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Struck (Part Nineteen: Final Part)

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EXO Fanfiction: Fantasy AU

Main pairing - Female Reader x Kim Jongdae/Chen
A mysterious group move into your apartment building and you find yourself drawn to them, one in particular… but is it safe? Who are they really?

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‘Jongdae, you can’t just stay here. You need to sleep.’

You stirred at the sound of Yixing’s voice nearby, but your body didn’t move. Everything was still dark, and your muscles ached.

‘NO! Don’t make me leave!’

You felt your heart race at the sudden change of voice. It was Jongdae. You felt relief flood through your body; he was okay. You tried to move again, but you felt as if you were trying to move through thick tar-like treacle. Your eyelids were heavy, refusing to open.

‘I’m sorry,’ came Jongdae’s voice again, but calmer and a little shaky, ‘I can’t be away from her… not now.’

You felt your heart thump, please, you begged your body, let me wake up. But as you struggled with your comatose form, you froze. 

A voice was buzzing in your mind, a voice that wasn’t yours.

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Para cerrar la noche con este minicomic, una idea recien pensada jeje luego traere esta en version digital asi como a Lynn sirvienta aparte. Disfruten mientras tanto el boceto con sus dialogos aqui:

-Luces tan Linda Lynn
-C-Cállate Lincoln, ¡No sé cómo me convenciste para hacer esto!
-Oh vamos Lynn, distes que harías cualquier cosa si perdías y en verdad luces preciosa así.
-I-Idiota! Solo lo dices para que acepte hacer esto, pero no lo…
-Bueno Leni estaría encantada o incluso Lola si le doy un poco de…

To close the night with this minicomic, an idea just thought hehe then bring this in digital version as well as Lynn maid aside. Enjoy in the meantime the sketch with your dialogues here:

-You look so cute Lynn
-Shut up, Lincoln, I do not know how you convinced me to do this!
-Oh come on Lynn, you would have done anything if you lost and you really look beautiful like that.
-I-Idiot! You only say so that you accept to do this, but not…
-Well Leni would be delighted or even Lola if I give him a little…

Alright, if you haven’t seen Chuck you are missing out.  First of all I love Zachary Levi and I love the Chuck/Sarah pairing that keeps you on the edge of your seat.  BUT what makes me enjoy each episode is Adam Baldwin.  I can’t get enough of him and it makes me want to rewatch Firefly. Like look at this beautiful idiot.  He’s so great at playing the gruff on the outside and inside with a teeny tiny little bit of heart. A gun loving, shoot first ask later character that reminds me a little of Jayne.