Reylo Attending the A.I. Gala

In honor of Oscar night, have a little fancy dressed-up Reylo!

Kylo Ren is dressed sharply in a tailored Burberry navy blue suit; a textured wool jacket with elegant black satin lapels, simple white shirt, black bow tie and black lace shoes completing his look.

Rey is wearing a stunning Zuhair Murad burgundy chiffon gown with a plunging neckline and thigh-high slit; a Salvatore Ferragamo gold clutch and Christian Louboutin heels complete her outfit.

Thank you so much to the talented @auroralynne for doing this commissioned work for me. It’s so beautiful!!! :D 

This is taken from a scene that occurs in Chapter 9 of The Escort. If you wish to read this modern AU Reylo fic you can do so on AO3 or FF.net 

A (not so) short summary of my obsession with lil cinnamon roll aka Newt Scamander

Okay so look

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He was literally beING ARREsted and he’s grinning because he’s so CUTE

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(also that niffler’s pretty adorable)

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cute but subtle ways to dress little!
  • PATTERNED SOCKS!! Whether they’re cute animals, or little drawings, or just pretty colours, they’re bound to make you feel little! No-one will notice them unless you pull them up high.
  • Overalls! Wear them over t shirts, sweaters, anything! They’re actually pretty fashionable at the moment, and they work for all genders :)
  • Headbands and bows! I’m in love with headbands right now - I have a collection of adorable headbands, some of them are plain, but some have little bows and flowers, 10/10 would recommend. Also, hair clips and barrettes are awesome!
  • Ribbons! You could tie them into your hair, around your braids or ponytails, or even into your braids - it looks super cool! And there are bAJILLIONS of colours and designs, you can get them from dollarama for basically no money! 
  • Some more things you can do with ribbons: tie them around your wrist to make a cute bracelet! You can also replace your shoelaces with your favourite ribbons to spice them up a little.
  • LOTS OF COLOURS! Just mix and match, throw in the entire rainbow into your outfit if you wanna!
  • Hairstyles: if you have long hair, you can try out fun things like pigtails and braids!
  • If you shop online or go to places like gap kids, you can find kiddie clothes that are big enough to fit you! You can find things like cuddly shirts or sweaters with bright colours and cute drawings, or character t-shirts, and it’ll just look cute, not necessarily kiddy!
  • Cute little accessories! For example, I have some cute ear muffs for the winter that are super fluffy and have little panda bear faces on them! You can get gloves and earbuds like this too!
  • Funky tights! i have some rainbow striped ones that i always wear with skirts and it makes me feel super little! You can get ones with patters and stars and hearts and designs that look amazing! You can also do this with leggings.
  • Sparkly nail polish! 
  • Heelies or light up sneakers, if you wanna!
  • Do you remember sillybands? Well you can still get them online for barely any money, and they look so cute! When you’re wearing them, they just look like colourful elastic bands, so it’s not super obvious
  • if you’re carrying a bag with you, decorate it with stickers and buttons and keychains! You can make it all pretty and jingly :)

I hope you find these helpful!! I’ll be posting similar posts this week :)

- Evie

Science Nerd [a E2!Barry Allen imagine]

Request: But if it’s an E2! Barry request you’re looking for, how about surprising him at work and him explaining things to you and being his cute little self? I feel like he’d be such a gentleman and call her very sweet little pet names and she’d fix his bow tie then give him a small kiss because the preciousness is real (though if it escalated into smut, I definitely wouldn’t complain 😘)


You just needed to see your boyfriend. So, why not surprise him at work? You walk into the CCPD, smiling at Iris and Eddie before hopping down the steps. It’s no surprise that he’s hiding in his lab again. A small giggle escapes you and you pull your lavender t-shirt over the waistband of your light blue skinny jeans, entering the spacious room.

As expected, Barry is hunched over the clean white microscope, left eye squeezed shut, glasses on top of his head. You take a moment to acknowledge how cute he is. He readjusts his feet, standing up straight to scribble something on paper; glasses falling to the end of his button nose. You clear your throat, walking towards him.

He jumps slightly, hands smoothing down his gray checkered sweater. “Honey! What - oh.” he shutters, feeling your lips on his. Secretly, Barry loves when you catch him off guard. In a daze, he watches you pull away, hazel eyes glazed over. “I missed you too, sweetie.” he grins, pushing his thin glasses up the bridge of his nose.

You giggle, pecking him on lips again as he sits back on the stool. “I wanted to see you.” you explain, fingers tugging at his gold bowtie, setting it in place. He blushes, scratching the back of his neck. “What’s this?” you ponder, moving around his knobby knees to get a better view of the DNA under the microscope.

Barry grins, “We stole that off of one of Killer Frost’s ice beams. I believe it’s some kind of chemical, not necessarily ice. I’m still working on it, though, so I can’t be sure-” He pauses, watching you take a seat on his lap, crinkling his gray dress slacks. You squint at the DNA, looking back at him. “What?” he chuckles, tilting his head.

“You’re really smart and cute.” you muse, smiling back at him. “My science nerd.” you tease, scrunching your nose.

He blushes, burying his face in between your shoulder blades, “Sweetheeeeeeeeearrrrt….stooop…” he groans.

i hope people are enjoying these late valentine headcanons!  

For soriel, Toriel reserves a place at a fancy restaurant well in advance.  She dresses very nicely, probably wearing some red.  Maybe a red sweater over a dress.  Sans doesn’t wear a tie or anything, but he doesn’t dress terribly.  He’s probably pretty rumpled, and he proooobably is also wearing like slippers made to look like fancy shoes (or like slippers with little bow ties on them?  toriel thinks they’re cute) but he puts in some effort.  Toriel slightly lifts the bottom of her dress, revealing like crocs covered in sequins.  

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Having dinner
  • Percy: gives a piece of paper to newt*
  • Newt: what's this?
  • Percy: a list of things I want this year for the holidays
  • Newt: You want rope, a silk tie, a bow tie, and bunny ears? I can see why you want the tie and bow, but what is the rope and ears for?
  • Percy: oh you'll see honey ( for a little bit anyway*)
Reasons why Jillian Holtzmann is a blessing:

- “come here often”
- when she meets Erin one of the first things she says is “I’ve heard terrible things about you” #damn
- her screw U necklace , it’s amazing, I want one, sign me up
- she makes fart jokes omg
- she’s incredibly incredibly smart and makes all these gadget things that can catch ghosts or weaken them. Like y'all I can barely make toast
- she successfully managed to make the proton guns (I can’t remember the names oops) that successfully catches ghosts when no one had ever seen them before
- and that little doo dad that looks like a cotton candy machine, like a metal detector but for the paranormal.
- “mam can you tell the audience where you bought the world’s tiniest bow tie?”
- she sees a ghost and starts eating Pringles
- “try saying no to these salty parabolas”

I’ve got more but feel free to add on !

NewtxTina: "It's A Niffler, Not A Thing!"

Part 5 of Have You Seen My Niffler Anywhere? and probably the last part.
Pickett the wingman tbh
I would love if you guys gave me any requests with any character, not just Newtina, though I love writing Newtina😊

Newt was ready, today was the day where he finally thought he’d muster up the courage to tell Tina how he felt.
Newt was preparing inside his suitcase.
He brushed up his pants, coat and straightened them, then mad his tie into a little bow, and placed his scarf in loosely.

“This isn’t so hard, just…speak from your heart how you feel.”
Newt said to himself, then he felt a tug at his shoulder like the one earlier this morning at that awkward breakfast with the girls.
He looked down and saw Pickett pulling his coat, just as before.

“Pickett, I’m going to tell her.
You won’t have to wait anymore.”
Newt reassured as he barely saw a light smile in response from Pickett before pushing the creature further into his coat pocket.

Newt stepped over to the ladder of his case and suddenly, heard a scream from above.
He rushed up and poked his head out to see what was going on.
He was frightened and immediately worried when he saw one of his nifflers, darting around the living-room of Tina and Queenie’s house, stopping here and there to jump onto Tina and crawl all over her body in search of anything shiny it could find.

When Tina saw Newt’s face from his suitcase, she yelled at him,

“Get over here and catch

while the niffler hopped on her shoulder, then onto a countertop and back again.

Newt climbed out of the case quickly saying,
It’s a niffler, not a thing!“

then used a flick of his wand to bring the Niffler back into his arms, but on the way, the niffler had slammed into a tall dresser directly above Tina, causing it to wobble.
Newt shoved the creature back into his case and closed it hastily before he heard a loud creak.

Tina didn’t have any time to react before the dresser began to fall on top of her.
Newt threw himself in front of the large piece of furniture and held it just in time so it wouldn’t crush Tina.
She helped him put it upright again before Tina let out a sigh of relief.

"Phew, glad that’s over.”

Newt looked behind Tina for one second and realized that it was not yet over.
In a split second, another niffler busted out of a cabinet and threw itself on Tina, making her fall on the floor before Newt snatched that one with his wand as well and putting it in his case.
Newt placed some books on the lid of the case this time and said,

“Now it’s over.”

He strolled over to help Tina up and held out his hand, but when she took it, she pulled Newt into the ground with her to his surprise.
Newt, laughed with her and, not wanting to put all his weight on her, positioned himself above her.

Their laughs faded slowly into soft, sweet smiles that eventually, after seemingly hours of staring into each others eyes, turned into a tender kiss.
Newt was off guard a moment, but his senses gained control again and he placed his hands softly on Tina’s cheeks as he deepened the kiss.

It didn’t last very long, but when they pulled away they were panting and breathless.

“I love you Mr. Scamander.”

Tina whispered and Newt felt his heart explode.

“I love you too, Tina.”

This wasn’t exactly the way Newt expected to tell Tina, but after he spoke, he felt Pickett crawl out of his pocket and give them both a sly wink and a smile, before placing himself back in Newt’s coat.

here is some single daddy!ashton for u guys it was an accident i promise and it ended up way longer than i though it was only supposed to be like two hundred but its like 1.6k wow

Ashton not knowing how to do his little girl, Makena’s hair would be a big problem. He would try to look up tutorials to put her hair in a braid or in nice pigtails but he could never do it right. Everything about it was so complicated and he didn’t know how to tie a bow right or braid hair. He would do his best to make sure her hair was at least brushed before they left for school and sometimes he would put it in a high pony but that was all he knew how to do. After a mishap at the grocery store, one of those tiny rubber hair ties would get it stuck in Makena’s hair.

Ashton had no clue what to do and neither did any of the other boys and YouTube just made it worse until his daughter was crying because he broke her hair. As a last resort he knocked on his next door neighbors apartment door. That was how he officially met you other than side glances getting mail or being in the elevator together. He would be asking for help- nearly begging, when you let him inside and assessed the problem. His little girl was standing behind him with tears streaming down her face and a seemingly permanent frown. The rubber tie came out of the hair fairly quickly and then she would ask you fro more help and braid her hair, this time using regular ties. Ashton would end up thanking you to much and promising if you ever needed anything he would be eager to help out any way he could.

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Time, Time, Time

Ford sat on the floor, waiting for the sound of massive footsteps to return.

Stan’s clothes felt strange and uncomfortable, but he resisted the urge to adjust them. Stan had already done that for him, positioned the fez at just the right angle, tied the bow tie and made certain everything looked right. Instead of fussing with those little details he was staring down at his hands. Trying to twist or push one of his fingers below the others to hide it. Something he hadn’t done much since he was younger.

“Cut it out.” Stan said. “He’s not gonna notice, not unless you draw attention to it by making a big deal out of hiding it.”

Ford let it go, resting his hands on his knees instead. “You think so? Bill may seem like a lunatic, but he’s older than our universe and frighteningly intelligent.”

“Trust me. You’re the one he’s gonna be paying attention to. Meaning me.” Stan smiled wryly. “Congratulations. You get to be the twin nobody wants this time. It’s the perfect disguise.”

“Sounds nice” Ford said, equally wry. His hand shifted his shirtsleeve a little bit upwards, brushing against one of the dark red marks that Bill had left behind.

Stan’s eyes followed the motion of Ford’s hand. His smile fell away completely when he saw the mark. Ford shifted uncomfortably and pulled the sleeve back down.

“…I’m going to kill him.” Stan said.

“That…is the plan, yes.” Ford agreed. “If we’re successful.”

Stan gripped the cold, blue bars of the cage. His face was impassive, but Ford saw his arms trembling.

“Are you–”

Stan’s face suddenly twisted with emotion, and Ford’s question was cut off.

“Aww, hell.” Stan said, his voice cracking slightly. “I’m just going to forget all this anyway.”

He turned and wrapped Ford in a tight embrace. The first hug between them in forty years. The last one ever, at least from Stan’s point of view.

“Take care of yourself, you dumb nerd.” Stan said quietly. “I can’t bring you back if you get lost again.”

He pulled away quickly, before Ford could command his arms to move and return the embrace. The sound of massive footsteps clattered down the hall. And it was too late to say anything more.

“How the hell do you do this?” Berlioz struggled with the tie around his neck, grumbling as he tried to loop it correctly. His mother had yelled at him countless times for it, and now his cousin too. Ber just always struggled. He couldn’t tie ties or bow ties, they just baffled him and he always ended up looking a little worse for wear. The fabric was messily knotted around his throat, causing him to huff. “Do you know how to do this?” He asked, looking back in the mirror at the other.

Bill looks like an angry yet determined child in this screenshot I took…

Imagine you’re just kinda bummed out and you’re trying to cheer yourself up, but nothing is really working. You eventually just meander to the couch and just mope around, staying distant from everyone so you won’t ruin their mood. Being the little observer he is, Mikey notices that you aren’t really in sight the whole day and he gets concerned. He runs around trying to find you, and when he does, he’s so relieved. He runs up to you and sees that your face looks glum. He runs to his room quickly and comes back out, a top hat and a cane in his hands. 

He quickly turns his back to you and dresses up, even putting on a bow tie. He turns around to face you, a hand on the cane and the other tipping the hat down to his eyes. He then starts dancing around, singing the words, “Hello my baby, hello my honey, hello my ragtime gal!” watching for your reaction. He sees you smile a bit and this boosts his confidence. He goes up to you and gently pinches the bottom of your chin and boops your nose, giving you a quick kiss on the forehead before he pulls out a dismantled piece of cardboard and starts break dancing for your amusement, shooting you winks and blowing some kisses to add some pizazz.

Imagine going to prom with Calvin

You walk down the steps to hear a knock on the door. You were planning to just stay at home and order pizza on the night of your high school prom. Party’s were never your thing and you felt it would be better to just sit at home in a blanket and watch movies all night.

That was until with a puzzled look on your face you walked up to the door and opened it to see a tall figure standing there. Looking up you saw the smiling face of Calvin who had been your crush since the first year you got into high school. He was wearing black skinny jeans with a shirt that was un-tucked on the side along with a bow tie on. He was hardly dressed for a wedding but your jaw literally dropped at the sight.

“Hey (Y/N), I know it’s a little late but uh…would you come with me to prom?”

You could hear his voice being unsteady as he rubbed the back of his neck and couldn’t make eye contact. You could see a slight tint of red on his cheeks as you thought about what was actually happening. You looked down to see what you were wearing. It was a baggy t-shirt with some shorts and your hair was a mess. You didn’t know what to say or do as he looked to you and gave a hint of a smile.

“B-But I-I-”

You say stuttering for words however all of a sudden you feel a warmth on your lips. You didn’t exactly know what was happening but closed your eyes and sunk into the kiss. It felt like something in the movies. Pulling back Calvin looked down to you, his cheeks completely red.

“(Y/N) from the moment I saw you I knew I wanted to be with you. You may think you look a mess but to me you look like the most gorgeous person on this entire planet. Please, all I ask for you is to take my hand and come with me. After maybe putting something a little more suitable on”

He said with a giggle as you take him by both of his hands to pull him down to quickly give him a kiss on the cheek and then run upstairs to get ready with the hugest and most goofiest smile on your face.

Anonymous: I have a request if you want it??? Harry having pre wedding jitters. Love your writing!! <3

Thankyou so much honey, I loved writing this! Love you! xxxxx

Ever since he was a little boy Harry had always dreamed of his wedding day, looking forward to the sweaty palms and shaky knees as he waited for the love of his life to walk down the aisle.

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List 5 things that make you happy, then tag the last 10 people you have notes from
tagged by @circlesmadeofglass (literally the only cause of this blog remaining a little social;; thanks mate)

1 - dancing to a good Foxtrot

2 - watching House MD. with my mom and brother on Wednesday evenings until 5 to 12pm, chocolate and blankets included

3 - melding into a song I’m listening to and feeling it inside my ribcage

4 - looking at my cat posing and being the actually most aesthetically pleasing member of our family

5 - seeing pigeons pucker around the streets being round and perfect

I gotta tag:


I’m sorry you guys