pokemon go team leader hcs

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  • demisexual
  • doesn’t understand pop culture references
  • so pretty holy shit…… probably exfoliates their skin………. can u imagine……. them w their hair down before bed………. im so  w e a k
  • light sleeper/falls asleep easily anywhere
  • huge softy for their team but doesn’t look like it because they have a rbf (resting bitch face)
  • “¿sabes que es lo más bonito de mis ojos? el reflejo de los tuyos” “c'est quoi, ton problème”
  • “are you a boy or girl” “i’m mystic’s leader” “but what’s in your pants” “wisdom”
  • grew up pretty sheltered from pokemon, but picked up quickly on how to properly care for them and how to manage a team once they began


  • born in minnesota but grew up in canada
  • sends minnesota memes in the group chat, everyone is sick of him
  • “look at these minnesota memes, ey” “spark… mr basura head… you grew up in canada wys” “um, i’m american, candela :/“
  • he wont let go of minnesota but he defends bagged milk
  • gets blanche to believe that canadians do in fact own reindeers,,,, if hollandaise and kinder eggs can exist so can reindeer pets
  • blanche scoffs at the little french he knows and tries to correct him a lot when he uses it but he waves them off usually
  • the straights flock to him
  • thirdwheels everyone, everywhere
  • calls himself the spark meinster, the big cheese, talks about himself in third person
  • has nicknames for the other two: candelle (he sings adele songs in front of her) and blanch (blanche’s nose scrnches up real bad at this)
  • his family is pro organic so he goes out to eat fast food with his friends to spite them
  • his family are also scientologists pass it on
    • “listen to me cabeza de basurero you’re living in a house of lies” “how can lies be real if our eyes aren’t real”


  • fluent in spanish from both spain and republica dominicana
  • has a slight lisp sounding out a’s, s’s, and ñ’s
  • the gays flock to her
  • everyone loves her… mystic members love her… they’d let her take over any gyms she wanted anytime……..
  • not the mcedgelord that valor wanted but the team leader that valor needed all along
  • only has a nickname for blanche and it’s güero but would no doubt use terms of endearment just for them
  • spark gets nothing because he doesn’t deserve something lasting
  • spark: call me something elegant in spanish, to seal our friendship :”“) / 
    candela: looks into the camera
  • “baboso… PENDEJO……. ;^*” “babie ;0″
  • grew up with pokemon in the family. just, always there. there’s always a pokemon running around the house or helping out with chores or something thanks to her siblings and parents

(( OOC: Okay…. Charlie Rowe and Lee Pace as Remus Lupin. I have never had stronger feelings for any fancast in my life. 

I mean look at this kid…

He has the sweetest face I’ve ever seen… AND the sad puppy eyes!? WHAT!?






I rest my case. *drops megaphone* )) 

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Solangelo Disney

Honest. This isn’t much.

“Hey, Will? What’s this Disneyland people are talking about?”

Will Solace looked at the other, mouth agape and eyes full of shock “Please tell me your kidding”

Much to Will’s horror, Nico stared blankly.

“You really don’t know what Disneyland is? It’s like the happiest place in earth!’

“Really?” Nico looked rather sceptical.

“People says so” Will shrugged “I’ve never been to Disneyland myself actually but people seemed to enjoy the place. Plus they have some people put on costumes and play the roles of different characters to entertain people. Do you know that Rapunzel is my favorite Disney Princess?”

Seeing the look of excitement on Will’s face, Nico contemplated before finally asking “Do you want to go there?”

“To Disneyland? Of course but I don’t think Chiron will let us out of the borders and it’s in California”

“Who says Chiron needs to know?” Without another word, Nico grabbed Will’s hands and they disappeared through the shadows.

Nico would surely sacrifice more to his father during dinner. They landed exactly on where he’d want them to be despite not being there before.


“Nico! You can’t just shadow travel like that! Do you know how danger- Oh my gods is that Buzz Lightyear!?” Will had suddenly forgotten about lecturing the son of Hades and looked at the toy story character in awe. Sure it’s just a person in a costume but that didn’t lessen the excitement.

Nico smiled fondly.

“Stop smiling, death boy. You’re still in trouble” Okay, apparently Will did not forgot. “But for now let’s got greet Buzz”

“You’ve been looking it for the longest time. Do you want one?”

“Want one what?” Will pointed at the item Nico had been looking at”

“Oh you mean that headband with two black half moons on top?”

“Nico!” Will sounded rather scandalized “That’s called a Mickey Mouse headband!”

Nico look unimpressed “And I’m suppose to know because?”

The healer sighed in defeat before suddenly brightening up with vigor “Good thing you bought me here cause while were at it, I shall educate you on the wonderful world that is Disney!”

“I don’t think that’s necessary, Will”

“Nonsense! Look that’s Merida from Brave! My sisters adore her a lot!”

Will pointed out to several girls dressed in colorful costumes “Look over there! That’s Jasmine from Aladdin and the one in yellow that’s Belle from Beauty and the Beast and Oh there’s Snow White and the seven dwarfs!”

“You seem to know a lot about this Disney Princesses”

“Well, I did grew up watching a lot of Disney Movies. It’s like a staple side of my childhood” Will explained before an idea formulated on his head “You know what, we can have a Disney Movie Marathon! We can start with all the classics then move up to the latest movies! It would be fun~”

“You mean just us?” Nico blushed at the prospect of spending some alone time with the other. Even if it’s just watching the movies. Honestly, he’s still not used with the fact that Will is his boyfriend so the whole idea of spending that much time alone with him seemed strange.

But you’ve spent time with him before? You ask. Well that was different. They weren’t a couple before.

“Just us would be cool but if your uncomfortable, we can ask the others”

“I’m sorry”

“What for? I know you’re not used to it so we’ll take it one step at a time. I don’t mind so stop with the apologies” Will gently placed a kiss on Nico’s forehead “So movie marathon?”


Send me a PJO ship and a word and I’ll write you a drabble

I took this Saturday and have been debating whether I want to post it for several days.  Generally more skin than I’m comfortable with sharing, but what the heck.  I’m pretty happy with how I look nowadays, and plus I get to show off my tattoo which I don’t get to do often.  Maybe someday (maybe soon) I’ll post pics with my swim skirt and other bikini top too.  :3

As usual I do not consent to my photos reblogged on porn/fetish blogs.

(Also don’t tell my roommate I snuck into her room to take a pic with her big mirror :x (Sorry Emily))


“But that doesn’t change the fact that they shouldn’t have done this… What could this possibly do for me? Really, if they get hurt just because they wanted to ‘please me’, I’m going to be more than a little pissed about it. They know I hate when they try to make things better for me and yet they proceed to be the stupid, naive, do-gooder brat they always are…”

First Kiss - Yugyeom (Got7)

Yugyeom and you had been dating for about three weeks now and he was yet to kiss you. You knew he was shy with these types of things but every time you were with him you just longed for his lips on yours. You were currently hanging out with Yugyeom at the boys’ shared apartment. You were both watching a movie. You sat beside each other on the sofa, his hand draped around your shoulders keeping you close to him. In the movie a steamy kiss scene came on which made you look over at Yugyeom. He caught your eye and blushed biting his lip. You looked at his lips and moved your face slowly towards his trying to hint to him what you wanted. 

“Oh um excuse me I have to use the bathroom” He said quickly before getting up and going to the washroom. You sighed and threw your head back closing your eyes in frustration. You heard a chuckle which made you open your eyes. Jackson was by the front door apparently, he had seen your failed attempt to kiss Yugyeom. 

You pouted at him. “Does he not like me?” you asked feeling unsure about everything now. 

Jackson chuckled again coming and sitting by you on the couch.”He likes you a lot trust me.” he responded.

“Then why won’t he kiss me at least? We’ve been dating a few weeks now and he won’t even instigate a simple kiss” you said obviously frustrated by the whole situation.

“Look Y/N honestly you’re going to have to instigate the kiss. Yugyeom is too shy and insecure to do it so up your seduction and take what you want” he advised blatantly. 

You sighed and was about to say something when Yugyeom reentered the room. “Hey JB said we have a last minute rehearsal to go to in ten minutes.” he said. You frowned at his words. He could clearly see the disappointment in your eyes and he pouted at you walking over to you and pulling you into a hug. Jackson left the room to get ready for the rehearsal. “Y/N I’m sorry, I know I promised to hang with you but I promise you as soon as the rehearsal is over I’ll come over to your place ok I promise.” he said smiling down at you hopefully.

“Ok babe” you replied happy that you would get to hang out with him later on and you also decided that you would kiss him when he came to your place. You promised yourself that. 

A few hours later you were in your apartment eating a candy bar and watching some old reruns of your favorite show. You heard a knock on your door and you got excited knowing that it was Yugyeom. You ran over to the door and opened it to a smiling Yugyeom. “Sorry I’m so late” he said apologetically but you didn’t care as long as he was there with you. It was around ten pm. 

“It’s fine” you smiled beckoning him inside and over to the couch. He sat down looking up at you with an adorable smile. You sat beside him not leaving any space for him to move. He chuckled and draped his arm around you just as he had earlier that same day. He began watching what was going on on the television but you were paying attention to him. 

You watched as he cutely laughed at what was going on, the way those lips curled up, gosh you wanted to feel them on your lips right at that moment. You bit your lips staring at him. 

He soon realized that you were looking at him rather than the show and turned to you “Is something wrong?” he asked. You just licked your lips and shook your head, no. He smiled “I’m gonna pop some popcorn k?” he said and you nodded again. He got up and went to your kitchen. You just bit your lip and looked at him walk away. God, you really wanted to kiss him right away. A minute passed and you got the courage to go to the kitchen and take what you wanted as Jackson had so nicely put it.

You entered the kitchen, Yugyeom was standing in front of the microwave waiting for the popcorn to stop popping. He turned slightly when you entered and smiled before turning back to face the microwave. You went and sat on the middle island staring at Yugyeom’s back.

“Oppa” you said softly. He turned to you with bright blushes on his cheeks. You had never called him that before. “Come” you said sweetly. He gulped but did as you said. He took a few steps and he was in front of you. You reached your hands forward grabbing the front of his shirt and pulling him in very close. Your lips were mere centimeters apart now. 

“Oppa I really wanna kiss you” you whispered breathing onto his face as you wrapped your arms around his neck. “Can I?” You asked. He looked so flustered, his cheeks were so red and he was biting his lip but he nodded giving you permission. 

You tangled a hand in his hair and pulled him in close your lips met and you felt all the butterflies fluttering in your stomach. His lips were soft and moved slowly against yours. Your lips moved together in sync as if you had both kissed before. You slowly parted his lips with your tongue and slipped it into his mouth. He immediately began playing with your tongue with his making you whimper against his lips. Just then the microwave beeped signaling that the popcorn was ready.

You pulled away from the sweet kiss “The pop…” you began but he pulled you in close reattaching his lips to yours. Kissing you slowly and passionately. His hands were on your back and yours in his hair as you kissed. You both kissed for a really long time before pulling away. 

“Wow” he said smiling cheekily at you while you smiled back at him. Sure enough you both had many make out sessions that night, you taking the first step definitely gave him his confidence as he never wanted your lips to part for too long.

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Those selcas are actually from last week bc I looked cute but I’m trash right now so that’s all you’re getting.

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Part 5 to the wincest sister drabbles? They're so good

(Part One) (Part Two) (Part Three) (Part Four) 

*Wincest Warning* 

Dean looked at Sam and sighed, never having been one to talk about feelings, he walked away to think. 

Sam rubbed his face. It had taken him a while to get used to the idea of him and Dean doing…things. It was something he still worried about constantly. He didn’t want to put that stress he felt on you. 

But what if you could be a stress relief for him? 

He huffed and rubbed his thighs before going to find you. 

You had your face pressed into your pillow and you groaned when you heard a knock. “I don’t want to talk to you!”

“It’s me, bug.” Sam tried. 

“I really don’t want to talk to you.” You sighed.

He winced. “Please?” 

You groaned, never having been able to turn away Sam. “S’open.” 

He made his way in shyly and hesitantly, sitting next to you. “Can we try again?” 

You frowned and turned towards him. “Try what?”

He looked at you before laying besides you, searching your eyes. He glanced at your lips and pressed his to yours, mumbling. “Just try.” 

You let out a breath and put everything you had into that kiss. You moved your hand up to his hair as he deepened the kiss.

Sam rolled on top of you. It had been so long for him that he had felt a girl under him in so long. He felt your curves with shaky hands and settled between your legs when you spread them.

You melted under Sam and ran your hands up his shirt on his back. You traced your nails down and felt him shudder. He pulled back and kissed down your neck as his hand cupped at your breast. You whimpered as he squeezed. “Sam.” You whimpered. 

His eyes shut tightly, grinding down onto you as you whimpered his name. He carefully began to take your shirt off and kissed over your chest. He unbuckled your bra, thankfully he had remembered how, and sucked softly at your nubs. He tugged off his shirt and bucked his hips against yours.

“Really?” Dean had barged in, and had now been watching the two of you suck each others faces off. “You guys started without me?” 


It was late afternoon when Genji got word that the group of soldiers that you were in charge of would be returning from the mission you had been sent away on. The ninja felt his stomach bubbling with excitement as he clambered down the stairs and heading toward the boardroom where you would be having your mission debriefing.

As the man approached the door Genji was surprised to see only Jack and Angela sat inside, speaking lowly with mournful looks on each of their faces. It made his heart pound a little harder in his chest as he approached the door, gripping the frame as he questioned in a low tone. “What happened?”

They were both surprised by his sudden presence, standing up and facing him, unable to even look him in the eye. “Genji, I don’t know how to tell you this, but…” The mechanical man was bracing himself for the worst and as the words hit him he was glad that he did. “The group was found dead… We were unable to recover the body of-”

“Then they are not dead.” Genji responded in a hard tone, shaking his head clearly not willing to hear anymore of their words. Angela carefully held up a torn and bloody piece of clothing, the ninja immediately recognised it as your piece of clothing. Wandering over and snatching it from her hand to hold it close to his chest. “That was all we found. I’m sorry, Genji.”

It was easy for Genji to pull away from the rest of the members, avoiding them and their sorrow-filled words, kind but meaningless condolences and most importantly his avoided Hanzo and Zenyatta, they were two that he was unsure he would be able to hold it together if he saw the mournful looks on their faces.

One early morning Genji found himself meditating very early dawn on the rocks overlooking the sea outside of the Overwatch HQ. It was difficult for him to find any sort of inner peace with the pain he was feeling beating through his entire body.

The loud sound of misplaced footsteps were padding towards him slowly, Genji rose up and spun around to find himself completely shocked and surprised. There you were, completely battered and covered in blood, holding your rib cage as you bent in an unnatural position to be gazing up at him with puffy eyes.

“I was h-hoping I would… would find you meditating out h-here.” You whispered, your voice filled with pain before collapsing to the ground, Genji darted across and caught you before you could hit the ground, quickly removing his visor so that you could gaze up into his eyes and see the tears that were glistening on his lashes.

“I knew you would return to me.” He sniffled before you responded. “I will always return to you, Genji.” You placed your hand on his cold chest and then continued. “Whenever you are is home.” A tear trickled down his face then and you just held him closer.


The junker felt utter rage when he heard that you hadn’t returned from a mission, bursting into Jack’s office and practically screaming at him. “What do you mean that they are missing? What does that mean? Dead? Alive? What?!” His eyes were filled with intense anger as his chest heaved up and down.

“Calm down.” Jack moved around the table. “We are doing our best to try and find out what has happened… So far all the information we have is this.” He wandered over to his desk and grabbed the bloody piece of material that had been found at your last know whereabouts before handing it over to him.

The junker sniffed it intensely before squeezing it tightly in his hand. “What are we supposed to do with this, huh? Do some kind of voodoo magic on it and try to find them?” He growled and Jack shook his head softly going to take a seat. “I was results. I want to find them and the rest of you are doing nothing!”

“We’re not doing nothing, Jamison. We are all doing everything that we possible can to try and find them. I promise you.” He told him before the man threw the useless shirt to the ground and then spun around to try, stalking from the room and slamming the door shut loudly behind him.

The man spent the next couple of days just raging at anyone who would come near him, quite a few things this earned stern words from either Jack or Mei, neither of them were going to put up with his cruel words at people who were just trying to help him - of course they understood his pain but he needed to be reasonable.

As the young man wandered down the stairs to the Overwatch HQ there was a loud rumbling of noises and quickly he shot downstairs to see what it was. His mouth popped open when he spotted you lying across the ground, unconscious but alive and Angela tending to your wounds.

Before the junker could reach your beaten form Jack caught him and stopped him from interfering with Angela’s work. “Let the doctor do her work. They are safe. They are home.” Jack assured them which earned an uneasy smile from Jamison who only nodded in response, never taking his intense eyes off you.


As the large man sat opposite Angela and Jack who had less than comfortable looks on their faces the door shot open, Jamison entered the room and took a seat beside Mako, crossing one leg over the other in a professional manner and then saying. “Alright, what is it that you wanted to talk to the big guy about?”

Angela seemed to hesitate at the sudden entrance of Jamison but sighed softly before leaning against the table and looking directly at Mako. “We can received word that… that the mission hasn’t gone entirely to plan.” His eyes widened behind his mask. “There were more Talon there than originally estimated.”

“What does that mean exactly?” Jamison quizzed, tilting his head to the side only to earn an angered look from the larger man. “Uh, you know what I’ll just keep my mouth shut.” He pretended to pull a zipper across his mouth and then turned his attention back to Angela and Jack.

Jack was next to speak. “All that we were able to recover was this.” He slid the bloody shirt across the table, Mako picked it up in his large fingers, the material felt so fragile beneath his fingers as a billion different questioned rushed through his head. The man only growled as he stood up and exited the room, not wanting to hear another word.

The man practically locked himself away for the next couple of days, trying to figure out what to do next, everything just seemed to be so much more empty now without you by his side and the pain just grew deeper and deeper in his chest until he felt like there was no way to escape.

Mako was completely shocked when Jamison came busting through his door, excited look in his eyes the bigger man was about to throw him out of the window but allowed him to speak first. “You gotta come with me. Quick…” Then he rushed from the room, when Mako didn’t follow he came zooming back and repeated. “C'mon, big guy, you’re gonna like this!”

With a deep sigh the large man rose up and slowly followed him downstairs, a look of surprise covered his face when he spotted you sitting amongst the other agents, Angela tending to your wounds and Mako was unable to control himself, barrelling through the group and picking you up into his large arms. “Careful!” Angela barked. “I think there are broken ribs.”

A soft pain filled laugh escaped your lips as you hugged the man back, humming and then responding. “I don’t care. I need this more than any medicine.”

Want to Request Something?

I just want to point this out after reading the translated ver. of 314 (I was literally crying on the bus people thought I was weird (•̩̩̩̩u•̩̩̩̩))
So people thought Alibaba confessed too soon, but I feel that after seeing Morgiana still wearing that necklace, he might’ve thought that he still stood a chance? You know how he is :’). Anyway, he did not, up to this point, know what happened between Hakuryuu and Morgiana, so if people thought that he was an asshole proposing to Morgiana in front of Hakuryuu, think twice again. I can understand the rush of wanting to pour out his feelings after so long, so he decided to grasp that chance, whether he felt that he was going to be rejected or not.
And have you seen his face when he proposed? He looked so serious, although he did not say it, but his eyes where sparkling as if he was looking at the most beautiful girl in the world, as if he was looking at someone he loved the most.
This is too cute (ノД`)

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In face blindness can it be a thing to be sorta face blind to yourself? I'm looking at pictures of myself 8 years ago and while I 'know' these are pictures of me but my brain still gets really confused and can't connect that the face in the picture is the same as me now. Its sorta like my brain goes haywire and 'That can't be us, I know what our face looks like and its not that, who is this person?' I notice it even in pictures from pictures within the last few years.

I don’t know! This sounds like dissociation.

-mod har



I don’t think this is dissociation or dysphoria because I have face blindness and I have face blindness to my own face.


Though the sky was dark, the city of Velaris was still filled with light and life. It was beautiful, and it was something they would all fight to the death to keep alive. Mor and Azriel strolled side by side down the stone paved streets, talking about the future of the Night Court now also having High Lady. Mor missed Feyre terribly, and she also felt guilt at leaving her in such an uncertain position at the Spring Court. Tamlin would pay for what he’d done when the time came… of that, Mor was certain. Suddenly Mor began to think of Azriel, who walked perfectly in pace with her at her side. She stopped walking and Azriel paused beside her, instantly looking at her with concern. Mor looked at the ground.
“What would you do…if I asked you to kiss me?” she said with a lack of confidence in her voice. She didn’t have to look up to know there was a shocked expression on his face.
But he answered immediately, “I’d pray that this moment was real, and I’d hope that it would be the first of many.”
Mor’s breath caught, and she looked up at him, only to see him smiling softly down at her from that couple of inches he had on her. She held his gaze as she asked her next question. “What if I asked you to trust me?”
Azriel held her gaze, “I’d tell you that you’ve already had my complete trust for centuries,” he answered without hesitation.
Mor carefully raised her hand and placed it on his cheek. He leaned into the touch and wrapped his arms around her waist.
“…And if I told you I love you?,” she breathed, not daring to take her eyes from his consuming gaze.
He smiled and touched his forehead to hers, “I’d say it back without doubting it for a second,” he replied.
They kissed under the stars, and it was everything Mor could’ve wanted, but it meant so much more as she gasped when she felt their mating bond snap into place.
Azriel didn’t seem surprised though, he only kissed her again, and as he pulled away, she heard him whisper softly, “I knew it.”

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Well if course we love you! If we didn't we wouldn't be here! To be honest.. Looking at your art and seeing that you have a good relationship with your followers puts a smile on my face.. You're really kind and sweet and you mean alot to us!

My feels man, what do i do with the feels….

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[ruins took lithe's hand] *sorry, i need this beautiful woman for a minute. [he dragged her away from whatever conversation she was having, he seemed rather determined and angry to do what he was doing]

Lithe hand been making arrangements with her doctors and tailors. She was in the loosest shirt she had, but her bulge was starting to tear it at the seams. It didn’t help that the baby kicked as often as it could. They looked confused when ruins pulled her away.

“Where are we going, ruins?” She asked with a glance at his face.



First, I’ve never done a selfie tag, eVER. So thanks to my Tumblr mom @monsterkactus Go check out her blog and tag her in anything Jihoon or Seungcheol and she’ll love you forever! :) 

Oh and yes these have filters, because I’m trash without filters, and almost all my selfies without filters are half faced and yeah. Sorry these are so low quality, lmao. Now you guys know what I look like. I’m ugly omfg sorry and theres that awkward ass look I always give when I selfie omf. 

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2.11 Borrowed Time [9/14]

“Wait a minute” Jackson gave him a confused look “you’re gay….”

“I never said I was,” James protested “I was young. I was confused. I had to pretend to be gay. Is it so hard to imagine I could have developed feelings for you. You are the only guy I’ve ever felt like that towards.”

“But my sister,” Jackson protested “you do know what that makes you now?”

“What?” James asked confusion written all over his face.

“My brother you idiot.”

Tain shook his head as he left the two young men talking about old times and catching up on things they’ve missed.

Searching Sidetrack: Jefferson X Reader

Requested by anon: The reader was with emma the night she went looking for snow, and Jefferson takes them instead?


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“Don’t you think we should get a search party? What if she’s hurt?” You asked Emma.

She was rummaging through the drawers in the sheriff’s station looking for her keys, “And say what, that we have to find her because she broke herself out of jail?” Relief spread across her face as she picked up the keys, “No, we have to look for her ourselves.”

As Emma walked towards the door you took her arm, “Wait, let me go look for her. You stay here in case something goes wrong.” She looked at you hesitantly before she sighed.

Shaking her head she began, “If you go,”

“I’ll make sure no one knows why I’m out,” You cut her off, “and I’ll bring Mary-Margaret back safely.” You knew she didn’t want to let you go alone, but it was the best option so she agreed.

You smiled, “I’ll call you if I run into any trouble.” With that you headed out to find your missing friend. You started driving around local places first. Having no luck there you drove on the paths in the woods. It wasn’t looking hopeful when a figure appeared directly in front of your car. You slammed on the brakes but they fell from the impact.

Getting out of the car you ran to his side, “I’m so sorry! Are you alright?”

He looked up, “No that was my fault, I’m okay.” As he tried to stand he let out a groan.

“Oh I hit your leg, here let me help.” You took his arm, sliding yours under his shoulder.

“Thank you, my house isn’t very far from here. People don’t usually drive this late where I walk,” He chuckled, “I’m Jefferson by the way.”

You cringed, “Yeah, I uh, I lost my dog. I was out looking for him.” His expression didn’t seem suspicious. “Oh, and I’m Y/N. Come on, I’ll take you back home.”

Walking to the car you helped him inside and followed his instructions to his house. You helped him inside feeling guilty for hitting him. Once inside he told you to wait for a moment as he walked into another room. He returned within a few minutes.

“I made you some tea for the search.” You turned to see him limping towards you with a tray. He smiled sincerely, throwing you off guard.

“That’s very thoughtful but I really should get back out there.” You admitted.

“I know,” He said handing you a cup, “that’s why I brought this. I’m sort of an amateur cartographer.” He rolled out a well-made map of the town, “Maybe this’ll help you find your dog.” You took a drink of tea, marveling at his work. “What’s his name?” he asked.

“Uh, Spot.” You answered quickly.             

He laughed, “That’s cute.”

You grinned, looking back to the map, “Well it looks like this is the boundary of the forest,” You said tracing the line with your hand, “So if I just follow thaad,” You blinked. Suddenly your head was fuzzy, making it hard to speak clearly.

“Something wrong?” Jefferson asked from behind you.

Thoughts swam around in your head, “I ffeel, dizzy,” You mumbled.

He put his arms around you and began dragging you to the couch, “Just lie down here. I’ll get you some air.” Your sight was getting blurry, but you saw him striding across the floor effortlessly.

“Y- your limp,” You said.

He stopped, cocking his head back like he had to think about it, “Oh, that.” Turning to face you he smiled that sincere smile, “You caught me. I was hoping Emma would be the one to venture out, but when I saw you leaving the sheriff’s office, well, I knew you’d do just fine.”

Your head was spinning. Seconds passed as you sank back into the couch before blacking out.