anonymous asked:

Honestly I'm getting tired of those asks being all suicidal and shit. Tumblr isn't the place to talk about those sort of problems, it just spreads negativity and helps NO ONE. I bet half of them just want attention anyway. I love this blog and all but for God's sake those asks are very annoying. Why do you even bother replying to them? You aren't certified for those sort of things, are you? And do you really care about those random suicidal asks that much? I doubt it. Tempted to unfollow tbh. :/

Hi there :)

I can honestly see why it can be annoying and yes I am obviously am not certified but I DO care. Don’t know why I wouldn’t and is rude of you to even say that I don’t. Yes, I do want those who are having suicidal thoughts to get professional help. Even if they are for attention, how would I know? If you want to unfollow, I respect that and thank you for following for the amount of time that you did and thank you for liking my blog but I will NEVER stop trying to give encouraging words. 

Maybe you and I can even talk about it one on one :)