AAAAAAAAAAAA i drew the 1st one as sort of a vent after being super pissed off, didn’t work, i was still pissed, thanks school! BUT ANYWAYS, i talked about fluffy angels with Aki and IM STILL WAITING FOR HER TO MAKE HER OWN I NEED U TO HAVE UR OWN MOTHGEL PLEASE. Also also - why is there a shitty glamoured angel? To be honest, I really like how the angels look with this smoky, ethereal effect on them. So i decided to leave it and spammity spam you guys. sorry .m.

ALSO ALSO ALSO - THEY WERE SUPPOSED TO BE A JOKE. A JEST - unlike my other more creepy angels (i guess?) buuuuut i ended up really liking them… dangiiiit… helpppppp

*weirdly good looking man for his mid 40’s approaches you wearing all spandex*
Sup guys, I’m your instructor Keith. Welcome to soul cycle. Who’s ready to have a radical time?