Guys,,,I know this is a little hard to believe,,,but I actually drew them,,,AGAIN. Please refrain from panicking and escape the area in a civilized manner,,,

I don’t know why I’ve been drawing these two so much??? I think it brought me back to my old cartoon style that I had back a few years ago, and I just like going back to my more childish art style. Kind of a nice change from my usual half anime, half cartoon art style that just looks strange. 

Lance looks like he’s waiting for Keith to laugh at a really terrible joke.

A little fun clothes study using Emilio & Ivan Martinez as reference. Tried to stay away from drawing any more VLD fanart, but NOPE, my brain wasn’t having any of that. I’m well and truly stuck with these dorks.

I’m not a Klance shipper, I like em better in this very platonic bromance but whatever floats your boat is cool.

Edit: Rebumped it with a texture and some cleanup!