***spoilers ahead***

John is family.

Sherlock loves Molly.

The Woman still texts Sherlock.

Greg gets special instruction to look after Mycroft.

Rosamund is raised by the people Mary chose to look after her.

And Mrs. Hudson is even more of a BAMF than we originally thought.

All the ships are canon if you really look at them with an open concept of what ‘love’ is.


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#i also really want to write a very physical battle couple situation - if you put this in front of me, I have to ask for it please, Izsak.

you don’t know how much i was hoping you’d send me this kareena

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“please remind me how we got into this position again, alexander?”

the last of the late sunset was spilling through the broken windows of this warehouse. it was streaming over magnus’s face, the warm glow cutting across his jaw and turning his eyes that molten brown it always did. around them this place was decaying. it smelled like blood and mold, the floor split in front of them, moss and plants spilling out the edges and up the walls. it was rank kind of damp, now run through with the smell of death. despite that the thrum of magic in magnus’s body was steady, curling little flames of blue around his fingers that trailed up his arms just slightly. beside him alec shifted, taut bow string shifting as alec surveyed the room. magnus’s lips curved up slightly at the pointed silence.

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So if Padme is knocked into Obi-Wan’s body, Obi-Wan into Anakin’s and Anakin into Padme’s - we all know that:

A. Padme now knows the benefits of being Force-sensitive and finally understands what’s it all about.

B. Obi-Wan has to deal with a gazillionth amount of Force-sensitivity due to Anakin’s super midichlorian-count.

C. Anakin is left completely Force-blinded, which is a total shock to a guy who used to have the highest Force-sensitivity from every other Jedi.


Based on this conversation with cadesama and skygawker .
Star Wars fandom, ladies and gentlemen. 

you got it!

Genji - He’s flattered that his s/o would dress up like him and makes a few jokes about how they might have gotten him down but they couldn’t match his figure. 

Hanzo - Hanzo thinks it’s rather immature but he chuckles at it none the less, a little impressed. He is not all broody and he certainly does not glare like that however. 

Junkrat - There’s an insane level of cackling on his part before he goes to his s/o “Looks just like me, mate!” Super happy and enjoys it but would actually try to place real bombs where there are fake pockets. 

Lucio - He’s so happy, he just wraps his arms around his s/o. “Looks good on you!” He won’t stop smiling for like weeks after. 

Mccree - Puts his hat on his s/o with a shit eating grin on his face. “Gotta make it look good, doll” Would even give you the infamous BAMF belt.

Reaper - “…Do I look like a joke to you?” He sounds offended but he’s smiling on the inside, don’t worry

Reinhardt - He’s so happy like he thinks it is true perfection. Gets like ten photos and keeps one framed. Flexs along beside you so you can get it down just right. 

Roadhog - He lets out a chuckle, patting his s/o on the back. They even got the voice right! call him impressed.

Soldier 76 - “…I’m not that old” he says as he smiles under his mask. He enjoys it and just likes watching his s/o dress up with his number on their back.

Zenyatta - He hums with delight when he sees his s/o followed by a little bit of giggling. It’s all for fun and games and he would lend you some of his orbs just to see that your costume is complete. 


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