“I love you.” she said. “I love you that it was the hardest for me to let you walk away so easily. I don’t want to see your back against me and I can’t pretend that it’s alright with me. To hear you said the words which sound like my worst nightmare and seems to threaten my world. I don’t want to listen as those will crush every part of my being to pieces. Words are never enough to describe how much it hurts. I love you, that even if it will take time for me to accept the truth, I will still do the thing that’ll make you happy. Just like what I’ve promised from the very start.” she breathed so hard and stared at his eyes. She looked at her world as she cried silently. She touched his cheek with her hand and put her forehead on his. She closed her eyes and for a moment, all of their precious memories came crashing back. And like diamonds, she buried them deep down and hope that no one will see it except for her. As she opened her eyes, she said the last words she thought she will never say, “I am letting you go. Yet I will never say goodbye. Because I still believe that, someday, we will meet again. And I hope, that maybe then, you’ll be happier. Maybe then, I’ve moved on. Maybe then, my heart is whole again.” With that, she took a step back and turned her back on him. She started walking away and looked at the only star in the sky. She smiled, and as her tears kept on falling down, she whispered, “I love you.” Again and again until her eyes got tired of crying.
—  ma.c.a // Yes, I Do

I wonder if Newt “more of a chaser, really,” Scamander ever actually played for his house team at Hogwarts.

Like, imagine little teenage Newt making the Hufflepuff team and being so happy that maybe, maybe he’ll finally fit in somehow. 

Imagine Newt being recognised around school for his position on the Quidditch team, not just for being Theseus’ little brother.

Imagine Hufflepuff playing Slytherin, and Newt looking down to the Slytherin stands where Leta Lestrange is cheering for Hufflepuff, just because that’s Newt up there.

Imagine his teammates celebrating with him after they win the House Cup. Imagine Professor Dumbledore congratulating him.

Just. Imagine Newt. Playing Quidditch.

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Consider: demon!lance and human keith

anon i want you to know that i have literally constructed an entire plot and au around this and i am now drawing something for it u saved me ????? omg id die for this? and im a big sap so i have to make it cute and happy ofc


au where supernatural forces coexist with humans, like maybe that dude making a coffee for u at tims is a vampire, maybe ur english teacher is a werewolf, that kinda thing

keith is desperate for answers after the cops brush off his brother (shiro)’s disappearance as something supernatural and refuse to look further into it because it becomes a cold case and there’s just nothing to help them find him, there’s no evidence of any kind, it’s like he just existed one moment and didnt the next

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How about Viktuuri and the first time they say 'I love you' to each other?

Short and fluffy. <3 

(my anime/yuri on ice blog: @viktorkatsuki)

Viktor says it the instant that he realizes.

He’s known for a while how important Yuuri is to him. They spend so much time together–training, exploring the city, taking Makkachin for walks–and Viktor never tires of his company. Every time Yuuri kisses him, every time they walk with their fingers twined together, every time Yuuri blushes and looks at him with that soft, fond expression in his eyes… every time, Viktor feels warmth run through him and a lightness in his chest. He’s known for a long time that Yuuri makes him happy. 

It isn’t until a quiet moment in the darkness of Yuuri’s bedroom, the two of them curled into each other, Makkachin obnoxiously sprawled across both of them, that he realizes what this happiness means, this feeling that is like gentle sunlight warming from the inside out. 

“Yuuri,” he whispers, his voice a little frantic. He pokes a sleeping Yuuri’s side. “Yuuri.”

“Mmph.” Yuuri grunts and burrows closer into Viktor’s side. “’M sleepin’.”

“Yuuri.” His voice is caught somewhere between urgency and a whine. He pokes Yuuri again. “Yuuri, I love you.”

What follows is a long, quiet moment where Yuuri freezes, his body tensing against the length of Viktor’s. His eyes open slowly. “What?” he asks, his voice a quiet whisper, his face still on Viktor’s chest, angled so that their eyes don’t meet. 

“I love you,” Viktor says again. His heart is thumping rapidly in his chest and he’s unable to stop the smile that stretches across his face. He loves Yuuri! How had he not seen this earlier? Of course he loves Yuuri, it’s the most obvious thing in the universe.

Finally–finally–Yuuri lifts his head to look at Viktor. His cheeks are flushed and his eyes the softest brown, still blinking away grogginess, his dark hair ruffled and sticking up a little bit around his face. 

Viktor’s heart lurches. He is the most beautiful thing he’s ever seen. 

Yuuri smiles, slow and shy. “I love you, too,” he whispers. 

Still grinning like an idiot, Viktor leans in, steals a taste of that smile for himself, hoping that he gets to have this for forever. Yuuri’s fingers curl into his hair, holding on as though he’s thinking the same thing. 

All I Want Is You (Shawn Mendes x Reader)

A/N: Happy December lovelies!


Anon: hey can you please make a shawn imagine base on justin bieber’s All I Want is You?? That would be so great and fluff

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Sitting here, all alone
Watching the snow fall
Looking back at the days
We threw them snow balls

Shawn sighed. It was December 15th, ten days before Christmas. He thought about this time of the year exactly a year ago. When Y/N was still here. When they were together. When he was truly happy.

Y/N and Shawn were unstoppable. They were Hollywood’s couple. The fans adored them together, and Shawn was deeply in love with Y/N.

I can’t believe
I’m putting the tree all by myself

Shawn’s heart gave a small jump when he picked up a peculiar red ornament from the box. It was an orb with a picture of Y/N and him together. He smiled at the memory. It was taken during a red carpet event, Y/N was grinning at the camera and Shawn had his hand on her waist, his eyes glued to her as if the cameras didn’t even exist.

I need you
And nobody else

Shawn handed the ornament to Aaliyah who was in charge of the top of the tree. She frowned at him from on top of the ladder.

“You want me to put this on?” she questioned.

Shawn nodded intently. “Yes.”

And I’m sorry dear
If I pushed you away

Another wave of guilt hit him. Your relationship ended 2 months ago. Shawn’s schedule was getting fuller and fuller and your time together was getting shorter and shorter. So, convincing himself you deserved more, Shawn ended it with you. What a fucking stupid move, he thought to himself.

And I don’t care, if I don’t get anything
All I need is you here right now

“Yo Shawn what d’you want me to get ya this year?” Shawn’s dad walked into the living room.


“You don’t want anything?”

I want Y/N, he thought. Honestly, he didn’t want anything else. He didn’t care if he was empty handed on Christmas, he just needed your presence. To speak to you again, to hear your voice, to feel you in his arms.

But I know that All I Want Is You
This christmas, this christmas, this Christmas

Shawn picked up his phone and clicked your name. It rang a couple times before he heard your voice cheerily say: “Hey it’s Y/N! Please leave me a message, thanks!”

“Hi um- Y/N this is Shawn. Shawn Mendes, that is. Um, I was wondering if maybe we can get together some time? Just to catch up and hang out like the good old days… Well, if you want to of course. Um anyway have a nice day!” He awkwardly said. It was like the first time he talked to you, he was stuttering like mad.

To his surprise, his phone rang and he picked it up.

“Hi Shawn, I just got your message. How are ya?” Your voice rang through the phone.

“Y/N! Hi. Um I’m okay you?”

“I’m alright yeah.”

“So uh I was wond-dering if you’d like to go skating l-later today?” Shawn said. Skating was your first date ever with him.

“I’d love to. Can you pick me up around 8?”

“Of course. See you then, Y/N.”


He pulled up at your driveway. It has been 2 months since he’s been here at your house, although sometimes he’d absent-mindedly drive past it when he was missing you. He had a plan. You two would go skating at the little outdoor skating rink until the sky is pitch-black, then he’d take you to the café for hot cocoa, where you two first kissed.

He rang the doorbell and you opened it. He let his mouth open slightly. He had forgotten how beautiful you were, how naturally stunning you always were.

“Hi.” You smiled shyly at him. “Shall we go?”

You two drove in his car to the little skating rink, chatting on what you’ve been up to in the past two months. Once you were there, you both laced up your skates and got onto the empty rink.

“Remember when you taught me how to skate here?” You smiled.

“Yes, I loved teaching you.” Shawn smiled. His first genuinely happy smile in two months.

“Why is that?”

“I got to hold your hand. I got to have you hold onto me as if your life depended on it. I got to know that you trusted me.”

“Look Y/N. I can’t hide it anymore. These past 2 months have been actual hell without you. The minute after I broke up with you, I regretted it. I would wake up every morning hating myself for what I did to us, and to you. In every room full of people, I would feel so incredibly lonely knowing you weren’t mine anymore.” His voice cracked slightly. Shawn had been dying to tell you this for 2 whole months. “Please Y/N. I realized that I really can’t live without you. That my life is meaningless without you in it. Please. Give me another chance.”

“Okay.” You smiled slightly at him. You missed him so much. And in the two months of separation, you never truly stopped loving him. He took you in his arms and hugged you. At last, your hearts were put at ease. You two were finally home. “I missed you too Shawn.” You said looking up to him.

“I love you Y/N. And I don’t think I’m ever going to fall out of the love I have for you.” He said. Then his loving expression turned into a small smirk. “Oh and by the way, I also remember on that first date, that I totally beat you at a speed race.”

You rolled your eyes and smirked back at him. “Is that a challenge Mendes?”

You both skated as fast as you can to the other end of the rink. Chuckling too hard, you tripped and fell, bringing Shawn down with you. You two stayed lying on the ice together for a really long time.

“I missed this. I missed you.” Shawn whispered, moving a piece of your hair behind your ear.

You looked up into his hazel eyes and got lost in them, just like you used to. Utter happiness spread across you, having him back again. Shawn leaned his head down and planted a soft kiss on your lips.

“I missed you too.” You said, smiling into the kiss. It felt great having his lips on yours once again.

“Hey you know what else I remember from that first date of ours?” You asked him.

“What?” He smiled.

“You took me out for hot cocoa after skating.”

Shawn’s smile got even bigger if it was possible. God, he had missed you. And now that he had you once more, he mentally promised himself that he would never, ever, let you go again.

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RFA Boys When MC Tells Them She’s Pregnant


  • He’s online playing LOLOL after a long day at his clinic
  • He doesn’t really have a chance to do this often
  • VVV excited to talk to his guildmates after a long time
  • MC taps him on the shoulder
  • “I need to tell you something”
  • Looks kinda nervous
  • She doesn’t know how he’s gonna react
  • He doesn’t take his eyes off the screen and tells her to go ahead
  • “It’s really important”
  • Good Husband™ Mode activates and he tells his guildmates to cover for him
  • Forgets to mute his mic
  • When he hears he’s so happy!!!!
  • like extremely!!!!
  • His guildmates hear too
  • and you can hear them cheering for him through his headphones
  • “Way to go Yoosung!” “You did good, bro!”
  • And some innuendos you chose to ignore
  • Such a happy guy tbh
  • Gonna be such a great father
  • He likes to cook meals for you now
  • Also, likes to hug you from behind and rest his hands on your baby bump when you start to show
  • in love with hugging you from behind when you sleep too
  • he’s just so enamoured with you and everything that you are now
  • because you’re! The! Mother! Of! His! Child!
  • His mind is just blown by this concept
  • And he just loves that idea and everything that it is
  • you’ve made something great
  • Kisses you and the baby, even before you start to show, goodnight every night


  • Honestly, he’s not all that surprised
  • Knew exactly what he was getting himself into ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • Wants to get MC the best care
  • Insists that you gets the 10/10 of all prenatal vitamins
  • Even though you can eat certain foods in moderation, like fish and caffeine
  • NO
  • “But, babe, I can have a little bit! C’mon I love sushi…”
  • “Nope.”
  • Nothing to risk the wellbeing of his child
  • Puts a picture of the ultrasound on his desk so no one hits on him bc that’s a bother
  • Constantly updates it every time MC gets another one
  • You better bet the maternity pics are 10/10
  • And don’t forget Elizabeth the 3rd
  • becomes vvv attached to MC’s bump and sits with her 95% of the time
  • Jumin has lunch with MC whenever possible
  • Always asking how you’re doing and if you so much as complains about something he gets it fixed
  • Feet hurt?
  • Shoes with memory foam insoles and stay in bed
  • Head hurts?
  • Requests tea(caffeine free ofc) and also rest
  • And also bet that MC is looking 100 all the time with her maternity clothes
  • He’s also 100000% more affectionate with you even though he surely never lacked affection before??? because you’ve MADE A PERSON
  • and he thinks that’s amazing
  • Stays home as much as possible during the last month bc he doesn’t want to miss the baby’s birth POOR JAEHEE


  • SO!! HAPPY!!
  • Announces it to the fans after the first trimester has passed bc he wants to make sure nothing unexpected happens and after MC starts to show
  • They ship it so hard
  • I mean they’re married
  • but cutest married celeb couple ever tbh
  • He has a thing for MC’s stomach now
  • Once she starts to show he loves to rest his hand on it passively
  • Doesn’t even notice
  • But you secretly love it
  • You notice he becomes a LOT more protective of you
  • “Babe, be careful”
  • “Please don’t fall~”
  • Does all the heavy lifting
  • Likes to read aloud too
  • Mostly his scripts
  • Loves to sing to the baby from the day he finds out too, even though it can’t hear until week 18 I did hella research for this guys appreciate it
  • Sometimes MC complains about how she looks
  • Not on his watch
  • Thinks she looks 10000000% gorgeous
  • And makes sure she knows
  • “You know, they say a woman looks more beautiful after she’s been loved” OH MY GOD KRYS STOP BEING SUCH ANIME TRASH
  • That was a “Say I Love You” quote, btw
  • Their kid is gorgeous of course I mean You’re gorgeous
  • He’s gorgeous
  • Kid is gorgeous
  • Simple math
  • Also likes to kiss the baby bump
  • “The baby can feel my love, MC, okay?”


  • Tbh, he’s a little scared
  • Scratch that, a lot scared
  • Don’t get me wrong, he’s ecstatic
  • but also scared
  • He didn’t grow up in a good home
  • And he doesn’t want to be that kind of parent
  • “What if I’m not a good father??”
  • “What if I mess up?”
  • “What If I drop it? Oh my god, MC WHAT IF I DROP IT??”
  • You just laugh, kiss him and assure him that he’ll be great
  • “You’re not like your parents, you’re so much better, and, hey, you have me to keep you on track.”
  • 10/10 needed to hear that
  • Nags you to eat more and aLWAYS ON TIME
  • “the baby needs more food than that”
  • “It’s only a month, Saeyoung! It doesn’t even have a stomach yet!”
  • He can’t wait tbh
  • He wants to take the best care of them because he wants to be everything to his child that his parents weren’t
  • Loves you SO! MUCH! More than he did before, even though that’s probably not even physically possible
  • Because hello??? His child is inside you?? You’re the mother of his child???
  • He protects you so much and makes sure you’re always safe totally nOT with a tracker on your sweater
  • Does SO MUCH research to make sure he never makes a mistake
  • Even though of course he’s going to
  • Everyone does???
  • And online shopping
  • Just like the robotic cat
  • Wants to teach it to code
  • He wants it to look more like you
  • “there can only be one person who looks like me in this world, and that’s me”
  • “Saeyoung you’re a twin”


i am so afraid that ian leaving mickey will parallel monica dying and frank being left alone in the last episode. i’m so afraid. it was clear in this episode that they are both “ride or die” couples and i’m so fucking fearful of the outcome of mickey’s return. i’m gunna stress over this SO MUCH. i keep trying to think of logical ways that mickey would be able to return to the southside with ian to resolve this, but mickey is a convict and there is no way he can be safe back in chicago. and the show can’t progress with ian living in mexico. i cant get how happy they looked at then end of the episode out of my head. please please please give them a happy ending.

Dear Sugar Daddy:

Please don’t buy me earrings. Please don’t buy me jewelry and necklaces that will only get lost or broken because I am ADHD as fuck and can’t handle it apparently. 

Get me cash. Get me experiences. Help me better my life, get rid of my college, invest in my career and entrepreneurial ideas. Teach me about investing, and buy me my first stocks. Pay for my dinners, my shopping, my bills, and my rent. Pay for the gym, my trainer, and all the classes and courses that I want. Pay for all the makeup, services, and treatment I need to look my best. 

But don’t buy me designer bobbles that are going to get damaged before I can resell them for less than you paid. No one is happy with that arrangement, and I’m so much about our mutual happiness, babe.

My dog is secretly a dinosaur in disguise its been confirmed

but no really shes a big dumb dane and I love her so much shes my goofy girl and thinks shes a lap dog and gets scared when small dogs bark at her when she goes up to smell them and play and she gets so excited if you say her name high pitched and she wags her butt around and knocks EVERYTHING you love off with her tail all while smiling

Mystic Messenger | Saeran Choi Headcanons

I HAVE SO MANY HEADCANONS, FUCK. Mostly because I NEED it to all be okay ;.; I’ve played Yoosung, Jumin, 707 and the secret endings and I’m playing day three of casual now and I am very lucky in that no bad endings but I have looked them up and FUCK, OKAY. so. I need things to make me happy. So here is some word vomit.

Saeyoung puts cameras on the roof and then programs his living room ceiling into a projector so Saeran can always look up at the sky, and of course Saeran tells him that’s stupid as hell (but still lies on the couch watching all the time anyway)

He gots hooked on bad soap operas. Mostly for the relief of watching people with more screwed up lives than his (even if they’re fictional).

He really likes soft things. Tactile sense is one of the few senses he trusts fully, and soft things are kind of a novelty. You and Saeyoung notice and PRACTICALLY DROWN HIM with all the soft sweaters and blankets and stuffed sheep you go out and buy and this ANNOYS THE HELL OUT OF HIM (but he guesses, as he’s staring at it on his dresser later, that the stupid sheep is kind of cute so whatever)

He totally jacks up Saeyoung’s Facebook page once, just because, and then finds immense satisfaction and amusement in his brother freaking out about how Saeran got in–because really, he just left his computer on one night and forgot to log out, and Saeran finds it all kind of hilarious.

One time he’s sleeping on the couch when storm-on-the-ceiling wakes him up, he goes and just yanks Saeyoung’s headphones off and puts them on you because you’re scared of storms and they will block the sound and Saeyoung asks how he knows and Saeran is like you idiot, she’s your girlfriend shouldn’t you know this (he watched you for months, long before Saeyoung ever even knew you existed, because the Savi–that woman–knew they had to pick just the right kind of person to go along with it all. He never thought about you as a person, then, but if it can be useful now, maybe it’s okay. He does wonder, sometimes, how he found you after all, how he manage, out of all the possible choices, to pick you, because….no, he doesn’t think in hypotheticals anymore, he has a hard enough time anchoring his reality without messing it up in his head without help, it’s enough that you were found, even if you’re a total weirdo who loves his twin)

He sleeps a lot. He likes it best when he doesn’t dream.

He wasn’t planning to keep the kitten–seriously, he can barely take care of himself why would he want a pet–but it went from purring in his lap to hissing violently and biting Saeyoung, who tried to pick it up, and Saeran immediately decided it could stay. He hates that this means he has something in common with another RFA member, but while Elizabeth the 3rd is a fancy purebred, his kitten his missing half an ear and a chunk from his nose, and has a kinked tail. It’s therapeutic to take care of something else, to watch him come and go freely (even if he worries a bit when the kitten is gone for a few hours), even the tiny little pin pricks in all of his pants from the thing kneading his thigh all the time are kind of nice (see tactile sense, above). He doesn’t name the kitten (it doesn’t occur to him that he should) until Saeyoung gets ready to suggest one–he interrupts quickly and asks you to do it instead. (The kitten gets named Cloudy)

He claims he doesn’t “get” Saeyoung and your relationship, and frequently calls you both weird (he can’t bring himself to call you an idiot, he just saves that for his brother) but it’s the one healthy relationship he’s ever observed. For a long time, he is quietly afraid of you and Saeyoung’s relationship falling apart someday, but eventually gets to the point where he can narrate/predict the progression of your (usually minor) spats in the chatroom for the amusement of the other members (“Yeah, she just unplugged his computer. Yeah, he’s snapping at her and twirling his headset cord. Yeah, she just told him to go back to his space sta–fuck, they’re making out again, ugh, I’m out, I don’t need to watch this” *Unknown has exited the chatroom*)

No but really there’s something comforting about it, that someone could love Saeyoung so much that they set up monitors to imitate candles when the blizzard meant they couldn’t get out for Christmas Eve mass, that they carry a cat robot around, worry about his diet or that he’s wearing a seatbelt, that they droop when he’s off talking with supplier for his next big toy. He doesn’t analyze why that comforts him (it means thinking about Saeyoung for one) but it’s…nice.

So is the way you just touch him sometimes without thinking. It surprised the heck out of him, but now it’s something else that comforts him. When you put a hand on his shoulder to balance while you’re standing on your toes trying to reach a can of PhD Pepper, when you sit next to him, fiddling on your phone while he’s reading and you lean against him because Cloudy shredded the couch cushion trying to hide from Saeyoung, when you smooth his bangs out in the morning, or when he sneezes and you immediately put your hand on his forehead to check for a fever without thinking about it. It took a long time to get used to it but now…he loves the careless ease of it, that you include him in your space and that it sometimes means physical contact without ulterior motive or hidden intent, but just because. No one has ever touched him without a specific purpose–usually unpleasant–before. No ones ever wanted to. (Except his brother, but those feelings are still complicated. You aren’t).

The three of you and anyone available in the RFA play cards on Tuesday, but family board game night is every Thursday, and even though he grumbles every time you and his twin convince him to come to the table, when you guys came back early from your honeymoon because it was a Thursday and you found the coolest game in the gift shop and you all just HAD to play, he thought maybe, just maybe, and he will never admit this aloud, there was something to this family crap after all.

He claims it’s just because he owes you after all he put you through, but has a definite soft spot for you, to the point where he even hauls his (idiot) brother to bed at your puppy dog eyed request when he fell asleep at the computer and you were worried.

Living room sleepovers with marshmallows over a lamp are definitely a thing (and if his sheep is smuggled in to the festivities just SHUT UP)

He starts running. The first time was completely on impulse, after a random conversation in the chat room. He just wanted to leave, needed to prove to himself he had the freedom to do so, to get away. And to his surprise, it was…calming. The rhythmic predictability of it, one foot, then the other, one foot, then the other. The burn of his lungs, that he gets too tired to dream after, that he sees the sky and it stretches out and out and out, even when it makes him sick because his body still isn’t that strong. He overdoes it sometimes, but somehow, Zen always seems to be on a jog himself at those times, and finds him, and gets him home. He should mind that more, but he really doesn’t. It does spark a fondness for bananas though, because just because he likes running doesn’t mean cramps don’t completely suck, and he noticed you start stocking up on them a lot, though seriously, slicing them up to put in his breakfast for him is a little ridiculous (if…kind of sweet)

He never learns to cook. You keep trying to teach him because nourishing the body helps the mind and soul, but ugh, effort, he would much rather have ice cream and Sprike. It’s only when you laughs and say how like Saeyoung he is that he immediately and ferociously agrees to a cooking lesson. Except it sucks so he goes back to eating ice cream.

Flavors (Simon Dominic)

For @blameitonssamd ❤️

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    “Ooh, let’s go in there!” Hyukwoo said, pointing at a brightly lit tent filled with tables of happy-looking people eating delicious-looking food.

     “Everyone good with that?” Jay asked. Everyone was, so in they went. It took a few minutes of waiters rearranging tables for them to be able to sit down together, but soon they were all seated. It had been months since they’d all gone and done something fun together like this, and this had been a perfect opportunity- Seoul’s biggest food and wine festival coincided with a short span of less busy time the artists had.

    “Wow,” Kiseok said, eyeing a plate a waiter was carrying to another table. “This looks great. Good idea, Hyukwoo.”

    Soon a waitress came to give them menus and get their drink orders and soon they were ordering their food, all talking cheerfully. Kiseok was sitting between Hyunjung and Jay, who was recounting the story of a particularly lively night at one of his favorite clubs during which he had almost gotten in a fight, and soon Kiseok and the rest of the table were in hysterics.


    “Oh my gosh, you won’t believe who’s out there!” Yuna, a waitress, gushed as she handed Kayleigh, one of the chefs, a slip of paper containing a table’s orders.

    “Who?” Kayleigh asked, only quickly glancing up from the pan of asparagus and tomatoes she was sauteing.

    “AOMG!” Yuna said. “Like, all of them!”

    “Really?” Kayleigh asked, though her voice didn’t rise; she was still focusing.

    “Yes!” Yuna said. “We better make sure their food is extra good.”

    Kayleigh chuckled. “Technically, we have to make sure everyone’s food is extra good.”

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Getting a dog with Steve would include...

• Steve points out all the dogs he sees
• Like most people do with babies, he’ll make cute faces at them
• This big guy will shyly go up to people and ask “Can I pet your dog?”
• He loves when the big dogs pounce and the small dogs fit on his arm like a baby
• When you two get a dog of your own he can’t help but squeal
• He talks about them like someone would having a baby
• “I don’t care if they’re a boy or girl I just want them to be happy and healthy.”
• On the way home he holds them in his arms and calls Sam and Bucky
• He’s such a proud Papa
• So. Many. Toys.
• He spoils that puppy rotten
• He secretly feeds them table scraps and they both look guilty when you look at them
• It doesn’t matter what size they are he will get caught carrying them around
• Baby talking to the puppy and cooing them
• Names are a struggle but you two eventually come up with a compromise
• So many warm cuddles between the two of them
• Steve gets a teensy bit jealous when the puppy is loving someone more in the moment than they are him
• You reassure him they love him more because he’s their Dad
• Steve does two things when they’re asleep
• If they’re sleeping on/near either of you he takes lots of pictures and snuggles with them
• Or if they’re sleeping and he wants to play he’ll attack them with kisses until they wake up and rolls toys over to them
• There’s lots of “Steven let the dog sleep.”
• Walking to the park hand in hand with your furry baby walking ahead
• Finding any excuse to bring them everywhere
• Most of your screensavers/framed photos are of the puppy
• Dressing them up as the Avengers for Halloween and sweaters for the Holiday season
• He gives them a high voice when he talks for them
• “Uncle Tony look I’m Iron Puppy!”
• “Steve, y/n and I both agree you’re embarrassing not only yourself, but your puppy too.”
• Uncle Sammy and Uncle Bucky love them so much
• They watch them when you two are away
• “You think the dogs okay? Y/n? You think I should call to make sure the dogs okay?”
• “Steve it’s almost two in the morning, I don’t think Sam/Bucky would appreciate being woken up.”
• {You say as he dials the phone}
• Catching the puppy play with his shield on more than one occasion
• Honestly Steve turns into the cutest Dad there ever was

Hoping for an Emergency Patch Today

Otherwise, I’ll be keeping that $10 in my pocket tomorrow.

Don’t see any point in buying anything else for TS4 if I am not even playing it since all my clubs are broken.  The clubs are what I enjoy the most in this game because I took the time to set up my entire save to use them (all my housed NPCs are in clubs).  All my venues have clubs that meet at them and do things so it looks active.

I noticed the difference just losing 2 members per club made when I was playing Bailey yesterday.  

Since I no longer have any mods in place that increase the number of sims per lot, I need the clubs otherwise my venues look kinda boring.



Happy Monday!

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hmm what are your thoughts on the asia chow and top rumours?

Hmm okay…I’m more shocked at how late Nate/Media are haven’t they been interacting since like January? Either way, I am so sad at the hate she is getting people should grow up. They seem friendly and idc as long as TOP is happy the man is 30 he should be able to date who he wants. She seems to have similar interests as him and she seems so cool she went to Columbia. Also damn her family is like….super famous. They have even hosted the Obamas (x)

 I usually trust dating rumors when Dispatch reports but you can look at this in both ways. Best wishes to them if it’s true and if not, it’s just another thing people are blowing up.

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hey goop i was that anon with the crush from last night.. i told them and uh they like me back!! im so happy ive been smiling all day!! (and im not usually one to smile a lot)

well done darling!! i bet you two look adorable!!

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(Hopefully this gets to you, asks a never work for me lol) I watched Namjoon's recent V Live and he just made me smile. Like when he speaks English for the international fans I die, it's sooo sweet!!! Also his voice just calms me. I could listen to him talk for hours about nothing lol. Namjoon is just a sweet human being who deserves all the happiness in the world.

It’s so sad because some of my friends (who don’t kpop, or who don’t bts) first impression of Namjoon was “cocky” and “selfish”. Like those are the vibes they get just by looking at him and I was so surprised like Kim Namjoon is the most selfless person I know ? ???? And I told them about how he always tried to speak english for us, and goes out of his way to thank international armys and they were surprised too at how amazing he actually is! 

AND I AGREE I want nothing more than for Namjoon to read me a fucking textbook this is my ultimate dream scenario. 

and as a chemical engineer this picture particularly inspired this dream.

Hide and Seek

I saw a missing person poster for the first time when I was six years old, just after moving to Newberry. It didn’t make sense to me at first. How did people go missing? Did someone take them or did they run away? Was someone looking for them? For how long before they gave up? Did some people never give up? My mom said I asked too many questions and dragged me away from the board of smiling children and teenagers. Something always seemed off about their smiles to me. If they were so happy, why would they run away?

Someone had to have stolen them.

Sometimes when we went shopping and my mom was checking out her purchases I’d wander over to the board and look at them again. Look at all those faces. Boys. Girls. Kids. Teens. Some only missing a few months and others missing for years and years. Who kept putting up the ones for over a decade missing people? Parents of the kid? Cops?

I’d study their faces in the hopes that one day I’d see one of them. Not that I’d know what to do as a six year old. Point at them and shout ‘Hey! You’re missing!’ or something. Or maybe just ‘I found you!’ probably–like it was some kind of game of hide and seek I could win.

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The entertainment industry in general seems like a scary place where a person has little to no privacy but oh my god the Korean entertainment industry seems so savage. I had no idea these kids have to deal with so much at such tender age. They are literally like slaves i feel so bad for them. I only follow exo and these boys look so tired all the time. Like after their launch did they even ever get proper rest or vacation? on top of that all these fake scandals. my heart cries for them.


I rmmbr watching an ep of happy tghtr. The guests were Ye rin (gfriend), Cha hee (melody day), sol ji (ex id) and etc. Cha hee mentioned about his president asked them to involve in scandals to boost up their group popularity. They even told to date openly so ppl would talk about them. However, Ye rin mentioned that their president is so strict and she feels really caged.

Popular group=control
Not so popular group=involve in scandals

Now, imagine how top groups would be like? Especially a group like e x o.

And ppl would actually believe entertainment business is just a walk in the park lol. I have no problem with gullible ppl believing in that but don’t come to me and say it’s impossible bcoz it’s annoying. If u don’t know anything, don’t say a word and keep on believing in what u want to believe in.

Actually e x o do get a proper vacation. And during those times, it’s really a vacation w no one bothering them (fans etc).

Let’s always be there for them! Take care~

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Prompt request: Alex and Jo spending their first moments with their newborn 💗💗

Quiet grunts and whimpers startled Jo out of a light sleep. She started to stretch but immediately regretted it, all her muscles screaming in protest. She looked over at Alex sitting in the visitor’s chair between her bed and the window, so engrossed with the baby he hadn’t noticed her movement. She watched them for a moment, noting that a smile was permanently fixated on Alex’s face and she felt her own smile grow even wider at the happiness radiating from him. She felt her eyes get heavy once again just as Alex glanced over, surprised to see her awake, “Hey.”

“Hey,” she returned with a grin, “I can’t believe I fell asleep.”

He grinned at her frustration, “Well twenty-nine hours of labor will do that to you.”

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