Everest Off In The Distance by Matt Stemerman
Via Flickr:
With Animal Kingdom set to get later operating hours very soon, I’m really hoping (more like wishful thinking) that the Imagineers try to re-light most of the park. While that may kill the feeling of the lands and stuff, some parts can be pretty dark and from a photography stand point I’ve spent way too much time trying to layer back in proper coloring because of the color casts and dark dark shadows. So please Imagineers, let me be a lazy photographer. Thanks for looking! Instagram - instagram.com/DWimaginography/ Twitter - twitter.com/DWimaginography

kimminseoook asked:

hello! can you do working out with minseok as a drabble pls? 😁 thank you in advanced!!! 💙

‘’You came to the gym to work our or play with your phone?’’ Minseok asked you.

‘’I actually came to watch you work out because I wanted to see your abs.’’ you said smirking at him.

‘’You know, I can show them to you whenever you want. You didn’t have to come with me.’’ 

‘’Do you regret bringing me here?’’ you pouted.

‘’No, you’re my motivation.’’ he said smiling.

‘’Since I’m your motivation, I demand you two work out a little bit more. Then we can go to the mall and eat some food. I’m hungry.’’ you said as you laid down on the floor. Minseok walked over to you and looked down.

‘’You’re so lazy, you know that right?’’

‘’But you love me.’’

‘’Yes, I do.’’ 

*drabbles are open