i’m not an adele impersonator i just play one on the internet

[BTS Imagines] 01. When Taehyung kisses you out of nowhere

               Taehyung was lying cosily on the couch, not even moving when you called his name. You both just arrived to his home after you picked him up at the airport after work. Since you were pretty exhausted too, you plopped down next to the couch, placing your head on the plush furniture, facing his calm face.

               You could hear him breathing softly, making you smile at how adorable he looked like when he sleeps. You did not know how long you sat in the position, an arm placed below your face for support, as you continued staring at this beautiful sleeping being. Oh, how unreal he looked. Those thick eyebrows, long lashes and beautiful set of lips that he owned. You longed to trail your fingers on his soft skin.

               ‘Why are you staring at me like that?’ He said suddenly, surprising you a little with his husky sleepy voice. Your cheeks pinked slightly, and you gulped. You had no idea how long he had realised you were there, ogling his face shamelessly.

               ‘No, I’m not,’ you replied with a clear of your throat. ‘I’m… I’m just counting how many eyelashes you have. Stop moving, I’m almost done counting.’

               He released a cute little huff, his eyes still closed as he chuckled. ‘And why exactly are you counting my eyelashes?’

               You shrugged nonchalantly, but embarrassingly you were actually counting his lashes then. ‘Because I think they’re pretty? Tsk, do you know how unfair it is for us girls that you guys have longer and prettier lashes? It’s making us feel insecure.’ You mumbled, fighting the urge to touch his face.

               Taehyung’s eyes fluttered open in a rush and he turned his body so that his face was now facing yours. The closeness of your faces surprised you and you were sure your cheeks turned a shade redder. Why was he making you nervous? You both stared into each other’s eyes for a long moment before his gaze slowly went lower.

               ‘You have beautiful lips though,’ his sudden words caught you off guard, making your eyes widen in disbelief.

               ‘Wha─ what?’

               His gaze went back to your eyes, and before you could process it, he leaned forward and captured your lips with his own. The soft innocent kiss sent you a shocking feeling, as if he was passing an electrical charge through the contact of both your lips. The fact that you and Taehyung were staring into each other’s eyes as he kissed you made your whole body tremble.

               He was the one to pull away, because you were still too shocked to even process what was going on. His eyes lifted upwards in an adorable manner as he grinned, obviously amused by your reaction.

               ‘Kim Taehyung, did you just kiss me?’ You asked after what felt like hours of silence. It was hard to accept that your best friend of more than a decade just kissed you. On the lips. It can’t be… ‘Do you like me?’

               He shook his head slightly, a chuckle erupting from him before gave you a wide smile. If a smile can be blinding, you would have been blinded by it already. He reached out a hand, cupping your chin gently and pressing his thumb on your lower lip. ‘I’ve been in love with you since forever, silly. I’m surprised you never caught on.’

               ‘Well, I…’ You did not know what to say. Your mind was still processing the new fact, and your face was heating up because you actually have feelings for him too.

               ‘I’m telling you this because I missed you. It was lonely when I went to America, and I couldn’t stop wishing that I confessed earlier and brought you along with me,’ he said gently, caressing your cheek.

               ‘I missed you too,’ you blurted out, earning another chuckle from him.

               ‘I know,’ he said, licking his lips. ‘Now close your eyes.’

               You complied with what he asked, and he leaned in, pressing his lips against yours again. His lips gently caressed yours, sucking on your lower lip. This time, you smiled and returned his kisses.