a cut on the corner of his bottom lip, stitches remanding the other one just above his left eyebrow, are just some of the new things that are now gracing the features of his face. duke leaned against his locker, stumbling to the side a little as he almost lost his balance, maybe he should have accept those crutches after all. but it was bad enough that people were giving him this stupid pity look, imagine if they knew how bad it actually was, the bruises that were covering his body under the uniform. he took a deep breath and took a step forward to make his way to class, a groaning escaping his lips when he moved so he decided for not. slipping his phone from his pocket when he felt the vibration, he did a quick reply with the words ‘im okay’, it was the 10th time his mother had asked and he continued to lied.

‘oh hi’ he turns his head feeling the presence of someone approaching.

The Hills Are Alive...

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You walked into the briefing room,Tony and Steve were bickering in the corner about something stupid, leaning over a table stood your girlfriend Maria, she seemed to be looking at some paper on the desk. You straightened the tie of your grey suit (you liked to think of yourself as the James Bond of the team, and frankly you quite enjoyed beating bad guys in a suit). You walked  over to her, with the confidence of a business man and lent over her left side and placed your hand ever so slightly above her bum. “Unless you wan’t that wrist snapped I would advise you remove your hand” she said calmly, without lifting her eyes from the paper. “Noted”, you said as you lift your hand away from her.

You slip into a seat near her and remain silent as you watch Tony’s and Steve’s childish argument. “Are you still mad about what happened this morning?”, you asked turning to look at her, she raised her head and stared at you, lifting her eyebrow. You thought back to that morning, you had a longstanding tradition with Maria, it went way back before you two were dating, it started out very innocently. When she was least expecting it you would play “The Hills Are Alive” from “The Sound of Music”, you took it very seriously, several years ago you were both undercover teachers and you had become good friends with the principle, one morning you used this advantage to play something for the whole school to hear, needless to say Maria wasn’t happy.

This morning you decided it would be a great idea to wake up at 2 am and sneak into her room (Fury wouldn’t let you share) you stood right by the bed with a boombox on your shoulder and pressed play. Maria was up instantly pointing a gun at your head, but you barley noticed as you were bent over laughing, “I’m going to kill you, you little prick.”, she jumped out of bed and you decided it was your cue to leave. You sprinted out the room and zoomed down a corridor, you were fast but she was faster and soon she was on top of you. Lets just say you spent that morning in the hospital and it was now paniful to breathe.

“I’m gonna take that silence as a no.”