Eisuke's Daughter

Eisuke saw to your every craving, no matter how absurd it may have been. “Chocolate ice cream and pickles…” He shuddered at the thought of preparing such a revolting meal. You were six months into your pregnancy. Eisuke had faithfully stayed by your side the whole way. Watching your body slowly change as the baby grew. Whenever you felt miserable or down on yourself he would be right there to cheer you back up and ease your troubles. No matter what, Eisuke was going to see to to it that your pregnancy would be a comfortable one.

It was your first pregnancy, everything was new to you. The first time you felt the baby kick, your whole face lit up. Eisuke was also besides himself as he eagerly placed a hand on the skin of your belly, feeling his child inside of you brought Indescribable pleasure to his face. You both made sure to study up on child rearing and somedays you even found Eisuke looking up stuff for your future child on his laptop. Eisuke wanted to make sure nothing was forgotten, he wanted to do this right and see to it everything was perfect for you and his child. There was times you would get exceptionally moody and even throw stuff at him but Eisuke never once got mad with you, he always dealt with everything calmy, putting your needs first. He didn’t even seem to mind the one time you left him with a lump on his head after you threw a book at his face, of course you felt horrible that you even did such a thing, but your hormones were on the fritz and so there was times you just let it out and Eisuke was always your target of desire, much to his dismay.

You were both over the moon to be soon becoming parents. At first you were both a little uneasy about it after it cropped up so suddenly but now that you both have settled into the idea of having a child, you both wouldn’t want it any other way. Eisuke changed during the course of your pregnancy, he had become a lot sweeter and more open with his feelings, you still received the occasional teasing but he would always end it with a loving kiss. Eisuke made sure to still give you the space you needed when it was required and didn’t stop you from working if that’s what you wished. All he wanted was the best for you and his child.

It always warmed your heart when you found Eisuke gushing about you and his child to the guys, though sometimes it seemed they had enough of his bragging as they watched with disinterest and boredom. You couldn’t blame them, It wasn’t like Eisuke to talk so passionately about someone else and now it just seemed like he was rubbing his happiness in their face. But still, you couldn’t help but smile.

It had definitely been one hell of a ride since you first discovered your pregnancy. You never expected Eisuke to be so sweet about it. Seeing him get so excited over becoming a father made you overjoyed. You couldn’t wait to see him with your child, imagining him looking at his child affectionately like that of a father, it made your heart leap inside your chest. You may have been worried about becoming a mother at first, but now, you couldn’t have been more excited at the idea of becoming a parent and raising a child with your beloved. It appeared Eisuke also shared this feeling at the beginning, but as you both talked and shared in your dreams from the future, he too couldn’t wait to see his child, something you both had a hand in creating. Your child was a part of the both of you and connected you together more deeply than anything else ever could. Created from the bond of your union of love, nothing could be more special than that.

There was days you would crave the most…intriguing food combinations, like the chocolate ice cream and pickles, and Eisuke would always be the one to prepare these meals for you. He didn’t know how you could stomach some of your meals as the mere sight of you eating would make him want to throw up, much to your amusement. Seeing his reactions you just had to tease him, and would try offer him your food but he was always quick to refuse and would hurry to get away.

You both also made sure to regularly take photos to remember your pregnancy by. It was something the two of you would look back on with fond memories even when you are old and grey. Everything has been such a joy, any of the fear you felt at first is now practically nonexistent as Eisuke has seen to it that you were well looked after. You were so grateful to be married to such a wonderful man. In front of others he may come off as arrogant jerk who is full of himself but you knew the real him. Deep down, he was kind and thoughtful, his smile had the power to melt you inside out. No matter how hard you tried, you would never find a man as wonderful as Eisuke. You got to see a side of him that no one else did, it was your special privilege as his loving wife.

You both didn’t care if it was a boy or a girl as long as the child was healthy. No matter the gender, it wouldn’t lessen yours or his love for the child. If there was anything you both had an abundance of, that was love. You two would shower your child in love and affection and always see to their happiness. Though you both knew that one day in the future your child would grow up and start a life of their own, as long as you both succeeded in raising them to adulthood, you would be happy. However, Eisuke did had ideas of his own as a solution to your child leaving, “Let’s have another child. And after that another.” Eisuke wanted to create a large family with you. To see miniature versions of you running around, to watch your children grow up together and be surrounded by one big happy family, it seemed that was what Eisuke wished for.

“Ahh, the baby…it’s coming!” Time seemed to have flown by. Your water had just broke and your birthing pains had begun. Eisuke broke out into a panic, frantically racing around to gather your belongings before leading you out the door and through the hotel before getting to the car. Eisuke raced you to the hospital as fast as he could, you were amazed by just how skillful a driver he was. Eisuke was so focused, despite his speed, he made sure the drive was comfortable for you. You were breathing heavily as you held on to your belly, the time had finally come. It wouldn’t be long before you set your eyes on your child for the first time.

Once at the hospital you were immediately rushed into maternity ward. Your labored screams could be heard throughout the room. Eisuke was allowed to be with you during the birth and stood by your side. Though you were in such an imesurable amount of pain that you started to scream at Eisuke for causing it in the first place. Eisuke could do nothing but watch on helplessly as his wife screamed at him, he looked troubled seeing you in such distress. It only made him more grateful that you were going through so much to bear his child, he was moved with love for you from the bottom of his heart.

Finally, the sound of the babies crying could be heard. You were so relieved, you relaxed on the bed, panting heavily. It was finally all over. The pregnancy was finished and the baby was born. The nurse wrapped your child up in a blanket before carrying it towards you and Eisuke.

You both held our breath in anticipation of what the gender would be, “Congratulations, It’s a girl.” The nurse with a smile on her face held the little bundle out to you. Carefully you took her into your arms, a smile crept over your face at seeing your child for the first time. You were so overwhelmed that you began to cry. Standing besides you, Eisuke gazed down at his child, his eyes shook with emotion, there in your arms was his child… Eisuke could feel all sorts of feelings building up within himself, to see his daughter, his precious child you both loving created, his eyes too grew wet.

Feeling tired, you lifted up the bundle in your arms to Eisuke. He wasn’t sure what to do at first and began to stumble about, but you assured him he’d be just fine, he was her father after all. Eisuke hesitantly took his daughter within his arms. She was so tiny, so soft, he worried he might hold her too tight and crush her. Seeing him look so nervous trying to hold her right warmed your heart. Eisuke couldn’t believe it, his daughter was right there in his arms. He gazed at her fondly, he already felt the need to protect her, his natural fatherly instincts had kicked in. Looking between his daughter and his dear wife, Eisuke truly felt blessed. This was his family, his ever so precious family. He wanted nothing more than to always see to both of your safety, if anything ever stood in the way of that there would be hell to pay. This was only the beginning of many wonderful memories you would share with Eisuke and your firstborn. Seeing the love he held for his daughter in his eyes, you knew there really was nothing to fear. Eisuke was going to make a wonderful father and you a wonderful mother. Your daughter was lucky to have such loving parents. Holding your daughter in his arms, Eisuke bent over and gently kissed you on the forehead, “I love you. Thank you for sharing in this happiness with me and showing me just what true happiness is. I could never have felt this way without you. I really was blessed the day you came into my life. …I’ll never let you go. From here on out we are always together. Together as father, mother and daughter and the many children to come.” You cringed, you couldn’t help but feel a little dread at those words after the exhausting birth you had just gone through. “You are…my family.” Eisuke truly found where he belonged, and that was by your side, you had become the most valuable thing in his life, far greater than all the treasures in the world. No money could ever equal your value for you were priceless and his alone.


whAT’S GOING ONNNNNNN  ┐ ( °__°)┌

I definitely wasn’t planning on turning this into something long (raise your hand if you’re just as surprised) but I had a lot more in my head so why not!
˚✧₊⁎ Please look forward to the next update!! ⁎⁺˳✧༚

Also, I’d like to thank everyone who liked and reblogged and gave feedback (ya I read all your tags nothing escapes me) to the first part! I was so happy that it was so well received ((((VIVA LA ARATOU))) and If it wasn’t for all the support I wouldn’t have gone through with this SO THANK YOU this is all because of YOU GUYS (tears) (tears) I hope you all stick around and give my little brain fart a chance! ♡

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hey!! i am looking for any sports!au stucky fics! hockey specifically, but honestly i'll take anything?? like the idea of them playing sports is just???? yes???

Alright I have a bunch of sport related fics for you!

Fire and Ice

The two hated each other since they first laid eyes on one another. Fought each other every chance they got. Then one is traded to the other’s team. They are expected to get along now. And start to question just what is underneath that so called anger… 

(im not personally a big fan of this one, but it has hockey so give it a try)

I Can’t Take Them On My Own

“So, Barnes, how do you feel today?”

Bucky looked back at the reporter and shrugged, a cocky smile on his lips, gloves tight and secure on his hands, “Well, seeing as who my opponent is I feel confident.”

The reporter raised her eyebrow at him, probably scoffing and calling him an idiot inside her head, “You’re confident you’re going to beat Steve Rogers? Also known as Captain America for keeping his winning streak in the Summer Olympics and being a military veteran?”

“I never said I was gonna beat the guy,” Bucky pointed out, nodding at her, “just that I’m confident I can get a few of my owns wings in before the guy can knock me down.”

(Or: The boxing AU that almost nobody asked for)


The one where American-born, Russian based swimmer Bucky Barnes is Steve Roger’s number one rival for Olympic gold. In whichSteve and Bucky are good friends despite the media’s attempt at rivalry beat up and Steve has a lot of feelings.

Our Safety is in Our Speed

In skating over thin ice our safety is in our speed. -Ralph Waldo Emerson

Bound for the Olympics, a Russian prodigy and an American star; there is nothing they do not have in common.

Figure skating AU

The Stars are Bound to Change

“Russian prodigy,” Sharon chimes in but it seems to crack Bucky’s shell and he actually gives them a small derisive smile. “News lapped it up. American skating for Russia. How devastating and so on, usual crap.” She waves one hand dismissively.

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Do the cop speeding ticket one with gruvia!!

i love requests but writing can be such a pain in the ass sometimes also i missed writing

‘’Juvia where are you?!’’ was the first thing Juvia heard Lucy say to her when she picked up her phone, because Juvia was late for their swimming meet.

‘’I’m on my way! I overslept’’ Juvia answered her while she tried to focus on steering the car with one hand and hold the phone to her ear with the other

‘’You better be here within ten minutes or I swear to god the coach will kill you’’  

‘’I know, I’m almost-’’ Before she could say anything more, she heard the sound of a siren.

She looked up in the mirror as she saw what it was; or rather who it was. She started to slow down and pulled to the side of the road.

‘’Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me’’ Juvia cursed under her breath and prayed to every single god out there that she would end up just fine.


‘’Miss actually’’

She apologized the second she saw him raise his eyebrow. It sure was hot though; he was hot so Juvia didn’t mind. In fact It should be illegal to be that handsome.

‘’Do you know why I stopped you?’’

‘’I’m so sorry officer. This is the first time, I’ve never done this before! I’m just in a fuck- freaking hurry right now and I just- I don’t know if this day could get any worse’’ she banged her her head on the steering wheel.

If she would have looked up at him at that time she would have seen a  smirk appearing on his face as he chuckled.

Juvia heard the sexy as fuck policeman write something down on a little piece of paper as he teared it and handed it to her. It was probably the speeding ticket that she oh so deserved.

‘’Off you go now’’ was the last thing he said before heading back to the police car and Juvia could swear she just saw him wink at her.

As she watched him drive off she read the paper and noticed he hadn’t written down the amount of money she had to pay but instead his phone number.

Call me - Gray.

‘’Gray, huh?’’

Juvia came in time for the swim meet, just barely and by the end of the day she decided it wouldn’t be such a bad idea to give Gray a call as the two of them spent the evening together and as the months and years went by they were the most important people to one another.

sorry this was so bad i can’t i’m so sorry



You had a baby girl before you met Ashton, in fact she was six months when you first bumped into the 6 foot Australian in the super market, searching for the nicest bananas. He immediately took a liking to you and your little Riley, who also took an immediate liking to him so no one was surprised when as soon as she could squeal ‘daddy! I need you!’ That Ashton had to detangle your hand after one last look at the wedding ring on your finger, that he put on only a few months ago

Party Poison Timestamps Part 1

March, 2000

Gerard is three years old, and he’s sitting at the kitchen table, looking up at his mother and father.

“You can do it, honey!” his mother encourages, nudging another empty practice capsule towards him. They’ve been at it for an hour already, a full 60 minutes of Gerard trying and failing to get a pill down his throat. He takes the new one in his tiny hand and pops it into his mouth, exactly the way his mother showed him. He’ll never forget the way his parents beamed at him when he, shocked and proud, announced that he had done it. The next day they went to the physician’s to get his first ever set of prescriptions.

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So this is my SECOND Pertthor T-shirt because the first one was way too big for me, aaaaand this one is kinda too big as well but CBA to get another one. Society 6 were very helpful and didn’t make me pay twice, but it takes a while to have them shipped over so…

On the other hand, Perttu/Thor by larissarivero, so. I’m still happy :D LOOK AT THIS BEAUTIFUL BROODY MOTHERFUCKER <3

Oh, and I have a spare one if anyone fits Society 6′s definition of large? (42 - 44 chest).

Imagine: Them meeting your parents for the first time

Ignazio: Ignazio would intend on being a real crowd pleaser. With all his jokes and chuckles, he wouldn’t want you to notice he is absolutely flipping out about meeting your parents for the first time and is unbearably nervous. However, subtlety has never been his strong point and you can read his nerves like a book. Before walking in to wherever you two are meeting up with the parentals, you turn him to face you, hold one of his hands and place another hand on his cheek. You tell him that he has nothing to be nervous about and that he should just be himself. (Not to mention, he also brought a cake that he had baked specifically for the event.) After your words of assurance, he looks down at you with his puppy eyes and smiles. So now the for the fun part of meeting your parents: you introduce him to your mum first, and he goes “Ciao bella”, giving your mum a kiss on both cheeks before giving her the cake. With your dad, he subconsciously puffs his chest out and with a more “professional (?)” smile, he shakes hands and greets your dad more civilised than you would have expected.

Gianluca:   Ahhh Gianluca. If you thought you had ever seen him humble and shy before, you ain’t seen nothing yet until he has to meet your parents. On the way, he’s constantly checking himself in the mirror (more so than usual), making sure everything is in place and that he is presentable to your parents. Everything he sees is combined with an awkward giggle and you can tell that he can’t get his mind off how he’s going to act in front of your parents. It makes you laugh a little seeing how adorable he is and how focused he was on impressing your parents- and you love him even more for it (if that was possible). “You’re so nervous aren’t you,” you say. He tries to give you a weak smile. “No I’m not,” he replies. “You so are.” The two of you banter as you attempt to lighten his mood.  When you introduce him to your mum, he smiles sweetly, kissing her cheek and handing her the bouquet of pink roses. With your dad, you can feel the awkwardness as Gianluca tries his best to prove he’s the right guy for daddy’s little girl.

Piero:  Piero would be an absolute nervous wreck in the lead up to meeting your parents. He’s very fidgety and very quiet. The way he presses his lips together and looks off to the side whenever you’re not talking just shows how much he is thinking about what he’s going to say to your parents. You gently punch his shoulder. “Smile,” you say cheesily. He takes a deep breath in as he turns around to face you and barely smiles. “Rela-aax. It’s only my parents,” you chirp. “Ha! Yeah easy for you to say,” he answers. “They will love you. Trust me,” you assure. “Will they?” You nod with a massive smile. The smile assures him enough and he leans in to kiss you. You walk in to meet your parents with Piero trailing two steps behind you, with a huge bouquet of light pink and fuchsia daisies and gerberas for your mum and a very good bottle of whiskey for your dad in his hands. You introduce him to your dad first where Piero shakes his hand firmly, and then gives him the bottle of whiskey. They joke about the flowers not being for your dad. And then you introduce him to your mum as he kisses both her cheeks before giving her the flowers. He catches your eye and a smile of relief runs across his face.

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about what????

“I’m thinking about UCLA,” Harry finally breaks the silence.

Louis rolls over onto his side to face Harry, his fringe falling across his forehead into his eyes. He doesn’t bother moving it out of the way, just watches his very still boyfriend. “Why aren’t you looking at me?” Louis asks.

At that Harry finally rolls over and matches Louis’ position, broad shoulders hunched inward as he draws nearer. Harry’s brow is still furrowed, but he touches Louis with nothing but gentleness and love. First he brushes the fringe off of Louis’ forehead and behind his ear in one graceful sweep, and then he traces his fingers down Louis’ bare side until they rest over the dip of his waist.

“I’m scared,” Harry admits, flattening his palm out. His hand is big enough so that the pads of his fingertips rest somewhere short of his spine while his thumb is still rubbing circles into the skin above his hipbone. Louis’ stomach flutters as he waits for him to continue. “Because I don’t want you to think I’m leaving you. I don’t want you to ever believe I could leave you.”

The flutters in Louis’ stomach take a turn from pleasant to anything but and he lets his eyes drop from Harry’s to Harry’s chest.

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Hey I'm sure you've heard this, but gwu is the first major private school to go test-optional! I'm so hype for your school.

yeah! i have mixed feelings about it (as i have mixed feelings about all of GWU in general lol). on one hand, it’s a good move for the purposes of those whose abilities aren’t well-represented by standardized test taking to have a better chance in school, but on the other, it’s by in large another tactic to widen the admissions pool and make GWU look much more exclusive than it is. it’s also a pull to help pull in more money since our school is doing pretty shitty with money rn… so as cool of a move as it is, i’m not fooled for a second into thinking that it’s bc they care about the ableist existence of standardized testing more than they do the money coating their pockets and the promotion of the school’s exclusive image. every policy’s got a cold, capitalist story behind it…

we were buried next to each other.
you find dirt in my hair again.
i find the same in yours. 
the vicious calm of the storm
redistributes my heart;
your heart;
everything in between.
we say more
with what we do not say to each other.
you look at me and all i can feel
in the first touch of sunlight
on my skin
after a long, dark sleep.
i dreamed of meeting you again.
i dreamed of a day
when my eyelids
wouldn’t be so tired.
i dreamed of a day
when my heart would finally feel at home in my chest.
you walk straight into me
like i am your home.
don’t walk away again.
this could help us feel okay one day.
—  the silence; your hands in the same country as mine

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Could you write a blurb about taking baby girl clifford to a 5sos concert for the first time??

Omg Bia this is sooo cute!!! 

Omg okay so baby girl Clifford would probably be about three, because Michael had insisted you wait until she could understand the show or decently understand it and it not hurt her ears for her to come. She’d insist on wearing a band shirt like her daddys, a tutu, leather jacket, and combat boots also like her daddys. Her stuffed bear in hand as she walked through the venue one hand holding onto yours tightly. 

“Mommy where is daddy?” She looked up at you. “Do I get to go on stage too?” She grinned big. 

You laughed. “You have to stand with me side stage and watch daddy perform then after you can see him okay.” You smiled and lead her to where you’d be standing, Michael waving from his spot on stage as the boys got ready to start performing. 

Baby girl Clifford danced along singing the words the best she could ready to see her daddy. “Mommy this is taking too long.” She jerked on your pants leg. “I want daddy.” She pouted and before you could protest she had shot out onto stage and was clinging to Michael’s leg. “Daddy!” She cheered as he picked her up. 

“Princess you can”t be out here.” He laughed and kissed her cheek. “I’ll see you after the show in a few minutes.” 

“No.” She pouted. “I want to stay here please daddy please.” 

“Alright fine.” Michael kissed her cheek, baby girl clifford spending the rest of the show on stage with her daddy and uncles. 

Blurb, preference, imagine requests

IPKKND Rewatch: Episode 095

I’m watching the entire series again (because why not), and since it’s the fourth or fifth time I’m watching it again, I have all these thoughts about how everything ties together. One of my favourite things about this show is how the foundation for everything we see in until Shyam finally leaves is laid out in the first 20 or so episodes. So I’ll be sharing my thoughts about each episode as I watch them, just for fun!

Watch the episode here.

Find all the recaps here.

Episode 95: The newly weds

1. Khushi’s dupatta

A breeze blows the dupatta completely off Khushi and it lands at Arnav’s feet. They stare at each other in surprise before she turns away from him and he averts his eyes. Khushi looks back, one hand covering her exposed stomach and the other nervously clutching her neckline. He returns the dupatta with his gaze averted, and when she takes it, he turns away to give her privacy.

Note: 1) Arnav’s interactions with Khushi’s dupatta track his understanding of her, and in this scene he again shows respect by averting his eyes. 2) The last time Khushi’s dupatta fell at Arnav’s feet was the night they met, where it was used to foreshadow how he could trample her modesty and innocence. This scene dovetails with that one and brings it around full circle - Khushi’s dupatta falls at his feet again, and this time he preserves and protects her modesty.

2. The Dhaba

Khushi and Arnav stop at a dhaba to eat, where they are are mistaken for a recently eloped couple.

Side-note: It’s funny that they’re mistaken for an eloped couple, because they do end up eloping.

Khushi borrows a phone to call her parents, and when bad receptions threatens to disconnect the call, she climbs onto a bench while Arnav looks on. He moves to stand near her in case she falls, noticing everyone staring at Khushi as she shouts into the phone and climbs a table. Arnav orders her down, his possessive and protective instincts kicking in, and Khushi stumbles into his arms.

An eye-lock as her hand wraps around his shoulder instinctively and he holds her close, but Khushi jolts out of the moment when she realises everyone is watching them. She asks him to let her go, insisting despite his protests that he just saved her from falling, so he drops her.

Note: They’re replaying the night they met, first the dupatta, and now Khushi falling into his arms. But everything is happening differently, because Nainital symbolises a new beginning for them.

3. Shashi’s trust in Khushi

Bua-ji and Garima are concerned when they find out that Khushi is in Nainital with Arnav, but Shashi tells everyone not to worry. Filthy!Shyam, who doesn’t like the idea of Khushi alone with Arnav, demands to know why Shashi doesn’t object to Khushi being alone with a ‘strange man’. Shashi’s reply

“Humko apni bityaa pe poora bharosa hai.”    [I trust my daughter completely.]

silences Shyam, but Madhumati takes Shyam’s side.

Note: When Khushi was begging to be allowed to work in Delhi, she promised Shashi that she wouldn’t let him down, and now Shashi’s words reflect that sentiment. But Khushi isn’t able to keep her promise and Shashi’s adamantine trust in her receives a cruel blow when she marries Arnav without familial permission and blessings. Shashi is the first family member to forgive her though.

4. Haq

Khushi happily eats the mountain of food she’s ordered while Arnav watches, and when he admits he doesn’t like chilli-hot food, she sweetly takes out the chillies for him.

The owners of the dhaba want to know the story behind their ‘elopement’, and Khushi accidentally reveals that she siphoned the fuel out of Arnav’s car while she’s telling her story. Before he can get angry, the dhaba-Aunty notices Arnav has a milk moustache and tells Khushi to wipe it off, reminding her that she has a haq as his wife. Reluctantly, Khushi reaches out and does it, he watches her in silence.

Note: There are many ways to track Khushi’s feeling of haq with Arnav, but touching his face is an interesting one. During the Teri Meri dance, Arnav takes Khushi’s hand and runs it over his face - which is not only a sexy dance move, but a manifestation of how he wants her to exercise that haq. When she touches his face during Holi it’s a huge moment for them both. First she’s not even sure if he’ll let her touch his face to apply colour, but under the influence of bhaang she later gives in and holds his face - doing something she’s probably wanted to do for a while.

5. Payal and Akash

Meanwhile, Akash calls Payal to apologise for his mother’s behaviour, but she tearfully ends the call. She disconnects the call without speaking to him when he calls back. Whatever dreams Payal was dreaming about Akash have been shattered by the reality - his family will never accept her. 

Then Akash stands up to his mother, telling her that he’s been silent for too long but it’s enough. When Manorama snidely comments that one can only insult someone who has honour to begin with, Akash raises his voice to his mother, telling her that a person’s worth isn’t determined by their bank balance! 

It’s Anjali, ever the peace-maker, who stops the situation from escalating.

6. Khushi worries about her Laad Governor

When Khushi reveals that she took fuel out of his car so he could spend time with Lavanya, it’s the last straw for Arnav. He tells her to stop interfering in his personal life and stands to leave. Khushi is more concerned about his health than his anger - You haven’t eaten since morning, she reminds him, and you fainted earlier today - but Arnav is too angry, too hurt.

My car stopped because of you, I’m late for the conference, and I’m stuck in this dhaba where everyone thinks that I married you.

Arnav tells her to shut up when she apologises, slamming money down and telling Khushi to find her own way back to Delhi. He tells her to stop worrying about him as she tries to stop him, but when she cites the many reasons why he can’t leave, he’s touched.

You stop thinking when you’re angry! Your phone is dead, your car doesn’t work, there’s a strike, you haven’t eaten since morning. Where will you go? No. I won’t let you leave.

A tiny smile plays on his lips, satisfied that she’s - unwittingly - revealed how much she cares. Will you stop me? he asks, softly, perhaps imagining she will ask nicely, but when Khushi threatens him instead, he turns and leaves.

F2F ☂ Brandon & Ever

Ever tucked the bottle of Macallan 15 under his arm and the two shot glasses in the other hand. Thankfully the moon was bright enough to illuminate the ground and grounds lightly or he’d have been hopeless. As it was he’d found the villas and was now looking from one to the other for someone sitting outside. Or for a rock getting chucked at him. He chuckled at the other man’s response. A good sense of humor was the first thing he looked for in a friend, an acquaintance, a lover, heck the cashier at the check out. This guy obviously had one and he was looking forward to a lively conversation. 


Stiles didn’t fall in love with Lydia in the 7th grade, or the 8th grade, or even the 6th grade

Stiles didn’t fall in love with Lydia once she grew boobs and perfected her makeup routine and began spending a full hour on her hair in the mornings

Stiles didn’t fall in love with Lydia when she first figured out how to wear heels and how to convince boys to worship her with just one look

No, Stiles fell in love with Lydia in the 3rd grade

Stiles fell in love with Lydia before she even knew how to put on armor

Before she was calculating the best way to be perfect

Stiles fell in love with Lydia before she felt like she had to hide how smart she was

Stiles fell in love with 7 year old Lydia, who was genuine, quick witted, and always the first to raise her hand

Stiles fell in love with 7 year old Lydia who didn’t know how to be anyone but herself, kind and open and eager and genius

Stiles fell in love with LYDIA, not the brainless Barbie doll she pretends she is

It’s one thing for the geeky boy to fall in love with the flawless popular girl. It’s another thing for a little kid to fall in love with a girl for who she is, then watch her grow up and become something incredible and untouchable but afraid. It must have been hard, watching her recede into herself, turn to ice.

Have you ever considered that maybe Lydia wasn’t the popular girl because she liked it? Her parents divorced her sophomore year. They must have been fighting for at least 3 years before that

Have you ever considered that Lydia needed to be perfect, she needed to be flawless, she needed to be in complete control of everything at BHHS because her life at home was falling apart around her? Maybe it was more about convincing herself that she was fine, that everything was fine, that she wasn’t gonna let this affect her, than about anything else. Maybe she threw herself into drama at school to distract herself from drama at home. 

Lydia Martin is not a victim. Not of her shitty home life, not of Peter, not of some creepy ass mystical destiny. Lydia Martin is her own woman, in charge of her own life, and she is perfectly capable of running the whole school if she wants to. Parents or no parents.