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Tony and Peter come back to earth so Tony can introduce Pepper/Rhodey to his and Peters new child.

“Wow! It looks exactly like last time.” says Peter when they are in the living room of the Stark Tower.

“Well since we were here a year ago and nobody else lives here, yeah it does.” grins Tony and Peter sticks his tongue out.

He goes over towards their bedroom and opens the door. They are visiting earth because of their son. Tony said he wanted him to live on earth and space. Kinda like them.

So Rocket flew them here a few minutes ago but will leave again and help the guardians on xander out.

Peter looks at one of the wardrobe doors. The door leads towards a wardrobe bigger than his room is on the milano. Normally the door is a dark brown.

Now it’s a bright green.

“Uh Starlight?” calls Peter and looks at the door. Why the fuck would somebody come in here and paint the door green?

“Yes darling?” asks Tony back and a moment later he enters the room. Their son is still sleeping on his arm. Peter looks at them and smiles. Gosh he loves them so much.

“Your wardrobe door is green.” says Peter then and shows it to Tony.

“What the…” starts Tony and then looks down at his son.

“Heck?” he tries and Peter giggles. Tony tries so hard to be a good father and if you ask Peter he is the best.

“Well open it!” says Tony then and Peter does.

“Fuck.” says Peter and Tony gasps. But then he can see whats behind the door and swears, too.

Its a nursery. And what a wonderful one. There is a cute little crib on their right. A changing table and so many toys.

“Do you like it?” asks Pepper behind them and Peter nearly jumps at that.

Tony turns around to her and Peter can see tears in his eyes.

“I l-love it.” says Tony and sobs. Peter takes his son from him, so Tony can hug Pepper. Peter sees now Rhodey behind Pepper and nods at him. Rhodey smiles back.

Peter has met Pepper and Rhodey a lot in the last years and he really likes them. (He may be a bit afraid of Pepper, but who isn’t?)

“Thank you, Pepper. Its really beautiful.” says Peter when Tony hugs Rhodey and kisses him wetly on the cheek.

“Its nothing. We made it two weeks ago, when we knew you would come home.” answers Rhodey and Pepper nods.

“Well now lets see our godson! I’m still angry at you for not showing us any pictures! I mean he is already 6 months.” says Pepper and Tony steps in front of Peter and his son.

“Uhm wait a minute, please?” says Tony and he takes a big breath.

“What is it?” asks Rhodey and he sounds worried.

“You know uhm… Peter and i are both…man and we can’t give birth to a child.” stutters Tony and Pepper rolls her eyes.

“Yeah no shit.” says Rhodey and Tony glares at him for using a swearword in front of his baby boy.

“Anyway…he isn’t human.” says Tony and looks down. He isn’t embarrassed of his son. He loves him more than the whole world. He would die for him.

But he is afraid that Pepper and Rhodey would look at him weirdly.
He can’t have them look at his son like that.

He remembers that when he was a kid everybody used to stare at him, just because he was famous. And now people would stare at his son…just because he doesn’t look like them.

Its hurts him. But he wouldn’t change a single thing about his son.

“Oh.” says Pepper but she just sounds surprised not disgusted. Peter goes over to her and takes the blanket from his son.

Pepper and Rhodey are silent. Tony wants to take his son back, but then Pepper takes him from Peter.

She snuffles and cuddles him.

“Whats his name?” asks Rhodey and he smiles. Tony can’t believe his luck. They like him.

“Yim.” says Tony and Rhodey nods. Its a mixture out of Jim and Yondu, that Tony made up. Peter loves him so much.

“Hey Yimmy.” says Rhodey now and holds his hand out. Yim grabs a finger and giggles.

“Oh he likes you.” says Pepper and then she is crying happily.

“Everybody likes me.” answers Rhodey easily and Tony laughs.

“He is beautiful.” says Pepper and Peter has to agree.

He doesn’t care that their son has blue skin. He doesn’t care that his son has aerials and purple eyes. He loves him, just the way Tony loves him.

Its their son. Thats the only thing that matters.

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Hello! I'd just like to say I find your art truly beautiful and inspiring! I'm an artist in training and I hope I can get my art as amazing as yours! I might also commission you once you're open for them ;0! (Also I hecking love your flightrising drawings and comics, if that's what you call them, the Wind Singer ones get me every time I look at them xD)

Oh gosh anon thank you so much! <3
Good luck with your artwork, I hope you keep finding lots of inspiration!
(haha windsinger is my favourite boy to draw, he’s such a disaster :’D )


What ultimately kept you on the path to success? A few things: my family, and that hope that one day we could be together again. The arts, and how art was able to transport me. And just realizing that I had value, even though I struggled a lot to see that in myself, to see that I mattered. When I saw other stories like mine, or even just stories of struggle, I would look at them and think, Gosh, you matter, I care about you. It made me feel like I could be cared for as well.

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Heyy pstt Anymore head canons for the first years as a third years for karasuno bc that'd be gr8 Only if you wanna that is

hiii! sorry i don’t really have any right now but these are just a few that i came up with at the top of my head

  • hinata never had to worry about scary bathroom encounters at matches anymore
  • once in their second year, kags went along with hinata on one of the bathroom trips and he almost started a fight with another school (they said karasuno was useless if kags had went to another school)
  • so now all 5 of them go on these trips together with yachi and yams as damage control (they pulled tsukki along because their tol moon can intimidate anyone with a look)
  • when they are third years, nobody dared to approach them to talk shit about karasuno anymore
  • and these trips are mostly trash talking between the other third years from rival schools (especially seijou and date tech)
  • we can all agree that tsukki will be the king of trash talking (like the trash that he is)
  • kags is pretty decent himself and together with tsukki, they annihilate the others (more specifically kindaichi and koganegawa)
  • sakunami, yams, and yachi silently suffers through
  • hinata tried to join in once but stopped after he messing up a simple line 
  • it was supposed to be “our quicks are so fast that your slow minds can’t catch up” and he ended up saying “our quicks are so than your slow”
  • tsukki and kags never let him live it down
  • so now he just sulks in a corner and pouts when it happens
  • and kunimi just hates them all for doing this before every single match 
  • he just wants to pee in peace for once

again, these aren’t great but i hope you like them!!

i am planning on posting on the third year first years in a while that are more specific (like their appearances, positions, traditions etc) so do look out for them!

gosh i sound like one of those youtubers 

can we just talk about adam and jessa

look @ them (possibly) adopting a fish together !!

look @ her smiling at him !!!


remeber when she like just peed in public and yEAH U GO ADAM


oh more cute walky scene before the arrest

walky talky !

look @ them together oh gosh she’s so stylish okay love the dress and the shoes



u gotta admit they cute and that height difference im down for that


grrrr adam grrrrrrrr

ok whats happening here is this relationship on the rocks

aw look @ them theyre so cute togehter