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Headcanon request~! ❤ BAMF!MC! I'm talking about straight out ass kicker! Like, boxing or some shit. Just like, able to beat up some kind of threat, violently. (RFA members + V, Saeran) :3c

Since I am a loser at it’s finest, I had to look up BAMF because my brain just zoned out for a sec. And let me tell you. I was not disappointed.
*I enjoyed writing this so much, just so you know*
(Side Note: If you guys want to ask my view on certain characters so you can have a better feel on how I write them, you most certainly can if that will help you! I’ve gotten feedback that you guys really like how I write them, but, if there’s one that you’d like me to expand on for the general way of how they are, I’ll do so!)


  • Literally if you two are practice boxing, he’s not even gonna throw punches, he’s just gonna hold his gloves in front of his face
  • Expect whimpers and jumps if you even POKE him
  • I imagine BAMF!MC would be the type to playfully punch people’s shoulders, this boy is gonna overreact and say ow, lemme tell ya
  • Okay this one doesn’t really have to do with the part of being badass but
  • Squish his cheeks with the boxing gloves
  • Just
  • DO IT
  • If you say “I’m gonna punch you” as a threat, but you know how a lot of us say it as a joking threat? Yeah well Yoosung’s gonna take it seriously and drop everything, he might just piss himself.
  • In the beginning, he probably wasn’t expecting you to be so good at it. But when he realized you were, well, refer to the headcanons above.


  • Guys I really do love me some Zen *begins Powerpoint*
  • But, whether you’re short or tall, he starts off confident
  • You two are practice boxing and he’s all taunting, stupid little smirk on his face, Zen stop being cute you fuck
  • But when you actually hit him
  • When
  • you
  • hit
  • him
  • He just pauses for a sec. “W-Woah babe that..that wasn’t easy..”
  • When you hit him again and then begin to throttle the shit out of him, that’s when he starts squeaking
  • Don’t get me wrong, Zen can fight, but you’re all out right now and he does NOT wanna punch his lady in the face okay he loves you and will take a knee to the balls over hurting you in any way, shape, or form


  • Can match your badassetry
  • Now, let me explain. I am a firm believer in the fact that Seven might just know a thing or two bECAUSE OF HIS JOB???
  • And dude the boy is built so that just helps like. bring that ass here
  • He’s gonna take you on with a grin okay
  • If there’s gloves, he’s decking you in the face just as hard as you’re decking him
  • However, if you actually do get hurt, he of course is gonna stop and help you
  • If you’ve seen 22 Jump Street, the scene where Schmidt and the one girl are fighting and she keeps trying to kiss him, that is you and Seven at this point, but you guys are laughing about it while it goes on I CANT BE THE ONLY ONE WHO THINKS THIS
  • You’re both the types to fake being super hurt, that way the other one comes over and you just sock em right in the jaw


  • Okay, now, OKAY, those of you who would literally lay your life down for Jaehee, JUST HEAR ME OUT
  • I feel like she could take you on, but I feel like Seven could take you on better, this is because yes, she is a literal black belt in judo, but I don’t know, something about what Seven could know from both his job and his own time just strikes me as the advantage
  • If any of you use this against me after all of the love I give her I swEAR TO GOD
  • You’d probably start a match with her by her telling you ‘no’ and you’re just haha no fuck you and you just kinda knock her with your glove.
  • Her glasses come off and she pauses for a sec before putting the gloves on
  • And near the boxing ring, Jumin looks to the camera like he’s in The Office


  • I know many of you may think that Jumin’s height gives him an advantage, it doesn’t
  • I am so sorry, as much as I would love to be able to say that Jumin’s the hot guy in a tie who can kick ass too, I can’t, COME ON WE ALL KNOW THAT ISN’T TRUE
  • Jumin has no sense of fighting whatsoever, like he probably could throw a really good punch, but when it comes to all the dodging, blocking, the whole nine yards, you’ve got this man beat T R U S T M E. 
  • If you wanna go all out, do it. He’s probably solid until you nail him in the crotch or the face and if you’re my height, you can’t even reach his face if you wanna punch him, so we’re good on that
  • If you are tall enough to nail him in the face, you’re receiving a glare in response and possibly a “Why did you do that???” “I’M BOXING YOU JUMIN.” “Immature..”
  • Secretly though, he thinks it’s very attractive that you can defend yourself


  • I know I always say mention V taking pictures of you in different situations, but come on, he would get the most bad ass pictures of you practicing.
  • I don’t think that V stands where Seven does when it comes to fighting, but he definitely isn’t Jumin. I would say he and Zen may be about on the same level. Though, of course, with V’s very calm nature, we wouldn’t see him fighting really. 
  • If you start engaging a fight with him, he’s going to start by laughing it off. “Noo, sweetheart, I’m not gonna box you, come on now..”
  • But if you really get him going, you might earn a tiny little grin and he’ll give in.
  • He also helps you practice by putting gloves on and letting you punch his hands, I think that’s the cutest thing alright


  • Cue that gif where the guy’s like ‘Well mark me down as scared and horny!’
  • Saeran’s push for fighting is most definitely aggression. He’s almost close to what Seven knows, but since he isn’t quite there, what’s able to drive him better is his force
  • ^^^Meaning, if Saeran’s fighting, whether serious or not, he uses anger when he’s putting power into it, someone please tell me that they agree with this
  • There’s no convincing to be done really. You can get him going pretty quick. The first time you ask, he might just kind of shrug it off. But the second time, if you’re just like “C’mon, Saeran!” And you really want him to get up there, you’re likely to get a smirk, and he’s gonna start putting the gloves on
  • Saeran’s also very quick, so that’s something the MC would have to keep in mind when practice-boxing with him
  • I think all of them find it attractive that the MC can defend themselves, but Saeran and Jumin, and maybe Zen, think it’s more attractive than the others do

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Could you write some canajane head cannons? Thanks^-^


-They are such cat ladies. They have tons of cats, and when they moved in together they combined their cats. now they have 15 cats. aaa

-They wear sunglasses all the time since they’re too cool for u

-They do a lot of volunteering work together, and sometimes lil sis wendy comes with them

-SNUGGLE BUDDIES. half of the time the snuggling turns into more tho

-They love the show ‘Friends’ and they always make references. half of the time nobody knows what the hell they’re talking about

-Netflix and cat snuggling and tea for dates. Cana puts whiskey in her tea and Mira just drinks tea. Sometimes she does add a tiny bit of Cana’s whiskey in there to make things interesting

-The party couple. They love to go out to parties and live it up together and come in looking like BAMFS

-Cana wears lots of graphic crop tops that say things like “i hate mornings” and ones with movie quotes on them all the time, esp from pulp fiction and other movies. She wears them with hella skinny jeans and leather jackets and high heeled boots.

-Mira loves sundresses and they’re all either backless (bc cana loves her gf’s back) or loads of cleavage (cana likes that too). she likes to wear strappy sandals and sun hats. 

-sometimes they will swap clothes and go into the guild and everyone is like !!!!!!! because they look so hot out of their regular things

-one time mira wore one of cana’s bras for a shirt and half of the boys got nosebleeds. scratch that. cana and all of the boys got nosebleeds. so much blood. 

-Mira will randomly adopt animals and come home and Cana will be like “I thought you left for milk???” and Mira will be like “Sweetie, I got the milk. And a bird. We need a bird” like she’s THAT kind of gf

-Cana loves to play twister with her s/o like “oops i fell and groped your boobs ooops totally my fault”

That’s all I can think of right now :) I love getting asks for headcanons! ^^


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Haikyuu!! Week Day 2: MVP

Dorky, Single-celled, Genius Setter - Kageyama Tobio

His sense for things was overwhelmingly spectacular. Most prominently were how utterly happy he was when his hands touched the ball.

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