tbh i think one of the reasons that people resist the ideas of veganism so much is that they don’t want to have to face themselves. nobody wants to look at themself and see somebody who would do something bad.

because the implications of it, if they were wrong, are astronomical. it means they contributed to something terrible. it means they were ignorant of others’ pain. it means they hurt somebody. it means they spent their entire life not knowing, not realizing.

it’s like when you first are exposed to feminism or something like it. you hate it. you don’t want to believe it. you spew tired old argument after argument without really believing what you’re saying. because you don’t want to realize that you said some shitty things in the past. because you don’t want to have to change yourself.

but you have to change yourself. it’s important. because the world won’t ever change if you don’t.

i mean, i look back at how i used to be, who i used to be, and i’m horrified, both in regards to social justice, and animal rights. i was stupid and selfish and ignorant and i did and said terrible things because of it, but i am so so much of a person better now, because i looked at myself and what i believed honestly, and changed when something felt wrong.

i think people are just scared to be wrong, and scared to change. i was.

Last night I dreamt that people were having nightmares about a monster that was covered in hair. It would murder their families and then look straight into the “camera”. They would see a zoom-in of the monster’s awful face and when they woke up the next morning, there would be a doll lying next to them that looked just like the monster. Then they would end up being brutally murdered by the same monster. 

Basically anyone it stared at got killed, and if nobody would look at it, it invaded people’s dreams. Me and a few others eventually pieced together what was happening, but the thing kept killing people and my dream ended with the last survivor besides myself getting killed, and the monster looking into the “camera” and me seeing its horrifying, eyeless face and the camera zooming in uncomfortably close and slow. All I could hear was the wind howling, before my dream cut to static and then I woke up
Needless to say, I was terrified.

Joker x deaf!Reader   Part 5

Y/N winced when the guards brought J to the room, although she couldn’t have looked much better herself. His eye was swollen and he had a busted lip. Her cheek was only slightly swollen from where the guard hit her, but despite the pain she forced a smile.

“Hey, Mr.J.” He glared at her, which caused her heart to fall. Please don’t blame me for any of this. As soon as the guards left she leaned in.

“I got your letter.” He continued to glare at her.

“The one with the money? The note?” His face broke out into a grin.

“Tell me how you got here, Y/N.”


“Aw c’mon. Do you really think they would let a deaf doctor treat The Joker? Me? This is insulting. Whose pants did you have to get into to get to be my shrink?” He snarled. Her hands were sweating as she gritted her teeth. She forced herself to look away and ignored him as he kicked the table. When she gained enough courage to look back at him, she noticed his eyes were dilated.

“Mr.J did they give you something?”

He blinked a couple of times before a dopey grin lit up his face.

“Wha?” She sighed in relief, but her heart still stung from his words.

“This isn’t right. You’re my patient. They should notify me before giving you anything.” She muttered to herself before looking back at J.

“I’m going to need to take your blood.” J’s grin faltered a bit.

“My blood? Like the blood in my body?” Y/N snorted.

She knocked on the door and informed the guards on what she wanted to do.

“Can I have a cookie?” J asked her, but her back was turned as she was communicating with the guards.

“Doc? Can I have a cookie?” Y/N saw the guards glare at J and she turned around.

“Do you need something, Mr. J?” He smiled at her like a little kid.

“I want a cookie. Dark chocolate.” Y/N smiled and turned to the guards.

“And get him a cookie. Dark chocolate.” She shut the door as they headed off to get the equipment.

“Ok, Mr.J. I’m going to take the straitjacket off so we can take your blood.” She leaned over him and started to undo the straps. Before she could pull away, he placed a kiss on her lips. She jumped back in surprise, knocking her spine against the table.

“Mr.J, you-you can’t do that. It’s unprofessional.” J smiled at her and laughed.

“Doc, don’t you feel the same way? C’mon.” He finished taking the straitjacket off of him and stayed sitting.

“Is it cold in here?”  Y/N didn’t answer, she was still reeling from the kiss.

“You can’t do that.” J only rolled his eyes.

“Mr. J, I’m serious. If you touch me again, I’m won’t come and see you anymore.”  J glared at her.

“Doc, I assure you, if you-” The door opened, and Y/N nearly jumped out of her skin. The guards walked in with the equipment, giving Y/N a weird look.

“Can she do it?” Y/N let out a shaky breath and grabbed the needle. She felt J’s eyes on her the whole time. Lining up the needle with his vein, she gently pushed it in. She glanced up to check if she was hurting him, and her face turned bright red when J moaned.

“Oh, doc, a little harder.” J laughed as a guard told him to shut up. Her fingers brushed against his arm as she gently held it down. He purred at her touch.

“Alright, now I need to prick your finger.” He lifted his pointer finger and poked her nose. She smiled at his childish antics, but covered it with the back of her hand.

“Don’t hide that smile, doc.” She ignored him.

“Alright, all done. Where’s his cookie?” Before she could wrap a band-aid around his finger, he made direct eye contact as he sucked the blood off. Jesus Christ. She blinked and grabbed his hand, pulling his finger from his mouth. Biting her lip in concentration, she focused on wrapping the Batman band-aid around his finger perfectly. He smiled when he noticed the theme, and her heart fluttered as he praised her.

“Nice choice, doc.” She poked his hand with the cookie but before he could take it the guard intervened.

“Ma’am he needs to go back in the jacket.” Y/N gave her best glare at the guard.

“He’s fine. I can handle him.” J let out a low growl as he stared at her and bit into his cookie, but of course she didn’t hear it. Or at least he thought she didn’t until her head snapped towards him. His eyes widened as he realized she had her hand on his chest, as if protecting him from the guards. He snorted. As if.

“Did you just growl? Never mind, I think you two can leave now so I can continue my session.” They continued to argue.

“I’ll do it myself, now leave.” J glared at the guards as they grumbled about her as they left. She gave him a sad smile when she looked at him.

“During our next sessions, you won’t have to wear it. But I need to put it back on, in case they come back.” He leaned towards her, and Y/N thought he was going to kiss her again until she realized he was handing her the jacket. She pushed the disappointment back and put it back on.

“Oh you didn’t finish your-” She stopped talking as he opened his mouth.

“Wait, what? If you think I’m feeding you-”

“Pretty, pretty, pretty, please?”  She blinked and grabbed the cookie. Angry at how he was making her feel, she unintentionally shoved the cookie in his mouth, almost making him gag.

“Sorry.” She muttered, not sure if she meant it.

“Jeez, doc, you play rough.” He sputtered for a second before taking a seductive bite from the cookie. He made a show of making suggestive faces, rolling his eyes back in bliss and then licking the cookie before taking a bite.

“I’ve ate them before, they’re not that good.” She smiled at the way his shoulders shook when he chuckled.

“You should only eat food made for a queen.” He muttered, knowing she wouldn’t catch it. Her forehead creased in confusion.


“Nothing.” She was holding the last piece of the cookie and he made sure to lick her fingers as he took it from her. He noticed the sad look on her face and went to lick the crumbs off of her fingers. She giggled and shoved him away.

“Why so sad, doc?” He gauged her reaction, testing her to see how she reacted to his earlier accusations.

“Did you mean what you said earlier?” Bingo. She glanced at him nervously. He felt a strange pull in his chest and had to stop himself from reassuring her.

“That was just a test, and I’m very pleased to say, you passed.” You proved my suspicion, you’re as gullible as you look. Her eyebrows furrowed but she didn’t question it, something he liked.

“Well, doc? I don’t get a kiss back?” She blushed.

“I really shouldn’t, I mean you’re still-”

“How about you come by and see me tonight? You wanna help get me away from these people who want to hurt your Mr. J?” She shivered. Her Mr.J.

“Come here, doll. Come sit on my lap.” Her eyes widened and she glanced to the door.

“No one’s coming in, they know better. C’mere, doll. Listen to daddy.” Y/N was confused. Why was he suddenly acting like she was his puppet?

“Look Mr.J, we’re still-” She yelped as his hands pulled her to him. The straitjacket was off but she was sure she had it tight enough. When the guards didn’t come after hearing her scream, she started shaking. This man had power and he could have killed her at any time. Just how many people at Arkham worked for him? He forced her knees apart so that she was straddling him, and she felt incredibly awkward in her skirt. His hand cupped the back of her head and he wrapped his fingers in her hair.

“Shh, doll, shh. You’ll come see me, right?” He gave her his shark-like grin. She shakily nodded, her breath coming in little pants.

“Good. You know I live for these moments with you.” The only warning she had was him glancing at her lips before pulling her in for a hungry kiss. The grip in her hair tightened while the one on her lower back pressed her against him. It rested dangerously close to her skirt and she found herself kissing him back despite how bad she was shaking. He pulled away and leaned his forehead against hers. After he let her catch her breath, he pulled her away from him and smirked as her eyes went to his lips.

“Will you do that for me, my sweet doctor? Will you make sure no one will hurt your J?” She nodded and he knew he had her wrapped around his thumb.

“Yes.”  He patted her butt, indicating she get off of him. When the guards came to get him, they didn’t comment on her disheveled state, and she instantly noticed they were different guards with the same name tags. J winked and left, and as soon as she was alone she started to cry.


Y/N’s nerves were shot as she walked towards elevator. It was night and she, besides the security, were the only ones at Arkham. She felt goosebumps on her arms as she noticed some of the guards were different, but she hoped it was just the ones with the nighttime shift. She mentally went through her plan in her head.

Ok, you’re going to tell him no. You’re going to tell him you are switching patients, and if he ever tries to contact you, you will make sure he will be sent to prison. Don’t feel bad, he’s manipulative. He thinks he can bat his eyes and do that weird growly thing that he’s so good at and you’ll do anything he wants. Tell him that’s not how it works. Even punch him if it makes you feel better. Don’t fall for it. Don’t fall for it. Don’t fall for it.

Her hands shook as she swiped her key card through the slot. She saw his ghost white arms crossed over his chest. His shirt was off, showing his glorious tattoos. His door opened and he pushed himself from his position where he was leaning against the wall.  He smirked as she marched over, grabbed his face in her hands, and slammed her lips against his.

She was a goner ever since she walked in.

A Better Understanding

So… the most recent chapters give a whole new understanding to Sanji’s reaction to Duval, don’t they.  Look at his face when Duval’s iron mask is knocked off by Luffy.

After getting over the initial shock, Sanji then proceeds to jump off the Sunny, into the water, swim over to dock, get out and run.  This is all while Duval is crying about how he’s been attacked by the Marines and other people over being mistaken for Sanji because of his wanted poster.

Finally, Duval says, “What have I ever done?!!  Give me back my life!!!”  Sanji reaches him and kicks him in the face, replying, “Like I care!!!”

I think there are different parts to Sanji’s response.  1) Duval is wearing an iron mask voluntarily to hide from being mistaken for Sanji.  Sanji, on the other hand, was forced to wear an iron mask and live in the dungeon for at least 6 months when he was kid, all because his dad wanted to “wipe the slate clean.”  Duval whining about getting his life back is nothing compared to the hell Sanji experienced as a child.  If I were Sanji, I would be pissed off, too.  2) I can’t help feeling that Sanji’s disappointment in his first wanted poster was not only because it was ugly, but more importantly, it hardly looked like him.  Part of me thinks that Sanji wanted a bounty as a huge “fuck you” to his dad and also to prove how strong he’s become.  

Judge let Sanji go when he was trying to escape and told him that he could never be associated with the Vinsmoke family again.  Although Sanji wanted to escape, it must have been even more painful to hear that his dad didn’t even want anything to do with him, but was unable to kill him.  This is a kid having to hear this from his own father.  That shit is going to stick with someone even as they grow into adulthood.

Looking at different parts throughout the series, Sanji’s actions start to make more sense after learning what he dealt with as a child.  I always thought there was more to him than just his backstory with Zeff told during the Baratie arc (especially after learning he was born in North Blue rather than East Blue in vol. 25) but I didn’t realize how much of a difference it would make in understanding him as a character.  At least this current arc seems to be shushing the Sanji critics… or maybe it’s just that I ignore them anyways. ^^ 

Jason Todd the feminist.

“Stop acting like a girl.” Jason almost choked on his cigarette’s smoke. He must have heard that wrong excepted he hadn’t. Jason was tempted to shake his head. What was Dickiebird teaching the kid these days? “What’s wrong with being a girl?” He asked, turning to face Damian who had a look of bafflement on his face for about three seconds before a look of frustration replaced it.

“You know what I mea-” Damian snapped and Jason raised an eyebrow. How many times had he gotton into fights (much to Bruce’s disappointment and while Alfred had been disappointed too the grandfatherly butler had always understood why Jason had acted so) defending the honor of a girl before he had died? How many times had him been “too agressive” at fighting a sexual offender when he had been Robin? How many times had Jason killed a man for trying to rape a woman in dark alley of Gotham City since he came back? (Not that Jason didn’t kill a rapist if it was the man or boy he was trying to rape.) 

“So why did you say it?” Jason questioned in sharp tone. Honestly Jason was confused and a bit angered on why Damian had said that. His mother was Talia fucking Al Ghul who was woman to respected and feared. Then there where they’re “sisters.” Barbra Gordon  had been a worthy opponent when she was Batgirl but now as Oracle…oh boy that was one member of his family he never wanted to piss off (the only other one was Alfred). Then there was Cassandra Cain (otherwise known as Black Bat, who Jason had just recently met) who was a better fighter than most of their family members were and apparently she was suppose to the Demon’s Head’s perfect bodyguard. She was also someone Damian actually held respect for or so said Dickiebird. Lets not forgot Steph when so many overlooked the blonde teenager with a mean right hook. Steph had honestly reminded Jason of himself and that had been before he learnt of her toture & “death” from Black Mask hands that never got avenged too. 

“I just meant-” Jason was not going to let him justify his way out of this. If Bruce and Dick weren’t going to teach Damian to be gentleman to any female (no surpise there considering their track records) that wasn’t trying to kill him then it would have to fall on Jason and Alfred’s shoulders.

“Do you really think so little of your sisters?” Jason asked the current Robin incredulously.  Jason felt no pity for him. Damian had walked into that one.

“TODD. I DIDN’T MEAN-” Oh really, Jason thought as Damian yelled at him. Jason tuned out Damian’s defense. What would they’re sisters say if they were here? What would Talia say if she was here?

“WHAT WOULD TALIA HAVE TO SAY?” Jason had to scream to be heard over his little brother’s voice. 

“Mother is a rare species  of woman that-” Okay that was that Jason was calling for reinforcements. Thankfully he had Alfred on speed dial. 

A/N: This came about because yesterday I read gurlblunder’post which was Jason teaching Damian to respect woman. 


percy jackson / teen wolf crossover. i’m thinking this is set post-HoO, post-ToA and post-MCGA for percy and co., and in between season 3a and 3b for the pack. because that’s not confusing at all. 


“This is suspicious,” Stiles declared, dropping his lunch tray onto the table and almost throwing himself into the chair opposite Scott. He picked up a handful of curly fries and attempted to eat them all at once, glaring at something over Scott’s right shoulder as he did so.

“What’s suspicious, your ability to inhale curly fries and not choke to death?” Lydia quipped, tucking her elbows in by her sides and leaning slightly away from him.

“Oh, haha.” Stiles pulled a face at her. He swallowed the mouthful of fries and pointed behind Scott. “No, them. The new kids.”

Lydia looked unconvinced. “Have you even spoken to them?”

“Not yet, but I’m bound to have a class with them before the end of the day.”

Scott craned his neck to look at where the transfer students sat, across the other side of the cafeteria. They looked pretty standard - extremely attractive, yeah, but there were plenty of good looking people at Beacon Hills High School who had nothing to do with the supernatural. They were both wearing jeans, the boy in a blue hoodie and the girl in a tight grey t-shirt, and they seemed to be chatting amicably to Danny and a few other guys from the Lacrosse team.

Scott spun back around and shot Stiles a skeptical look. “They seem normal to me.”

Stiles planted his elbow on the table and leaned forward, lowering the volume of his voice but increasing the emphasis. “Look, okay, just hear me out. When was the last time someone new showed up at this school - or in this town, even - and wasn’t a hunter or a werewolf or a homicidal maniac or something equally terrifying, huh?”

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i keep looking at the last panel, and i just cannot get over how young guan shan looks. like, i think the enormity of the decision he’s taking (or being made to take) is showed so clearly here (as well as in the image with his head in his hands). we’re being reminded that he is so young still, despite how ‘adult’ the context of this story has slowly become, and that guan shan shouldn’t have to be facing any of this.

he shouldn’t have to be making the decisions he’s having to. he shouldn’t have to throw his education away just to earn some money. he shouldn’t have to be manipulated and treated like he’s nothing - like he can be played with and used, and that he isn’t allowed to speak out about how unfair any of it is. 

i just think OX really got it in this last image - they showed the reality of it all, and the cruelty of it, and that, for a lot of kids, this is the kind of thing they’re having to do. and this, for most of them, will be their end. and it shouldn’t have to be like that, because they’re young and uncertain and facing things they’re too young to face and nothing about this is fair.

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Not really an ask but I'm so curious. What's your favorite part of your cosplay?

//Lmao I like that it’s a cosplay that finally suits my face! With the other cosplays I used to do my face always looked weird, my nose too big, etc, so I’m really happy that it goes well with this cosplay! 
No but I also love getting to wear my more formal/old-fashioned clothes without it being weird. 
Once I have better makeup I’ll also probably like doing the scars haha….

In general my favorite part though is that it’s Ludwig!

You knew he wasn’t happy about being dragged around stores, especially when most of the shoppers were children with their young parents. You tried to ignore the comments Jack said under his breath, his frustration apparent.

“I know you don’t like this, but I want to have fun, Jack,” you said, glancing back at him. His silver hair was a mess, random bits sticking out every way.

“I’m too old for this kind of stuff, Y/N. These people probably think I’m your grandfather.” He rubbed a hand over his scarred face and looked around, frowning slightly.

You scoffed and tugged him closer, pressing a kiss to his cheek. You lingered before pulling away to grab another costume off the rack. A giggle left your lips as you thought of what Jack would look like in this one, the ruffles and tight pants too much to handle.

“I don’t really care if they think you’re my grandfather. We’re going to have fun, and it’s going to start with this!” You said as you spun around to face him, holding the costume up to his body. He gave you a narrowed look, and you bit down on your cheek, stifling the laughter that threatened to fall. “Please?”

You collapsed into a puddle of laughter as Jack stepped toward you, dressed as a man from a play written by Shakespeare. A ruffled collar was tight around his neck, the rest of the fabric either too loose or too tight.

“You look ridiculous!” You said between gasps of air, your face buried in your hands.

For a moment, he seemed uncomfortable, his brow furrowed. Seeing the way your eyes lit up, Jack let his annoyance fade away. He grinned and swept a hand through his hair, turning to look at you.

“To be or not to be, that is the question…I don’t think I know the rest,” he said, rubbing the back of his neck. His cheeks were pink, and you rose off the bench.

Approaching him, you threw your arms around his neck and kissed him softly, toying with the ruffles around his neck.

“This is the dumbest outfit I’ve ever seen. Let’s find you something better. I’m thinking Captain America. You have that all-American boy charm.” You stepped away from him and went to search, hearing the faint chuckle that fell from his lips.

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“Boo!” You yell from behind a chair, Jumping out at your friend Peter. 

“Fuck! What the hell, Y/n! Why’d you do that!?!” Peter yelled, almost tripping over his own feet.  His face grew a light pink from embarrassment, Which made him look cuter then he already was.

“I didn’t think it would actually work! You know, With your slowed down time and stuff.”

“Maybe i’m just scared easy, Okay?”  He was clearly shaking. You had no idea he would have been this upset. 

“I’m sorry, I won’t try to scare you ever again Pete.” You hug him, Rubbing his back comfortingly. 

“You owe me a box of twinkies.”

For Better or For Worse (2)

GOT7′s Jaebum ; fluff & angst

“You knew you would never be the same, for better or for worse.”

Part 1, 2

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What do you mean "the end"? we didn't see it


sorry it’ll be just a simple sketch, i’m really lazy today when it comes to art. enjoy some foursome my child


the positions look kinda fucked up, but meh. first time ever drawing any foursome.

ink is the one below them all btw, i didn’t have any motivation to draw him a face XD

there’s a teeny kitten that has been waddling around after her ALL DAY. after several near HEART ATTACKS (can faeries have heart attacks ??), she finally gives in. kneeling next to it, she tries to maintain a stern face. ‘ listen, mister !! you’ve been tailing me since this morning !! i’m not your mom !! do you - do you have a mom ?? ’ suddenly she feels bad, she KNOWS what that’s like. ‘ look, i can’t take care of you. you and all your friends won’t leave me alone !! it’s stressin me out, dude. ’

Scarlet bash (open)

*Once inside of the mansion, both Allan and Alleen look around the fully decorated mansion as it has skeletons on the ceiling to fake spider webs in every corner. Allan, who’s in his headless horseman costume and his head as been replaced by a jack-o-lantern, is quite impress of the place for its decor of this occasion. As for Alleen, Allan’s little sister who’s in here lala-chan costume, holding her face scythe in her hand, also looks at the decor the mansion provides for them as she smiles softly*

Allan: “Wow….I have to say that, I’m quite impress what remilia has done to the mansion for this party, pretty spookifide if i say so myself~” *Allan’s eyes start to glow in a yellow color where the eye sockets from the jack-o-lantern are located*

Alleen: “I would have to agree with you brother~ Beside from Remilia and the residents od the Scarlet Devil Mansions, I wonder who else are we going to meet in this party” *Alleen’s eyes start to glow in a purple color, even through her yellow eye contact lenses*

91 Days

I just finished watching probably my favorite anime of the season
Although I was a little disappointed with the ending, as a writer there was something I was in love with when it came to this show.
The reflection on Angelo Lagusa’s character.
Now some of you maybe thinking, what are you talking about there was barely anything from his character besides his revenge?!
There was no inner monologue, no description of what he had been doing prior to the letter, and not knowing anyone besides Corteo prior to his scheme
I thought this was so brilliant, honestly. The audience never knew was was going through Angelo’s head, and there was a reason.
He was an empty hallow shell, looking for his purpose in life through his revenge for his family and being faced with the pain of having to live through the guilt and hurt… for 7 years.
Alone. Without anyone, considering he was suppose to be dead a very long time ago.
Sure, I would have liked to know what Angelo was doing prior to Lawless, but at the same time it’s not necessary to know. This show was about the 91 days it took for him to achieve his revenge, and in a certain light you can see that he did as well as finding peace within himself, whether you believe he is alive or dead.
I loved how true the character was to the audience, and he was portrayed exactly how he had to be. I hadn’t see something like this done before and all I have to say is bravo.

I look forward to the upcoming Fall Animes~

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point is, there's more people who hate olicity and felicity than you will ever care to admit. i think it's time you should drop olicity and just stick to the laurel stuff. not trying to be mean. just saying face the facts. look around you. there's no positivity. as a follower i have your best interests in mind lmao. drop olicity if you don't wanna lose followers.

This is so lame. I don’t care about losing followers, never have, never will. I post what I like. Blogging is a hobby, not a business.

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hagrid and nearly headless nick?

Nearly Headless Nick: Story of a close call.

I was 11 years old and riding my bike without a helmet. there w as this huge mulch pile at the end of our road, and my friends dared me to jump it.

So I did, and I went flying.

And I landed. Face first. In the asphalt.

It was a hot mess of blood. No tears though. I was too busy being blacked out for what was described to me as 30 seconds. Then when I came to, I think here was so much adrenaline running through my tiny body that I was like omg that was cray.

I went to the doctor as one should and they were amazed to see that I didn’t land myself with a concussion. I was amazed to because I didn’t know how serious something like that would have been at the time.

the scars have faded on my face since then, but sometime when people look at my left hand, they’ll see the scars and I get to tell this story again and I realise why the sorting hat placed me in fucking Gryffindor.