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*replaces all of Wilford's guns with candy canes*

Wilford looks at the candy canes, his hands on his hips. “Ok…” He shoves a candy cane in his mouth and turns to look at you. “Just so you know… once I get this to a point, it’s great for tickling. Now where are my guns?”

William Nylander - There’s a first for everything.

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Requesst: The reader and William Nylander say I love you for the first time?🙈❤️

You had just gotten done putting on your shoes when, you heard you doorbell ring. Smiling you ran over to the door and opened it to show a blonde headed boy who you were lucky enough to call your boyfriend.

“Hey, there.” He kissed you. “Are you ready?”

“I am, let me just grab my bag.” You said before grabbing your bag and locking your door.

The drive to the arena was different, it wasn’t full of laughs or talking. You looked down at William’s hand that was placed on your leg. His warm touch made you relax. He must have know you were thinking because he squeezed your leg a little and gave you a soft smile.

“I’m just nervous about the game, I’m sorry. You do look beautiful tonight, by the way.”

“Thank you.”  You smiled.


“Come on Will!” You yelled to yourself  as you watched your boyfriend try to score again.

As soon as the Leafs had gotten on the ice your boyfriend, has been nothing but a  mess. Missing shots, missing the puck, everything. The comment came back into your head when you two were in the car.

“I’m just nervous about this game.”

But why. What made this game different than the others. You kept watching as the game went on and William kept sucking. Gladly, the Leafs won 5-2, but it still bothered you about William. You made your way to the players tunnel to wait for William.

The thought still nagging at the back of your head drove you nuts. You pulled out your book from your bag and began to read hoping that it might help you while you waited. You were about ten pages in when you saw the blonde mop appear from the locker room.

You smiled as you placed your book down. He gave you a soft smile, before walking over towards you. You were about to open your mouth when he kissed you. Deep and hard, yet loving.

“I love you.” He said unsure. “I wanted to tell you in the car, but I was scared that I would freak you out and then I would been so upset that I would do shit during the game, but then I ended up doing shit because all I could think was how I really love you and I should have said so-”

You cut him off with a kiss. You pulled away and held his face in your hands. A small smile played on your face.

“I love you too William.”


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16 for rebelcaptain, please? (I love your writing.)

16. sleepy morning kisses that accidentally turn intense

“Don’t look so smug.”

Cassian lifted his hands from her lower back, shrugging. “You can go anytime you want.”

Jyn’s hand instead dropped the strap of her pack to the floor. What had meant to be a quick goodbye kiss to a still-sleeping Cassian before dispatching for three weeks had turned into her half-on the bed for twenty minutes, complete at the mercy of his blindly searching lips. 

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