Raindrops and Gumdrops

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Izuru takes to Chiaki to work - Kamunami

A/N: This is a repost. Just a concept where Izuru takes Chiaki to his job. I see Izuru working at some sort of organization or corporation that works on various projects. He doesn’t find his work particularly interesting, which is why he never brought it up to Chiaki. I changed a few things, but nothing major.

At Dinner Table

Izuru: “You want to see where I work?”

Chiaki: *nods* “You never really talk much about work.”

Izuru: “It’s nothing special. I merely look at documents, go to meetings and think about you frequently.”

Chiaki: *didn’t quite catch the last part* “Huh?”
Izuru: “You’re not missing out on anything.”  

Chiaki: *pouts* “I still want to know…”

Izuru: *looks up from food to Chiaki*

Chiaki: *looks at him with pleading eyes* “Please?”

Izuru: “….” *eventually gives in after some time* “If you’re available this weekend, I can take you.”

Chiaki: *perks up* “Really??”

Izuru: *nods*  

Chiaki: *happy* “I can’t wait!”  

In Izuru’s office

Izuru: *doing paperwork at desk*

Chiaki: *playing on her Game Girl Advance* “….” *looks up from screen at Izuru*

Izuru: “….” *notices Chiaki is looking at him* “?”

Chiaki: *quickly focuses back on her screen*

Izuru: “….” *focuses back on paperwork*

Chiaki: “….” *looks up from console screen*

Izuru: *is leaning in close to her* “What is it?”

Chiaki: “!” *startled* “How long were you there?”

Izuru: *leans back* “You didn’t notice me?”

Chiaki: *puffs up cheeks in anger* “No…” “You did that on purpose didn’t you?”

Izuru: *shifts gaze* “Perhaps.”

Chiaki: *pouts*

Izuru: *looks to Chiaki* “Though it’s your fault.”

Chiaki: “Eh?”

Izuru: *cups Chiaki’s chin* “You were distracting me.”

Chiaki: *confused* “I was?” “I’m pretty sure I turned the volume down on my game…”

Izuru: “It had nothing to do with the console.” *stares at her intensely*

Chiaki: “Oh…” *nervous*  

Izuru: “….” *rolls back over to desk* “Would you like to have lunch with me”

Chiaki: *trying to comprehend what just happened* “Umm… sure.”

Inside indoor garden

Chiaki: “Wow…” *looking around * “I didn’t know you had such a large garden!”

Izuru: “I created it as a place to get away from work.” “The flowers I grew myself.”

Chiaki: *admires flowers* “They’re really pretty.”

Izuru: “Would you like to eat here?”

Chiaki: *is excited* “Can we??”

Izuru: *gives a slight nod and guides Chiaki to a place where they can sit down*

On a bench in the center of the garden

Chiaki: *giggles* “It feels like we’re on a picnic almost.”

Izuru: *is drinking some tea* “Is that so?”

Chiaki: “I wish you told me you had such a wonderful garden.”

Izuru: “It also has a day change function.”

Chiaki: *tilts head slightly* “A day change function?”

Izuru: *takes out special remote and changes it to night time*

Chiaki: “Ah!” *notices the stars and moon above them* “How did you do that?”

Izuru: “It’s a special function I created.” *changes from night to a sunset afternoon* “There is also this one.”

Chiaki: *smiles* “I like this one better.”

Izuru: “Really? How come?”

Chiaki: *looks at him genuinely* “It reminds me of the day we met.”  

Izuru: “!” *turns his attention away from her*  

Chiaki: *worried* “Is something wrong?”  

Izuru: “I was just enjoying the scenery.”

Chiaki: *looks out to garden* “It is pretty, isn’t it?”

Izuru: *notices how lovely Chiaki looks in the sunset glow* “It is.”

After lunch in lobby

Chiaki: “I really don’t mind staying longer.”

Izuru: “I have some important meetings to attend to.” “It’ll probably be boring waiting in my office until I’m done.”

Chiaki: “I guess so, but…” *grips chest * “I wanted to go home together.”

Izuru: “….” *gently places his hand on top of her head*

Chiaki: “?” *looks up to Izuru*

Izuru: *looking at her fondly* “Would you like to come here again?”

Chiaki: *perks up* “You mean it??”

Izuru: “We can eat together in the garden again if you like.”

Chiaki: *smiles warmly at him * “I’d like that.”

Izuru: *checks to make sure no one is around*

Chiaki: “What’s wrong?”

Izuru: *gently kisses Chiaki on the lips*

Chiaki: “….” *covers her mouth as she blushes slightly*

Izuru: “What’s the matter? Cat got your tongue?”  

Chiaki: *puffs up cheeks in anger* “I’ll get you back later!” *runs off*

Izuru: *watches her go* “….” *smiles faintly and heads back to office*


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spock holds things and looks cute

Imagine your daughter asking for a sibling


You and Sam looked up from your research to see your daughter had stopped colouring and was looking at the two of you intently.

“What’s up, kiddo?” Sam asked, and Katie pursed her lips into a frown.

“When a’you gonna have another kiddo?” she asked, curiously.

You choked on air as Sam swiftly leant over to pull Katie from her seat and into his lap.

“You want Mommy and Daddy to have another baby?” he asked, kissing the top of her head.

“Yah,” she agreed, looking across at you, “I wanna play with ‘em.”

You shared a look with Sam before smiling at your daughter.

“Not just yet, sweetie,” you told her kindly. “We’ve gotta get married first.”

Katie began to pout, and you looked at Sam for a quick fix to see a mischievous glint in his eye.

“How about you ask Uncle Dean for a cousin?” Sam suggested.

Daddy!Sam masterpost