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Adding to the boob conversation, I'm soooo self conscious about my boobs cause they're literally the smallest things ever

Ok but dude… bralettes FIT U PERFECTLY, and u can wear no bras whenever u want and u cant get nipple piercings and then not wear a bra and u can see it thru Ur shirt and it looks so hot & ~~mysterious~~~ and SO GOOD… dude u can have low cut tops & u can take those cute ass collar bone pics on tumblr with glitter and shit Idk ANYONE can do this tho like ya’ll BOOBS R GREAT stop bein insecure abt shit that doesnt even matter like Ur all so perfect fuck my life

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Dude I've been looking at ur redbubble store forever (specially the Killjoy shirt with all the ray guns) and I'm looking to get something for Christmas but I just wanna say ur art is really good (like really really good) and if I had any money it would go to ur merch in a heartbeat

aw dude, youre the fuckin sweetest. thanks for all the love and i hope your xmas is totally rad as fuck.

something i did after sobbing through the Square Enix thing…

what if hanzo nip pierce

Oke so if you kittens dunno who this lovely is, 
then you can find dearie @eeli-ah HERE~
(( ilu eeli, ur rly cool and ur vines are amazing ;3; ))

Eeliah is hosting a fan art contest and I really wanted to join in!
So here ya’ go Eeliah! I hope you like it!
It was really fun to make and create! ((=^o^=))/
((also making art for ppl u find rly cool and awesome really gives inspiration!))
I don’t make ‘lineart’ very often, but just for a better result, I made an exeption! ((=>vO=))

I also made a gif version of how the progress went! (Click me~)
Hope you all have a lovely day kittens~~ 


need more vikk in white u know