Imagine going to prom with Calvin

You walk down the steps to hear a knock on the door. You were planning to just stay at home and order pizza on the night of your high school prom. Party’s were never your thing and you felt it would be better to just sit at home in a blanket and watch movies all night.

That was until with a puzzled look on your face you walked up to the door and opened it to see a tall figure standing there. Looking up you saw the smiling face of Calvin who had been your crush since the first year you got into high school. He was wearing black skinny jeans with a shirt that was un-tucked on the side along with a bow tie on. He was hardly dressed for a wedding but your jaw literally dropped at the sight.

“Hey (Y/N), I know it’s a little late but uh…would you come with me to prom?”

You could hear his voice being unsteady as he rubbed the back of his neck and couldn’t make eye contact. You could see a slight tint of red on his cheeks as you thought about what was actually happening. You looked down to see what you were wearing. It was a baggy t-shirt with some shorts and your hair was a mess. You didn’t know what to say or do as he looked to you and gave a hint of a smile.

“B-But I-I-”

You say stuttering for words however all of a sudden you feel a warmth on your lips. You didn’t exactly know what was happening but closed your eyes and sunk into the kiss. It felt like something in the movies. Pulling back Calvin looked down to you, his cheeks completely red.

“(Y/N) from the moment I saw you I knew I wanted to be with you. You may think you look a mess but to me you look like the most gorgeous person on this entire planet. Please, all I ask for you is to take my hand and come with me. After maybe putting something a little more suitable on”

He said with a giggle as you take him by both of his hands to pull him down to quickly give him a kiss on the cheek and then run upstairs to get ready with the hugest and most goofiest smile on your face.

#34 In the Life of T and J - “Hughes”


Also I forgot the lines in her hair on yesterdays comic.  We’re all going to use the power of imagination to fill in that little gap.   Sound good?

My 14 year old niece was randomly staying the night with us and so I decided to put on a bunch of scary movies (Paranormal Activity and The Blair Witch Project) and it looks like she’ll be bunking with me and the lights will be staying on tonight.  LOL  We just finished The Sweetest Thing (one of my acting teachers is in it briefly!) and I FORGOT HOW ADULT THAT MOVIE WAS!!!  But I also want to spontaneously break into song in the middle of restaurants now so there’s that.

TAGATHA WEDDING HEADCANONS (at the reception pt. 1)

[major kudos to @everssball for giving me her input on what would totally happen at the tagatha wedding]

[you can find the rest of my tagatha wedding headcanons here]

note: most of this was written before the ever never handbook came out and may not reflect the ruined character development that took place therein

- dot and red riding hood bond for a while over desserts and debating who was the best looking guest (it was a tie between one of the groomsmen or Hort)

- reaper looks surprisingly cute in the little bow sophie forced him into (though during the changing process the hairless cat threatened to slice Sophie’s finger off for more than one time)

- hort was flattered and mildy uncomfortable over the number of people who approached him at the reception (“are you sure you’re a Never, my dear? they sure built you’re kind differently in my days” “yes ma’am and i think one of the bridesmaids is calling me so i better go now *sprints*)

- tedros and agatha are approached by a number of fairy tale veterans over how beautiful the whole event was but they just take it in stride cause they know sophie was basically behind everything

- tedros and agatha slice the wedding cake (which was chocolate-flavored to the delight of dot) and of course they smash their slices against each other’s faces (tedros was the first to receive the sweet treatment though)

- agatha still feeling emotional from the significance of this day thinks about the other guests they’d have given the world to invite … stefan and a his family (including her technically half-brother adam and jacob)… all the people who died in the Good-Evil War, Boy-Girl War, Old-New War (including nicholas, tristan/yara, august sader)…maybe even her birth mother vanessa who’d definitely benefit from a little more love in her life…and most of all, the woman who raised her and did her best to ensure a fairy tale ending for her daughter… Callis [brb SOBBING VIOLENTLY]

- tedros notices that agatha’s really deep in thought and just holds onto her so when she feels like joining them again she’ll have a  shoulder to lean her head on

- tedros may or may not also be thinking of his own father who tried to force true love where it didn’t belong and let paranoia and anger control his life

- guinevere, lancelot and merlin generally chatting with each other and also mingling with the guests and staring at the general direction of where the newly-wedded couple is and in delight of how what true love really looks like and what wonders it can create if you’re just brave enough to face 

 - they may or may not also be thinking of a best friend of theirs who they wished could’ve seen the genuine happiness and sincere contentment on his son’s face

- tedros and agatha have their first dance as a wedding couple [OH MY FEELS AHHH]

- while dancing tedros and agatha stare into each other’s eyes and later tedros makes a joke on how agatha doesn’t look like she’s going to faint anytime soon (agatha steps on his toes - fiercely, i may add - to put him in his place)
- in actuality she’d been taking dancing lessons in secret to prepare for this moment because since she didn’t know what disaste may occur at the wedding (which was to be expected with the nature of their guest list) she could give tedros a flawless first dance at least
- agatha’s rash appears while she was thinking over how despite tedros being of bigger built than her he was still quite graceful as they moved across the floor - taking care to ensure that agatha doesn’t have a hard time in the shoes sophie “recommended" her to wear - which made her wonder if he was just as confident on the dance floor as he is in other things [WHAT DID I JUST WRITE]

- agatha’s rash appearing at this somewhat solemn moment piques tedros’ curiosity - like he knew that that beautiful red colour only appeared when agatha was thinking or feeling some pretty strong emotions (“agatha, are you ok? what exactly are you thinking about right now, love?” “w-what? nothing! “I’m thinking of nothing! it’s just getting a bit harder to move in this outfit…”)
- of course tedros nows pay [too much] attention to agatha’s wedding dress (he makes mental reminder to thank sophie again)
- “well i don’t have to feel guilty anymore since’s we’re already man and wife married for the love of Good  in front of we’rE MARRIED NOW THAT MEANS-“ “tedros are you ok?” “uhmm yes my queen” “you’re still looking a little flushed, though”

- though the rest of the school staff couldn’t attend the wedding of the century - dovey, anemone, etc. - they sent their well wishes to the couple and reminded sophie to take care of the students (“HONESTLY DOVEY WE HAVE BEEN WORKING TOGETHER FOR QUITE A WHILE NOW I’D APPRECIATE A BIT MORE TRUST FROM YOU”)

- the camelot folk portion of the guest list is flabbergasted at the sight of Nevers celebrating the wedding of the new monarchs of one of Good’s greatest kingdoms but they decided not to say anything because they don’t want to incur anyone’s wrath (read: sophie)

- a few brave ones - who may have been a bit tipsy - dare ask, but the Nevers they inquire are pretty chill with their answers (“who says no to free food?” “don’t worry, we’re not up to anything bad… anything too bad at least” “our Dean’s here with us and she’d have us become potted plants by the end of the hear if we ruin her best friend’s wedding so you can relax”)

- agatha finally gets tired of wearing the high heels sophie practically pushed her into and changes into her comfy clumps midway to the reception (with some gentle nudging from her husband)


                   He wasn’t one accept these sort of things but she had been far too forward about it all. The blonde girl telling him it was about time he meet someone or that he at least try a date to see how it goes, making sure that he’s even capable of having one at all. So, here he was, sitting at a table in a rather calm but upscale looking place. His tie adjusted and water sipped while he waited. Only when he saw Rina enter did he finally seem to react to it all. Eyes went wide and he immediately stood from his seat, returning the little wave before pausing. Was this what was happening? Or did she have someone else she was meeting? His curiosity lead him to walk over towards her, bowing his head a little. “It’s odd to see you here. I don’t want to impose if you have plans but it felt rude seeing you and not saying hello.”

| Open |

Alan stood in front of a golden, wall mounted mirror. His fingers interweaving with the fabric of his tie in an effort to get it right. Usually he had no difficulty with it, but today he struggled as his eyes caught sight of the reflection of himself on the glass. In this moment he looked so like his dearly departed father, abet a little younger.

Alan sighed softly and wondered how his father would’ve reacted to his career as a doctor. Would he he stand in disgrace or take a bow?

Alan continued to fluster over his tie as he pondered the questions, unaware that someone was watching him from afar.


In about 2 weeks or so a family friend is getting married to her long time boyfriend. Which I am very excited for..I love weddings & I love getting dressed up because I don’t do it often. Brittney is my date obviously & man is she going to look so beautiful…I chose the colors yellow & grey…we are going dress clothes shopping I do believe this coming up week sometime. I gotta get everything…dress shirt, dress pants, dress shoes, dress socks, a vest & either a tie or bow tie not so sure yet. I’m gonna try my hardest to find a little more fitting dress clothes. I’m not into having my clothes kinda tight on me just yet because of binder rules I have for myself. All in all I’m very excited & happy :)

oupaquespace  asked:

"Benny! I've missed ya doll!~ How's work been?"

“Clori!” Ben shot a lopsided grin to the Inkie woman, wringing his gloved hands together in excitement. He still couldn’t believe he popped the question to her at last!

He opened his mouth to say something, but a tiny little voice piped in, interrupting:

“Howdy, Clori! Nice day ain’t it?”

Ben scowled as he looked down at his chest. Just as he thought, his bow tie had come to life and was looking at Clorica with a goofy grin. The Inkie fumbled with the tie until it went back to normal. At least for now.

“Not as good as it could’ve been with my lab assistant, heh,” He scratched the back of his head and smiled sheepishly, his cheeks turning a darker grey, “Got you a little something on my trip, though!”

Being well-dressed.

He’s all knee bounce and heel taps because he’s anxious. Not because they’re eighteen minutes late; the world runs on Standard Saint Time when they’re around. Something to do with a little bit of fear and a lotta bit of money. Nobody would start a movie that the Saints starred in without…well, the Saints being there to watch it. Especially the first time. His Adam’s apple scrapes the tightness of his collar, leashed together by a preppy little bow tie that makes him look halfway to Ivy League handsome. The room smells of shrimp appetizers and money. When he cracks his knuckles, their joints rip aloud and obnoxious. He’s anxious, remember? But mostly bothered. By people and cameras, and people with cameras, and their microphones, and the possibility of things going wrong amid the questions and the lights while PR texts them prompts on where to be and when to be it- but the Boss sends texts one letter per century, so his phone has been on vibrate since two hours ago. And believe you me that even with a bacon wrapped shrimp juicing between his jaw, he’d rather be home, smashing that melee trigger on Zombie Uprising like it put out on the third date. Shaundi shows up twenty minutes later, parting the premiere venue crowd like she’s leading the Jews out of Egypt by the staff, except all gowned down and the pampered sort. And he knew it was her because the room puckered up with that $1,590 scent ($1,750.40 if you include tax). With those heels on, you can hear her galloping through anywhere. Clck, clck, clck, clck. She trots with experience and poise and the fatness of her bank accounts, charming her way through the media circus, then towards him. He, who shoves an alien waiter out of his way, meets her halfway through. The mascot trips into a Gangstas in Space banner, knocking down a nearby setup of finger foods and Spacesuit Gat bobbleheads. The phone vibrates again. He ignores it. “Well you look snazzy.”

“Ready t’go in? The longer I stay out here the greater the chance that someone in PR’s havin’ a stroke. I got a weird feelin’ they don’t like me rubbin’ elbows with the public very much.”