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how alive are you after the newest hq chapter?


Ok this is less analysis than helpless flailing but SPOILERS for HQ Ch 224 are involved 


Look, I’ll be super honest, I saw a lot of posts after last week’s chapter about how worried people were about Kageyama going back to his “old ways”. And I was REALLY truly nervous about posting my thoughts about Ch 223 when asked but I also really wanted to say how I felt about Kageyama and how far he’s come and how I didn’t think it was possible for him to regress back and just

Are you kidding me Furudate? Do they even know what a great writer they are (they probably do). But what a beautiful, unrelentingly uplifting story they have crafted, in this manga about a bunch of kids who play volleyball.

Even in that one moment when Kageyama snaps a little bit, he does not regress. He just is TRYING so HARD to be what everyone needs him to be (kind of the direct opposite of how he was in middle school, where he wanted everyone ELSE to be what he needed them to be), that it’s killing him when it still isn’t good enough, when mistakes happen, when he sees “that could have been better”. 

But the INSTANT after he snaps, what does he do? He remembers that this is not who he wants to be anymore.

(Notice the “Keep up with me”)

I don’t think anything has ever broken my heart more than his absolute fear in the moment right after he shouts, fear that he’s done something irrevocable, that he’s broken the trust and bond he has worked so hard to build all these months, the bond he was never able to have with his teammates in middle school. And right when he’s probably about to lose it completely (tellingly, he doesn’t snap at Tsukki calling him a king, he starts trying to apologize) what fucking happens? 

Hinata Shouyou is there, just like he always, always will be. 

And the rest of Karasuno steps up so. Fucking. Hard in this scene. Kageyama has had to do a lot of growing, for sure. Some of it, he did on his own, immediately after he realized how bad he fucked up in middle school. But a lot of his issues in middle school, I think, are inherent to his personality. They even say that nothing he’d said in the Date Tech game so far was wrong - he just has a manner of speaking that is heavily abrasive, and doesn’t understand the nuances between saying something and saying it in a socially acceptable way. 

And you can’t really unlearn personality flaws in a bubble. You need other people to teach you where you’re going wrong and how to interact in a more acceptable manner, and that is what Karasuno has been essentially dedicated to doing for him right from the start, because not only are these kids his teammates, but they are also his friends. And that means they are there for him, even when he’s being difficult, or demanding, or not very nice, because they understand he’s not a mean person. He’s just Kageyama. He needs a little more help than most. 

Karasuno gets that he is far above the skill of the rest. They get that it’s frustrating for him, having to come down to other people’s level (this is so true of anyone who is really gifted in a particular area). So that’s why they don’t try to make him. They know he is doing his best, and they’re going to do theirs, and they’ll make it work that way - they understand it may be frustrating, but Kageyama, in turn, understands that he can’t expect everyone to always keep up with him. He can’t get angry about that now, because he knows it’s simply not always going to be possible. I think his anger is directed inward, more than anything else. I think he’s got it in his head that he needs to make up for the shortcomings of his teammates. But that’s just not how a team functions. Everyone supports everyone else. And he’s learning that, with Karasuno.

I love what Suga says in this chapter. That Kageyama, now, is open to the possibility that he might be wrong. And you can see that change in the way he interacts with all his teammates, how even as he’s trying to make them better, he’s still learning from them. And he is always and ever aware of that line he crossed in middle school, that chasm he could never seal up - and he will never go there again. 

I also really loved that the goody two shoes line from Miya really came back around in this chapter - Kageyama still wants to be the best, and most supportive setter for his teammates - but that doesn’t mean giving them the exact toss they want if he feels they can jump higher, play harder, go bigger. It’s all about finding a balance, and I think he has found his now (or has at least come very, very close).

And a final thought….. Hinata. Of course, Hinata.  

Hinata Shouyou, reminding Kageyama of his own egotistical words, his own pride - and telling Kageyama to own up to it, to be the fucking champion he is meant to be. To stand on the court and rule it. Hinata Shouyou, openly embracing Kageyama’s nature, king or not.

To take that hurtful, toxic nickname - that Kageyama has truly suffered under the weight of, but that Hinata has always thought is badass - to yank it back from the recesses of Kageyama’s fears and reclaim it and crown him a king again. 

Because that’s what Hinata believes his friend is, and he sees nothing, absolutely nothing wrong with that.

How alive am I after this? 

I’m so fucking alive I’ve ascended into Haikyuu fucking heaven, to live at the right hand of Furudate-sensei, in all of their wonder and glory. 

Bless them, bless this chapter, bless this fucking ship. 

Here’s Ideally how Thursday is Gonna Go

Jack and Bitty come out, everyone is happy for them.

Which prompts Ransom and Holster to come out as a show of solidarity, and everyone is happy for them. 

This causes Shitty and Lardo to admit they’re dating, and everyone is happy for them.

With everyone looking expectantly at them, Dex and Nursey grudgingly admit that they’ve been fooling around and are trying to make a relationship work. Everyone is happy for them too.

Which causes Chowder to just want to remind everyone that he’s still dating Farmer and she’s amazing and wonderful because he wants to be included too and he’s just so happy for everyone!

we did this together. we built this entire word with dan and phil, where we can all be happy, and meet other people who love the same things we do. we can laugh together, and be happy together, and we can enjoy the world that we built together. i hope none of us ever take it for granted. 

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Can we please get some of your personal headcanons on 707? (more of them anyway) I'm just too weak for this redheaded nerd, alright

Ohhhh~~~we aim to please! Also lowkey super flattered people care about my personal headcanons like??? You guys are so nice to me. - Mod 606

  • Another one of my favorite concepts for Seven is him being with an MC who accepts him as he is. Like, no matter the universe, or the MC, they accept him. Seven likes to wear dresses (clearly) and I personally don’t think it’s just to be funny. I think he enjoys it and I think he deserves someone who doesn’t question it, who encourages him to be himself, and also who tells him he looks good in them to make him feel happy and confident.
  • I also am 100% certain that a relationship with Luciel means that everything is versatile, and not just in bed. Speaking sexually, you top, he tops, you both lay on your damn sides, etc. But your entire relationship is based around your guys’ ability to compromise literally everything. Seven will act dominant on the outside to put up a front, but it can’t always be like that, no matter what he says. He doesn’t want to have to be that role 24/7 because even God Seven needs to let the emotional dam flow sometimes. 
  • Seven is gonna continue to push himself to the limit even after you guys live your happily ever after, and MC will always be there to pull him out of the robot complex he’s become accustomed to. Marshmallow shooters, water balloons, random pillow fights. MC is gonna initiate soooo much fun to push 707, Luciel, and Saeyoung into one person (the person he really is. Fun, outgoing, serious, passionate, all while also dealing with his baggage.) 
  • Lots of pranks on the other members of the RFA. Seven had fun by himself before but his antics are much more fun with MC!!!! He finally doesn’t feel so alone, and he edges him on even worse than before. He literally becomes unbearable for them. (but they love him so it’s okay) 

The ending is very nice and heartwarming but is nowhere near realistic. (This is an anime, so who cares, right? Sore wa chigau yo!

Why are the SDR2 kids okay? Why do they all seem happy-go-lucky, as if they have forgotten the horrible things they have done? They were SHSL Despairs. All of them committed massacres. Sonia even sacrificed her parents to Junko. Some violated their own bodies: Komaeda cut his arm, Kuzuryuu ripped his right eye out of the socket, Akane fasted for days/weeks and could have died due to hunger, and Tsumiki was hinted to have transplanted Junko’s ovaries in her. So how do they look so fine? How did they get their clothes that they wore before entering Hope’s Peak?

I am so damn confused right now. I’M HAPPY TO SEE THEM ALIVE, but it still feels wrong. Ugh

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Fuck, what was even the point of Munakata's character, or most of the FF? Was Munakata literally here just to make Naegi look good?

I have no earthly idea anymore.

At the beginning, I thought it meant to serve as a contrast. Both of them were meant to come to an understanding, and combine their hope like Yukizome had foreshadowed.

But he apparently was just an obstacle for Naegi to overcome, and then leave in the dust when he gets his cheesy happy ending.

He even takes the headmaster position at Hope’s Peak despite that being Munakata’s dream from the start.

So, yeah, it appears that his overall point was “make Naegi look good by comparison.”

omg so what if Ghost resurrects someone who remembers being a military doctor before they died?

They keep a first-aid kit with them at all times, and whenever one of their friends get shot, they instinctively sprint towards them and begin bashing the enemies’ head with the kit

Afterwards, they start bandaging the injured Guardian up and they just look at them like “Why do you keep doing this? We’re Guardians, a little shot doesn’t hurt anybody” and the military doctor just keeps bandaging them up without saying anything, as their mind replays their memories of ‘little shots’ taking away each of their loved ones


High’rd Help Season 2 Episode 27 Sneak Peak!

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Cuddle Buddy

Requested by: @bringmesomepie56 - I desperately need a Dean x reader cuddling aesthetic. If I’m in the first five, you will have made my evening. If not, I understand. You’re a popular lady!!! Love you, Bev!

Author’s Note: I’ve never done aesthetics before so I hope I’m doing them right. And this was actually so much fun to write. It made me smile while writing it. I hope you like it, babe!!💜💜

Dean doesn’t need to know when you’re in need of a hug. One look at your face, those eyes that always gleamed with happiness, were suddenly low and dim, casting a shadow over your entire being. And he hated it. He hated when you felt down. It was his job to keep you happy. He had made that promise, more to himself than anybody.

So without saying a word, he walked the remaining steps from the hallway to the couch, lifted you up and before you registered what was going on, you were laying on top of him, his strong arms wrapping around you, engulfing you into his warmth. You relaxed, a sigh of content leaving your lips and you continued to stare at the blank television, your mind now focusing on Dean’s fingers tracing lazy circles on your arm.

“Thank you,” you whispered, snuggling closer to him, taking a deep breath and inhaling his scent of leather, whiskey, and gun powder. You closed your eyes and smiled.

“It’s all good, Princess,” he muttered, placing a gentle kiss on your forehead. His arms wrapped tight around you. “It’s what I’m here for. Any time. Always.”

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I am so proud of CP. She is finally getting the respect she deserves. David Rapport, the executive producers and the cast (Well, most of them) realized that they hit the jackpot when they found CP. People tried to chase her out from the very beginning and look where we are now. So happy.

Me too! It’s infuriating that she had to work so hard and that it took so long for her to get the treatment she deserved all along, but I’m proud of her for sticking it out and going high when they go low. Like she said so eloquently in her Untitled Magazine interview: 

“I have to be strong and continue to deliver, because this is bigger than me. It’s not just about this role, its about the landscape of film and TV. It’s about the young girls coming after me. I need to keep that door open for them. To show up at work and do my best, and change and impact as many minds as I can.”

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hi :) i just wanted to thank you for everything you do with this blog & your channel!! why?? ok so storytime: i just got rejected for something i really, REALLY wanted and you and your blog helped me realise that the best thing for me to do now isn't to cry and give up, it's to work twice as hard and make them regret rejecting me in the first place, so thanks, you're a huge inspiration <3 :D


I don mind if Scarlet Heart Ryeo ends with a sad ending

I just want one episode where Hae Soo and So are happy in love, where Hae Soo is genuinely smiling at So and looking blissful when they are spending time together

It will be great if we get to see them bickering too

And Hae Soo’s nagging and So trying to hide his little smile when she does that

Just one episode is enough

And then I’ll keep rewatching that episode while I cry my eyes out for the ending 

Why, can't you just love me back? (TylerxReader)

Plot: Reader loves Tyler but Tyler can’t admit it.

Y/n and I have been dating for a couple months now and were happy. It currently fall and we were at home watching someone called Dan and Phil. I don’t know who they but Y/n loves them. They were playing Sims.

 Y/n was so consumed by her phone that she didn’t notice me staring at her. She was wearing black sweatpants and a tight gray shirt that’s sleeves stopped midway down her arm. Her hair was up in a messy bun. She looked flawless. Yes, I liked when she dresses up but I prefer it when she doesn’t even have to try. A clean face without make-up. No fancy clothes and messy hair.

That was her, that was the real her. I don’t have anything against make up because if it makes you feel good about yourself I say go for it but do you really need it? Anyways, we were on vacation from tour so we wanted  to go camping and Y/n owns a little log cabin down by the lake. so that’s where we went.

“Tyler, are you okay?” Y/n said confused but chuckled.

“Uhhh, Yea. Yea I’m fine. Just distracted.” I said with a smile.

“Okay, weirdo.” Y/n laughed. I just chuckled and shook my head turning my attention towards the window. The leaves decorated the path with their vibrant orange and yellow color. The roads were damp allowing the effect of beauty. It was lightly raining but not enough for one to notice until told.  

“Okay, that’s it for this video. Give this video a thumbs up and subscribe. Goodbye internet.”  I heard a British voice knowing it was Y/n video. 

“Okay, what do you want to do now?” Y/n asked. “Oh, How about truth or dare.” Y/n suggests.

“Um, Okay.” Laughing at Y/n childish ways.

“Okay, Truth or Dare?”

“Dare.” I said while wiggling my eyebrow.

“Okay, I dare you to kiss me.” Y/n chuckled. 

“Ugggh, can I pass?” Pretending to be disgusted. She looked at me with a playful mad face. I got up and bent down to kiss her and stayed like that for a minute or two. I cant help it. She pulled away but I wanted more so I pecked in the lips one more time before going back to my original spot.

“Okay, Truth or Dare?” I asked.

“Dare.” She said confidently.

“Fine, I dare you to answer this…Do you prefer Me or Josh it the band?”

“Easy, Josh. Next Truth or dare. Truth okay. Do you love me?” Y/n asked with hope in her eyes. Touchy subject if I’m honest. 

“I…I….Ummm…..” I stuttered. I know I look like a freaken AssButt right now and that’s because I didn't want to admit it. Not yet. If I said it then I had to face reality and I don’t know if I could handle that. The reason I can't say it was because the last person I said it to cheated on me. It broke me. I wasn’t able to eat, sleep and I felt like I couldn’t breath for that matter. I was heartbroken. I didn’t want to go through that. Not again.

“Why? Why can’t you say it?” She asked with watering eyes. She knew exactly why.

“You know why..” I whispered.

“I’m not like her Tyler. I wont hurt you. I love you and willing to give anything but knowing its not the same for you is hard. Knowing you don’t love me back is really freaken hard.” She was full on crying by now. I felt bad of course.

“I’m sorry. I’m really sorry.” Saying barely being able to hear me.

“Are you are you really sorry? Cause it doesn’t seem like it Tyler. I cant do this Tyler. I really can’t. Why cant you just love me back?” Tears were running down her face. 

She got up running towards the door coat in hand and I couldn’t stop her. I was sitting there not being able to move. Why? Why did I let the past ruin my future. It felt like I couldn’t breath at this point. All I wanted to do was scream for her to stay but nothing came out. Air was getting thicker and she was already in her car ready to drive away.

All because of the past.

(Thinking of doing A part 2??)

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That part actually hasn't been in the manga, I just read it a few minutes ago because I was wondering what was new and what wasn't. Same with the flashback they had with both of them looking at their younger selves. It killed me because it was the first time they actually saw that they enjoyed the company of the other. Naruto's reaction seeing Sasuke's smile made my heart squeeze and explode. And thanks for your kind words! You're from the netherlands right? Greetings from Germany, my friend!

Oh really?? Thanks for letting me know! It really killed me too omg, Naruto finally finding out that Sasuke has also cared about him from the start makes me so damn happy you have no idea. And greetings to you too neighbor!!

I’m really happy because there’s a very high chance that I could make it to NYCC. I wish I could cosplay something (female FINN!) but I don’t have the time nor the resources. So I’m just going to go and have a good time with the lovely @mrsstark-rogers @lavengadoraaa and @aeranor! My first convention and it’s going to be great. 

Another thing that has made me happy is that I’ve lost weight! That’s always a positive and I literally pulled on a pair of jeans today and looked at them in confusion before going, ‘What kind of witchcraft is this???’ because they just fit so well. Everything in my closet now is either too big or fits perfectly and people have been complimenting me, noticing the difference and it’s just such a nice feeling. 

It’s been a good week so far so I’m just holding onto the good vibes. ^_^

look the last thing i’m going to say about it for now so that i can hop into my drafts is that as long as someone isn’t attacking people who have different opinions or downright belittling them, there is NOTHING wrong with expressing your opinion, be it positive or EXTREMELY salty

ripping the anime to shreds or pointing out things you liked, criticizing it for better or worse, being personally upset or happy, going on positive or negative rants about something that’s your opinion is perfectly ACCEPTABLE. jumping on someone’s dick over it is what’s not okay

i can sit here and type out 50 reasons why i want to punch d-r3 in its nuts && that’s fine, but if i wrote a paragraph about how ‘hurr durr if u lIKED this ur fucking dUMB’ /then/ there’s a problem

do not………… vague & scream & whatever about/at people because they have a different opinion……….. the fandom is split. that’s all there is to it. blacklist tags you need to blacklist && avoid posts you don’t want to see.

everyone is entitled to express their opinion as calmly or passionately as they want to without getting shit on for it. and it was inevitable, regardless of how it ended, bc obvs we’re in the dr rp community & we’re all v passionate abt this.

just bc i’m angry at how things ended doesn’t mean i’m pissed off at people who dID like it… nor do i have any hate for any of the characters or anything like that. i have some very salty personal opinions, but i’m not gonna project them on people. i’ve been ranting about how i feel. how I /personally/ feel. nothing more, nothing less. and to everyone doing the same (whether you liked it or not), good! talk abt how you feel! that’s one point of an ending. you can express your opinions!

and as long as someone isn’t attacking you for your opinion, don’t step on them for theirs.



Ever since I saw Beauty and the Beast as a 3(ish) year old my dream has been to have a full wall of floor-to-ceiling bookcases and a rolling ladder attached to that wall. Within the next week or so, that dream will be realized. Last night I emptied all my current shelves, and made sure my final heigh measurements weren’t off. Today, I added one more bookcase and I’m anchoring all the 6-foot cases to the wall/attaching a platform for the eventual ladder railing to be mounted on. This weekend I’ll build/install/mount the extension units. Provided there are no emergency expenditures, then I’ll order my ladder and work out a moulding/paint situation to make them really look built-in. I’m so excited. Consider these the “before” pictures.

Kida has actually been keeping me and Deacon company in the living room through this process, instead of chilling in the bedroom like usual. I’m happy I get to work on one last project to the ambient noise of her snoring. 

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okay but listen out

  • rover is a stray dog that saves pidge during an attack and she decides to keep him and he becomes her best friend and her personal guardian 
  • shiro as a medical specialist bc lbr as great as he is in combat, he knows what to do to treat wounds, injuries (also please imagine the pained look he’d have on his face when he realizes that he cannot save the people close to him once they get bitten)
  • mr holt and mrs holt are out of the city when all of it happens, matt has to take care of pidge but things escalate and they end up separating ways. pidge hopes to find matt someday (don’t worry he’s probably with other survivors at a safe camp)
  • hunk is their mechanic, he fixes an abandoned RV for them bc their team is numerous. also the strongest
  • lance is really good with sniper rifles and weaponry in general. also the most sensitive one. he won’t stand by and watch while people get attacked and if circumstances force him to do so, he’ll never forgive himself 

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I'm a huge fan of your Tumblr, it's amazing how supportive and helpful you all are!! Thank you! I was wondering if you had any tips on cosplaying a character that is naturally blonde? I have dark brown hair and I've purchased my wig but do you have any suggestions on lightening eyebrows? Makeup? Bleach? (seems to be a controversial subject)... any help would be greatly appreciated :D

Thank you so much, and I’m happy to hear we can be of help!

I cosplayed Supergirl for yeaaaaars and was often greeted with surprise that I am not a natural blonde, despite my dark eyebrows. Usually eyebrows are a fair bit darker than one’s hair anyway, particularly with make-up, so you really only need a bit of superficial surface lightening to be really convincing (unless you’re going for the “not styled/made-up” look and want them really blonde.)  

There are a few make-up products you can use:

Emmy has natural black hair but was blonde for a while; she recommends you go to Asian beauty brands for products, as they’re often formulated for girls who have gone from very dark hair to some bleached shade. In particular, she used/uses Heavy Rotation Coloring Eyebrow mascara/gel by Kiss Me, and NewBorn W Brow EX eyebrow pencil by Sana. (I hope I have these names right; they come up on Google just fine but I may be slightly off on brand name or something.) They work pretty damn well; Emmy was thrilled to find them.

Another option is a root touch-up product. There are variety of brands in a variety of colours/shades but they’re meant to be tide-overs until you get your roots redone, so they do a pretty good job of masking them. This is pretty useful if you want a powder instead of a gel/mascara/pencil, but it’s also really helpful if you have dark “roots”/baby hairs around the edge of a wig.

Either way, don’t bleach. Eyebrows grow back pretty fast, but imho it’s rarely worth it to do that kind of stuff to yourself for a cosplay when you’ll just have to do it againnnn the next time you cosplay them, or you’ll have to deal with it in your non-cosplay life.

Hopefully that helps! Maybe Kat or Christine can chime in with anything else, if they’ve got it.

- Jenn