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How would a fusion between Duke and Foxy look?

Well I can’t imagine what kind of insane situation would force them to fuse, but it would certainly be one of the weirder fusion dances in the history of fusion dances.

They would be like…the epitome of the crazy royalty from books.  They’ll literally give you gold ingots for doing them a favor, but would also use those diamond claws to rip your throat out for minor percieved insults???  

They appreciate the finer things in life, like lounging on thrones and driving REALLY FAST and VENGEANCE.

Do not advise, please do not let these two fuse.

((all that gold and the diamonds and rubies took me forever LOOK AT HOW SHINY THIS MOTHERFUCKER IS))

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Spring, 💤 bcs he deserves more attention

OC outfit doodle asks

💤 OC in their sleep attire

i agree anon!! his fashion is a nightmare tho and it drives winter Insane