“I’m your family?” “You’re my family.”

In honour of Gendry’s soon-to-be return to the show, here is a drabble of Arya and Gendry’s potential meeting in S8


She was water dancing when the gates creaked open. Brienne now trained with her every morning and night once done sparring with Pod. The young squire always seemed to find an excuse to still be there when Arya would glide up, eyes sparkling, Needle in one hand, dagger at her waist. He claimed to Brienne that Arya was a natural, and he wished to learn from her. After several weeks, Brienne stopped even pretending to believe him. 

The sound of two horses and the howl of the cold winds outside made Arya and Brienne pause, turning to see who had come. Arya felt like a girl of 12 again as her heart raced, her mind whispering, Jon, big brother, he’s home, he’s home.

She couldn’t help but feel disappointed as she saw it was a Wildling man with a huge red beard and glinting, laughing eyes. He broadly smiled in their direction, and Arya turned to see Brienne furiously staring at her feet, her hand clutching at Oathkeeper as though it were a support. 

“My lady!” the man shouted. 

Brienne nodded stiffly. “Tormund.”

Tormund? Arya thought to herself. She had heard of Tormund from Sansa; a Wildling who Jon called his closest friend, a brash man with a kind heart who currently cared for two girls who’s mother died at Hardhome. Arya had learnt to be wary of everyone though, however kind they may seem. 

Tormund slipped off his horse and swaggered towards them, talking loudly of great deeds and ice spiders. Why was Brienne looking as though the ground needed to swallow her up, Arya wondered. Pod was hovering nervously around them, clearly wondering whether to cause an intervention or just leave Brienne to it. Brienne hastily blurted to Tormund that Winterfell had received a raven that Ser Jaime Lannister and a group of Lannister deserters were riding North to fight alongside the Starks. Now it was clear that he no longer fought for Cersei, Brienne always seemed to bring up Ser Jaime when she was flustered, and it always made Pod roll his eyes.

Smirking, Arya turned back to the gate, sure that it was two horses, not one, that she had heard. 

And then her heart stopped. 

She hadn’t seen him for four years. His hair was still black as night, and the eyes that shyly looked through it were still the blue of a warm summer sky. A huge warhammer swung off the horse, and Arya could see the sigil of House Baratheon on it. Why did he have that? 

She found herself tentatively moving forwards. Could it be him? Was it truly him? The Red Witch hadn’t killed him?

His clothes were covered in ice and snow, and as he jumped off the horse she saw his hands were turning grey from cold. 

“Gendry?” she heard herself whispering, feeling the eyes of Pod burning into the back of her head. 

He looked up, and swallowed hard. “You finally got home to Winterhell…”

She took a sharp intake of breath, mixed with a laugh, thinking what Hot Pie would say to that subtle jab in his absence. “You’re alive. She didn’t -”

He shook his head. “I - Arya, I -” and suddenly his arms were around her, squeezing her, holding her in a way he had never once held her before. Arya found her head resting against his chest, her heart racing…

And then she pulled back and punched him square on the jaw. 

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The why are you crying part reminds me of when Kaneki first went to :re.

you’re right, it does look similar with those ghibli tears *sobs*

It’s probably not meant as an actual parallel, but still

she gave a smile
a smile that looked a little troubled and a bit … sad

Can you imagine having to come to terms with the fact that the woman you love has always and still is madly in love with Alison and after years of speculating on Alison’s feelings for Emily,Alison came right out and said some William Shakespeare type shit,and you know deep in your heart you can’t compete with your “arch nemesis” for Emily’s heart because that’s true love AND Emily’s first love.she’s compared every gf to Ali, but before she goes she has to make sure Emily is loved for real and she got her answer..

Just look at those tears of Joy..Someone heard the words she’s been waiting for since she was 15

Paige kinda deserve some kudos

Not my gif..

Relentless | Calum Hood Series Pt.6

                                                 Part S I X 

Request: Being the cousin of Ashton Irwin was exciting, especially when invited to their tour to hang out with his best friends. You found yourself becoming fond of Calum Hood, who finds you annoying from your constant appearance. But what would happen if you stopped giving him that attention?

Word Count: 3k+

A/N: 100 notes is the goal, lovelies! im so happy a bunch of you are enjoying this series. i love writing each part knowing that a lot of you will be satisfied to read it! gives me a ton of confidence in my writing xx

Parts: one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, sixteen, seventeen, eighteen, nineteen, twenty. [DONE]

                                                 I M A G I N E

Helsinki, 23:07 P.M. (post-concert, almost midnight)

“Hold on for a sec.” 

Those words stood still in the silence, making your bones completely freeze and stop you from joining the rest of the boys outside. The yanking of your hem became a distant memory as you looked up at the sweaty, yet stern-faced Calum right in front of you. 

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Make Me Choose (2.5k Celebration) @rainmyselfinharmony asked:

Sherlolly being cute OR Sherlolly being all emotional

I couldn’t choose and you know why? Because Sherlolly is both at the same time, is cute, is emotional, is all the fluffy and all the angst! They are all of that, because the lived all those emotions, they shared those smiles, and looks, those tears and worries about each other. They love each other, and no one will tell me they don’t!

My Favorite What If - Part 2

Masterlist  -  Part 1

Summary: You run into your childhood friend Steve and wonder if you’ve missed out on a good thing.

Prompt(s): for @tatortot2701 ’s AU Writing Challenge!: “Please don’t tell me you got arrested again.”

Warnings: swearing, very very vague allusion to abuse

Word Count: 2987

Author’s Note: I don’t know team. I queued this when I posted the first and I’ve been dreading today all week. I am just not confident in this parrrrt. I’m having a meltdown. The floof. The angst… I just don’t know. Thanks queen bee for helping me figure out how to bring this monstrosity to an end @denialanderror.

Originally posted by sincerelysaraahh

Driving has always been cathartic for you, and somehow last night you found yourself making the 3-hour drive back to your hometown in the hopes of pushing out the memories that kept creeping into your head. Obviously this is the last place to run from the past, but maybe it’s time to face it so you could finally let it go.

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Not Now

Who would have that that this is the way he would go?

It was a mission they could handle. They had been assured that many a time. So, why had it all gone so wrong?


Lance and Keith had been tasked in going on ahead to scope out the ship, and make sure that it was truly empty as they had assumed it to be.

But maybe that was their first mistake.


The two Paladins had realized things were too quiet when they had found there to be no traps whatsoever. There had to be at least some traps in all of this.

“Keith, i-it’s too quiet here. Something’s wrong here.” Lance whispered, body taught as he looked everywhere he could. Not having anything happen was worse than having something happen.

“Yea, I agree. Maybe we should - ” Keith would have continued, but a soft ‘woosh’ through the air next to his head alerted him.

“Shit - !” He wheezed, turning his head to follow the arrow-like object, only to see, in a sort of slow motion, the object make its way straight toward his partner.


The Blue Paladin had turned to see what had caught Keith’s attention, but felt the air rush out of him quickly.

He fell backwards, not quite able to tell what had happened. All he knew right now was that something hurt like the hottest flames of hell in his chest.


The Red Paladin ran for his fallen friend, sliding on his knees next to him. He picked him partially up gently, laying his torso in his lap as his eyes glanced from spot to spot over him.

“Lance, holy shit, are you okay?!” He breathed before his eyes came to rest on the arrow lodged deep into Lance’s chest. It had just barely missed its target - just slightly below his heart.


The edges of his vision were beginning to get hazy. He knew where he was - kinda - but thought it strange that it was warm.


Floors are cold. So …


He was in Keith’s lap. Well then. At least he was warm now. Screw cold floors, he liked this much better.

He heard mumbles. A voice? Oh, Keith. Right.

Dazed, Lance looked up at Keith, blinking before his vision cleared a little bit. He looked - scared? Were those tears??


Said Keith was in fact beginning to cry as he held Lance.

The arrow was too far in to try and get out without causing major bleeding. And he was afraid that if he tried to get Lance back to the castle to a healing pod, that it would take too much time.

But he had to do something. He couldn’t just let him die. Not now. Not in his arms.


The Blue Paladin could tell he was fading. His insides hurt way too much for there not to be something wrong.

“Keith?” He asked, his usually loud and boisterous voice now scarily quiet.

“Keith … am I - am I dying?”


“No. You’re not gonna die. I’m gonna get you out of here, safe, and very much alive.” Keith rattled off, glancing around to see what he could use to possibly help them.

And to his great luck, there was fucking nothing.


“Keith …” Lance whispered, even quieter now. The rest of his thoughts were interrupted by his own coughing, which led to blood coming up.

It splattered over his armor, the deep red a stark contrast to the slightly dirty and offset white it normal was. The blue of his symbol was tainted with the blood.

“K-Keith … I-I’m not gonna make it, am I?” He sighed, sagging a little as he began to accept his fate.

He was going to die here. In Keith’s arms. On a supossedly abandoned Galra ship.

What a boring way to go.


Keith felt his blood boil.

“Don’t you *dare* give up on me, McClain. I am going to get your sorry ass out of here, whether you believe it or not.” He spat, coming to the conclusion that it may have to be their best bet to just bring Lance back to the castle.

“Everything’s gonna be fine, okay? You’re gonna live, a-and, you’ll get to see your family again. Cuba, right? Veradero Beach?” Keith tried, hoping to instill some motivation into the fading Blue Paladin.


Wow, Keith was really pretty, wasn’t he?

“Keith, you have r-really pretty eyes, ya know that?” He pondered, voice barely there now. His eyelashes were fluttering as he fought to keep his eyes open.

But he just wanted to sleep. Sleep sounded nice right now. Maybe he could just take a little nap …


A blush filtered to Keith’s cheeks.

“Wh-What? What’re you saying right now?” He rushed out. He was getting worse.

Oh god he was closing his eyes.

“Lance. Lance, stay with me buddy. Stay awake for me, okay? Please.” He pleaded, gently tapping Lance’s cheek to try and wake him up.


Man, Keith was really warm. His hand too. Oh, that was nice.

He leaned into the touch, smiling softly as his eyes closed once more.

“Y’re s’ w'rm, Keith~” He hummed, voice unbelievably soft. He felt comfy, and safe.

He was always safe with Keith.



Keith could feel himself losing it. He was scrambling to keep Lance awake, but he knew it was a losing battle at this point.

“L-Lance, no. Come on …” He muttered, eyes wide as they began to tear up again.

He couldn’t lose someone else. Not now.

But it might be the sad truth at this point.


Lance’s vision was darkening. It had been, but now he could really tell. It felt like the lights had been turned out.

“Keith?” He asked, one last time, slowly curling into the warm chest plate of said Paladin. He winced at the pain in his chest deepening.

“Keith … tell my family I love them, 'kay? A-And the others. I -” More blood spit up, but more came with the hacks this time. His vision went darker.

“I love you, too.” He whispered, opening his eyes as much as he could to get one last good look at Keith.

The sleek black hair hidden under a helmet looked like the night sky. The violet eyes reminded him of a sunset on the ocean.

He reached a hand up, and cupped Keith’s face ever so gently.

“I love you.”


No. No no no no. No. He refused. He refused to have Lance die in his arms.

His breath hitched at the confession. God damn it. This idiot had the worst possibly timing.

“Lance - I … I love you too.” He choked out, tears coming full force now as he cradled Lance in his arms.

The tears stung badly, and he leaned into the gently touch, laying his own hand overtop Lance’s.

“Don’t leave me. P-Please.” He sobbed, tears now falling onto Lance’s visor and face as he wept.


Keith was so pretty. Even when he cried.

“I’ll see ya later, Keith. And then … th-then we can be together, yea?” He sighed out, his breaths more raspy and of less oxygen now.

He could feel himself going. It was … peaceful.


“S-See ya 'round, K-Keith …” were Lance’s last words before his body finally sagged, now lifeless.

Keith would never see those beautiful blue eyes sparkle as he talked about Earth.

He would never see that stunning smile take over when he looked at him.

He would never be able to kiss those plump cinnamon lips, and would never hear them utter those three words again.


No one spoke that night as Keith came back, carrying the fallen Paladin in his arms.

No one spoke of the tears running down Keith’s face.

No one spoke of the heartbreak they all felt.

No one spoke of how Keith cried himself to sleep, gripping an olive green jacket to his curled up form.












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Hey I've been absolutely loving your s/o with prosthetic limbs hcs. And since people seem to be requesting it in 4s could I request it with Reinhardt, McCree, Symmetra and Zenyetta, please?


  • The two of you were dating before the incident occurred
  • Symmetra had fallen for your cheesy lines and your ability to always look on the brighter side of things
  • Often you’d be helping her in her office as she worked on attempting to further the ability of her turrets
  • The two of you are one of the best combo teams Overwatch has seen in awhile
  • One day the two of you were in a mission, working back to back
  • Neither of you saw the bomb that rolled beneath between you. By the time you noticed, there was no way to escape. All you could do was throw yourself at Symmetra and cover her as the bomb went off
  • Symmetra was scared to death. The burns covering your back and limbs were severe
  • The doctors you that due to how bad the burns were, they couldn’t save the tissue or muscles of your limbs and most of them would have to be amputated
  • You were having a lot of mixed feelings about this and learning that you’d need prosthetic limbs. Not a lot of those feelings were good but prosthetics worked for many of your friends…
  • Symmetra was distraught, hating herself for not having seen the bomb, for not having protected you
  • “This is all my fault. You could have died. I could have..” Symmetra covered her mouth, tears filling her eyes as she stood at your bedside. “I could have lost you.”
  • The shock of knowing you’d be limbless soon meant nothing compared to seeing your Satya cry. 
  • “Baby, this is our line of business. You know we don’t go into it thinking that this stuff couldn’t happen. And Satya, love, you can’t protect me from everything. You can’t DO everything and expect to take the blame when there’s a minor issue,” you murmured gently, wanting to hold her but unable to.
  • “Minor? If i had known, you wouldn’t be in the hospital right now! You don’t get it-I…I don’t know what I’d do without you anymore…” Symmetra whispers. She wasn’t the type to show dependency but it was clear that in her way, she was trying to say that you were the only thing she could count on.
  • “I’ll get prosthetics,” you reassured her. “All of them will be approved by you, of course. Satya, I love you. I promise, it’ll be okay. I’m not going anywhere-ever.”
  • With a sniffle, Symmetra had nodded and layed her head on your arm, eyes closed as she tried to calm herself.
  • In a way, as you comforted her, you found that your own words made you feel better. It was knowing that Satya would always be here, needing you, made all of this worth it. For her, you’d do anything.


  • The two of you started dating after the incident that took your limbs
  • You two had been friends a really long time, since shortly after he’d joined Blackwatch back in the day
  • Jesse had grown very attached and even fallen head over heels for you. Unfortunately, it had taken much longer for your feelings to become mutual
  • And since Jesse had never been serious about a girl before, he’d kinda screwed it up by never asking you out
  • When the incident occurred, Jesse was called during a mission to be told you were in the hospital. Without a second thought, he left the mission and handed the leadership to another member
  • Jesse was there within two hours, running through the hospital in his gear still, bursting into your medical room
  • You laid there in the bed, staring out the window. There were bruises across your cheek and shoulders, just visible under the hospital gown. For a moment he did a double take as he stared at the metal he noticed gleaming where your arms would be…
  • “Y/N…what…what happened?” Jesse asked, striding over to the bed and pulling back the cover a bit. It was a prosthetic limb. His heart sank as he realized that you had ALL prosthetic limbs. What had happened to you?
  • “A mission went badly. It was a few days ago,” You said numbly. “I asked them not to tell you. I didn’t want to worry you. But Ana insisted you know today.”\
  • Anger burned in his belly, toiling with the worry and pain at seeing you so devoid of life. This was not the person he’d fallen for. Where had that cheery smile gone?
  • “You should have called me sooner. They told me and i was worried sick-”
  • “Jesse,” you said slowly. “I don’t want this. I don’t want prosthetic limbs.” When you looked at him with those tears cascading down your cheeks, his heart broke. “Who would love someone who’s only half of a person?
  • Sitting on the edge of the bed, Jesse gripped your shoulders firmly. “Don’t say such nonsense. Your not half of a person. Prosthetic limbs don’t make you any less of the person you were before.”
  • Shaking your head, you stared at him, sniffling. “No one wants a deformed girl like me. No one is going to love me, McCree. I’m never going to have a family or settle down because everyone will think I’m too hideous-”
  • “I love you!” Jesse blurted, and silence fell between the both of you. It hadn’t meant to come out now but to hear you say such things, when he loved you so whole-heartedly…
  • “I love you,” Jesse repeated. “I have for a long time. And the fact that you have prosthetic limbs doesn’t make you any less beautiful to me, y/n. Seeing what you’ve gone through just makes me love you more, because your such a strong person to deal with it as well as you have.”
  • For a moment you could do nothing but stare. Did he mean that? Jesse McCree…loved you? The thought sent a slight thrill through you, and your brain tried to register the fact that he was confessing his love while you were here, like this..a complete mess
  • “Darlin’, i’m not leaving,” Jesse said, cupping your cheek tenderly in a calloused hand. “Please…give me a shot. Let me show you how much i love you. Let me show you that these prosthetics can’t and won’t ever stop me from lovin’ you.”
  • Sniffling again, you nodded. And thats the story of how you two began dating.


  • The two of you have been married for a few years
  • Reinhardt is probably a good ten or fifteen years older, but that didn’t stop you from loving him. He was honestly more embarrassed about his age then you were
  • Plus, he hardly looked that old
  • Reinhardt was the biggest sweetheart you knew. He was kind to everyone and had a way of making others smile, and that was what had first drawn you to him.
  • When disease took your limbs, you found yourself bedridden. The doctors had told you that even if you got prosthetic limbs, the chances were that you’d only have another five-seven years to spend with him
  • Reinhardt was heart broken. He loved you so much and so to hear that only after four years of marriage that he’d be losing you so soon…
  • You sunny disposition disappeared. The doctors said half those days you might feel unwell, and that as time went on the disease would only worsen. Death scared you, but not as much as the thought of being a burden to Reinhardt or him leaving you
  • Reinhardt didn’t falter in the slightest. When you needed something, he got it for you. He tried to encourage you to test out your new prosthetics. He took time off to spend at home with you to help you recover.
  • One day you took his hand in a prosthetic hand, turning it palm up. His hands were so huge…
  • “Reinhardt…I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry,” you whispered. “I want you to know that…you are not obligated to care for me. You are still healthy, and alive and strong. You should go, live your life as if I’m not here. I can only be a burden for you.”
  • Reinhardt looked offended, before cupping your face in his large hands with the utmost care.
  • “Y/n, do not speak such nonsense. When we took our vows, I promised you that in sickness or in health, till death do we part, that i would love you. This, all of this, has not made me love you less,” Reinhardt said gently, thumbs stroking the tears from your eyes.
  • “But i’m just holding you back. Didn’t you hear them? I can only get worse and worse..” you let out a soft sob.
  • Shaking his head, Reinhardt kissed your forehead.
  • “If it gets worse and worse, then i will still be there. Knowing we have less time does not make me love you less, but only helps me cherish the time we spend together more. It makes me look back on the last 4 years in a new light and honestly, if i had known this would happen back then..i still wouldn’t change you for the world,” Reinhardt murmured, his words falling in and out of his native tongue.
  • You couldn’t understand why he’d do that to himself, but you knew that if it were reversed, you’d be at his bedside too, loving and caring for him without a second thought.
  • Sniffling, you pressed your foreheads together and took a deep breath.
  • “Will…will you help me from the bed?” you whispered.
  • “Anything for you, my love,” Reinhardt said gently.


  • The two of you were dating before the incident
  • It was really rather cute because Zenyatta was actually rather shy
  • He wasn’t always sure how to process his love for you, because he was never sure if he was wooing you properly
  • Once in awhile, he’d go ask Mercy or D.va for advice on how to be romantic and presents that you’d like
  • It turned out that when he presented you with beautiful gifts, you’d giggle because he’d always stammer over his words
  • When the incident occurred, you’d been dating for 7 months. Zenyatta was there in a heartbeat, holding your lifeless hand as you numbly listened to the doctors tell you that your limbs weren’t salvagable.
  • “Isn’t there another way? I…” you were so scared. You couldn’t help looking to Zenyatta, needing to know that this was going to be okay. It made you wonder, would he still want you if you were different? What had made him love you in the first place?
  • “My dear, i think we should do as the doctor says. Your health is of greater importance,” Zenyatta said gently, gently stroking your hand and arm. Neither moved, and he wondered what your new arm would look like, but knew better then to ask.
  • Feeling like you had no choice, you agreed. Zenyatta held you later that night when you cried, but he wasn’t sure how to comfort you. He asked Mercy and Genji and others as to how to make you feel better, for it make his circuits hurt to see you so upset
  • All they could say was that supporting you would likely help
  • The night after the surgery, the two of you were sitting up in bed. You were slowly flexing and unflexing your hand, your prosthetic legs crossed. Zenyatta decided that other then it being metal, it seemed no different from your original limb.
  • “Zenyatta…” you asked hesitantly, staring down at your limb. Tilting his head, Zenyatta stopped folding a blanket and looked at you. “You…you aren’t going to leave, are you?”
  • Confusion filled Zenyatta. “Why would i leave, my love? Did i do something wrong?” Zenyatta asked, not understanding the reason behind it.
  • Shaking your head, you slowly reached over and took his hand. The limbs felt so strange to you…
  • “I’m just afraid that…that you’ll decide you don’t want me now…”
  • “Because of these limbs? Y/N, i do not love you for your body, though i will say that your cuteness is ‘off the charts’,” Zenyatta quotes. “But i love the woman inside the body. Nothing could make me love you less. I think you look the same as you did before, and even if you didn’t, it is that smile and the person i see within that truly has my heart.”
  • You couldn’t help the giggle at his cute quote, knowing it was likely something he’d heard D.va say. But Zenyatta had sounded sincere and he was not one to lie.
  • To know he loved you no matter how you looked put you at ease, and slowly you found yourself noticing no difference between your flesh and metal limbs.
  • In the end though, it really was his support that helped your body and mind heal you. He really was a one of a kind omnic.

anonymous asked:

Reactions of Cor/Ravis/Ardyn to their astral-related s/o sacrificed herself to bring them back from death's grip

Scream crying, Cry screaming! I’m so happy/sad, someone is making me angst someone other than the Chocobros!  (I’m such a monster, for even thinking that) ˚‧º·(˚ ˃̣̣̥᷄⌓˂̣̣̥᷅ )‧º·˚



For as long as Cor could remember, you were with him, his charm, the one that made him feel immortal. Many only knew of the man in himself, yet few knew of the wife that pushed through each heartache, victory and each death that surrounded the man in his years.

Cor remembered watching you battle along side him with each king he serviced, in a gaurd separate his own, he watched as the world you both lived in became black, he watched you push himself and the other hunters forward each day. Often while pushing yourself to the limit only to stop when your husband demanded it so.

Cor was just outside Insomnia’s ruins, as the final battle took place, you loyally at his side as you always were. Yet maybe it was old age, maybe it was carelessness about finally feeling hope after 10 years of the thought of seeing a sunrise with you again. Yet be as it might, the man was one moment short, before a deamon struck him from behind, you had quickly destroyed it, calling out to your husband in a fear he had never heard fall from your lips.

You cradled him in your lap, as you both watched the Citadel glow a bright blue, only as the light faded did he hear you screaming to the heavens. A loud cry of help, of assistance, in a forgotten language, only for the city of Insomnia to quickly be struck in a blinding light.

As the light faded, Cor, found your roles reversed, now he held you in his lap, looking around the desolate castle, surrounded by Gladiolus, Prompto, Ignis and Noctis! All alive, the man turned to you in his arms, only to see the young woman he had fallen in love with so many years ago, who was too weak to even move.

Cor responded to your request to carry you to your favorite spot within the citadel, all while listening of how you were truly an immortal who had assist the man she had fallen in love with and earned his love in return.

An Astral’s creation send down to him.

Yet you had pleaded with the gods to not kill all that you had learn to love and cherish, the gods took pity on you, only to take you back as a bargain, which you quickly accepted. Now you were slowly leaving this world, and wanted nothing more than to go back to the garden where you had first met.

Cor honored your request, as he stood in the garden, that once held so many memories for the both of you. The older man, held you tight as he stood under the old dead tree where he would often meet you for brief moments, before duty called again.

Cor held you close, as the sun begun to rise for the first time, in so many years of darkness. Cor felt a smile tug on his lips as you looked toward the rising sun, before turning to him. Moving a hand to rest against his cheek, as you smiled so brightly to him.

He watched through your eyes, the countless battles you fought side by side, the love and respect you held for each other, the trials you faced together. Cor watch your lives through your eyes, smiling down to the beauty that was his wife, Cor watched as those lips curved into a soft smile, a single tear falling down your cheek, as those eyes closed to the world.

His best friend, his partner, his will, his wife, his everything. left this world happy in the arms of the man she loved.

Cor held you close, his shoulders shaking as he watched the sun rise for the first time in 10 years. His first of many without you by his side.



“Father please! Don’t hurt him too! He’s already lost so much!”

Ravus groaned, that voice, it sounded so familiar, so very familiar, only to gasp as he saw you arguing with a large glowing man, Bahamut? The man moved to stand only to groan in pain as he was forced back to the ground, the bile Ardyn’s magic provided still on him. His body felt so heavy, so weak.

“You plead for this human’s life?”

“I do!” You cry.

Ravus gasped as Bahamut turned toward him, the god seeming to be judging him over, before turning back to you.

“Little one, should you save this man’s life you will never be with him again.”

“If I don’t save this man’s life, I’ll never be with him again, Father.” You plead, only for a gasping smile to appear on your face as your Father waved it okay, in doing so you turned to Ravus not far from you, the dark disgusting magic on his body falling off, revealing his human arm regrown.

“Let us go child.” Bahamut called, only to stop when he realized that you weren’t following. “Why do you hesitate, child?”

You fidget looking up to your Astral Father, “Father, may I please say my goodbyes?”

“Make it quick.”

“Thank you, Father.” You bowed before quickly running over to the blonde man, throwing yourself in his arms on the ground. “Ravus, my dear Ravus.”

Ravus hesitated before wrapping his arms around you, hugging you close to his chest, “Y/n, my treasure what have you done?”

“My dear, Ravus, I’m so sorry, I could not protect you, please understand that I love you with every fiber of my being, and that I shall never be away from you.”

“There must be away.” He whispered above your head, pulling your head to his neck, able to feel your for the first time with both arms.

“My Ravus, please, I would sacrifice myself again and again to see you happy.” You cooed, tears falling from your eyes. “I will never love anyone other than you, we will be together again some day, I promise.”

“Young one!”

You turned over your shoulder, “Coming Father!” You called, before turning to those beautiful dual colored eyes before you, unable to stop the tears that began to fall faster. “Do not forget me, My Ravus, my heart.”

“My treasure, I look forward to the day we will be together again.” Ravus replied, before pulling you into a kiss. Feeling you slowly disappearing from his embrace, before finding himself back on the dark landing where he had met his demise to Noctis, no Ardyn! Looking to his left, as he saw a sword, in the colors of gold and white, his hand ghosting over it, before pulling it to his lap.

“I shall never be away from you.” Your voice called, as the man closed his eyes, almost seeing your smiling face.

“Do wait for me, my treasure.” Ravus whispered, pushing his lips to the hilt, before standing as he rushed to go assist Noctis and his friends.



Ardyn remembered a pain, that little runt Noctis did it, yet his soul could not rest easy, somehow the little Prince, no, King had managed to escape death with the assistance of his little friends. Hundred of decades gone, his vengeance against the Lucian bloodline was all for naught.

“Ardyn, my beloved.”

Ardyn turned, that familiar voice it couldn’t be, you weren’t within the throne room when the battle took place. Turning his head, the man tried finding you, where could you have gone? Did you too perish in this foolish battle forever stuck within limbo, as he now was.

The gods truly were cruel.

“My beloved, Ardyn, you must be so tired. You have been fighting for so very long, please rest easy now.”

The man turned, as he saw you standing there in limbo, your long robes flowing around you, “My Queen,” He chuckled, as you approached him in this inky darkness that surrounded him. “I would believe that you deserve someone other.”

You gave a soft chuckle, reaching your hands out as the man immediately took them, “My beloved, there is no one else I would love to spend another eternity with, yet our time has ended so soon. I thought I alone could help you, stop this madness but even I could not.”

“My Queen, what are you going on about?” Ardyn inquired, as he held your delicate fingers in his hands.

“My Belove, I was able to be with you time and time again, as I am demi-god, one of the Astral’s children. We are far and in between, I have pleaded with the gods, time and time again to allow you to rest from this burden they themselves casted on you, and then so cruelly cast you aside. Only to toy with you again and again, as so with Noctis’ survival.” You explained, caressing the face before you, only to watch as Ardyn tensed, as you drew the deamons from him. “A weaker man would have fallen long ago, yet you did not, My strong King.”

Ardyn stared at the dark orb in your hand, than to you again, “Y/n, how are you able to,”

“I am only able now due to my pact with the gods, this is our good bye my beloved, my Ardyn.” You smiled weakly, placing the orb against your chest. A gasp escaping you, as it fused within you, your robes now turning as inky and black as the night sky.

Ardyn quickly grabbed your biceps, a panicked look in those amber eyes, “You don’t mean as to leave me.”

“I am sick of the gods toying around with the man I love so dear, I shall now become the night, the darkness, the insanity that is within the world. I will take this burden for you, as I had wish to have done so many hundreds of years ago.”

Ardyn pulled you close, “I shall not allow you to do this!”

You giggled, removing his hat, as you pulled his forehead to rest against your own, “Ardyn, you no longer have to be strong. We both know that the gods are so fickle, perhaps one day we shall meet again.”

Ardyn pulled you into a passionate kiss, his hands cradling your face, pulling back as he looked into those eyes that shed tears for him, “I will never stop loving you, until the end of days and more.”

“And I you, my beloved, my King, my Ardyn.” You smiled, as you stepped from his hold, placing his hat to your head, as you slowly watched the man become at peace.

“The gods could be so cruel,” You whispered, feeling the darkness start to creep in your vision. “Is this the pain you felt, My King? I’m sorry you had to burden this for so long.”


This is my now late entry for @thing-you-do-with-that-thing favourite things challenge. My prompt was emerald. Tags are below the cut. I have used the SPN Fanfic pond tag list. If I have incorrectly tagged you then please let me know and I will remove the tag asap. P.S. this took me two hours to post, Tumblr hates me. P.s.s I ended up having to do this from my phone so I apologise for any mistakes

Summary: snippets of your life with an emerald-eyed hunter.

Pairing: Dean Winchester X Reader.

Warnings: Fluff, smidgen of angst, swearing, child birth.

Word count: 977.

Originally posted by proof-is-in-the-pudding

Emerald, that was the first thought you remember popping into your head as you stared into the eyes of the boy looking down at you on the floor. His eyes sparkled in the moonlight, concern filling them at the sight of your battered and bruised body. He was speaking to you, though you could barely hear him through the ringing in your head. Your vision swam around you, but slowly your hearing came back to you, allowing you to hear this mysterious man’s voice.

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breeeliss  asked:

039: adrino

039  “I just came home to you crying while watching a movie, please tell me what’s going on.”

Okay, but this is perfect for Adrino. Bless you a million times.

Nino nearly dropped the groceries in his hands when he opened the door to hear the sounds of weeping coming from the other room. For a moment, he panicked, worrying that Adrien had received another upsetting call from his father or some kind of bad news about their friends.

Instead, when he rushed around the corner, he saw Adrien wrapped up in a blanket on the couch, watching something on TV.


Adrien turned to look at him, tears streaking down his cheeks.

“Is everything okay?”

Adrien nodded, tugging another tissue loose and dabbing at his eyes. “Thought you were at the store.”

Nino indicated the bags in his hand. “Just got back.” He set them aside and sat next to Adrien. “What’s going on?”

Adrien took a deep breath, blinking rapidly to clear his vision. “Nothing.” He felt around for the remote. “Just looking for something to do until you got back.”

Nino scooped it up before Adrien could reach it and glanced at the screen. He frowned when he recognized what had been playing before he walked into the room. “Didn’t we talk about you watching romances alone?”

“Yeah…” Adrien paused to inhale a slow, hiccupy breath. “We did.”

Nino sighed and wrapped his arms around Adrien’s shoulders. “Okay, you know I love you, babe, but this happens every time.”

Adrien leaned in and sobbed into Nino’s shoulders. “They just love each other so much.”

“I know.”

“And they’re so happy.”

“They are.”

Adrien scooted closer, hugging Nino closer. “You don’t understand. They love each other so much.”

Nino chuckled. “Hey, I think I get it. I married you, didn’t I?” He ran his fingers through Adrien’s hair. “And I’m pretty sure I cried harder than you the first time we watched this.”

Adrien chuckled, managing a small smile when he peeked up at Nino. “Yeah, you did.”

Nino pressed a light kiss to Adrien’s forehead. “Come on. I brought home dinner. Let’s eat before it gets cold.”

“But there’s only ten minutes left.”

If it had been anyone else or if Adrien had looked a little less heartbroken at the prospect of missing the end, Nino would have argued, but one look at those tear-bright green eyes, and Nino smiled and slipped under the blanket beside Adrien. “Okay.”

The food could wait.

A fluffy starter from this prompt list!


Shout out: @booksfoxesandcoffee for motivating me !

To start off, have some plance! Just a heads up, this takes place at the Garrison (pre-voltron) just to clear up any confusion

Even though Lance’s family lived only a few towns away, being separated from them by any distance bothered him to know end.

Thankfully, at least he had the internet on his side.

Ever since he arrived at the Garrison, he made sure to squeeze in video calls into his schedule as much as possible. With all the things going on in his life, speaking to the people he loved back home was always top priority.

If that meant coming to class five minutes late or skipping out on lunch, it didn’t matter to him.

But it did matter to one person at the Garrison.

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What Big Eyes You Have

Summary: A fancy dress party brings Little Red and the Big Bad Wolf (Sebastian Stan) together.

NSFW, Sebastian Stan x OFC

A/N: This is my first challenge piece for @neversatisfiedgirl. I hope you enjoy. I post all my work on AO3. If you want tagged in those update posts, shoot me a message.

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They say that a cry helps a person to feel better. No matter how tough a person you are, there will come to a point that crying is all you can do. That when everything is too much and it seems that you have no one to turn to, tears are your best of friend. It will release all the heaviness on yor chest. Look at those tears as they dances to your face. When you can no longer handle everything, you can cry. It won’t make you weak, it just shows that you are a human with feelings who’s not afraid to let those tears roll down your face. You can cry, don’t stop the tears from falling. A silent cry is the most painful one because you don’t want to let anyone know that you’re not okay. If you’re in pain right now, all you can do is hug your pillow tight as your tears starts to fall.