It’s Mothers’ Day in the U.K. Today so Happy Mothers Day from five Generations of Homily Mothers! 

Look at them all! I think these are some of the favourite screens I’ve taken of my sims. I love going back and taking pics like this! And it was fun to have my gen 1 and 2 babies as toddlers! 

Weirdly Emma, who was the comedic goofball, ended up with a really serious picture. Maybe she was doing a bit!

You ask them why they look at you like you’re a ray of sunshine

akfjehegbjnsle such a cute request omg <3 I hope this was ok - it’s my first reaction request *squeals* what

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Rap Monster

*becomes deep af* He’d be honest and tell you how he feels about you. whoop! confession time

Him: That’s because I genuinely think you’re like a ray of sunshine. You make me smile and you make me happy. You mean so much to me, _____.

You: *blushes madly because who tf wouldn’t*

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He’d be a little surprised that you asked him, but would be glad for the opportunity to confess.

Him: It’s just… I really like you, _____. Will you give me a chance to be the guy of your dreams?

You: *melts*

Him: shi*t what did I do

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This guy would just stare at you like was it that obvious?

You: Yoongi?



Him: let’s go to the library!

You: why? i thought you hated-

Him: shhh the librarian won’t like it if we talk~

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*breaks into a huge smile*

Him: because you’re so happy and sweet all the time, _____!

You: so if I’m a ray of sunshine what does that make you?

Him: I’m your hope, your sun, your-

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This lil cutie would be so happy~ he’s been dropping hints since forever!

Him: because I like you, _____

You: awww Jimin…

Him: will you go out with me

You: okay

Him: *under his breath* wait actually

You: hmm? did you say something

Him: No   happiest lil marshmallow ever

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*caught off guard* He did NOT expect this.

Him: [thinking] maybe if i stay quiet, she’ll forget about it…

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He’d honestly be so shook like where tf did this even come from? He will NOT be ready.

Him: what

You: what

Him: [thinking] sh*t she knows

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Head cannon: kim being jealous cause now that Trini is out in school (assuming she did that) girls are hitting on her and she can't do anything because they're not dating (just acts overprotective), so onetime she does and Trini is like relax dude I'm totally into you.

Ignore the fact that I’ve never actually felt jealousy lmao.

Listen, she’s happy for Trini. Kim’s so glad that Trini was ready to come out, that she’s no longer feeling the need to hide that part of herself. Honestly, Kimberly is absolutely delighted about that.

The problem, though, is that now every wlw is hitting on Trini. At first, Kim brushed her annoyance and intense need to tell them to fuck off as simply looking out for her fellow Power Ranger. Of course, such a lie can only last for so long.

Usually, all Kim lets herself do is be…slightly overprotective. She’ll walk in on some girl flirting with Trini and she’ll say some shit like, “Oh, hey, Trini! Jessica, how nice to see you. Weren’t you supposed to meet Jake earlier? He’s looking for you.”

And, honestly, it’s pretty pathetic, but at the very least, it works. Most of the time, all Trini will do is quirk an eyebrow so Kim likes to think she’s being subtle about it.

One day, though, Kim can’t take it. Trini spends the entire day at school surrounded by beautiful, and most importantly, sapphic women. There’s no way she could get them to leave without being overtly suspicious and so Kim spends the entire day stewing in her annoyance and wallowing over her situation.

When the bell rings and the two of them are walking to the spaceship to train—Trini finally without her gaggle of annoyingly dumb fangirls—Kim explodes.

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Friday Night-Lin-Manuel Miranda x Reader

Title: Friday Night

Word count: 2620

Pairing: Lin-Manuel Miranda x Reader

Warnings: There’s typos here, but they’re supposed to be there. It physically hurt to write them, and I planned on not including them, but I did anyway. Also, I don’t know anything about romance or alcohol or anything like that, so, probably inaccuracies.

A/N: I don’t know why, but I keep writing about drunk!Lin. I guess I just enjoy writing him more. Here’s another imagine, a little longer and better than the last one. At least I’m more happy with it. 



You had been looking forward to this all week. Friday night. A silent night where you could go home after performing in Hamilton, shower, take a nice bubble bath and read a book or binge watch a TV-series. Your mouth were already watering at the thought of the chocolate you would eat when you came home, before you got on stage.

“Hey, Y/N, we’re going out to get some drinks, you want to come?” Renee asked you after the show, just after you had changed out of your costume to your regular clothes.

Your muscles felt like jelly and your blood-sugar was on a low, and you tried to plaster on the nicest smile you could, while trying not to mind the growing frustration inside you.

“Uhm, no, I’m exhausted, so I think I’m just gonna get home and sleep.” 

You think she noticed how tired and irritated you were, because she left with a smile and ‘maybe next time’. Usually she would put up a bigger fight.

You gathered your things and managed to slip out of the theatre without being noticed, not up to talking with any more people, and soon you were in the backseat of a taxi, trying not to fall asleep. Usually you would just walk home, but today your feet were hurting and your muscles were so sore, you weren’t sure you would make it home.


You sighed a breath of relief as you walked into your apartment, the familiar smell of vanilla candles, old books and dust immediately enveloping you in a fuzzy feeling of home. You went straight to the shower so you could rinse the sweat off your body and then you filled the bathtub with hot water and coconut smelling bubble soap.

After thirty minutes of relaxing in the bath, trying to ignore the pings on your phone, you finally stepped out, wrapping a fluffy, white towel around you and sighing in delight. Your aching muscles didn’t hurt that much anymore. You went through the normal procedure; wring out water from your hair gently, dry your body, moisturise your face and body and then stepping into your soft cotton pyjamas. You put your hair up in a ponytail and put your glasses on, and padded out to the kitchen to make yourself a cup of tea. While you waited for the water to boil, you went through your phone to see the messages you had received. Some were from Jasmine and Pippa, telling how much you were missing out on. Apparently Daveed and Anthony had a contest of who could down more shots. Daveed won big time, and now Ant was wasted. You also had a few from Lin, with him telling you how much he missed you there, and missed singing karaoke with you. Each text he sent had more and more typos, telling you just how drunk he was. Usually he would never have a typo.

You blushed and smiled as Lin sent you a selfie where he pouted, the rest of the squad in the background.

>U shold b her. Its not the sme withot u :(

You giggled and shook your head before typing out a reply.

<Sorry, but a girl needs her beauty sleep ;)

His response was immediate.

>U dont ned beaty slep, youre alredy so beutiful ;*)

Your stomach fluttered and you blushed even more. You were going to reply, but then your boiler stopped, signalling the water was done, so you put the phone down and poured yourself a cup. You started humming on Helpless as you poured the sugar and milk in, then walked over to the couch to binge watch Reign. You were too tired to read.

You had seen two episodes when a knocking on your door forced you to pause the TV. Groaning, you managed to get up from the comfortable couch and blanket you had put over yourself and walk over to the door. The knocking never stopped and you were afraid you would end up getting a noise complaint, but the scowl on your face disappeared when you saw who stood outside your door.

Of all the unexpected things that could happen tonight, Lin showing up drunk and giggling outside your door was the most unexpected one. How he had even managed to get in without you buzzing him in was beyond you.

“Lin? What are you doing here? Why aren’t you at the club?” You asked as you let him stumble into your apartment.

“It was no fun without you, so I came to get you,” He looked you over, and you suddenly felt very conscious of the pyjamas short you were wearing. “But it seems like you already has gone to bed.”

“Well, no, I was watching TV, but I’m not coming out.”

He stared at you for a while, trying to think what he should do now, which gave you plenty of time to study him. His long hair was tousled and taken out of its regular bun, his clothes was a little disheveled and his eyes were shining from happiness and the alcohol.

“Oh, okay. Well, I guess I should go back then.” He said with a sad frown on his face.

He tried to walk to the door, but he stumbled in his feet and landed on his knees and hands on the ground.

“Yeah, okay, no. You’ll stay here and sleep off the alcohol. You’re in no condition to go anywhere right now.” You said as you helped him up.

“But I told the others I would be right back.” He mumbled.

You led him to your kitchen so he could get a glass of water and maybe sober up a little bit. At least enough so he could walk without stumbling.

“I’ll tell them you’re here.” You promised.

Lin sat down, after a bit of a struggle, at the bar stools by the kitchen island, giggling for some unknown reason as you poured the water into the glass.
“Here, drink up. I’m gonna get ready the couch and tell the others you’re here.” 

You whipped out your phone and shot the others a text on your group chat, then you started to set up the couch with a pillow and a duvet. It didn’t take long before Lin followed you out to the living room, grinning.

“Okay, here. I don’t have any clothes you can sleep in, so you’ll have to use the ones you wear.” You told him.

“Thank you.” He said right before he engulfed you in a hug.

You tensed up at first, but then you relaxed as you breathed in his scent. A mix of alcohol and peppermint. You shuddered as he nuzzled his head in the crook of your neck, feeling his breath on the thin skin on your neck and his lips barely touching.

“Okay, go to bed before you fall asleep on me now.” You said as your head started going light headed, gently pushing him off you.

He pouted and looked at you with those puppy dog eyes which always made you melt.

“Fine.” He grumbled when you pointed at the couch. 

“I’m going to bed too. If you need me, I’m in my bedroom, but I should warn you, I’m not happy when I get woken up. If you need water, it’s in the fridge, painkillers are in the medicine cabinet in the bathroom and if you get cold, there’s more blankets there,” You pointed at the basket you had laying beside the couch, “Okay?” 

He nodded, although you weren’t sure he had actually gotten all of it.

“Good night.”

“Night.” He said as he started to pull off his clothes.

You grabbed your laptop from the coffee table, then walked to the hallway where your bedroom laid. You could feel Lin’s eyes on you the whole way.


You were exhausted and ready for bed, but as you sank down in your bed you couldn’t help think about Lin just in the other room. It was weird for you, to have him in your apartment. You almost never had anyone over, and at least not anyone drunk. You also had an irrational fear that Lin would somehow find out about your crush on him just from being in your apartment. It was silly, you knew, but you were still slightly worried.

You started to feel the sleep sink in, and soon your fears and thoughts of Lin slipped from your mind. You were just on the brink of full sleep when you were awakened by the door to your bedroom creaking open. The next thing you heard where the padding of feet over to your bed.

“Y/N. The couch’s uncomfortable. Can I sleep here?”

You were still half asleep and in no way able to register what he had said, so you just grunted out something that he interpreted as a ‘yes’. 

The next thing you know, your bed is dipping beside you, and something warm pulls you to its chest. Too tired and comfortable to think about it, you fall asleep, with Lin’s arm draped securely around your waist and his chest against your back. Right before you fell completely asleep you could hear Lin mutter ‘you smell like coconut’ into your hair.


Something felt wrong when you woke up. Or, something felt right, but it wasn’t like it used to be. You open your eyes in panic, but you were still in your room and still in your bed. Then you noticed it. You’re were wrapped around a warm body. And then you realised that your pillow was harder, warmer and smelled different. And it was moving. Suddenly you remembered yesterday. Lin had come to you, drunk, and had ended up in your bed.

You were laying on Lin’s chest.

You should’ve panicked even more at that, but you didn’t. Your stomach started to flutter and all you wanted was to lay there, Lin’s arm still around your waist and your head on his chest, forever.

Maybe you could just lay there a little bit longer. But then Lin grunted and moved, at the same time tightening his grip on you and you were very aware of him. You were best friends. And sure, Lin was very affectionate, but it had never been to this degree. You’d never been cuddling in the same bed before. And so you gently pried yourself off Lin and walked into the kitchen, your heart racing.

Trying to distract yourself from thinking about the fact that Lin was sleeping in your bed, that you had just been curled around him, you started to make breakfast. First coffee, then french toast. While you waited for the toast to cool down a bit, you walked into the bathroom and got the painkillers for Lin when he woke up. You put that, together with a glass of water on your nightstand. 

You couldn’t help but stare a little bit at Lin. He looked so peaceful when sleeping. His hair was tousled, some strands going over his face, and his body was relaxed, his lips pulled up in a little smile. The dark circles under his eyes weren’t so evident as they were when he was awake, and for once he wasn’t fidgeting. He looked beautiful.

Shaking your head, you pushed that thought away and forced yourself to look away, before walking out of the room. What was going on with you today?


It wasn’t long after that Lin woke up. You were sitting, watching Reign on your TV when you heard shuffling from your room. It didn’t take long before that shuffling was heard in your hallway, and then in the same room as you.

“Coffee’s in the kitchen!” You spoke louder than you necessarily needed.

Lin just groaned and walked over to the kitchen.  

Some minutes later he sat down beside you. It weird to see him so quiet and relaxed. He who was always a ball of energy. But there he sat, right beside you, sipping his coffee and being completely calm.

“So, my couch wasn’t good enough?”

He let out a whimper and a hand flew to his head.

“Can you please not talk so loud. I’m sporting a giant headache.”

“Nah,” You shrugged. “I don’t think so.”

Lin just groaned before taking another sip of his coffee. You sat in complete silence for about ten minutes, the only sound coming from the TV, before Lin spoke up.

“Y/N?” He whispered, his head probably still aching.

You turned around to face him, taking in his serious look. “Yeah?”

“I’m sorry for coming to you like that yesterday. It was totally out of line, and very unprofessional of me.”

You had to suppress a little giggle. “It’s okay Lin. I’d rather you come to me then having to get home alone. You could barely walk.” You frowned, remembering something. “Why did you drink so much anyway? You usually don’t drink so you get that drunk.”

You took in Lin’s blushing face as he scratched the back of his neck.

“I, I was dealing with something. 

You wanted to ask him what it was. You wanted to be there for him, and help him through this, like he had helped you through so many things. Like he had helped everyone through so many things, but he had a look on his face that clearly stated he didn’t want to talk about it.

“So,” you opted to change the subject instead. “How are you gonna get through rehearsal and the show when you’re as hungover as you are?”

He blushed and hid a little embarrassed smile. “I’ll ask Javier to play today instead of me.”

“That’s probably the best thing to do.” You smiled and patted his back. Lin nodded.

The rest of the day, Lin stayed at yours, watching TV with you, sleeping and going on Twitter. When night came, and it was time for him to go home, he lingered in the doorway.


You walked over to him. “Yes?”

“Thank you for letting me stay.” He looked down at his shoes, his feet shifting a bit. “I-I need to tell you something. Just, let me finish talking before you talk, okay?”

Lin was a lot better now than he was this morning, but his eyes were still a little bit dull. But now they started to shine more, excited and nervous by what he was going to tell you. 

You nodded, letting him start talking. 

“Okay, so, I’ve been feeling these things. Towards you, and, I don’t know how to say it,” Your heartbeat raced, seeing him struggling to get his words out, as your body filled with hope. Maybe he felt the same as you? He pinched the bridge of his nose, before letting out one final sight and looking up with a nervous, yet hopeful shine in his eyes. They mirrored yours. 

“Y/N, I like you. A lot. And not like a friend. I like you more than a friend, and I know you might not feel the same as me, and I’ve made this incredibly awkward, but I hope we can still be friends-“ You cut him off right there by pulling his face to yours. With a smile you put your lips on his.

The kiss was small, and since Lin was too shocked, it was mostly you who did the action, but it was sweet and sent sparks up your spine. When you pulled away, you still had a smile on your face, this time mirrored with Lin.

“I guess that means you like me back.” He whispered, his breath fanning your lips.

You laughed and nodded, before pecking his lips again.


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prompt - Regina is really really excited and it makes Emma so happy to see her smile

Thanks for the prompt :)

“Oh my god! Emma! Look at this!” 

Emma shakes her head with a soft smile. She suggested the trip to New York so they could do touristy things and relax, since every time they’d been so far was full of magic disasters and tracking down their son. 

It’s been wonderful if not surprising. She’d been expecting Regina to freak out over the art museums and theatre shows, and whilst Regina was fascinated by them nothing has come close to the excitement of today. 

The zoo. 

As soon as they walked through the gates Regina’s eyes lit up and all but ripped Emma’s arm off in her eagerness to see monkeys. 

Emma grins at Regina’s excited shout, her heart filling with joy, as she walks up and slips an arm around her ecstatic girlfriend, “So…the zoo huh?” 

Regina nods, “We never had animals like this in the…where I’m from. They’re incredible…look Emma! There it is again!” 

“What? Where?” 

Regina sighs turning Emma’s head so that she can see the adorable baby panda bear cub. “Okay that is pretty damn cute,” Emma says turning to kiss Regina softly, “Almost as cute as you.” 


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Leo broke out into a fit of laughter as he pointed at a picture in he scrap book you had just given him.
“I remember this one. Frank look at your face! You look ridiculous!”.

“I think he looks cute” Hazel said pinching Frank’s bright red cheek “[Y/N] these are amazing. Making scrap books was such a sweet and good idea. Thank you so much”.

“She’s right” Jason smiled as Piper looked down at a picture of them together.

You were so happy they liked them. You had been nervous that the seven would think scrap books were a bit stupid but judging by their reaction they were grateful to you for making these for them.


I can’t even put into words how amazing SHINee in Dallas was . I want to do a fan account but I don’t even think I can because I won’t be able to do it justice. Seeing them so close I had the realization wash over me of them being REAL over and over it was so overwhelming … i bawled during Replay AGAIN lol …I have never known the feeling to be this happy before in my life …I got noticed by Onew and he grinned at me and I think I will never be the same lol he is SO SO beautiful and and his VOICE is perfection and gave me chills hearing it live … the way he would stand there always gently swaying from side to side looking around the room … constantly adjusting or fiddling with this shirt to make sure it looked ok… or nervously biting his bottom lip as the others talked … he was so precious omg … his stage persona is SO strong when he’s dancing and singing he just oozes confidence .. but the second it stops and the talks begin he just quietly watches over the other members and prompts them to speak first ..and when he does speak it’s not much .. just softly and gently with a beautiful smile ..I will never forget him he’s just as beautiful and amazing and gentle as I expected him to be … I don’t even feel sad it’s over I just feel so happy I was able to see a SHINee World concert at all T_T

Went to #YOIconph today and I’m so freaking happy with my haul!

I am so thankful I was able to get an #otayuri print from @munette (most of them were sold out by the time I was able to reach her stall 😭)
Thank you @yuen-ri for the keychains! @iwiwiwi for the print, I wish the others had their signature or watermark on it so I know who to thank and look for in the future 😭 but thank you all for your amazing art! Hope to see you all soon! Wish I was able to buy more! ❤️

alright so there’s probably a looooong post coming about how many things I just loved about this movie but let’s just get my main points out of the way so you know where I stand:

  • Trini and Kimberly are together. wow. that happened so fast. I’m so happy for them, they’re so happy together. sorry. I’m into them too, but damn. they’re so taken.
  • Zack Taylor lying down on shipping containers and cackling to himself took my virginity, my inheritance, and my circulatory system. good fuckin riddance - 10/10 would do it again
  • if you’ve been in the tag you know that Billy is what really matters in this movie…he’s the protagonist. the hero. the real leader. yup
  • I love all my children equally. Trini, Billy, Zack, Kimberly, and *looks at smudged writing* Jarred
  • it was cheesy and weird but it was still really well fuckin done
My Favorite Jimin Things

1. His smile

2. When he smiles and his eyes turn into crescents

3. How he can go from 0-100 real quick

4. His high notes and his harmonization

5. His BEAUTIFUL voice

6. How squishy he can be when he’s happy  

7.  His giggle and laugh that makes ARMYs melt

8.  How he helps his members when theyre under stress

9.  How he cheers them up when they’re sad

10. His doting on jungkook

11. 95 line shenanigans

12. His chubby cheeks

13. How he doesn’t want ARMY to worry about him

14. How he wants to look the best for his fans even though we would love him anyway


16. How strong he is was in overcoming his insecurities and his struggles with self-esteem

17. How he works so hard to please his fans

18. How he never stops reaching to achieve higher goals

19. His passion for doing the things he loves

20. The genuine love he has for his fans and his members

21. His fluid dance moves (DOES THAT BOY HAVE BONES I THINK NOT)

22. How dedicated he is to working hard on dancing and singing

23. How far he has come as a vocalist and as a dancer

24. How beautiful he is inside and out

25. And how this young boy from Busan, full of dreams and hopes, with questions and insecurities, overcame them all and became the strong, confident, successful, and hopefully happy, Park Jimin we know

Jimin is such a wonderful person and I hope that he too sees how amazing he is and knows his worth and feels loved. Those nasties need to k-stop or they’re gonna catch these hands








Other HnL gifs. 
HnL didnt satisfy me bcoz of no Omiryu moments , so I put OmiRyu’s frames into one gif by deleted all frames that get in between them lol. (I wanna record Kitty’s moan and merge it wz his tongue frames @adzuki-caramel )  (// ω //)

Well, there was Ryuken moment, @shake-pae might happy but let’s look at Naoki’s response (mama be like: “Omi! Look! Come and take Ryu back ) ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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Ok. Not a request but imagine poly ships like roadrat, mchanzo and others abducteding a person to be their son/daughter instead of another love intrest. Like "you're our kid now"

I’d like to imagine that Junkrat is just chillin at a carnival or some place fun and meant for children and is abt to loose yet again to one of the rigged games and a kid so easily wins and hes like “wot m8″ and the kid shows him how to do and they bond - wait no junkrat stop put that child down he’s not urs god damn it

As for Mchanzo it would be way more precise as Jesse is like “that one?” “no” “how about her?” “no jesse” “but-”

McCree is more “they look like a good kid lets take em” but Hanzo wants to stalk them to make sure they would be happy with them and stuff. Tbh I can see McCree just wanting to kidnap a baby from the hospital or an orphanage while Hanzo would prob want a child from the lesser branches of the Shimada clans that are still around so they actually carry his blood

1) @muhensai : Thank you so so much for your kind words <3! We’re super happy to hear that, it’s always so flattering to know we can inspire others! It’s not spam-ish at all, thank you again : )

2) Anon: Omg thank you!!! We’re always super happy to hear people notice these things ;; Thank you for reading it! 
As for the studies: I’m REALLY honored you’d want to do studies off my art. Truth be told, I still have no idea what I’m doing 80% of the time and I know i have a lot to learn. I wouldn’t want you to accidentally pick up my mistakes in the long run. I’m not stopping you, but maybe it’s better to study some master painters I look up to? 
Here’s a list of some inspirations:
Alfred Joseph Casson, Stepan Kolesnikov, Frank BrangwynDean Cornwell, Heinrich Lefler, Mikhail Nesterov, Viktor Vasnetsov, Ilya Repin

Hope it helps!

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hello! can I have some hcs of Link, Revali and Sidon reaction if their s/o give them surprise kiss? sorry if you already done that!

I haven’t actually! Thanks for the new ask!

-Mod Pinks

Surprise kiss 


  • ….!!!!!”
  • Precious bb is a blushing mess, looks at them all scandalized at first
  • Can’t look them in the eye as he grabs their hand
    • His silent way of saying he approves.


  • Haha! What brings this lovely surprise?”
  • If they pull away, he pulls them back in and peppers their face with kisses
  • Is a laughing mess, he’s so happy


  • Wha-?! Oh-! Hey no fair, I can’t do that back you know!”
  • A secret flustered mess.
  • Pulls them close and nuzzles them, ticking their neck and enjoying their laugh.
And just like that, the FOB Japan Tour 2017 comes to an end.

No new songs. No album announcement. No sign as to where FOB is going next. But just think, Patrick must’ve had the best time. Patrick has said his favorite city other than Chicago is Tokyo, and just imagine him being with the guys again and enjoying great food and just being around Asians and feeling so comfortable and at home (because he’s an honorary Asian, you know 😝). He looks like he had a great time and seemed very happy.


Patrick coming through the gate at LAX and Declan’s tiny legs scurrying up into his daddy’s arms. Patrick scoops him up and smothers him with kisses. Elisa, beaming, follows with the baby, and Patrick pulls them close for more kisses and hugs. Everyone’s together again and it’s the best thing. Plus – there’s a bag full of treats and toys from Japan.

Now just imagine that and feel happy with me, yeah? ☺️☺️☺️