“The Man From The Past” - Derek Luh Fanfic (PART 7)


‘Ouch, ouch, ouchhh’ I whined in pain while I was sitting down on the sidewalk and holding my ankle. 

‘Oh my God, y/n, are you alright?’ Derek asked worriedly kneeling down to me. 

‘No, my ankle hurts so so bad.’ I said. There was also a big whole on Delany’s leggings on my knee.

‘How did you fall?’ He asked. 

‘The guy on the bike almost bumped right into me and I was going to move for him to bypass me and I just tripped and fell down.’ 

‘What about your knee?’ He asked looking at the blood which was coming from the wound. 

‘My knee is  fine, but my ankle isn’t.’ He tried to pull a little on my ankle to see if I broke something and I almost screamed how much it hurt. ‘Please, don’t do that, please..’ 

‘I think it’s just sprained.’ He said. ‘C’mon let’s take you to the hospital.’ He said. 

‘No, no, no, I don’t wanna go to the hospital.’ I said. ‘Just take me home, okay? Please.’ 

‘Okay..’ He sighed. He helped me get up and just when I was about to try to walk on my own, he picked me up in his arms bridal style. 

‘Derek, you can’t carry me all the way to your apartment, are you crazy?’ 

‘I’m not gonna let you walk with sprained ankle.’ He said. ‘Besides, we’re not so far away’ 

‘Oh my God, y/n! What happened?’ My mom asked in high-pitched voice holding her cheeks when she opened the door and found me in Derek’s arms. 

At first, I rolled my eyes and let out a deep breath because I knew how over dramatic she can get when something happens and how she always overreacts. 

‘I fell and sprained my ankle.’ I said calmly. ‘Now, can you please move so he can enter the house?’ 

‘Oh, God, y/n..’ She said. ‘Yes, yes sure!’ She quickly moved to the side.

‘Where do you want me to take you?’ Derek asked. 

‘My bedroom, please.’ I said. He climbed up the stairs and entered my bedroom placing me down on the bed.  

‘Here.’ He said.

‘Thank you.’ I said. 

‘You don’t need to thank me for helping you.’ He smiled.

‘I took a lot of your time today, actually, wasted.’ I said taking off my shoes. 

‘You never waste my time. Okay? I actually enjoy spending my time with you and I don’t want to ever hear anything like that again coming from your mouth, okay?’ He said and I just smiled back in response. ‘You sure you’ll be alright?’ 

‘Hopefully, yes.’ I said nodding my head. 

‘If you need anything, but like, anything just call me, okay?’ He said moving my hair from my face. 

‘How do I thank you?’ 

‘A hug will be enough.’ He said. I giggled slightly and wrapped my arms around him as well as he his around me. He hugged me pretty tightly and I love that kind of hugs; tight and long. I felt him leaving a small kiss on my head before he pulled back. ‘I’ll come visit you tomorrow, is that okay?’ 

‘Of course.’ 

Two weeks later

It was a friday night and I was laying down in my bed and crying over a boy. How stupid, huh? 

It’s so unbelievably frustrating and annoying how hard love can sometimes get. It sucks when you love someone so much and don’t know if they truly feel the same about you. It hurts when you have to have doubts over someone who you really love and who you think loves you just as much. 

“My phone died.”

“I was helping my mom around the house.” 

“I fell asleep.” 

“I was in the shower so I didn’t hear my phone.” 


How could that not make me question every single thing about our relationship? How could that not make me think that there’s someone else?

I mean he could be doing anything while he’s 850 miles away from me. 

But then again, why would he say ‘I love you’ then? Why would he say ‘I miss you and I can’t wait to see you’ or ‘I wish you were here with me now’? That has to mean something, right? That has to mean that he loves me.

Or that could be just to cover himself up? 

I don’t know. 

Suddenly, I got so scared. All those thoughts wouldn’t want to leave me alone. It just haunted me. It made me cry which led to calling the only person that has been constantly there for me for the past 3 or 4 weeks. 

‘Derek?’ I said quietly trying not to sob into the phone. 

‘Hey, y/n’ He said with his raspy voice. ‘What happened? Are you alright?’

‘I’m sorry if I woke you up’ I said considering it was 2 in the morning. ‘But can you please come and pick me up? I really need someone right now.’ I really need YOU right now. 


im in love with the idea of isaac trying on your pink lace panties and feeling BEAUTIFUL imagine how happy and fancy he would feel :) especially when you walk in on him trying them on. and he looks kind of shy and scared bc this is not the usual and oh my god he shouldn’t have done this what was he thinking, but instead you dote on him

“look at my baby boy, so pretty for me” 

“you’re so sexy, sweetheart. you’ve got legs for the runway”

“wow baby, give us a twirl!”

and then he would feel extra sexy and mysterious going about his day, knowing that he has this little secret that’s only between you and him :) :) 

so what if he likes leather jackets and fucking girls. sometimes isaac just wants to feel pretty, too.

Have yourselves some devilishly handsome shanks.

Oh good god, please just give me a second. HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MY GOD PRAISE LORD ODA FOR THIS FINE ASS MAN. You look at this man and go “mmmm mmm I could put that spicy hunk of meat on my sin sandwich.” Shanks has one killer name man. You know what makes it better? RED HAIR SHANKS. OH LORDY MY LEGS HAVE TURNED TO JELLY. 10/10 absolute perfection. This beautiful little red haired riding hood could knock on my door with a basket of sin any day. Them long flowing red locks, eyes that speak of sin and hot Dayum do those lips look kissable…have you seen them scars man? OOOOH MYY GOD  I CAN HEAR SATAN WHISPERING IN MY EAR.10/10. He’s the three p’s man pirate, perfect and P’FINE. He can have my p-panties. This hot mamjama might have  some style and does he look DDDDDAYUM sexy in that white shirt but…everything the man owns is two sizes too DAMN BIG. The coat alone. JESUS I could fit in that shit with him…actually that’s not a bad thing.10/10. OOH hot dayum this one armed sword wielding heart stealin man has one FOOOOINE body man. Wrap me up in that big ass coat and call me yours. This man has a body of perfection even under than huge ass shirt you know…YOU KNOW THERE’S ONE SIX PACK OF SIN under there to help quench your thirst.12/10. Jesus my baby;’s got that sword for wielding and heart stealin MMMmmm this is perfection. He aint my man..but he’s up there.


Series: Arrow (TV 2016)

Word Count: 789

Summary: An Olicity one-shot set before season three where Felicity accidentally shoots Oliver. Based off of the prompt: “I accidentally shot you in the leg and at first I felt bad, but now I’m not so sure because I’m carrying you to the nurse and you won’t stop complaining and yelling at me.”

Author’s Note: this ones for day seven of the 14 Days of Olicity fic challenge!(Continued Author’s note at end)


“Hey, Felicity, I—” Oliver begins then falters, his face freezing in shock as he looks down at his leg where his partner shot him.

“Oh my God,” she whispers, the gun still pointed at Oliver’s leg. She whips around to see Dig unmoving and staring just as she is.

“Ow,” Oliver roars, getting over the shock of being shot. Shifting his weight to his bullet-free leg, he grabs onto pole next to him. “What in the world was that, Felicity?” he manages to grind out, wincing and closing his eyes.

“I am so sorry! Oh my God, Oliver, I didn’t mean to—”

“Give me the gun!” he yells, grabbing it out of her hand as she points it every which way. Talking with your hands is not a good thing when you are holding a gun.

“Dig was just showing me how to shoot” behind her, Oliver sees Dig grimace and put his head in his hands “and you came up behind me and you scared me and oh my God I shot you and I am so sorry! Like really sorry and I swear I will never touch a gun again! I mean I might, but I definitely won’t shoot you with it! I’m so, so, so sorry, please don’t be mad.” She stops abruptly, biting her lip nervously.

“Help me to a chair,” he says, his jaw clenched as he throws his arm heavily around her small shoulders.

“Uh, how about I help you with that,” Dig intervenes, pulling his boss off of Felicity and wrapping the arm around himself. “You okay, man?”

“I’m alright. I don’t think it’s bad. Just hurts,” he grumbles, sitting down hard in the chair Dig brought him to. Rolling up his pant leg, Oliver looks at his wound. “It only grazed my calf,” he announces, causing relief to flood through Felicity.

“Okay, we’re still going to a hospital, though,” Felicity says, grabbing her keys off of the table next to her computers.

“I don’t need to go to a hospital,” he growls in reply. “I can stitch it up here.”

“I’m sure you can, but I’m not taking any chances. You’re coming with me.”

“How are you going to explain this?” Dig asks, crossing his arms over his chest.

“Uh, I’ll tell them the truth: I accidentally shot him.”

“No she won’t, we’ll make something up,” Oliver says, wincing as he stands up again.

“Does that mean you’ll go?” Felicity inquires, resting her hand on his bicep as he stands somewhat unbalanced.

“It means that I don’t feel like arguing. Now help me clean it up and then we can go.”

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Madotsuki had always liked dreary mornings. It was never too hot outside and she could practically smell the electricity of a storm brewing in the air. She leaned softly against the railing of the balcony any time the wind picked up, allowing her untied hair to brush off her shoulders. “What a beautiful morning…” 

Ah, it couldn’t get any better than this. Perhaps a mug of tea would be nice, though she didn’t necessarily feel like going inside just yet. Instead, she sat and allowed her legs to dangle past the guardrails. 

Unfortunately, a soft breeze managed to take her slipper away, and she looked down in a panic to the bystander who’d nearly been victim to slipper assault. 

Oh my God, I’m so sorry!”

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Lee, what's your favourite look of Richard?

Naked, sweating, dishevelled, legs wrapped around me.

LEE! o.o

Sorry. I’ll share a couple of my favourite looks! It was really hard to decide, but… you know how it is, don’t you?

Exhibit A: When he’s wearing tight leather.

Exhibit B: When he has his funny face going on and does weird things.

Exhibit C: When he looks at me like I’m his whole world.

Exhibit D: Longish hair, smoldering eyes and stubble (and a bit of chest hair). Oh God. Guess why I’m watching Robin Hood as often as I can.

Exhibit E: When he’s wearing my clothes. (There’s tons of photos, but he’s got longer hair in this one, and just LOOK AT HIS ARMS.)

Exhibit F: hhhnggghh

Exhibit G: When he’s smiling, and looking dapper in a suit.

Exhibit H: Smiling and stubble.

Exhibit I: …

But my very favorite look is Richard lying on my chest, peacefully asleep.

I took a photo once.

That’s the look I love best. When he’s happy and content and at ease and relaxing, and trusting me completely.


From sketch gallery II on the season 13 DVD. Oh my god those legs. Dayum son.

Can’t read the text clearly on my tv but it looks like cut content from weekend at burnsie’s when Smithers gets high and dresses as Judy garland

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I need help from ya really. Today I went shopping and I was looking for beautiful pants. Oh God my legs are not too skinny actually they are not skinny they are just normal. I have more weight like 10.. And my height is like 1.63. Oh no I hate that and I wanna lose weight. I want that my legs are looking beautiful in skinny pants. I was so sad all day. What should I do Nommi.. Please give me some advices if you have.. thank you lovely

Hello, dear! :)

Well, first of all, it is important to realize that if by losing some weight, you will still keep on being healthy or not, mostly because you mentioned that you are already in a normal range (which means that losing a lot of weight might be dangerous and put you underweight).

Also, regardless of what you look like, it is crucial that you feel happy and comfortable with what you have and embrace your body, because it already is beautiful as it is right now!

Now, if you still feel like you want to lose some weight, the tips that I always recommend and you can try applying are:

  1. Never skipping meals, mainly breakfast, because it is essential to keep you with energy during the day;
  2. Drinking lots of water (or tea, especially green tea), since it will keep you hydrated and feeling full for longer periods of time;
  3. Exercising regularly. Don’t push yourself too hard with this one, since by simply trying to take some minutes of your day to do a little of simple exercises or even opting to walk/run for a little, will already be very beneficial;
  4. Trying to eat smaller portions of food, but more times a day (for example: instead of eating a very large breakfast, distribute the food and eat it throughout the morning);
  5. Replacing some “unhealthy” foods with better options (some examples are white meat; brown rice; vegetables; fruit; etc)
  6. Eating slower, because you will also feel fuller more easily;
  7. Also, don’t be afraid to eat your favorite foods, even if they are less healthy, once in a while, because if you fully restrict yourself from them, it might end up being very psychological damaging, since food can also affect our mental well being.

Take the time you need, since this is something that requires a lot of patience and persistence. You can definitely do it without having to succumb to any radical methods that might put both your mental and physical health in risk! Good luck, dear ^^

[Picture from Game Wiki. Not mine.]

For some reason I’m randomly remembering the first time I caught a Goliath Beetle in Animal Crossing. I believe my thought process when something like this:

Oh god this thing is bigger than my face! And I’m TOUCHING it! It looks like its legs are reaching toward my face. Put it away! Put it away! Oh god I just put it in my pocket. It’s in my pocket. It’s moving around in my pocket. Ahhhhhhh!

And then I ran to the museum as fast as I could while silently screaming.

Once upon a feeling.

Feel that? No not the phone touching your fingers as you read this. Go deeper. Go back. Remember that feeling? When she told you she loved you? Remember that fire that made your cheeks blood red? Remember that feeling in your legs when you stood up cause you couldn’t just sit still? Felt good didn’t it? Yeah, I know. Remember when you saw the next day and she looked into your eyes and it was like you were glued to her presence? Everything around her was black wasn’t it? But she was white, she was so bright. She was shining so bright and finally you were like oh fuck… I’m alive. Remember when you left and every inch of you was telling you to keep walking but you had that feeling, my god you had that urge to look back and continue the story. But that feeling, what did it do? That feeling made you feel like fire, then made you feel like ice. Some say the world will end in fire, some say in ice. But from what I’ve tasted of desire I hold with those who favour fire. Cause what’s it like to freeze? You’re trapped. Burn, my set free. Escape into the midst of the universe. Feel. Enjoy the feeling. Remember what it felt like when she pinned you down. For some reason in that moment, you weren’t in a room. You were in her eyes. Green? Blue? Doesn’t matter, they got you feeling. And when she touched you, what did you do? You don’t remember do you? No, but you remember that feeling. And that feeling, it’ll be back. Just wait. The story can be told once, twice, three times. Because once upon a time. More like, once upon a feeling…

‘Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god–’

His feet are running faster than his heart could beat. He’s chasing after a woman and he hopes to god that she isn’t a figment of his imagination. 

‘Can’t be, no one is that tall with that much red hair and the orange skin and those hips, those legs.’


Her name rips out of his mouth like a bullet. For a few seconds he mistakes his pounding heart for canon fire, forcing him to skid to a stop; as he looks on the woman, he catches his ragged breath.

‘Oh my god.’

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Someone accidentally (Tom) walking in on Brian sitting at his desk when he's supposed to be writing lyrics except he's acting really weird and crinkling papers and he's all sweaty looking and-- "oh my god I can see Mats legs under the desk table. Oh gross. Guys. I'm going sorry to fucking interrupt."

LMAOOO yes I love this so much they ain’t slick at all and Tom is so fucking done suffering