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“I was waiting for this scene a long time […]. The master piece Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque floating and embracing by nature creates a magical rare scene during sunrise with its shadows reflected over the fog. I took this shot from the rooftop of 31 floor building in the first day of January, 2015, the first light of the new year was magical. I was chasing the weather everyday, after dozens of times I found what I was looking for, the moment that I can see how nature can embraces the architecture.” Photo and caption by Khalid Al Hammadi / National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest. Location: Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

bloodlustmagician look what I found on my phone. Bloodlustmagician was Ponzu & I cosplayed Pokkle. I’m a brat even in cosplay tbh. Other than the fact I need to style a new wig, because I killed Pokkle’s, these two were so much fun to cosplay. Ps: I carried around those pines all weekend, because..I did horrible things with them. Put them in pillows, in shoes, in..Ponzu’s hair :’D

Edit: I just realized you have the bee ring on! I looked forward to giving you that way too much xD
If You Feel Like You're in the Wrong Place, Start Looking for a Way Out

Excerpt from Simple Steps to a Life Less Shitty, available here

Sometimes I want to scream because life is so shitty and sometimes I want to scream because it’s so great. The problem with living like that is there’s no middle-ground. One of my favorite Youthmovies songs has a line that says: “It’s not going well and it’s not going badly/it’s just going along.” I love those lyrics but I haven’t lived like that in years. There’s the whole “comfort in being sad” (from another song) but sometimes I miss the comfort in being bored. 

When people tell me they’re bored the first thing I do is get jealous and then I realize how stupid that is. Here’s the thing: Once you start looking for a better life things will immediately get tough. What I’ve found is that by changing your life for the better and shooting for your dreams you give up on a lot of things that make life easier. Some days when I’m poor as hell and the whole storm of life is howling, the idea of going to a nice, warm, safe job in the morning sounds amazing. Something I wouldn’t have to “take home,” somewhere I could go get my work done and be home by 5:30 and have someone else worry about “the money." 

As Americans we’re told diligence on the job is a noble thing. They tell us you do your part and you don’t hesitate to self-sacrifice. What they don’t say is that working a job you can’t believe in will tax your soul somethin’ fierce. What’s the measure of someone who knows they’re a slave but doesn’t look for a way out of the cage? I’m not telling you to quit your shitty job tomorrow or anything like that. Times are hard. What I’m saying is: if you feel like you’re in the wrong place, start looking for a way out. A full cut ‘n’ run from steady employment might be romantic but it’s a very privileged and (mostly) impractical thing to do. I know this because that’s what I’ve done and it’s fucking hard and half the time I feel like a stupid fucking jerk for doing it.

On the farm we live our work for all waking hours. If the books we publish don’t sell we have nothing to fall back on. We go without food or we go without propane and everyone makes do. Life without a safety net (or a big company with a secure bank account) is fucking scary some days. And of course there’s Jessie and Thad’s boys. Raising toddlers when you live like we do is Real Life with a capital R and L and a few choice expletives thrown down on either side. One of my favorite singers said, "to live outside the law you must be honest” but I’d counter and say “to live outside the norm you must be relentless.” Hustling that hard can wear you down. It can break your spirit and it can make you doubt yourself until you’ve lost perspective.

It can also be the freest kind of life you’d ever want to live. Our goal on the farm is to rely on no one but the people we love, and for those people we will give up anything. On good days all the surreal bullshittyness of life goes away and when that happens it feels like I’m in charge of my destiny. Do I believe in destiny? Fate? I don’t, but I do believe in the rare moments of lightness where not a thing weighs heavy on your soul, where you walk the land not proud of your accomplishments but grounded and centered by the SEARCH for them, strong in the knowledge that today (if ONLY today) you fought hard and that you are where you should be.

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John's eyes widened in surprise as a pistol was pressed to his head. He looked up slowly and saw Feral holding it. She looked angry "Uhm... What did I do?"

She held up a magazine she had found under his bed