Ravenclaw headcanon

each student has carved something into some part of the tower. and I’m talking every single student, going all the way back to the first class ever taught by the founders. Rumor has it that rowena herself carved a tiny eagle symbol made out of her initials somewhere in the common room and if you can find it during your seven years at hogwarts you’ll have good luck in passing your exams (hint: it’s in the bottom left corner of the third stone in the center above the fireplace, right above the elaborate signature of one Filius Flitwick). the stone walls of the tower look weathered but if you look closer they’re covered in initials and signatures, little symbols and drawings. Some of the more artistically inclined students have added more elaborate designs, while others simply initial. The unspoken rule is that you should wait till your seventh year to add your mark on the tower. Even though countless students have passed through Ravenclaw house, there always seems to be just enough room for everyone. One student, through a good amount of diligence, observed that a handful of pristine stones appear each year in various locations to keep the tradition going.

What I did today: bedroom make-over. 
I really needed to change my two normal Ikea Malm dressers into something more unique and also fill the space above them, because that corner always looked so boring. I made the wooden boards by myself out of old roof battens. Glued them together, grinded them for hours and then varnished them afterwards. Knobs are from a small diy market. The branch is from my grandfathers forest. The ombre-colouring on my makramee hanger in the middle is made with regular waterpaint and for the plant pot on the left I used the water-marbling technique with some nail polish. The picture on the right was plain b/w, so I used some water and acryl paints to give it the running rainbow colour look. Now I also have a place for the wonderful tfc-charms by @thaidoodles <3

Anyway, I need to buy more plants for the other two pots on monday. But I’m already SO IN LOVE with this and it’s even better than what I thought it’d be.


Had a fun night out to dinner on Thursday with some of my girlfriends. Then, we came back to my place and shared a bottle of wine and popcorn while watching the first few episodes of parks and recreation on Netflix :) One of my friends had not ever seen the show before.

The top above is quickly becoming my favorite one for going out in the fall. As we left dinner, I was leading the way out and some guy was just rounding the corner. He looked at me in this outfit (also wearing skinny jeans and my tall boots with no coat cause it was so warm out).. and he says.. “Mmhmm, Show me what you GOT!!” 

The rest of my friends were making their way out of the door and we walked by him as a group and he didn’t say anything else.

I am kind of glad I was not walking to my car by myself in that particular instance, because I am still not used to dealing with direct attention from men who have that reaction to me. 


My goal in sharing my transition is to represent transgender people in the positive light that we all deserve. Re-blogs are always okay if they are for this purpose, but if you are a fetish blog or fetish website then I want nothing to do with you and you do not have my permission to use my images.

Harry Potter Bookmark Tutorial

1) Draw 3 squares in pencil as seen above, the upper square and right square with a diagonal line that starts at their top left corner. Scribble out the outer halves (look at the picture to make sure you do it right)

2) Cut the shape out. Make sure it looks like the one I made.

3) Create your design on one of the triangles (the image has to be facing the base of the triangle) and on the square (this one can face any side). Trace in black pen.

4) Color your design. OPTIONAL: Cut out an extra square the same size as the others and color it solidly. This is in case the marker bleeds through.

5) Flip the bookmark and glue the extra square so it fits the square shape of the bookmark. If not, just color in the square. Bend the two triangles towards you so that they overlap, with your design being on top. Glue the triangles so they stay in that position.

Thanks for the request, Anon, I hope this was clear :)

(There are other examples on my main page)
Dean Winchester-Blast from the Past

Title:Bring the past to the future. 

Pairings:Dean Winchester x reader

Word count:1539

Request:Hey! can you make another one shot with Dean where they meet another hunter in a hunt and she’s completely bad ass and then Dean realizes that she was the girl he was dating in high school and he left without saying a word, please? :)

Brushing the locks out of your eyes, you pressed your hands to your thighs, gripping the knife tighter as you peered around the corner. The wall held you, hiding you from the monster you were hunting, and all two large hunters who you had come to recognize as the Winchester brothers. 

And Dean Winchester.

You smirked watching as he tugged on the harsh bonds, trying so desperately to break free. He wore a scowl upon his face as he shared a look with his younger brother. 

You looked up at the rail above you. Quietly you slipped your knife up your sleeve, reaching up and gripping the rail before hauling yourself up. You stalked quietly above the rail making sure you were directly above them. 

You went unnoticed to everyone, including the Winchesters. With a small run and kick off, you expertly flipped of the metallic rail and landed behind the shifter before running the sharp blade through it’s peeling skin. 

Both Winchesters stared at you in shock, their mouths popping open like a gold fish. ‘’Ello, Boys’’You smirked winking at the older one. 

‘’That’’He breathed out, eyes glazing over in awe. ‘’Was, fricking. AWESOME!’’He yelled, whooping. Sam took in a deep breath through his nose as he bit his tongue to keep him from lashing out at his brother. 

‘’Could you-’’Sam grunted, gesturing to the ropes that rubbed his skin sickly sore. You licked the corner of your lip, tilting your head to match your cocked hips as you crossed your arms. 

Dean’s eyes squinted like Castiel’s always did as he looked at you in thought. He recognized those eyes. He recognized the twinkle of mischief and how they didn’t match your face. They didn’t match your face because they looked older than your actual self. 

Your eyes looked full of wisdom, pain and misery. Years of torture. He knew someone like that, someone who no matter how hot they were, the only thing you really saw was their eyes. 

You and Dean had been staring at each other for quite a while now but with a quick flash you had turned back to the younger brother, hair shielding your face from being recognized. 

‘’I don’t know’’You smirked licking away the dry cracks on your plump lips. ‘’I kinda like seeing you tied up like that’’You teased, joking obviously. Sam was attractive you wasn’t going to deny it, but you had eyes for one person. Unfortunately that one person had bailed on you years ago. 

Sam gulped, Adam’s apple bobbing slowly as he looked at you with wide eyes, chest sucking in a nervous breath. You laughed maniacally as you walked towards him.  You still held the smirk twitching in the corners of your lips. 

Sam shuffled slightly with what room he could in the tight bonds. He too noticed how you were extremely gorgeous. Out of this world beautiful, but all he could concentrate on was how your eyes pulled him in. He had to look away, scared you would have him under your spell and reveal his deepest darkest secrets. It scared Sam how he felt like he was looking into your soul. 

And you was looking into his. 

Sam didn’t think of you that way, as soon as he heard you speak, he knew you were more his brothers type..wait scratch that, DEFINITELY Dean’s type. You sighed silently, careful not to show your distress as you put you walls up, brick by brick. 

You always hated how no one would look you in the eyes. You remembered when you would have your victims thrashing to get away from you, you pinned them down mostly since that was a strength of yours, but whenever you did that, you noticed they were always looking away from you.

Except one. There was only one person that you had ever met who could look you straight in the eyes. 

Dean Winchester. 

A shaky breath sneakily escaped your mouth, you tried to catch it in the walls of your throat were all the others rested. But this one got out as you untied his ropes. Dean’s thick brows furrowed, forehead creasing in smooth lines as he watched you. 

‘’Do I know you?’’He asked, face inching closer towards yours. You ducked your head, you were all about the eyes. Everything had changed but your eyes, your eyes were the only thing that gave you away. You could have a stone cold face but your eyes showed you were grieving. 

Luckily for you, no one ever looked in your eyes. You eyes shown when you were lying, it was like a neon sign flashing, but like you said. No one looked. Scared you were searching their soul. Except him. That’s why you ducked your head whenever you were around him. He would be able to see you want. You need and sadness swimming about in the deep depths of your iris. 

‘’You’ll get wrinkles, Old man’’You smirked putting back on what you liked to call your Doll face. Plain and empty. Dean now, like you had hoped, was distracted as he stopped frowning and shook his head as if he wasn’t shaking his frown literally off his face. 

They both stepped down rubbing their sore wrists. You glanced at the red etched into their tanned yet scarred skin. ‘’Erm, thanks’’Sam muttered awkwardly. Dean continued to stare at you from the corner of his eyes as Sam dragged his large hand through his shaggy hair, not knowing what to do. 

‘’Don’t worry. I’ll clean up’’You grumbled slinging a heavy body of your shoulder effortlessly. 

‘’Oh, we’ll help’’Dean said. Sam frowned, eyes widening for a split second before shaking his head. His brother never wanted to clean up, and if was offered a chance of getting out of it…. well it was normally Sam who offered to help. 

Sam smirked when it hit him. He shook his head, rolling his eyes gently at his brother but held happiness as he clapped his brothers shoulders. 

‘’No, I wanna do it alone’’You whispered. The Winchester brothers both looked at you confused. One minute you were smirk-y and witty. Next you sounded empty and angry. 

‘’Okay, then. Erm… thanks. For today’’Dean called out as he walked through the dirty warehouse and made his way to Baby. Just before he got in, keys halfway into the lock, he glanced up hoping to see you one final time before they dissapeared. 

‘’Dean?’’Sam called out, confused to why his brother wasn’t getting in. Dean heard Sam’s voice, shaking his head as he glanced back at the warehouse before jumping in. He turned the engine to Baby and pulled out. 

He drived away from the warehouse, glancing in the mirror as he watched it fade further and further away from his vision. ‘’Dean’’Sam called again, watching as his brother just completely zoned out. 

‘’Dean!’’Sam yelled, palm flattening on his shoulder as he gave his brother a gentle shove, careful not to make him crash. Dean yelped, surprise showing on his features as he glanced over at his brother. 

‘’You okay?’’Sam asked, concern marking his soft features. Dean scoffed as if Sam had asked him if he was a ‘Mermaid’. Sam sighed leaning back knowing he was in for a lot of ‘I’m okay’ crap. 

‘’I’m fine man, it’s just-’’Dean started, clicking his tongue against the roof of his mouth as he looked around nervously. 

‘’What?’’Sam asked, pushing his brother to continue. Dean rarely talked about how he felt, he grew concerned if Dean was going to tell him without Sam having to threaten him. 

‘’Nothing’’Dean shook his head. Sam grunted falling back on the Impala chair a little to harshly, making his brother scowl at him. 

‘’I’ll put you in the back seat’’Dean warned. Sam rose both brows and scoffed but turned serious when he realized his brother wasn’t joking. 

‘’How ‘bout that girl huh’’Sam started, trying to ease the tension as he flicked through his phone. Dean gulped thickly, turning to face his younger brother a he rose a brow, waiting for Sam to continue. 

‘’Yeah..’’Dean trailed off, shaking his head for Sam to contiune. 

‘’Well.. she was just a bit strange wasn’t she. Not very trustable.’’Sam chuckled, oblivious to his brothers narrowed eyes. 

‘’No, she’s fine. We can trust her Sammy’’Dean said, ignoring his brothers uneasiness and turning back to stare at the road ahead. Sam stared at his brother, Dean had said that as if you were best friends or something As if you had know each other for years. 

‘’How do you know, Dean. You only met her today’’Sam stuttered, confusion merging on his face. 

‘’I dunno, Sammy. It’s weird. I feel like I know her from somewh-SON OF A BITCH!’’Dean screamed making Sam jump, his hunter instincts coming out as he he yanked his gun out. Dean swerved the car, tires screeching in process as Dean drove back to the warehouse. 

‘’It’s (Y/N)!’’Dean yelped. Sam continued to panic, not sure whether he should be scared since his brother looked so panic or whether he should reamain calm. 

‘’So!? Dean, who is she?’’Sam yelled. Dean glanced over at Sam guiltily. ‘’Dean, how do you know her?’’

‘’I abandoned her’’ 


I’ve seen that lots of people play Sims, and there are a few Thundernerds who follow me, so I’d like to share my almost complete design of Tracy Villa.

Now, before I get people saying this looks perhaps like no Tracy Villa ever, I played around with the design a little. I used the Haynes Thunderbirds manual to work out which floors rooms are found, but otherwise the layout is my own.

I have also incorporated the round guest house, which in TAG is like, at the very top, hence it being above the villa.

These pictures are in floor level order, but for anyone who can’t see captions…
First image: The roundhouse, in the top left hand corner, fully furnished for guests
Second Image: The first/main floor, with the bedrooms of inhabitants, kitchen, unfinished lounge and lab for Brains
Third Image: Ground floor, incomplete, with home spa, gym, small cinema, bathroom (one yet to be made), and will have a music room and games room. Pool and outdoor equipment yet to be complete
Fourth Image: Lower tunnels that lead to two hangers, both housing rocket ships. One under pool, one under round house

Once this build is complete, if anyone likes it enough, tell me, and I can put it on the gallery for others to come and use!

Meeting | G-eazy

You’ve lived in Oakland California your whole life. There’s a nice little coffee shop down the road on the corner that has amazing coffee. The shop is cozy with open windows and wooden tables and chairs, the floor is a black rug made to get dirty but looks nice and ties the whole place together. It also has one of those bells above the door that rings whenever the door is open.

Today you decided that you wanted to take a walk down to the coffee shop, get a coffee and read a book. Once you got to the coffee shop you ordered what you wanted and took a seat in the corner by a window and you took out your book and started reading.

There wasn’t a lot of people in the coffee shop, it was never packed but it was never empty. Then you all of a sudden you heard the bell above the door ring which meant someone has either come in or left and on instinct you looked up.

When you looked up from your book you saw a tall man wearing all black, with his hair slicked back looking right back at you, he was also very attractive.

You looked back down to continue reading. A couple minutes later you felt as if someone was starting at you so you looked up only to come in eye contact with the tall man. He was sitting in a table across the shop looking at you and drinking his coffee.

When you realized that he was actually looking at you, he pointed at you and was signaling for you to come over to him.

All you did was shake your head and went right back to reading your book. Not even a minute later you heard the chair across from you being moved and when you looked up the man was sitting right across from you.

“Can i help you?” You asked politely.

“Why didn’t you come over when i was signaling you?” The man asked.

“Because it was very creepy and i don’t know who you are.” You said with a little nervous giggle.

“Oh, well I’m Gerald or G, nice to meet you…”

“Y/N.” You stated.

“Y/N, Nice to meet you Y/N.” He said with a charming smile as he winked at you.

“Nice to meet you too, Gerald.” You said with a blush on your cheeks.

This is my second imagine and I’m not sure if it is good, so if you want please give feedback, thank you.😊


notes: only a couple of days late, but i wanted to contribute at least something to this week …

A muffled curse drew Levy out of her fitful sleep and she peered around the room out of bleary eyes. Precarious towers of books stretched around her, the one balanced next to her head particularly off. She nudged it a bit to the left, stretching her arms over her head with a yawn. A chill skittered down her spine and she dropped her arms, wrapping them tight around her instead.

She turned as Gajeel rounded the corner, flashing him a sleepy smile as he just blinked down at her.

“I was gonna—” He held up a blanket, dark gray and slightly fuzzy. It looked warm. “Thought you might’ve been a bit cold.”

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Finally a new drawing after what? A few weeks? Idk. But anyways just mostly drawings of Omegamon and Grademon ‘3’ Also first time drawing Dukemon X. I think these drawings/doodles came alright. Though some of the coloring is messy I do think this came out good. My style definitely changed over time and I think I kinda like this style. Anyways some explanation for these:

So starting with upper right corner is Grademon wearing Omegamon’s cape which is far more larger on her. She just thinks it makes her look cool and more heroic. Meanwhile (drawing to the left) Omegamon thinks it makes her look cute and he can’t help but call her that, she doesn’t like it one bit.
Above that is a small doodle of Omegamon being a bit possessive also protective of Grademon. This only happens whenever someone is trying to flirting with her and he gets very protective.
Bottom right is of Dukemon and Dukemon X. Honestly just a picture of like a photo of two siblings. Dukemon is the younger brother of Xia.( I can’t keep saying Dukemon X like that’s a bit too much for me :v) He usually annoyed with being around her but he can’t help but look up to his older sister. Xia loves her younger brother to death and wouldn’t want anything to happen to him at all. Though she does love making trouble to him.
Bottom left. Grademon is small but strong, she can carry Omegamon whose more taller than her without breaking a sweat. And this usually always throws Omegamon off because he tends to forget about his small lover’s strength so he tends to freak out whenever this happens.

And that’s all hope you all enjoy this :p It took me about 3 days to finish this since distractions. Hope you all have a good day today or a good night.

Something I found in The Boxtrolls ooohhh

This is the cavern in lil Eggs and Fish’s nook.  This is after shoes leaves the bugs for Eggs and before Eggs decides to go above to find Fish.

So if you look in the bottom left corner…

There are little drawings that (I presume Eggs did).  One is of Oil Can, and the other is of Fish, Eggs, and Shoe and it says “FAMILY” the red one is too hard to make out, but how fuckin cute is that guys?  Seriously, I can’t take this.

Day Nine: Forgotten Photos

You’re rummaging through a box of old photos in your Grandparents’ attics. Most of the faces are familiar; your Mother as a baby, an old tintype of your Great-grandparents, your Uncle and Aunt on their farm.

Toward the bottom you find a slightly torn photograph. It’s black and white and a little blurry. There’s a date in the corner; 1902. A young man sits on a chair in the photo; his clothes are plain and his appearance is not too remarkable. The only distinguishing feature— a scar above his left eye. Yet he seems familiar, somehow.

A voice calls out behind you, it’s your cousin. “What are you doing up here?” he asks, glancing toward the box of photos. “Grandma’s looking for you. It’s almost dinner time.”

Your cousin stands in the doorway, looking the same as he always has. You glance back at the photo, and again up at your cousin, noticing a resemblance to alike to be denied. A scar sitting in the same place on each of their faces.

What Happens Next?

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AU; Warmth


Léa hummed softly to herself, sweeping the last of the day’s flour dust out the open back door of the shop with a broom, and glanced momentarily into the darkening sky.

She’d have to lock up soon, but then she’d be done for the day and could head upstairs to her cosy little flat above the shop, make herself something warm and curl up on the sofa…it all sounded more appealing by the second.

Until she looked round at the workroom anyway. The large wooden table in the centre of the space still needed wiping down and there was a stray bag of flour left out on the corner of the counter that wrapped around two sides of the room. Plus she still needed to check how well stocked the fridge and the two tall, freestanding storage cupboards along the left wall were, lest she run out of ingredients.

She almost sighed but shook away the impulse: the shop was precious, and all wonderful things took work.

She left the broom propped against the wall by the door and made for the fridge. As she went, the bag of flour hopped quietly off the counter and, her eyes following it carefully, floated towards the left cupboard. One of its doors swung open, the flour settled on a shelf with a gentle thump, and Lea hid a smile as she came to the fridge and tugged it open. The cupboard door snapped shut as her concentration shifted and she blinked in the new bright light. It was then that she saw the tiniest movement out the corner of her eye.

Her head whipped round to settle on a figure almost silhouetted in the doorway and for a split second her heart leapt into her throat.

Had she honestly been that stupid? Had she been seen?

But then the figured moved, just enough for the light to catch on their face, and her shoulders relaxed with a heavy, relieved sigh as her eyes found familiar blue ones.

“Sigurd!” she greeted, letting the fridge door shut and pressing a hand to her chest as her panic eased. “Goodness, I didn’t know it was you. You’re too light on your feet.” She stepped towards him, smiling. “Come in, come in! I should really shut the door.”

Post-Wembley Blurb

Ed Sheeran still jumps on the bed 

“Ed Sheeran, you just sold out Wembley for three nights in a row!” I put on my best announcing voice, trying to convey the feel of that pivotal moment right after the superbowl, “WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO NOW?”

           I half expected him to say, “I’m going to Disney world.”

           But he didn’t.

           “I’m going to jump on the bed” the words hadn’t even left his mouth before he was climbing up on to the bed, jumping.            

Currently, I stand motionless on the twin size hotel bed watching him as he jumps up and down, my eyes drifting to the space above his head when he reaches maximum height, to affirm that there is adequate space between the top of his ginger head and the ceiling. The last thing I need is for Ed to get a concussion, although the look on his face right now, corners of his eyes wrinkled and a shit-eating grin, makes me think that he could die right now and be completely okay with it.

He didn’t hesitate to climb up on the bed in the first place, as I stood in the middle of the doorway reliving every childhood incidence where my parents said “no.” Not Ed, no, I imagine that he’s a jumper from way back. It’s the little things that I kind of love finding out about him, even now.

 “You’re bringing down the mood” he stops briefly, almost out of breath, to shoot me a frown, before he starts jumping again, speaking in syllables when his feet touch the bed,











He stops jumping again, “WHY ARE YOU JUST STANDING THERE?”

“I was just watching you” I add, beginning to jump, “To make sure you didn’t smack that head of yours off the ceiling and lose your memories, Ed. It would take so long to remind you of all of the shit you’ve done.”

“ace!” he beams, “See this is fun isn’t it??”

“YES!” I agree, rather loudly, “the people below us probably think we’re into some weird shit. It probably sounds like awkwardly slow sex”

He laughs, the noise coming from deep within him, where his best laughter comes from. He has to stop jumping, his breath hitching in his throat

“It wasn’t that funny” I shake my head

“It’s funny because I always assumed everyone was jumping on the beds as a kid” he laughs. He sits down on the bed, and I follow suit, crossing my legs under my body, looking at Ed.

My god does he look happy. I can’t even begin to fathom that level of happiness, so I ask him, because there is no time for comfortable silences on a night like this. I demand that this never ends, at least not for him. I want to stay awake for as long as possible, to remember this as the night that Ed Sheeran felt like electricity was running through his veins. He radiates energy, happiness, excitement, the ability to see profound joy even after profound sadness. He deserves every ounce of this accomplishment.

“It feels like when you finally know that everything is going to be okay” he says, not able to contain the smile on his face, “I appreciate the pain that I’ve experienced along the way, you know? I wasn’t able to then, but I am now. It feels like there isn’t a single thing in the universe that could get me down. I can’t even describe it. I’ve accomplished something huge, like I’ve set the record for most nandos eaten in 3 days or something”

And then he’s back. He’s Ed, he’s eating nandos and calling himself pregnant after a meal and making inappropriate jokes.

“Let’s order room service and eat everything they have” he announces, “we’re going to stay up and watch movies or some shit”

“A fantastic end to a fantastic day” I tell him, “YOU DA REAL MVP”

“bassssss” infamous words, we’ve all grown to love, “but first, more jumping”

Ed Sheeran sold out Wembley. He puts out album after album after album and has awards littered across his house, and yet, he still, jumps on the bed.

This dome in the Pacific houses tons of radioactive waste – and it’s leaking

The Runit Dome in the Marshall Islands is a hulking legacy of years of US nuclear testing. Now locals and scientists are warning that rising sea levels caused by climate change could cause 111,000 cubic yards of debris to spill into the ocean

Black seabirds circle high above the giant concrete dome that rises from a tangle of green vines just a few paces from the lapping waves of the Pacific. Half buried in the sand, the vast structure looks like a downed UFO.

At the summit, figures carved into the weathered concrete state only the year of construction: 1979. Officially, this vast structure is known as the Runit Dome. Locals call it The Tomb.

Below the 18-inch concrete cap rests the United States’ cold war legacy to this remote corner of the Pacific Ocean: 111,000 cubic yards of radioactive debris left behind after 12 years of nuclear tests.

“Runit Dome represents a tragic confluence of nuclear testing and climate change,” said Michael Gerrard, director of the Sabin Center for Climate Change Law at Columbia University, who visited the dome in 2010.

“It resulted from US nuclear testing and the leaving behind of large quantities of plutonium,” he said. “Now it has been gradually submerged as result of sea level rise from greenhouse gas emissions by industrial countries led by the United States.”

In total, 67 nuclear and atmospheric bombs were detonated on Enewetak and Bikini between 1946 and 1958 – an explosive yield equivalent to 1.6 Hiroshima bombs detonated every day over the course of 12 years.

The detonations blanketed the islands with irradiated debris, including Plutonium-239, the fissile isotope used in nuclear warheads, which has a half-life of 24,000 years.

From: http://www.theguardian.com/world/2015/jul/03/runit-dome-pacific-radioactive-waste


ジャンプ流 Volume 4 ~ 久保帯人 (Jump Style Volume 4 ~ Kubo Tite)

Volume 4 of Jump Style’s look at different manga artists, this time covering Tite Kubo. Above are some pages from the magazine.

Full view each page for a quick explanation of their content!


Time to wake up Philae, you’ve got work to do

It looks like there may be some sunny news right around the corner for the Rosetta mission!

Mission controllers are now expecting the Philae lander to wake up!

As the comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko nears the Sun, several parts of the comet will get lit that are currently not getting any Sunlight.

Specifically, as shown in the image above, there’s a wall where controllers think Philae landed called Perihelion Cliff which covers the lander in shadow, preventing its solar panels from charging the batteries.

As the aphelion of 67P’s orbit is left far behind, however, it nears perihelion: the portion of its orbit where it’s closest to the Sun.

It’s being said now that when the perihelion is reached, the area of Perihelion Cliff will be engulfed in intense sunlight. This should happen around August.

The Rosetta mission remains one of the most exciting robotic missions ever conducted.

(Image credit: ESA)

Might draw her later. idk.

Name: Gracie Halls

Nickname(s): Grace, Coffee-Girl

Sexuality: Homosexual Biromantic

Age: 32

Height: 5’4

Eye color: Left eye is blue while the right eye is green

Body-build: Average

Skin-tone: Pale

Ethnicity: British

Hair: Dark brown with a light blond streak in her bangs, goes down to her mid-back and is usually tied up in a messy bun or pulled back with a headband

Style: Laid back, usually darker colors mixed with a little bit of brighter colored accessories. She tends to wear her black cardigan with most of her outfits.

Accessories: She always wears a pair of teal eyeglasses and a thin leather chocker with a yin-yang symbol on it.

Extra: She almost always looks tired and never wears make-up. She has a mole just above her left eyes inner corner. She has light acne that she tries desperately to get rid of. She absolutely adores red pandas. She almost always has a coffee in her hand.

-          Pretty quiet most of the time, she only ever talks when asking or answering a question or talking to people that call

-          She is a member of LPG’s customer support

-          She stays out of sight often, only ever showing her face when getting her lunch

-          She is a bit of a pushover, doing whatever others ask her to do. Because of this, she has gone on coffee and/or food runs quite often, whether she’s busy or not.

-          She wants to be a graphic designer but is too afraid of the responsibility

-          In her free-time she is either reading a book or sketching. She mostly sketches the characters from whatever game the company is focused on at that moment.

Did someone actually notice the new Sword System on the left corner? I did and it really looks great.                                                                                Maybe you remember Tabata saying, that it’s going to be changed into the System Tetsuya Nomura planned long ago, where you are able to switch weapons in real time. Above you can see a Niflheim Soldier…and if you haven’t noticed yet, this emo looking dude is our beloved Princess showing some bad ass combats ( magic involved).

2016 here we are, waiting for you to get us excited for new FFXV DOPE!!!


acThe first photo- me and Marissa :D I gave her the square! Yes, I actually did people *its in the like the bottom left corner ish by the stars above book* and she’s holding a bag, cuz inside of the bag is another gift I wanted to give her!! the second pic is a layout of the collage that I wanted to make her. its a before-I-glued-it-down pic, so…but, hey, I added glitter and glue after the second pic, so it looks different aka, somewhat better. im going to tag @avidreader821 (oms, I saw her there!!) @kat-adara @velvetblush @aceofstars16 @artemisianfire @bookaddictsguide @heilo4298 @mf-islands @lovelunarchron @cactyss @toinfinityandbeyond277 @ana-dante @babbityrabity @epicromancesdontjusthappen (people who did TLC art collab, sorry if I didn’t tag u and u were part of it- let me know!) @silentfansilentdream *yes im aware of the random ‘ac’ in the beginning but I cant take it off uhhhh* *yes, my face* *yes, half winter only no face scars, sorry :/ *  (btw: marissa is aware that the TLC ship weeks art isn’t mine)