[TRANS] “Who is this noona?”

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“Who is this noona ㅠㅠ? A kid I don’t know well set this as DP and 4 people in my Kakaotalk also had this as their DP… Even just looking at her backside, she seems to be really pure and pretty ㅠㅠㅠ Is she a celebrity…? I’m normally interested in celebrities but this is the first time I see such a noona… Is she still a trainee? She’s so pretty. Her bob hair is exactly my style, not to mention her hands are so white and she looks fragile, backside goddess… And who’s the guy next to her? I envy him…”

Best reply:

“The one who’s cropped with only eyes left seems to be BTS’ Jimin… And the girl showing her backside only seems to be a guy. It’s likely that it’s another BTS member right? That back looks like a guy’s back… ㅎ”

(OP) A… guy…? ㅠㅁㅠ Thank you

You're Sweet

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Character: Credence Barebone

Prompt: (Specific Request)

A/n: Everyone’s bab has been deprived of affection and he deserves all the love.

One of things Credence liked about being in a relationship with you was that you showed him all the wonderful things from the wizarding world. He always fondly remembered the first time you took him into a wizard library and his surprised look on his face when the books magically placed themselves on the proper shelves when readers were done with them.

You also have a funny story of giving him a chocolate frog for his birthday day and how you to spend a solid hour trying to find it after it sprung from his hands the moment he received it.

Now that it was Christmas, Credence was delighted to watch you put up the tree and string the lights with your wand and the look of amazement in his eyes as you charmed snow to fall from the ceiling, but it never hit the floor.

“This is wonderful.” He said one night, looking up at the enchanted ceiling and smiling.

“They used to decorate the Great Hall with the same enchantment during the holidays, and a few older students always did the same for the common rooms. But it takes a while to perfect.” You explained, handing him a cup of hot chocolate as you sat beside him.

“Mother never decorated the Church for Christmas, we sort of ignore the holiday altogether really.” Credence said, slowly leaning his head to rest on your shoulder.

“Can’t say I’m all that surprised, she never seemed like a pleasant woman.” You said distastefully. While you never had the misfortune of meeting Mary-Lou, you knew all too well that she was a dreadful mother.

He shook his head. “No she really wasn’t, I’d rather spend my days with you anyways.”

A small smile formed on your face as you looked over at him, taking your hand and running it through his hair as you gazed at the decorated fireplace. “That’s very sweet of you to say.”

Credence’s eyes fluttered shut as he enjoyed the affection you were giving him. “It’s true though, I like being around you.”

“I like spending time with you too.” You said, reaching down and placing a short kiss on his temple.

Credence’s eyes opened and he moved his head to look at you. “Would you mind if I kissed you?”

With a small laugh and a shake of your head you leaned your head down and gave him a litte peck on the lips, the smile growing whenever he cheeks flared up and a smile came to his face.

“Merry Christmas.” You told him, ruffling his hair as he place his head back on your shoulder while the smile stuck to his face.

Date Night

Pairing: Jared x reader 

Prompt: the aesthetic below, made by the amazingly talented @thing-you-do-with-that-thing

Words: 2000ish

Warnings: smut (duh!, with that aesthetic), oral (female receiving, anything else? Let me know

A/N: This was written for Kari’s 5 K Celebration. This is my first time writing Jared smut so be nice :p Hope y’all enjoy!

“Do you think Tom cou…?” Jared started his question, but you quickly cut him off with a stern look.

“Babe, it’s date night and rule number one of date night is no talking about the kids,” you smiled sweetly and you gave his hand a squeeze.

“I know, I know. Katie is taking good care of them,” he sighed with a soft grin. “So… how’s this gorgeous woman before me doing? Any man in your life?” You rolled your eyes at your husband’s goofiness but played along with it, having missed the cheeky flirting.

“Well, there is this handsome man, tall and strong, luscious locks,” you summed up. Jared chuckled while he watched you staring dreamy eyed in the distance.

“And who might this strong, tall, Greek like god be?” A sly smirk formed on your lips as you slipped your right foot out of your high heel and rubbed it against his leg as an answer.

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Dating Harry Would Include - 32

Chrismas tree:

- Coming home and finding him in the living room surrounded by Christmas decorations
- His smile widening when he sees you walking between the boxes scattered on the floor
- Stretching out his hand to help you to join him in front of the still empty Christmas tree
- His proud smile while looking at the tree “You like? I chose it myself, wanted the best one for our first Christmas together!”
- Kissing the back of your hand relieved when he see you smile
- His enthousiasme in opening all the boxes to find the light garland
- Your amused sigh when he makes you wear the light garland as a crown
- Blocking you when you try to take it off to be able to give all your face noisy kisses
- Holding the garland above your head to reach the highest branches, kissing your cheek by surprise when you turn your head
- Mocking you because you have to go your tiptoes to reach the top of the tree “You really deserve your name of Little Queen.”
- Taking carefully the decorations from your hands to put them where you can’t reach
- His fingers above yours helping you to hang  a big  garland around the tree
- Kissing your fingertip when you prick your finger with the spines of the fir
- Wanting to decorate the tree right where you are on purpose to pass his arms around your waist
- Taking advantages of his arms around your waist to hold you from behind and kissing the back of your head
- Patting your butt to make you move aside when you stay in his way looking at the tree with concentration
- Raise you by passing his arms around your thighs so that you can place the star at the top of the fir tree
- Sitting on couch and can’t stop smiling while looking at your happy face
- Letting you install the last decorations , nodding with a tender smile when you ask him if the tree looks good
- Opening his arms for you to come sit on his laps when you finally satisfied with your work  "I think we did a pretty good job, didn’t we?“
- Hugging you in kissing your shoulder while he makes you lay your side on his torso
- His lips pressed into your hair while looking at the Christmas tree lighting up the room becoming dark because of the end of day , his arms tightly wrapped around your body

After first contest in Lillehammer
  1. Stoch – the definition of telemark.
  2. 3 ski jumpers on 7th standing after the first serie.
  3. Sucking Fettner – the great come back, guys!
  4. Polish ski jumpers getting mostly 18 points notes from judges. <3
  5. Freitag looking in his FIS pic like Dawid Podsiadło (Polish famous singer).
  6. Noriaki and Prevc performing so bad. :( But on the other hand I hope this season will we less predictable than the last one.
  7. Norwegian fog.
  8. Polish commentator about Andreas Wellinger: ENORMOUS talent!
  9. Young Czech ski jumpers slaying!
  10. Michi doing good job again. Just Austrian thing.
  11. Eisenbichler as a tv celebrity after his fucking good two jumps.
  12. Bickner dsq – no no no! Don’t even dare make this cute pie upset!
  13. Now it’s official. Tande as a leader of team Norway.
  14. Kot 5th again.
  15. Domen – the golden boy. Jumping so long with no sign of fear on his face.

Drawing ears was always one of those features that was relatively easy for me to get right on the first try. Granted, I don’t tend to draw the more detailed cartilage structures without using a reference of some sort, but I could get the basic shape of them without having to really think about it.

Apparently I’ve been drawing so many damn elves that my hands have forgotten what real ears look like.

In a past life we were birds. We were always flying south to be warmer. I do not remember how we got separated, but I remember looking back and you were no longer there. It became cold without you, no matter where we flew.

In our first life we were bees. We made our home in the wrong place and that time, I left first. I don’t know how long you lived without me.

In the life just before this one we were vines, twisting and turning around our favorite trees. We were always too far away to touch, to embrace, to become entwined.

But now, we are human and we no longer know how to love one another. Our hands touch, but we don’t feel a thing. We look at each other, but I am afraid we are too tired to try this again.

I thought we could love each other through infinity, but I was wrong.

Amanda Helm, Becoming Human

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Iruka with a pregnant S/O? Like finding out, during and having the baby and how he is?

Woooo, maybe I went a little overboard with these. I just got really excited writing them because I am a labor and delivery nurse and this is my area of expertise. ~Admin Axel

Iruka Umino With a Pregnant S/O Headcanons

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• When Iruka’s s/o first tells him that they are expecting, Iruka shifts rapidly between being ecstatic and being jittery with nerves. One minute he’s swinging her around and kissing her fiercely, and the next his hands are fisted in his own hair and he looks terrified. It’s almost comical to watch him go through every emotion in the book in the space of a few minutes. If he and his s/o weren’t married, he would resolutely insist that they be married as soon as possible.

• Poor Iruka had no idea about the sometimes violent mood swings that come with pregnancy. The first time he forgot to vacuum the floor like she asked him to do a hundred times, he saw her lift the vacuum cleaner with one hand and hurl it across the living room at him, then promptly burst into tears when the tank came loose and spilled its contents on the floor. Since that day, he always does what she asks him the first time and he tries to avoid her ire by being as helpful as possible.

• He’s way too excited to wait to find out the gender of his baby. As soon as his s/o is far enough along to correctly tell the gender, he’d be pleading with his s/o to make an appointment and tell him that date so he can find a substitute for his class at the academy for that day. He then pestered Genma into taking over so he knew for sure he wouldn’t miss the appointment.

• As soon as he found out the gender, he’d start buying things the baby needs. Every day, he comes home with clothes, blankets, toys, bottles, or diapers because he stops by the store on the way home and can’t seem to resist buying things for his baby. The parents of Iruka’s students also heard about his impending fatherhood, and they send baby gifts to school with their children to give to Iruka. Within a month, he and his s/o had run out of room in the baby’s room to store all of the baby stuff.

• As the due date approaches, he gets more and more excited while his s/o starts getting nervous. It can be a little irritating when he won’t stop talking about the Big Day and all his s/o wants to do is not think about it for an hour to calm her frazzled nerves. On the other hand his excitement can be contagious, and it really is fun to guess whose features baby will inherit.

• In the last leg of his s/o’s pregnancy, he meticulously packs a hospital bag for his s/o, himself and their baby with everything they could possibly need for their brief hospital stay after the birth. Not that it matters, because when his s/o goes into labor he flies into a panic and forgets every single one of them in his rush to get her to the hospital so she can safely deliver their child.

• Iruka is a champ when it comes to helping his s/o through labor. He sits behind her in the hospital bed when her contractions get painful and firmly presses into the small of her back to alleviate some of the pressure building there. He also brings her water to sip on when her mouth starts getting dry, and never utters a single complaint when she grips his hand too tightly. Instead, he focuses on encouraging her and helping her focus on breathing through the worst of her contractions.

• When it’s showtime and baby is ready to come out, Iruka takes an active role in helping his s/o. He holds her leg and pushes it to her chest so she can bear down and in spite of all the blood and fluids, he doesn’t look away from the second the baby starts crowning. He told himself that he wouldn’t, but he couldn’t stop himself from tearing up right alongside his s/o when he hears their baby cry for the first time. When the nurses hand the baby over to his s/o, he kisses both mom and baby and tells them how much he loves them and how proud he is of his new little family.

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Pizza was a simple go to for a first date. He hadn’t had pizza in a long time. For one it was his favorite food, and for another, Nico was Italian, so… pizza was good right? 

Nico ran a hand through his messy hair and sat down across from him, looking at him with incredibly bright brown eyes. “I like pepperoni,” he offered. Will smiled and ordered their pizza. 

They talked back and forth about nothing in particular, mainly classes and television shows, before their pizza showed up. Will dug in his pocket for his mini Cholula sauce and began dousing his pizza. 

“What the hell are you doing?” Nico asked, frozen in shock and confusion. “Where did you get that? What is that? What are you doing?” 

Will looked at his small bottle. “It’s Cholula sauce. You can put it on a bunch of stuff, really,” he said. Nico raised an eyebrow and stared at the pizza in shock. “It’s a Texas thing,” Will laughed. 


The first picture was day one when I set up the aquarium. The second is what it looks like the day I added the three girls to the tank. Names are still pending… But trying my hand at this betta sorority thing. ;D

So far, for the most part, they’re all doing pretty well. I think it helps that they’re all still babies..

Prodigal Child

The second of my four contributions to this year’s Black Library Advent Calendar, “Prodigal”, is now available to download, if you’re looking for something to read. It’s a Fabius Bile story, and something of a prequel to Fabius Bile: Primogenitor, though you don’t need to read one to enjoy the other.

From the blurb:

When Fabius Bile is attacked by daemons aboard his frigate Vesalius, he is surprised to be rescued by an old friend, one of his very first experiments. It has ever been the Apothecary’s desire to improve mankind, to render them hardy enough to endure in a galaxy of pain and war. Such desires have often led to abominations created by Bile’s own hand, and enemies too numerous to list. This creation, Melusine, though ostensibly an ally, bears a cryptic message, one that could bode ill or well for her Progenitor…

“Prodigal”, like the other Fabius Bile short stories, “A Memory of Tharsis” and “The Howling Ship”, explores a throwaway line from Primogenitor. Too, like “A Memory of Tharsis”, it’s a more introspective piece, with Fabius ruminating on his life and work, as well as the nature of his quest, when he is reunited with one of his creations, long thought lost to the vagaries of Eyespace.

Anyway, “Prodigal” is available to download from Black Library. And be sure to check out the rest of this year’s Advent offerings, including “Road of Blades”.

Shipping Questions, Pt. V (Holiday Edition)

Part I | Part II | Part III | Part IV 

Which half of your OTP:

  • chooses the decorations (and which one does most of the work putting them up)
  • makes up the holiday menu
  • gets caught singing “Baby, it’s Cold Outside” in the shower
  • wants to take the perfect holiday photo
  • wants to go downtown, look at the decorations, and window shop
  • prefers to stay in and snuggle by the fireplace 
  • puts up the mistletoe (and which one tries to catch the other under it more)
  • buys the ridiculous fluffy socks
  • worries more about buying the perfect gift for the other
  • is better at buying gifts
  • is better at gift wrapping 
  • holds the other’s hands to warm them up faster 
  • has a particular Christmas/holiday special they insist on watching each year
  • tells the other they love them first on Christmas morning

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I've been watching Ghost Adventures lately and since I trust you a lot more, how much of it do you think is legitimate? I feel really skeptical because they seem to dramatize it so much

First of all, I lovvvve Ghost Adventures, it’s easily one of the top ghost shows on TV right now.

Second, they’ve admitted to faking some EVPs and activity because they go to some places and nothing really happens, and Travel Channel can’t afford to have a boring episode. It’s bad for the show and looks bad for the place they’re investigating. 

Third, I now have first hand experience with how they straight up lie about not just historical facts, but some of Zac’s wilder encounters with spirits.

And just remember that funny feelings or suddenly feeling an emotion doesn’t count as paranormal activity. 

That being said, I feel that they’ve still captured some truly compelling evidence, especially with all the fun doodads they use. I adore those guys and when they’re in San Francisco again I hope to bump into them.

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- my favorite pokemon of that type

Mimikyu hands down. My Mimikyu is a good boy that does his best and I love him lumpy fake head and all!

- my second favorite pokemon of that type

Gardevoir like the first time I saw them in Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald I just knew I had to have one. (this was a close tie with Primarina too)

- the cutest pokemon of that type

Its gotta be Togepi i mean lookit this tiny egg thing that can destroy everyone how can you not say togepi is cute

- the most stupid or dumb (looking) pokemon of that type

Idk this one is hard cuz the fairy-types all look neato but Aromatisse has got to be my least fav. It’s hard to describe why. (also tied with Klefki)

Send me a Pokemon Type!

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Hello hello I LOVE your fic! it's magnificent and delicious and each one brightens my day. I wondered if you could help me find a Berena fic I remember with a description of their first kiss, talks about Serena ending up in Bernie's lap & how B 'would have tried to put her hand up S's blouse if they weren't wearing scrubs', and afterwards their eyes being wild even though their pulses are back to normal. Is it one of yours? Do you recognise whose it might be? Thank you & best wishes!!

hello friend! i do know that fic, it’s one of mine. 

it’s from my prompt collection, all i know is we said hello and your eyes looked like coming home, and it’s from remember when you hit the breaks to soon? which is the third part. 

thanks for reading my fic. I AM still working on prompts, btw, i just got super sick for awhile and the latest one is just getting ridiculously long, idk. excuses, excuses. 

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After Looking At A Few Posts I Got To Thinking...

Why aren’t stable AU’s more of a thing? I personally love the idea of my OTP (or yours no judging on this blog plz and thank you) falling in love over a competition for their horses, or maybe one inheriting a distant relatives stable and the other getting over their fear of horses through helping them. And so, I have some random fic starters for my most amazing authors!

I have my first giant competition coming up and I’m freaking out but my horse is worse and so I’m taking him/her to another stable for a bit- WHOA THAT STABLE HAND IS HOOOOT!!!

Our parents both have stables next to each other in property and they’ve been bitter enemies since like 1980 something and we never saw each other at all somehow and then I looked over the fence one day and now I’m intrigued?

You came here to work a summer job and we really hit it off and time flew by and now you need to leave because your fiancé is in hospital and I want to help but I don’t know how.

I just got a new horse right after my other one was sold right under my nose and I’m really sad so I came here to board it- HEY WAIT IS THAT MY HORSE!?

One of my friends bet me 200 bucks that I could steal a horse from your stable without getting caught but I did and you have a shotgun oh great please don’t kill me!

You never had the chance to see a horse because you grew up in the city but your grandfather just got ill and so your taking over the farm while he gets better do you need some tips?

I got injured on a trail ride but all I care about is if my horse is ok or if he/she fell off the cliff too and you teach me self worth over the course of being my stay home care-taker.

I hope that you all use these prompts to the best of their ability! Have fuuuuun~

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What do the boys do on Megrim's birthday?

Megumi: I kind of ended up getting two parties since I’m friends with both families, but they also can’t stand each other. 

Megumi: Last year, Ayato pulled a prank where the cake exploded when it was cut… 

Ayato: The look on Tableware Otaku’s face! HA!

Megumi: (Reiji-san’s face was really scary!)

Reiji: It wasn’t amusing in the slightest, Ayato.

Shu: It would have been more amusing if it wasn’t so noisy.


Megumi: (Kanato cried until Reiji remade the cake…)

Laito: And I offered to give Bitch-chan a birthday kiss, nfu~♥

Megumi: Which I politely declined…

Subaru: No one wants your creepy lips on them!!

Megumi: (And Subaru smashed what was left of the first cake…)

Megumi: On the other hand, the Mukami’s each had their own little ways of celebrating! Ruki also made a cake…

Ruki: Which I’m sure was much better than the Sakamaki’s cake.

Megumi: (I have to give it points for not exploding.)

Megumi: Azusa made a really good attempt at braiding my hair.

Azusa: Did Meg-san… enjoy it?

Megumi: Yes, I did Azusa! It looked lovely in the end!

Kou: M-neko-chan and I went shopping! …because Yuma always destroys all your nice clothes.

Megumi: Oh yes! And as for Yuma-

Yuma: I pinned her to the wall and-

Megumi: Okay! I think they get the idea! (But there were plenty of cuddles afterwards~♥)