Kuroshitsuji collaboration shoes

(Yana Toboso blog post translation June 27th, 2014)

English translation:

I personally recommend the pumps modelled after Sebastian. The cutlery in the frame is so cute♡ Forks and knives were described as ‘[Sebastian’s] main weapons’, but still, they’re so adorable. (lol)

The shoes offered by Tyaketyoke look so nice yet are sturdy and comfortable to wear! Ever since the company launched those ‘cat legs pumps’, I’ve fallen in love with their cuteness and even had Ciel wear those pumps… but I never imagined that there would be a collaboration one day! I’m really happy!

Please combine these shoes with several different outfits and enjoy wearing them outside!

Since I’m so glad [about this collaboration], I drew the characters wearing their respective pairs of shoes. They are guys but… well… there’s KAZAKY [*note: a Ukrainian band]. So please look at my drawings with the image of these singers in mind. Guys wearing high heels are cool, aren’t they? Guys dancing crazily with high heels are the best.

Oh, eh… what’s this… I’m sorry.  (I feel like I have to apologize.)

It’s the first illustration and I already start feeling sorry. The real shoes are exceptionally pretty if worn by women, so please buy them. I don’t think there are shoes that fit Sebastian, though. (lol) I wonder how big his feet are in centimetres (or inches as he lives in England). They seem quite big. And his toes seem long, too.

Well… he looks as usual… but more modern! On the official site, there are pictures of a very cute girl wearing these shoes combined with a lolita outfit. However, the design is actually quite boyish, so I think the shoes would go well with simple clothing as well. If you take off the ankle strap, they look very simple yet cute. I recommend combining them with trousers.

I think this time (actually not only this time but on other occasions, too), this okama has benefitted most [from this collaboration project out of the three characters], don’t you think so as well!!?? (lol) Even though Grell is going to show up so rarely in the upcoming ‘Book of Circus’ anime, Tyaketyoke still produced high heels matching his style. I’m so thankful. Well, the highlight is the skull on the heel, of course, but what I personally find cute about this design is the slightly lifted toe box. It’s unique and cute. I like enamel so much that I’ve been touching Grell’s enamel shoes the whole time. Moreover, the colour red is so elegant. However, I think there aren’t any shoes that fit Grell either. (lol) But if high heels were offered in men’s sizes and if they fit, I’d like them to try wearing such shoes as well. It’s really cute. I, Toboso, endorse men wearing high heels.

Anyway, please take a look at the pictures of the actual shoes on the official web site! \(^o^)/


♡Proofread by lovely minacchin


So, I talked about this a couple of time but I never posted it. For my senior graphic design project I redesigned the Newsies cast recording, including the actual package itself, the lyrics booklet, and the sticker for the CD. I never was totally happy with it but these were the final products.

*Also, just heads up, I know the colors are a little different between the front and back covers, something was weird when I exported them as .jpegs but they’re meant to look like the front cover.

Some people actually wear 00, thanks.

Submission by (anonymous)

I work at a popular clothing store. Last week I was ringing out a woman and their daughter and they were talking about how happy they were to find so much stuff in plus size and how we need to get more because “there’s a lot more of us real sized women than there are of you skinny girls!” as she shot my petite sized co-worker a mean look. I told them I was happy they found everything okay. They began going on and on about how at a different store they found clothes for size 00 and said “00?! Like seriously? Who even wears that size? Nobody is that small, nobody. You can’t possibly look good or healthy at that size, those are children’s clothes. I don’t know a single person who wears a size 2 and under who is actually healthy or over the age of 10” I looked right at them and said “actually, I wear a size 00” and they both just stared at me before trying to swallow their words, “are you REALLY?! Wow well uh you’re actually pretty though and don’t look unhealthy” and her daughter chimed in with “uh…yeah you’re like proportional and stuff, like your bones aren’t sticking out or anything so it’s okay”
This alone was enough to annoy me, I appreciate the compliment but please don’t stand there and trash people my size and then try and backtrack with compliments when I prove everything you just said wrong by being a fully grown healthy size 00 woman.

Now imagine if I had gone into a clothing store and told a fat cashier “size 22? Like seriously?! Who even wears that size? Nobody is that big, nobody. You can’t possibly look good or healthy at that size, those are whale clothes. I don’t know a single person who wears a size 14 and over who is actually healthy and under 800 pounds”

I spent a long time fightin everything about this picture, specifically being shirtless, my curls out, and being happy. As I’ve accepted being transmasculine though, and started presenting and expressing my gender the way that actually makes me comfortable (also starting T helped) I’ve become so much happier with myself, even as I still battle dysphoria and wait for the day I can get top surgery. And I’ve stopped caring about keeping my hair super short because longer hair might make me look more “feminine”. Hair is just hair, and boys can have pretty curls too haha. Heres my Gender euphoria pic!

Eli - he/him/they/them

It’s Gender Euphoria Weekend here at Ways to Raise. From July 31st - August 2nd. Trans and nonbinary folks should feel free to submit those selfies that make you feel great, or any stories and thoughts you have involving what makes you euphoric/what Gender Euphoria means to you!

Super Best Heads!  I’m probably not the first artist to make that pun…

I’ve really been meaning to do more Best Friends fanart cause those guys are pretty much all I watch these days.  So I finally sat down to decide how I want each of them to look.  I’m really happy with how they came out!  I guess since I’ve been talking commissions all day I’ll say Flat Color Heads are $5.

If anyone missed my commission prices earlier


strvwberrysupremekisses SORRY THIS TOOK SO LONG! thank u for your message and it wasnt any trouble at all.

trust me i have problems with anatomy all the time. if im having trouble i look up pictures of people and try to draw from them. i use this site a lot when practicing anatomy and gestures  bc its just so helpful (i usually spend like 90 seconds on each pose)

As for other resources; here is a good arm reference, one for legs, and one for making poses! (happy drawing!!)

I have a problem...

So… I love Karmy. I ship them so hard because, well

1) Look at that.

2) Also, this…

3) Yeah Karma definitely isn’t into Amy…

HOWEVER, I have days when I’m like… Damn… Reamy tho… 

1) This is bomb af

2) They’re super cute

3) And… look at all those emotions and hormones flying around

So, in conclusion, I just wanted to say that I have my Karmy and my Reamy days. As long as Amy’s happy. 

I know it’s awful having your heart broken and I’m not even trying to compare the two, but you have to know it isn’t easy to break someone’s heart.“ I found it odd that we were even having this conversation, but he didn’t stop me so I continued, "It’s like you have to live with the fact that the person you loved, the person who made you inexplicably happy, is about to be the person you are going break. You’re the one who ruined everything, the one who took away their happy ending. You have that burden. Heartbreakers aren’t as careless as they are made out to be, they care, trust me, they care so much it hurts them. Just because you break someone’s heart doesn’t mean you stop caring about them.” I stopped myself, he just looked at me. I knew he didn’t understand and he didn’t have anything to say.
—  Excerpt from a book I’ll never write #105

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omfg yes probably.

but like imagine them deciding to spend some time together and saying goodbye to everybody and once in the car they realize what’s happened and have an overwhelming feeling of happiness. and just they look at each other and it’s like they’re falling in love all over again. cause fuck man they can just never get tired of seeing one another and especially not with that goofy, cute smile on their face. and they’re doing so much, both in and out of the relationship, and they’re going to get so far too. like they’re making it work. in whichever way that they can, they’re going to make it work. because them being together has made all the love songs make sense. has made all those “happily ever after”s a goal rather than a fairy tale. has made sense. them being together has made sense much more than anything else has. and they’re not about to let that go to waste. not when they’re so in love. 

Walking Travesty (LRH)

summary: luke is in therapy.

pairing: luke & y/n.

warnings: mentions of depression, mentions of suicide, etc.

“Why exactly are you here, Lucas?” The therapist spoke, twiddling his blue ink pen inbetween his fingers.

He knew exactly why Luke was here. He read his damn chart.

Luke sighed as he looked at the man’s desk, pictures of his family organized on the surface of it.

In the photographs the man stood with his wife, and what Luke assumed, his two daughters. They looked so happy.

Luke wanted to be happy.

“My girlfriend caught me trying to commit suicide.” He said, his hands trembling as he clasped them together, his palms sweaty.

“How were you going to do it, Lucas?” The therapist asked, putting one knee over the other and jotting something down on his notepad.

Luke raised an eyebrow.

“How were you going to kill yourself?”

Luke readjusted himself in the leather chair he was currently sitting in.

“Is this really necessary?” Luke snapped, running his hand through his hair.

The tears were beginning to well through his eyes.

“The bottom line is I tried to kill myself.”

The therapist sighed as he stood up, walking over towards his desk and dropping the pen in an empty coffee mug.

“That’s all for today, Lucas.” He said, opening the door to his office as Luke got up and made his way out the door, and straight out of the building as well, not stopping to schedule the next appointment.

Luke mumbled a few cuss words under his breath as he searched for Y/N’s car outside of the parking lot, knowing that she would be waiting for him.

After what felt like an eternity, he finally saw her car, the sound of Green Day flowing out of the speakers.

Luke smiled at how bad ass his girl friend was.

Then he realized something.

Lucas Robert Hemmings realized that he loved her. He loved Y/F/N. He wanted to marry her one day. He wanted to have children with her one day. He wanted to grow old with her.

And as he sprinted towards her car, quickly going around the driver’s side to open her door and crash his lips into her’s, he realized that he didn’t want to die, and that he was glad Y/N found him on the bathroom floor with 50 sleeping pills in his hand.

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it's a blue moon tonight, so that's probably why we have entered an alternate universe.. the phrase "once in a blue moon" didn't come from nowhere!

Nice work, blue moon!

As long as we get to stay in this wacky new universe where One Direction is allowed to release amazing songs as singles, they add them to the set list right away and get actual, proper promo from everyone immediately and the four of them look freaking ecstatic, then I’m a happy camper!

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NOT for art hoe bc if u like art u can be an art hoe, no questions asked no fancy things required, BUT much more fun than that, I will do FIVE THINGS U NEED 2 START THE ARTY PARTY (because i am the tru arty party over here) !!

1. COOL CASUAL ART SUPPLIES TO MAKE EVERYTHING LOOK COOL!! aka: STICKERS ARE IMPORTANT!! AND MARKER PENS R THE REAL MVP LIKE crayola markers have the GREATEST COLORS and are only like $10 a pack SCOREOS!! and watercolors r fun for decorating, so is washi tape and gel pens and COOL PAPER!! And then if u send letters or write notes or keep a journal then EVERYTHING LOOKS COOL
2. A HECKA cute backpack!! I think bright & Colorful 2 make u feel ALIVE but whatever ur into!! There r some BEAUTIFUL ones under the backpack search on storenvy and !!! THEY MAKE ME HAPPI I WANT THEM ALL plus backpacks r so practical and SAVE YOUR BACK !! and hands free so u can frolic about wout a need in the world!!
3. CUTE STATIONARY IS V HANDY and u always feel one BILLION times better doing any work w cute stationary, and lugging all thse markers around is easier if they r in cool pencil cases!! and PENS r life when u find the perfect cute pen.. u wil KNO 
4. COOL SOCKS AND COOL SHOES AND!!! GET THE PARTY STARTED IN COOL PUMPED UP KICKS HOMIE!! socks r the key to happieness tbh like i would know i have maybe THIRTY! and cool clothes that u like make u happi 2 so those r good things??

i believe in u, u can ALL do he arty party thing WOOHOO!!

I didn’t want to hijack Messy’s blog, but my comment is inspired by the following comment by a nonny and Messy's answer at Messofastory’s blog:

“Oh my. And here I thought the narrative was that Happy Days approached her. From this article, it sounds the opposite? Hey, look, so a family member got you the contact for a job. Great! I cant throw stones, cuz my dad got me my job, BUT, when people ask, I tell them that. Say that she got the job through a family contact, don’t make it sound like they (the festival) came calling. And lets be honest, chances she wouldn’t have the job if she didn’t have the ring. No major work in 3 yrs, and now?”

messofastory answered:

Many jobs are based on who you know, rather than what you know, but I see what you mean anon, it seemed like it was spun that Happy Days contacted her - seems not.

And why is this news coming out today? Is someone pushing back and this had to come out? Up to this point, she had been pushed as some kind of prodigy, and now we find her Uncle Julius, who is influential, got her the gig.  And then we find out she didn’t even choose “Phaedra” as the work she would do, but the director of the festival chose it?

She didn’t get the gig on her own (won’t drag her too much for that, but she has other family connections to the festival), she didn’t choose the piece, the venue is part of the festival’s trend of using non-traditional spaces (and castles are popular-it’s done all of the time for medieval works, and there have been Shakespeare productions done in abandoned castles), she plagiarizes a piece by Moorjani, and then her team retrofits her “vision,” such as it is, to claim she got it from student notes that were part of a paper called “Beckett before Beckett,” and not Moorjani. I looked at Moorjani’s footnotes, and, well, lookie, lookie, absolute same sections are used for Hunter’s process that Moorjani uses in her piece. Okay.  Easy to use the same parts of another work when Moorjani gives the page numbers. Doesn’t explain the other similarities to Moorjani’s work, but I digress.

PR, you're giving me way too many goodies.

The Moorjani piece is 2012. The book Beckett before Beckett is 2008. I find it interesting that Hunter would use a text  (Moorjani’s) that makes the Racinian connections explicit between Beckett and Britten, and then abandon that text that supports her process to follow the book that does not. Well, we know why *plagiarism* cough.

 She (or someone) chooses to ignore the context of the connection made by Becket with Racine in Beckett before Beckett: Racine was not Beckett’s main influence. Andre Gide was another author referenced in a group of authors including Racine and one could argue the more recent connection was more important. The only connection between Beckett and Britten’s “Phaedra" is tenuous: Beckett used Racine, who wrote "Phèdre," and later Britten, inspired by the Racine piece, wrote "Phaedra." The more important connection between Beckett and Britten is that Britten was one of the founders of the Aldeburgh Festival and so this piece celebrates Beckett that way. Of course a connection had to be found to justify its inclusion into a festival about Beckett’s work. It is no wonder that this Britten piece might be considered no matter how weak the connection between Britten’s work and Beckett early work.

"Phaedra” is considered a simple piece (not for the soprano!) in that it is easy to produce and accessible to most audiences. It’s not really avant garde, and Beckett himself is not really avant garde. That’s an assertion by others. The musical director of the festival, approached by Julius Drake, seems to have taken on the job of giving Hunter a gimme with “Phaedra,” something she would have to work at screwing up, along with making sure she had a partner who would do the heavy lifting. It’s been discussed before here on Tumblr-the most important person besides the soprano for this piece is the musical director, and since Hunter is not musical except in the most casual of ways, hers is not the most important position. She is in charge of prettifying the set. Why she’s getting the focus she is makes the mind boggle until one remembers how she got the job: though all of her connections. People are trying to make fetch happen. What they are forgetting is she needs to do a real job to continue to get the attention she is getting.

The Beckett piece is about the relation of the internal processes of human experience to the outer reality, which seems obvious but it’s a way of making the character’s emotions and thought processes as visible as the piece’s actions as though these experiences are a character in themselves. Yet Hunter could not express anything more than Phaedra has just taken poison and these are her feelings as she is dying, She hashes the same clichés pretend artists have regurgitated in their jobs as pretend artists because it supposedly sounds outré. These are the same buzz words used by pretentious twerps everywhere. 

And more puff pieces about a problematic character the entertainment press swallows hook, line, and sinker.

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Jason waking up early in the morning and saying something to his s.o. in Spanish by accident and he hurries to correct himself in English but they respond in Spanish and he just looks at them like :o


HE WAKES UP ALL SLEEPY AND JUST KINDA MUMBLES “tu cabecera es atroz…” (you have awful bedhead) and the s.o. smiles and hes like “whoops, shit, I mean–” but the s.o. cuts him off like “mira en el espejo, papi chulo” (look in the mirror, pretty boy) anD AT FIRST HE’S LIKE WHAT ???????? DID THEY JUST ????? but then he just smiles too like u lil shit why didn’t you tell me you spoke spanish ive been translating for you for months


these are six photos in which i look so genuinely happy that they make me smile when i look at them

it’s been a rough week, and if you’re willing, i’d love to see some photos of you that make you feel this way- either post them and tag me in them or submit them to my blog (i can post or not post them, whatever you like). luv ya