newtina thoughts #4

are you ready kids

  • I’m in love with the way newt looks at her
  • not just at her, but INTO her
  • sharp, intense, definitely thinking a lot more than he says
    • seeing a lot more than he implies?
  • he’s definitely drawn to her
  • and i love how big a part of his journey tina is? like technically he gets off the boat and the first place he goes to he bumps into tina
    • like literally, she’s eating a hot dog, how american
  • and he just gets her from the get go like
  • when newt and tina track the niffler to jacob’s apartment
  • and newt gets there first and fixes it and sits on the bed with his trunk on his lap
  • and then he laughs a little when tina asks if the niffler got loose again
  • like he finds it absolutely amusing 
  • but he knows she won’t approve so he just. fixes stuff and minimizes damanges. like a dork
Soothes the Soul

You know, that scene where Granny brings Belle the tea still “bothers” me. She gives Belle the tea and looks at and addresses Emma as she does so. She never looks at Belle. To the point that Emma is the one to thank her for the tea. And even Hook feels the need to offer a reply, I think, since he’s right next to Emma.

And Granny’s actions make me think that’s actually the Evil Queen. The Queen rarely stares at Emma or reacts to Emma in a real way when she’s herself, but if I’m right, then it means that’s the second time we’ve seen a real reaction to Emma from her glamoured as someone else. Her reaction to Emma’s death vision as Archie where she/he looks nearly in tears being the first.

And I love this scene given that everyone who doesn’t love Swan Queen always uses the argument that Regina is “Emma’s stepgrandmother” as a reason for it. And the thought that the writers might be poking fun at that is awesome to me.

Not to mention that the Queen actually called Regina a “weak tea version” of herself in 6x08. An episode we also see Granny in for no real reason. They could have chosen anyone, for that mirror scene, but they chose Granny.  Then Granny serves Belle tea that soothes the soul, while staring at Emma. :D.

I don’t believe in coincidences.

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Garry Gustin's hand on Cairis Patton's ass is giving me life. I can't stop smiling. And I'm reading that he moved in with LAT. I'm going to hell in a handbasket because I don't believe he really cares for that girl. He is fooling himself. He doesn't look at her the way he looks at his tv gf. That's going to become a problem.

I’m still not over it. Like he didn’t have to do all of THAT, but I appreciate it. It gave the characters this other layer of intimacy. It was hot, tbh. I’m still looking at him sideways. I definitely think he was taking advantage of playing the character if you know what I mean… both of them did lmao. Yea idk what’s going on with him and his gf, all I know is that their over exposure is extra as hell and she better be confident enough to deal with him making out with his costar for seasons to come.

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Isn't the last shot of the film proof of Rey Skywalker because the way Luke looks at her?

Haha, no. Wait, is that actually considered evidence for that theory? lol.

 He looks at her and his emotion comes at the sight of seeing his saber for the first time, not her.

In the script it even says Rey is trying to give him the saber as “an offer. A plea. The galaxy’s only hope.” 

it continues to say “amazed and conflicted at what he sees…the promise of an adventure, just beginning…”

He’s conflicted about coming out of hiding. IF Luke was really her father, that would make him the biggest dirtbag ever for not searching for her. Not fully embracing her or being thankful at her presence. What we see in the film is the opposite. And remember Rian released that sneak peek of episode VIII, which was a continuation of the scene in VII:


Does that look like a daughter-father reunion to you? Does that look like the face of a man that wants to be bothered?

Why do some people overlook the actual canon fact that Leia and Han didn’t know of Rey’s existence prior to when they met in TFA? Or that Rey thought Luke was a myth? Or what Maz said to her in the castle? And JJ already said Rey and Kylo never met before either. Do you honestly take Luke as a one-night stand kind of guy?

Rey Skywalker is a friggin zombie at this point, the way it keeps coming back even though it’s already been dead, i swear.

Honorable and Beloved Knight (Suzalulu Week Day 3: “I missed the last bus”)

Author’s Note: More of the single parent AU (Part I - Part II)


Lelouch looked up as Alexandra popped up from the floor where she had been lying down. He leaned back in his chair, breathing a sigh of relief when he saw his knight leaning in the doorway. The relief was dampened somewhat by the fact that Suzaku looked less like he was leaning in the doorway but using it as support. Lelouch glanced over at C.C, taking in the way that she narrowed her eyes as he stood up.

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kumi-kuwata  asked:

Kumi is standing alone at the school dance, no one around looking even interested into talking with her, from a distance you could tell she was crying

Chihiro was making his way through the crowded hoards of high school students; some were dancing, and some were just talking with their friends. He himself though had two left feet, and didn’t have any friends that seemed to be around like they promised they would. It’s ok, he thought. They weren’t party people anyway. 

He finally found a gap on the outskirts of the dance floor, where he could finally sit down and breathe. He looked down the side of the wall, to see someone sobbing into her hands, sniffling loudly. He wasn’t sure, but he could hear not just her heart, but his own heart breaking. He shyly approached her, to find out it was the SHSL DJ herself, Kumi Kuwata– Leon’s sister.
Chihiro was scared of what was going to happen, but nonetheless, put on the best smile he could.

“Kuwata-chan? Are you ok?” He almost had a certain whine to his voice. His fear could clearly not be hidden.

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That dude in the car with Gillian is Andrew O'Hagan and he is so cute. He always looks at Gillian that way. I guess his wife has accepted it a long time ago. Who can blame him though 😂

Oh don’t blame him I think 99% of us would have the same look on their faces if we would get as lucky as going with her to an event 😂

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Jemma and Will please

send me a pairing and I’ll write a one to five sentence fic for each


“Sometimes,” he says, taking his turn at confessing deep dark secrets, “I watch you.”

After a moment or two of enjoying the way his hand trails up and down her bare side, she realizes he doesn’t plan on following that up with anything. “And?”

“Inappropriately,” he adds, “when you’re not looking.”

She rolls her eyes and kisses him because sometimes he’s just too adorable. “Just because I’m not looking doesn’t mean I don’t know.” And how could she not, when every glance since their first meeting, no matter how innocent, has left her skin tingling?


‘Who suffered a wardrobe malfunction during the 2004 Super Bowl halftime-show?’” Simmons reads. “What is this?”

Phil snatches the paper out of her hand. “This is Daniels’ next history test. No cheating and giving him the answers, he’s got a lot to catch up on.”

He locks it away in one of his drawers where hopefully nosey scientists won’t find it and, before he can turn back around, finds himself the recipient of a very tight hug around the back.

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is the whole school aware that Jason is in love with Piper omfg

he’s not subtle at all, honestly. piper/jason in this au would be so competitive, even if they’re best friends. they’d drive their respective housemates/friends up the wall with their typical gryffindor vs slytherin-level competitiveness and unload all of that onto the quidditch pitch when their teams played against each other. at some point jason stops caring about one upping her and just ? is so wowed by her? so wowed. she’s a fantastic quidditch player and super fucking talented at charms and is twice as gutsy as any gryffindor he knows

by like…….3rd year he’s traded the ‘fite me mclean’ look for this kind of bewildered ‘oh merlin, she’s. she’s really cool’ look which is mostly just him looking vaguely punch drunk

then by 5th year it’s very obvious jason doesn’t quite look at other ppl the way he does piper and jason himself is busy being a prefect and trying to catch piper at her pranks. sometimes they will Collaborate to get back at a bully and sass the shit out of each other on the pitch but it’s less binch im better than you and more flirty sass, u feel??? jason goes between smirking at her and turning into a blushing mess bc of her and barely hiding the admiring looks whenever she Does Something Big ( dude has most definitely flown into something/walked into a wall staring at her lbfr here )

by 6th year he’s fucked, the whole fucking school probably knows bc he’s at that stage where he flirts w/ her without realising he’s flirting, he just thinks it’s being friendly, and gets kinda mopey when she starts seeing someone else, and still hasn’t learned how to Not make the Raw Me face whenever she’s on the pitch and playing against him  



"As long as I am breathing, it's not over."


Real Life Opt Martin & Amanda

“I was at home one day when a package from Martin arrived. He sent me a beautiful bracelet and ring with a note saying he hoped it would cheer me up. How wonderful is that? I’m lucky to be with someone as romantic now as he was when we met 12 years ago.”