Until They Kill You

It wasn’t it wasn’t it wasn’t it wasn’t it wasn’t it wasn’t it wasn’t it wasn’t it wasn’t it wasn’t it wasn’t it wasn’t it wasn’t it wasn’t 

not not not not not not not not not not not not not not not not not not not not not not not not not not not not not not 




She could barely move but she kept moving because if she stopped moving she’d be killed so she kept moving even though she could barely move 

Had to had to had to kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkeep had to 

She grabbed the grabbed the knife before she left him – NOT HIM  – alone in the room. 

She had to keep keep keep keep

She knew she was leaving a trail of blood. Of hers, of his no of not-his it wasn’t wasn’t wasn’t him it wasn’t 

She collapsed against the wall once she found a place to hide. 

She was safe.

She was safe. 

For now. 

She knew she was – 

She was short-circuiting. She could feel it. Not because she was a – 

She was Jemma Anne Simmons. Not anyone’s replica. 

Of that she was sure. 

She hoped.


They took him. They took him. They took him like they took Daisy like they took Mace like they took Mack like they took Coulson like they took May and replaced him with an imposter who fooled her and betrayed her and manipulated her and –


She looked at her leg.

– stabbed her. 

She was alone. She was all by herself and she was being hunted and she was all alone, and she didn’t know what she was going to do. 

She heard a noise and flattened herself against the wall, breathing heavily. 

She was – not she – not she -- it was here. 


Daisy’s L.M.D. pointed the shotgun axe at her, but Jemma had too much – just too too too much – and she knew she was in danger – that this could be the end – but she stood her ground, threatening not-Daisy with the knife she used to to to 

I’M ME. 

I’M ME. 

I’M ME. 

But the L.M.D. tried to convince her over and over just like just like his tried to convince her over and over of the contrary. 

“I’m me.” She said with conviction with rage with stubbornness and 

she had to be – she had to be – 

But the L.M.D. wouldn’t leave her alone. And tried to manipulate her just like his manipulated her. 

And the worst bit was it almost working. 

She was almost falling for it. 

A second time.

A second time, she was almost falling for it. 

She gritted her teeth and stood her ground. 

“Don’t touch me!” 

And then she was grabbed and thrown against the wall and then trapped, until she felt –

inside her – the gentle breeze of wind and vibration, and Daisy – DAISY – sighed, holding her tight, and she collapsed against Daisy, crying from relief. 

“Oh, thank God.” 

They held each other for awhile. 

She gripped Daisy tighter. Felt her flesh beneath her fingertips.

She wasn’t alone. 

She wasn’t alone. 

Daisy - true real living breathing Daisy was holding her and crying from real emotions dredged up from real pain and real assurance, and Jemma could feel herself suffocate from real relief. 

She wasn’t alone. 

She collapsed from the sheer knowledge of that one true, one perfect fact. 

She wasn’t alone. 

“Woa, Jemma!” Daisy struggled to catch her and looked down at Jemma’s leg. “Oh my God,” she breathed.

“H-h-h-is his L.M.D. stabbed me. It stabbed me.” 

Daisy held her tighter. “Okay. Okay.” 

She allowed Daisy to drag her to a better, a safer spot. 

She allowed Daisy to do this because she didn’t physically have to anymore. She wasn’t fighting with every breath – every muscle — every part of her –against a – a machine anymore. 

Daisy was living and breathing and guiding her and she let her. 

They settled against the wall, and Daisy began to tend to her wounds, and she leaned her head against the wall, and she closed her eyes. 

“He’s gone,” she sobbed. “Fitz is – Fitz is gone. They’re all gone, Daisy. They’re all gone.” 

Daisy continued to wrap Jemma’s leg. “There’s still hope,” she said with conviction.

Jemma sighed. 


The entire base was against the two of them. They were going to be killed. And their friends were gone.

He was gone.

And without him, there was no hope.


I’m gonna say this right now. This episode was so fucking amazing that I can see myself writing codas for every scene. I just wanted to get what was most in my heart/mind down and post. Like, I literally just wanted to see where my base instincts led me. 

So don’t think that this is it for the episode. I will be writing and writing. And definitely feel free to request whatever you most want to see (except spec fic. There are so many who are already knocking it out of the park with spec fic). 

This was - without a doubt - my favorite episode of the series. A true, true masterpiece. 

I have not fully recovered in the best, best way. 

And of course, request whatever you’d like to see in other eps too. 

Summertime Fun

School was out for summer. I couldn’t wait to get home and just bask in the sun and do as little as possible. I stripped out of my shoes and the basic white socks, enjoying the feeling of the grass and dirt on my bare soles. I still wore my plaid skirt and white blouse. For some odd reason, I felt compelled to cut through the woods to get home. Little did I know the trouble I was in for.

There was a path that cut through the woods, strewed with pine needles and dead leaves. They clung to my bare feet as I made my way through the woods. Pretty soon I came to a creek. Usually, there is a bit of a current, but today, it is calm and I can see my reflection perfectly. I look in the water as if it were a mirror and pull my long dirty blonde hair up into a ponytail.

I’m starting to sweat, and the perfect outline of my perky d cup breasts and nipples are evident through my thin white blouse. “fuck!” I hadn’t worn a bra on purpose, but I hadn’t counted on this. I felt practically naked. Yeah. I was hot shit for a 18 year old. And I flaunted it every chance I got. But mom couldn’t see me like this.

I knelt down and took my back sack off and peeked inside. Usually I keep an extra set of gym clothes with me. “Shit!” Not today. Something rustled in the brush behind me. Startled, I fumbled with the pack and dropped it. A dog; a mangy dirty mutt came forth, panting. I held out my hand for him to smell. He growled, sniffing the air. I lowered my head and tried to remain calm. More rustling in the brush. Three more dogs came out. They looked malnourished. Perhaps they were wild dogs? I didn’t know and at the time, didn’t care.

As I watched the one growling in front of me, another; a scraggly German shepherd grabbed my ponytail, yanking my head back. I lost my balance and fell backwards. The dog released as another bit my thigh, tugging the plaid skirt. I threw my hands up to protect my face. Suddenly, the one growling prodded my thigh with his cold nose, sniffing. I shivered, tears in my eyes. His long raspy tongue snaked out and across my cotton panties. I could feel his tongue probing my vagina. I tried to close my legs, but a quick nip and I knew not to mess with him. I began to cry. Another nip and his teeth caught in the fabric.

He was getting aggravated, and foolishly, I thought perhaps if I tossed them aside, they would be more interested in them. I rolled them cautiously down my thighs and over my ankles. The dog followed them as I took them off and as I tossed them as far as I could; I rolled over onto my knees, attempting to scurry off. Big Mistake!

The shepherd was on my back, teeth clamped on my ponytail as his weight was on my back. He was tugging, pulling my head back. Wait… He was hunching, humping against my exposed ass as my skirt rode up around my waist. Something warm and moist; rubbery feeling touched my thigh. I dared tug my head forth, and looked back between my legs. “Oh God NO!” I began to weep now, shaking uncontrollably as the full scope of what was happening dawned on me.

He humped against me, his huge weight pinning me. I was sweating profusely now. His powerful forepaws wrapped tight around my tiny waist and he fucked hard against me. His pointy red cock was so warm, I could feel it poking, but not finding a hole. I tried to move, wiggling my ass, to avoid him. But he seemed to catch on. He went still, readjusting himself on his hind legs, still with his forepaws wrapped around me.

He moved forward, causing me to tilt on my hands, ass raised a little more, bare feet in the air behind me. And suddenly, he slipped inside me, and simultaneously began fucking me, pistoning in and out. It felt like a fiery hot poker. I didn’t care who came now, and I screamed.

It grew larger inside me, I could feel it swelling stretching my tight cunny. I began to cry, sobbing hysterically; my own body began to respond. This seemed to upset me worse. I zoned out. I remember feeling pine needles on my legs, and I rested my head on my arms.

I remember seeing the other dogs, and could not help but look between their legs; their cocks emerging from their sheathes. Red, pointy cocks, twitching as if in anticipation. I tried to think of something else. Anything. But I could feel it building in me. My hips arched, involuntarily rolling, bucking back to meet his jackhammer thrusts. My toes curled in the air, my cunny muscles clasping, tightening around him. Squeezing. I bit my lip and closed my eyes.

Something new. Weird. I could feel something new now, swelling against me. The shepherd fucks me harder. “OHHH!!” Now, it’s in me. Whatever it is, it’s swelling in me, stretching me further. This brings my clit right up against his cock and suddenly I’m shaking, racked with a series of orgasms. “Be somewhere else” I tell myself, not wanting to admit how good it feels. Suddenly, like a firehose, he explodes inside me. It’s so warm! I lower my head moaning as I cum again. My vision blurs.

I can feel his cock twitch, sending more spurts of cum deep inside me. I scream again. He hops off my back but he’s still in me. He turns around, hind leg turning over my ass as he turns ass to me, but he’s still in me. He drags me backwards by his cock still lodged inside me. This hurts and I began to cry again. Another dog laps at my underarm nipping at my blouse. He licks the sweat from my skin. God. They reek.

The dog inside me slips out, and I tuck my feet under my ass as warm doggy cum flows from me down my thighs, some dripping onto my soles. My cunny hurts. I don’t think I can move. I can feel the cum so warm, sloshing around inside me.

The mutt comes forth and leaps onto my back. “NO!” I cry out, but it’s too late. He slips inside me easily, pounding away. My stomach hurts. Each thrust, more cum leaks out and down my thighs. God they stink.

I’m crying, it hurts so bad and still, feels so wonderful. He slips out, still humping. I lick my hand and reach back under me and grasp him. He fucks my hand his juices splashing onto my belly and over my bald shaven pussy. He goes still exploding in massive spurts on my skin, on my blouse, and some splashes onto my cheek.

The thought dances around in my mind but I don’t dare taste it. Eeww!

And then, he too is off me. I roll onto my back. My cunny aches. Two more dogs. I grasp one by his hairy sheathe, stroking him. I can’t afford any more abuse on my battered cunny. The other is at my feet licking the sticky dog cum off my soles.

“They’re dogs. It’s their nature. They don’t know better.” I tell myself. As I stroke the scraggly mutt left over, I rub the underbelly of the fourth dog with my bare foot. He humps back against my soft sole.

Before I even think it, I extend the tip of my tongue and lick the tip of the mutt’s cock. Not bad. Kind of coppery tasting. A bit nutty. If that makes sense. I lose all cares, as I begin deep-throating the massive cock in my mouth. I continue jerking him with my hands. The other dog lets out a whine, and suddenly warm jets of dog cum flood up my leg. Still cumming, he completely covers my small foot in warm sticky goo.

The final dog continues fucking my face, without warning, suddenly he too explodes. With such force it goes up my nose and I gag. His cock twitches, cumming all over the front of my shirt and on my wrinkled skirt.

The last one licks my face, and just like that, they are all gone. I lie there a while. I try and take in what’s happened. It’s both fascinating and disturbing for me. I gather my strength, clean myself off in the water, and continue home. I look and smell horrible. Wet dog. Sweat. The thick musky smell of sex. I walk without further cares. Dog cum leaks down my thighs.

I walk through the garden gate of my backyard. I’m at the back door. Mom’s cooking. She doesn’t even turn to look at me. That’s good. “How was your day, sweetheart?”

look at this colossal hottie

look at those beautiful long legs oh my god

and those broad shoulders mmmm yeah

and his face oh my word look at this gentleness with a hint of kinky promise

and such nonchalant posture he’s so casual just casually perfect

and he’s looking to the side like he doesn’t even notice how deadly he is


this boy is scandalous


requested by anonymous

summary: I know you want to leave so come on baby be with me so happily [Happily, One Direction]

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