of how things go (like, you know, when you start a school program, you know approx. how many years it should take), and then I remembered that a few years ago when I was having a wave of angst about how things would go, I sat down and asked Loki if He’d give me a sense of the five-year plan. And He did, and I think I oughta go figure out which notebook that’s in and see how it matches up with what’s happened since then …

I know that doing long-term forecasts is in some sense ill-advised but I mean, what even is the point of having access to arcane tools, technology, and information and not doing ill-advised things with it from time to time??

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God, you know what really sucked about writing it though? That it’s Barbara’s POV and she’s so swept away and touched and weak-kneed over this man and his smooth suaveness BUT EVEN MORE so by his concern and tenderness to her and his fear of hurting her because she just assumes that he knows how badly she’s been hurt by Jim’s father and he doesn’t want to cause her any more pain and she is so incredibly touched by that–

–and all the while WE know what’s happening, what’s really going down, how Strickler may truly not WANT to cause her pain but he’s using her anyway and he feels AWFUL but he’s still DOING IT and half of this fanfic he’s awash in wonder for this woman and her lusty wiles while the other half he’s realizing, Gods, I really *am* a bastard, aren’t I? 

I love Strickler, but God do I want to smack him upside the head sometimes. 


I got the truck stuck today.

It is still where I got it stuck.

Tomorrow I am getting up well earlier than I like to go with someone with a bigger truck, and truck-extricating equipment, to unstuck my truck.

Tomorrow is going to be a much longer and less pleasant day than I had originally expected. So was today, for that matter! I had about a 6 mile hike from the stuck spot to the spot for being retrieved, and it was too late in the day at that point to go try to unstuck the truck (it would have been dark when we got there, and my nerves are N O T up for going down those roads in the dark, it is questionable whether my nerves are up for those roads in broad fucking daylight but I don’t have an option there).

The only reason I am not thoroughly drunk right now is that, despite evidence from earlier today that might suggest the contrary, I do have some shreds of self-preservation.

((Imagine APH Poland as a ghost. Like seriously, he’s not into that whole “let’s shake everything and slam doors” business, because aient nobody got time for that. But the current resident notices certain clothes going missing and sometimes at night when they’re changing, they could almost swear that they heard a voice “You’re not seriously going to wear that? Ohmygod, you are. Someone call the police, that outfit should be illegal.”))

did someone say FE8 headcanon characters? no oh well

does anyone want to make an FE8 romhack for me featuring the 5 heroes fighting/sealing formotiis for the first time i even have a story with Politics and everything

even background units… |||orz

grado as main lord, latona as secondary lord*? the others as not lords but units with unique sprites and special promotions to use the twin weapons, morva as the featured manakete/mamkute, cameo little kid myrrh because myrrh

*latona female here for reasons of ambiguity in the original japanese. w/e fight me