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17 + seungyoon please :)

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I’ve wanted to write a hustler!au so bad and now I wrote one so I’m pretty excited, here you have it!

Kang Seungyoon+ “Lightly running the very tip of the tongue around the outline of the lips with darting touches before actually kissing.”

Rushed, that’s something Seungyoon never was. He took his time, whether it was getting ready in the morning or sleeping, starting a new friendship or living life, there was time for everything and he got it done without much rush that could finally turn him insane. In the casino, it was normal to see someone rushing, just like the man in front of him, licking his lips as he looks down at his cards that were perfectly displayed in front of him with a smirk that Seungyoon just wants to smack off. However, as the man’s hand reaches for Seungyoon’s money, his bony hand reaches for him wrist and takes it delicately, clicking his tongue as he shakes his head.

“Old man,” Seungyoon starts, seeing the man on his forties gasping as he places his cards down, showing the best hand that won the game. The black haired male reaches for his money, pulling it towards him as he gives it to Minho, who was sitting beside him with a big box for him to put his money on. Time did everything and if taking time while playing was giving him this amount of money, then he was more than happy. People like him were allergies and Seungyoon was there to prove them wrong, getting them embarrassed really. “Alright-”

“You cheated.” The man whispers and Seungyoon shakes his head, standing up as he fixes the blazer he had over his stripped shirt, running one of his hands through his hair soon after. “You fucking asshole-”

“No, no, no. Watch your language.” Seungyoon says before turning back to Minho, who was looking at him with widened eyes. “I wouldn’t cheat, so if you, degenerate, have anything more to say, then you can get out of my casino.”

Seungyoon turns his back before the other can say anything else, hearing Minho’s footsteps behind him as a smile appears on his face. Usually, he wasn’t one for confrontation, but he felt the need to put some people on their places when they are being complete assholes. However, his heart starts racing once he sits down at the bar, seeing Taehyun and Seunghoon working with preparing the drinks before his gaze settles on the lights to his right, catching a body that he knew perfectly well before he felt Minho’s elbow against his ribcage lightly.

“She was waiting for you.” Minho states and Seungyoon doesn’t have time to listen to anything else before he stood up, walking towards her as he takes notice of the beautiful blue dress she was wearing and the smile on her face.


“Come here.” He whispers before interlocking their hands, dragging her towards his office before closing the door behind him.

She had seen the office once or twice, just because he was the boss and his office was like his real home. The white walls contrasted perfectly with the black decorations and as he sits on his desk, he pulls her closer to him, placing her in between his legs before giving her a warning look, one of his eyebrows lifted and a small smirk threatening to escape from the corner of his lips. Seungyoon’s life was this casino and whether he liked to admit it or not, he loved being the one that people remembered when they said hustler.

He didn’t do it for the money, at least not nowadays, but he did enjoy showing a few tricks here and there, and if his luck permitted it, then he’ll keep betting.

“I told you not to come here.” Seungyoon scolds, and naturally he doesn’t have anything to hide. After all, it’s his girlfriend people are talking about, he doesn’t want any salty rivals catching her and for her own sake, he kept their relationship under some parameters. The whine that escapes her lips, however, has him questioning if he really wanted to scold her. His hands run through her hair, taking a handful before hearing her chuckle.

“I just wanted to see you.” The butterflies –or more like the whole zoo- that was inside his stomach makes him smile as his plump lips press against her neck, kissing the weak spot of hers before hearing her sigh in content, he nibbled on it lightly and opened his mouth to blow on it slightly after biting before she takes him by the neck and hits it lightly. “No hickeys.” Seungyoon chuckles and she can’t help but join in the laughter, remembering the amount of makeup she had to use to hide Seungyoon’s proud hickeys. They were nice at the moment, but they were a headache when trying to cover them.

“You take away my fun.” Seungyoon whines before pressing his lips against her cheeks, going up to the corner of her mouth and he sticks out his tongue lightly and runs it over the corner of her lips.

And you take away mine.” She says those words before taking him by the cheeks, looking straight into those powerful eyes that had seen it all, much more than what he’d like to admit. Her hands place themselves under his arms and move towards his back before clinging to the material of his blazer. “Don’t be a tease, just kiss me.”

“There’s no rush, darling.” Seungyoon coos before placing his lips against hers, taking her breath away with a mere touch as he opens his mouth to deepen it.

Seungyoon is never rushed, but it was pretty difficult when her lips felt that delicious, meant to be over his, interlocking with a love that might never die down.

I wanted to draw a happy pretty lady. 

So I did!

I was kind of lost on what was supposed to go on with the neck when one wears hijab, but i swear I remembered people wearing it wrapped around the neck like that so. I’m happy with how she came out. 
EDIT: i looked it up [i hadn’t before because net was spotty] and the neck is covered so yay. Please forgive there being no texture to the part around her neck– but her hair is covered, so that’s good. 

Happy soft lady.


Pairing: Sam x Reader

Warnings: Fluff (is that even a warning?), a bit of angst if you squint, 

Submission #2 for Christmas Challenge by @averymerryspnxmas . Teaming up with @potato-that-needs-therapy

Prompt: Day 8 (I think?) : Christmas tree (Okay I like to be early, so what)

Word count: 1000-ish

Summary: Drabble about how perfect little ol’ Sammy is

A/N: I was getting Sammy feels. Enjoy le me going on and on about how awesome he is (Totally not boring I guarantee it) 

It was everything about him. The way he moved, the way he spoke, the way he looked, the way he acted. His attitude and looks, his gentleness yet roughness, his kindness and the way you knew that no matter how sweet and good he looked he was equally threatening and able to snap your neck with a snap of his fingers

Standing there with the Christmas lights repeatedly flashing colors on every inch of his body was Sam. He stared at the work you both had done on the Christmas tree.

You had managed to convince both Winchesters to celebrate Christmas, even if that meant crappy Chinese takeout, since none of you knew how to properly cook, brandy drenched eggnog and a movie or a sports game in Sam’s room, since it was the only one with a TV. But Sam decided that “if we do this we should do it right.” So he went out and found a small Christmas tree and ornaments, decorating it with your help.

Right now he was captivated by the beauty of Christmas. He hadn’t celebrated for so fucking long, he really needed this. You, however… You were captivated by something else. By him

Your eyes trailed up his long strong legs to his arms. Arms that had hugged you, comforted you, saved you, protected you more times than you cared to count. His muscles were taut and rippling, the dark red colored checkered flannel he was wearing barely able to contain them.  

Then his neck. The vain that popped up when he was in pain or angry. The strain and the pull and the way his perfectly shaped and squared shoulders supported his head.

His lips. The small moments when he’d flirt with you where the tip of his tongue would barely peek out of them to lick the bottom one and draw it between his bright white teeth, knowing you couldn’t stop staring at it.Or the way the corners slightly tilted upwards in a small smile every time he looked at you, making you smile back. Or when he’d grin because of a crappy joke, making the whole room just a tad bit brighter.

At last it was his eyes. Oh his eyes. Even after so many years living and hunting with the boys, you couldn’t decide what color they were. You could write series of books describing them. Sometimes they were green with specks of brown and just a tiny bit of blue, like a colorful field of flowers and lawn clippings. 

Other times they were a full fledged bright forest green. That of grass and spring-time pine and cacti. Some other times they turned a light milk chocolate brown mixed with splotches of green.

They were warm and comforting and sincere in such a beautiful way, reflecting his moods so perfectly. Turning hard when he was angry and soft when he was happy. Sometimes when he looked at you he’d be faintly smiling, the corners of his lips just barely tipping upwards. When he laughed or grinned the corners would crinkle and they themselves would just brighten somehow and God you just couldn’t resist him.

He was such a beautiful soul. He was more than just a best friend, more than a person close to you. He was family—no he was even more than that if that was even possible. You wish you had the words to describe how much he meant to you. How much his smiles and looks and words affected you.  

You didn’t like tags. You didn’t like placing people in categories and boxes. But saying you were in love with him was probably the most accurate and correct statement you could’ve ever formed in your mind.

“This is awesome!” His tone was laced with a hint of excitement. You couldn’t help but softly smile

“Yeah. Yeah, it is” You agreed quietly. Your eyes weren’t on the tree though. No, they were on Sam. On his eyes and his smile and you let your heart and mind sink in the pit of feelings you had developed for him over the years

Sam’s eyes turned to you with a huge smile on his lips. He looked so happy and giddy about everything.

That was it. You couldn’t do it anymore. You wouldn’t stand there, watching from afar. You wouldn’t cower. This moment couldn’t have been more perfect even if you tried, so you took your chance.  

You pushed yourself off the table and walked to him slowly. You stood in front of him, his height obviously towering over you.

Sam’s eyes locked on yours, his smile faltering just a tiny bit, realizing what was about to happen.

You gave him a bit of time to pull away before you placed your hands on his chest. You took a tiny step to be as close to him as possible. His left hand rested on your cheek and sank in your hair as you pressed your forehead to his. He ghosted his lips over yours, barely brushing past them

You held his gaze before shutting your eyes and closing the gap between you firmly.

And God were you in heaven

The light push of his glistening lips against yours and the fire that started burning inside you warming you up to the deepest parts of your body and making you tingly from head to toe made you feel more alive than ever. His nose crinkled and nudged against your own and your cheek. When Sam tried to pull you even closer you wrapped your arms around his neck, closing any remaining gap that there was between you two.

When you pulled away you rested your forehead on his, breathing heavily.

“I can’t explain how long I waited for that to happen” He whispered and you both grinned, losing yourself in each other once again.


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When first watching the episode, I didn’t think much of Mina’s design.

Just that she looks really elegant. Really suave. It was fitting.

I had initially thought the designs on her arms and neck were like lace.

Except, when looking closer, they kind of look more like tattoos.

It could very much be the style of the models though.

Season 3, Episode 10 - Heroes on Both Sides

Anas (R.A) said:

 The Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) was one of the best of men in character. One day he sent me to do something, and I said: I swore by Allah that I would not go. But in my heart I felt that I should go to do what the Prophet of Allah (peace be upon him) had commanded me; so I went out and came upon some boys who were playing in the street. All of a sudden the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) who had come up behind caught me by the back of the neck, and when I looked at him he was laughing. He said: Go where I ordered you, little Anas. I replied: Yes, I am going, Apostle of Allah! Anas said: I swear by Allah, I served him for seven or nine years, and he never said to me about a thing which I had done: Why did you do such and such? Nor about a thing which I left: why did not do such and such?


Sunan Abi Dawud (Book 43, Hadith 1)

Send me a ship and I’ll tell you… Sparrabeth Style

who’s the cuddler: Jack, I think, but mostly when it’s deep in the night and he’s dead asleep and slings his arm and leg over her and she gets so mad but secretly she loves it.

who makes the bed: Neither of them, haha. Maybe Elizabeth when she’s in a huff and looking for something to do that doesn’t involve wringing Jack’s neck.

who wakes up first: Jack. He’s been at sea so long it’s a habit to sleep in four hour shifts and he’s always up when its his watch on the Pearl no matter how much he drank.

who has the weird taste in music: haha. Jack, I think. I imagine him having a collection of strange instruments from all over the world. (Please take this moment to picture Jack serenading Elizabeth with a sitar, and she’s like what IS that thing and you look ridiculous btw–But secretly she likes it. LOL)

who is more protective: They are both fiercely protective. Jack shows it by forbidding Elizabeth from engaging in his wilder schemes, and she shows it by disobeying his orders and following along to watch his back. Of which usually ends up with her saving his skin, and he hers too. :)

who sings in the shower: saying this is n/a would be a cop out, so who sings in the waterfall? Haha. Jack, at first, but Lizzy will join in.

who cries during movies: You mean who cries during plays? Elizabeth. Especially anything that reminds her of her father, she quietly goes to pieces in her seat.And Jack knows she doesn’t want him to fuss so he just lets her hold his hand too hard.

who spends the most while out shopping: Elizabeth. She’s the King, dammit, and she likes nice things. Except for that one time Jack gave a bag of gold for a handful of beans…

who kisses more roughly: Elizabeth, especially when she’s trying to shut him up.

who is more dominant: Hmm. Well, Jack likes to give orders, obviously. But I think Elizabeth would really wear the pants. :D

my rating of the ship from 1-10: This is a 1 with an INFINITE number of zeroes behind it! Sparrabeth FOREVER!!!!

Julia and I rescued this plant from a trash pile. For a long time it was inside our house and didn’t get enough sunlight. Its plant necks started to droop over and it was hella sad. We finally took it to our parking lot and put it next to some green in the alley. Now it has grown to twice its size, it’s leaves are greener than I’ve ever seen, and all the plant necks look strong and healthy. I believe it was Christina Aguilera that said “If you love something, let it go. If it comes back it’s yours, and that’s how you know. It’s for keeps, yea, it’s for sure.” Find ur light. Here’s to a bright future.

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Thoughts on B's latest IG story with J tonight?

I think he drank until she got less annoying because wow.

Also that neck nuzzle looked familiar…

Little Omega(Cole/O'Reilly story)


This had to be what hell felt like.

Waking up,i felt sore from head to toe. My head throbbed, My neck and wrists ached and so did my legs.
I roll over,hitting a hard,warm chest that raises questions in my head.

how much did my have to drink? who was this person?

I roll over gasping, jumping out of bed frantically.

“holy shit”i think clenching the sheets as the person turns to me and beautiful blue and sleepy eyes look back at me. We both stare at each other,afraid what the other was thinking.

“Hals” he stands up,walks towards me and grabs my face. I realize at this moment that both of us are naked.Wait,naked?

“Kyle”my eyes search his face.I look at his neck that had bite marks and hickeys across it. His collarbone has claw marks that clearly looked new ”please tell me we didn’t do what I think we did”

Kyle bites his lower lip as he turned around and showed me his back. I gasp out loud as his back has deep,red nail prints all over it. I was absolutely sick to my stomach. “did I really do this?”

“Kyle” I turn him around. He smiles shyly as he moves my hair away from my neck. “I guess you have matching ones too?”

I close my eyes. Memories of last night coming to me.

“truth or dare little one” Matt smirked as I took a sip of my home made sangria Nick made for our 6th annual friendsgiving. I was so happy and excited to see the boys and Kyle. They just finished up Final Battle and I was so proud that was boys won. I was a bit pissed that a certain long haired friend wasn’t here.

“probably out fucking some ring rat like always”

Adam and I became fast friends when my brother,Kenny became a member of the Bullet Club. Now that Kenny is never around since he moved out to Japan,Adam and I remained close. So close that we moved in together. Weird,I know but I loved that Adam and I are so close. I hated that he sticks his dick in anything that has a pulse but,To each their own.


Matt and Nick smile evilly as my heart drops. “oh no..”

Matt puts his hand over my mouth as Nick continues “I dare you to go into the closet and give Kyle here a bruiser of a hickey”

Kyle and I look at each other as I nod,walking to the closet with his hand on my lower back. We close the door as he reaches out to me.”okay,um…”

I press my body to his,pushing him towards the wall. I move my mouth to his neck,his breath hitches for a second as I run my tongue from his earlobe to his collarbone.”Hallie..”

I smirk into his neck as he snakes his arms around my waist. My hands reach up and massages the back of his head as I bite the skin under his earlobe,sucking softly.”fuck don’t stop..”

“wasn’t going to” I move my mouth across his jawbone,nipping and sucking as my fingertips lightly graze his lower back.He steps towards me,roughly throwing me towards the wall as he takes my hands,pinning them above my head.He presses his lips on mine as he grinds his hips.I moan into his mouth softly,not realizing that my shirt came off. He leans down,moving my bra as he takes my left breast into his hand,biting my nipple softly.”Oh Kyle..”

And that’s the last thing I remembered…

“after the closet,i brought you up here and I guess you can figure out what happened next” Kyle blushes,rubbing the back of his neck. He was kinda adorable. I wasn’t sure why I was just noticing it now. “maybe because he doesn’t have long hair and when he smiles,his eyes don’t crinkle up”

“Hallie look”he moves me to the bed,taking my hand with him as we both sat down”I know that this was a one time thing.But I just want to say thank you for having this intimate moment with me”

I laugh,looking down before looking back up at him”I can’t believe you just thanked me for having sex with you”

“hey it was the best sex I have ever had.”

“we were both drunk and I can’t remember anything.”

Kyle laughs before throwing his arms around me.I am so glad I have a friend like him. That we can have this crazy,drunken moment and we can laugh about it after.

“that’s the best..”

“boobear,i’m back!” My door swings open as we both run to put clothes on. As Kyle struggles to put on pants, Angry blue eyes looked around to assess the scene in front of him.

“what the fuck is going on?” Adam walks in deeper as I put on the nearest shirt to me. It smelled like Chrome Cologne. Of course it had to be Kyle’s shirt.I’m an asshole.

Kyle went to put himself between us.”Cole,it’s not what it..”

Adam glares at him,as Kyle stopped mid sentence”so I didn’t walk in on my best friend and my boy having a moment?”

“yes we did.But.”

Adam locks eyes with me. I suddenly felt really shitty. I can’t believe that Adam walked in on us. Why was he getting so angry? I really didn’t get it. I was friend zoned years ago because I was “Little Omega”.I was fine and okay with all of the guys keeping me around as a friend. It also didn’t help that in the couple of years that I knew Cole,i developed feelings for the Florida native. But i kept them to myself because I didn’t want to ruin the friendship.

“take his shirt off” he growled,looking at me.I was shaking a bit. I couldn’t believe how mad Cole was. I frantically take the shirt off,his eyes roam my body as I throw the shirt to Kyle. I look at him and smile sweetly at him before he walked out.He mouths “good luck and I’ll call you” before exited the apartment.

Adam walks towards me,grabbing a random shirt before handing it to me.I put it on as I sit on the bed Indian style. He sits down across from me,rubbing his chin with his hand.

“Kyle?”Adam hisses.”out of all of my friends,you fucked Kyle?”


“No you look,i can be okay with you fucking random guys. Actually no I can’t think about you fucking anybody. But why him?”

“this started off as a dare..”

“a dare?”he scoffs as he gets up and stands in front of me.”what was the dare”I dare you to ride Kyle’s dick..”

“oh fuck you Cole you self righteous prick! You can parade girls in and out out here like a delicatessen and when I have one,FUCKING ONE, one night stand you think it gives you the right to be a cunt? Fuck you Adam Cole and you know what? Get the hell out of my room!!”

I was standing toe to toe with my roommate. Adam’s eyes were searching my face as I bite my lip. He steps forward,putting his finger on my chin to pull my lip from between my teeth. My breath hitches as he smirks at me. He moves my hair,looking at my neck. His eyes darken as his hand tightens around my hair. “he did this to you?”

“Adam wait..”

“who gave you that dare?”he questioned. I have never seen him like this. I was ashamed to say that I was really turned on by this.

“Nick and Matt”

Adam grabbed at his hair as he started to pace around my room.”they knew! they fucking knew how I feel about you! You are off limits. Kyle didn’t know, but it doesn’t make it hurt any less. Kenny,Nick,Matt fucking know that I’m head over heels in love with you and that you were off limits to everyone so I can figure out your feelings and I didn’t want to fuck this up. Mother fuck..”

My heart stops”you love me?”

“I’m going to kill those stupid bucks..wait what?”

I grab Adam’s face”did you just say that you loved me?”

He looks at me while nodding “every since Kenny introduced us to you. You were absolutely adorable with you brothers shirt on and it was right then and there,i knew you had my heart”

“but that was 5 years ago. Cole you’ve had so many girls parade in and out of here. Instead of just doing that, you could have just talked to me”

Adam sat next to me”none of those girls matter Hals. Every time they left all I felt was shitty and empty.”

I looked at him and smiled. I honestly couldn’t that my best friend felt the same way I did. I wish we would have told me sooner. “Cole I’m so sorry that you felt that way. But i wish you have talk to me.”

He scoffed”why so you can just tell me that all you saw me as was a friend,no thank you”

“Cole I love you.I have always loved you. I just thought you didn’t feel the same because of the whole friend zone thing”

He smiles as he moves closer to me,i stop him before standing up. Adam looks at me before I take my shirt off.”look I can’t have this conversation with you while I smell like Kyle.”

I walk into my bathroom as Adam’s hands dance around my curvy,naked flesh. He presses his lips to the base of my spine as we both step into the warm water. I throw my head back as Adam presses his lips to mine. I moan into his mouth as he picks me up and wraps my legs around his waist.

I push back and press my forehead to his”Adam I can’t do this. Not after I shared a night with Kyle. It’s not fair to either one of you not to mention a bit slutty”

Adam lightly laughs as he sets me down. We finish out shower in silence just looking and smiling at each other. I notice that his eyes wander all over my body. I wanted to play this up a bit. I grabbed my soap,squeezing a bit of it into my hand rubbing it around. I run my hands around my body, paying attention to my breast,stomach and my thighs. I move to the water where I am thrown against the wall.

“You are being a fucking tease and I can’t handle you touching yourself like that when I am the only person that should be touching you”He grabs my face,eyes searching mine”please let this shower be our baptism. Let us keep past shit in here and start from scratch?”

I kiss him sweetly as I turn the water off. I grab Adam’s hand leading him into my room before scooping me up in his arms. He lays me down in my bed,pressing his body to mine. I smile up at him before bringing him down to kiss me. He deepens the kiss as my hands grab his hair,pulling it slightly. He moans into the kiss,moving down my jawline kissing it sweetly.

Nipping at my collarbone,his fingers move down the sides of my stomach. I laugh softly as he looks up and winks,biting at my inner thighs. I bite my lip as his blue eyes gazed into my green ones. He spread my legs as he licks my clit softly. I throw my head back as he presses two digits into my slick fold. Moaning louder,he adds a third finger as I moan his name”fuck adam”

As I feel my orgasm near,i push his head closer,humping softly. I scream his name,pulling him up and kissing him roughly,tasting myself as he enters me slowly. Our moans were the only things heard as I wrap my legs around his waist. “Hallie,you feel amazing it was like you were made for me”

I kiss him sweetly as I moan”I love you so much Adam”

He stops all movement,him grabbing my face.”say it again”he quickens his pace as he place his forehead on mine. Adam whispers sweet and love nothings into my mouth as I feel a bit overwhelmed.”I love you Hals and i want you to be mine”

“Well,well,well,” a voice said behind us.We both turn to see Nick,Matt and Kyle. what.?

“as you can see we are kinda in the middle of something”

“I really don’t want to see my friend deflowering my sister” Kenny.

“do you really think that Hals and I had sex?”Kyle smirks as we both look at him in confusion.

Adam nods”you both were naked in bed”

Kyle shakes his head”She passed out before anything happens and I wasn’t going to take advantage of her. We did get naked but that was the extent of everything”

“We would never do that to you brother.”Nick shrugs”we know how much you love her and how much she means to you.”

“I am sorry we put her in the dare with Kyle. It was supposed to be harmless and I’m sorry that it upset it” Matt apologized.

“I swear to you Cole if you hurt my sister I’m not above cutting your fucking sac off and feeding it to you”

Adam blushes kissing me softly”I love you Hallie”

“I love you too”

“I’m going to vomit”

“Get out!!!!”


Tried to post this like a month ago but this app glitches like that’s its sole function, but I made a snowperson!!! The 4th pic is how they look rn after the repairs (hat will never come off now, reinforced neck at a better angle, and new scarf) I just finished.

Also a reminder that the tag I use for holiday stuff is “xmas” and for my sewing bs it’s “blurr’s sewing projects” so you can avoid them or look through them if you want!

Perched on the bench and pulling her cloak tighter around her, Dorcas craned her neck for a better look at the figure above her. “You know, I think I’ve spent far too much at this market already.” Her gaze moved to the multiple bags at her feet. “But really, who can pass up colour-changing quill ink?”

Me, on a thread asking about the daddy kink/DD/lg on FB: I think it’s toxic bc if your partner portraying themselves as a child and temporarily adopts child like behaviors to get you off, why do child like mannerisms get you off in the first place?
A bunch of white women who look like thumbs and red neck white dudes: wow you are s o condescending and immature!!!! How dare you!!! Let people live their lives *insert three paragraphs about how their partner thought they were unfuckable before they put on the whole sexy baby image*

12.5.16] long time no post! I’ve been super busy. I’m in last lecture year of my pharmacy school and it’s known for pilling up work.
As a little update, respiratory module ended and I got a good grade! We started renal in place or respiratory and I really like it! Kidney is your friend guys. It works very hard to keep you healthy. (But it can be a bitch sometimes).
Also, it’s kinda ghetto but my necks been hurting from looking at my laptop for so long, so I used this old box that came with my current lamp to prop up my laptop!

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Could I get a Doberman Pinscher infodump?


so the Doberman has a rlly interesting history imo!!! lots of different breeds went into it to create a perfect working dog who is both intimidating in appearance and drivey in personality. interesting fact even tho theyreI still called Doberman pinschers in the akc most kennel clubs recognize them as the doberman or dobermann, as pinscher is the German word for a terrier breed so it didn’t apply to the dobe who is a working breed, not a terrier. This is why the miniature pinscher is called that - not bc of its appearance similar to a doberman, but bc it is a miniature Terrier breed. Though Manchester terriers are widley accepted as an origin breed. The rottweiler is a major influence on it too!

heres a very early Doberman - note the stockier body though they still have a very sleek leggy look. Lots of european lines and working lines retain this thick necked look.

heres the first doberman to win bis at Westminster…you can see how much the breed change does over just thirty years since the other pic!

a lot of ppl love albino doves for their beautiful looks, but they have so many health problems…. they are very heavily interbred with all white dobes all descendants of a single bitch who was likely bred with her parents who were carriers of the gene. They are photosensitive, sunburn easily, have typical problems of poorly bred dogs such as poor bites hd and early arthritis, and are known for being very prone to biting.Blue dobermans are also very popular, though they always have issues with alopecia. Blue is allowed in the standard but because of their alopecia they are almost never show dogs and are often exploited by puppy mills and backyard breeders for their ‘unique’ coloring that will sell for more.

A healthy Doberman will have a full coat, the correct face chest muzzle ‘eyebrow’ inner ear under tail and paw markings, that should always be a rust color. They will have a scissors bite and if the ears and tail aren’t natural should have either a pet (’military’) or show crop and tail docked. They are possibly some of the most versatile dogs out there along with the herding breeds and some working breeds, a well bred dog excels in agility, obedience, conformation, work, protection, and guarding. I’ve seen them even do french ring in person, it’s incredible! They are built to be fast, strong, a good grip during bite, and a loud bark.

They’re perfect dogs, if you can handle them!