Breakfast. (Sehun, werewolf!au, Mating Season series 2/2) *NC-17*

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Breakfast- Sehun, werewolf!au, Mating Season 2/2 *NC-17*
Warning: smut.


It was 10 a.m at the moment, as you silently slipped back into your dimmed bedroom, pancakes in one hand and a whole bottle of maple syrup in the other. There, in the middle of your bed, slept Sehun. You smiled slightly at his calm face, his chest steadily rising with each breath.

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De!aged Bones being absolutely smitten with Spock.

I need to get my writing mojo going and kill some time! Send me a ship or a character, and a word (or an au) and I’ll write a 500-1000 word drabble for it.

Okay, it’s more like Bones the shameless, awful flirt (and I shamelessly reused some of Jim’s lines), but it’s implied that he’s smitten. This was fun, enjoy!

Jim has never seen Spock look so utterly lost before, and it takes almost all of his self-control not to burst out laughing at the look on his First Officer’s face.

“Captain,” Spock’s voice is cool, and calm in the way that it only is when something’s upset him but he’s trying to pretend he’s above having an emotional reaction. “What exactly happened to Le- Doctor McCoy?” His eyes track Bones’ movements as he wanders around the bridge, poking his nose into everything as if he’s never been on a star ship before – which technically he hasn’t.

“Well see, there was this plant.” Which Jim should have commed the bridge about, or medical, or something, but he just couldn’t pass up this opportunity.

Spock doesn’t say anything. He stares straight at Jim and lifts an eloquent eyebrow, demanding more information without actually throwing a hissy-fit out loud.

“And apparently the pollen somehow effects the age of cells. And Bones, well, he kind of fell into a whole clump of them, got covered in the stuff, and inhaled a bunch too. Then-” he gestures towards Bones, who is currently engaged in a fun game of flirting with Uhura.

He still looks like Bones, but he doesn’t at the same time. Not only is he younger, with long hair and a ridiculous little mustache and neatly trimmed beard, but he lacks a certain cynical air that Bones always carries around with him. The man is Jim’s best friend, but he seriously needs to lighten up, like all the time. This Bones doesn’t have that problem at all.

“Hey there, Captain Kirk,” Bones’ voice is all southern twang, and it’s a real shame he’s already in a relationship, because Jim would do things to hear that every day. “And hello there, stranger!” Bones’ eyes light up as they land on Spock and he winks, actually winks at the Vulcan.

Jim snorts, and has to bite the inside of his cheek, once again, to stop himself from laughing.

Spock clearly doesn’t know what to do with this much younger Leonard McCoy who hasn’t been screwed over by the world just yet. He looks like he’s been cornered by three Gorn’s, and is trying to decide which one offers the quickest death.

“Greetings,” Spock manages a surprisingly neutral voice.

“I’m Leonard McCoy,” Bones thrusts a hand directly at Spock, who, as usual, doesn’t know what to do with the thing. “But you, darlin’, can call me Leo.” He winks again. “If I said you had a beautiful body, would you hold it against me?” he drawls suggestively and Jim almost draws blood with how hard he has to bite his cheek to keep his laughter contained.

“K-Kirk to Medical,” he chuckles into the comm, keeping one eye on Spock and Bones, thanking every possible power for his amazing luck that he actually gets to watch this happen. “Nurse Chapel, would you mind coming to the Bridge to collect our CMO? He’s ah…regressed, and I’d like you to give him a physical to make sure there’s no other, harmful, changes.”

“Can Mr. Spock give me that physical?” Bones pipes up, his eyes running appreciatively over Spock as a little smirk dances across his lips. “I wouldn’t mind him checkin’ me all over.”

Uhura coughs; Chekov squeaks; and Sulu doesn’t even try to hide his laughter.

“I am not a medical doctor.” Somehow Spock manages to keep his composure, even in the face of a clearly smitten Leonard McCoy. “It would be best if you allowed your medical staff to handle that.”

“Shame,” Bones sighs dramatically, shoving his hands into his pockets. “I’d rather hoped to have you handlin’ me.”

Been feeling kinda bored and unproductive and on edge for the last two days, so today I cleaned my room and now to calm down and find myself again, I’m going to eat some ice cream by myself in good weather looking great.

Never the Last Goodbye

Part 1

Pairings: Dean x Reader

Warnings: None

Word Count: 532 (sorry about the difference from the first part)

A/N: This chapter ended up going off track to how I planned it and I’m sorry it took me so long to write this! I hope you enjoy part 2 of this as much as I did while writing it!

I slammed the door behind me, grabbed my bag and began packing my minimal items. I zipped it up and turned to face the door, tears welling up in my [E/C] eyes. As I turned I immediately faced Dean, staring at me with a stern look on his face. I knew what to expect just by the way he was looking at me.

“Save it” I said simply as he opened his mouth to shout at me,

“Just listen to me!” he said, try to keep as calm as possible so I would change my mind.  

“Why should I? I already know what you’re going to say and it won’t make a difference.” I said picking up my bag and walking towards the door and past Dean.

“You’re seriously leaving us? Why? Is it what happened on that hunt? Because I clearly told yo-” “And what if it is about the hunt? It shouldn’t make a difference to you because you don’t seem to care anyway”

“Are you serious?!” Dean said raising his voice,

“After everything Sam and I have done for you, this is how you repay us?! By leaving?! And let’s not forget about all the times I bandaged you up, raced you to hospital just so you didn’t die! We care about you [Y/N], when I lost Sam I had no idea what to do but you stuck by me and who the fuck is gonna do that when it happens again?!”

“Bullshit!” the only way to cut him off from his rant was to shout. I hated it but it had to be done so I could leave in peace.

“You never cared about me! It was all Sam! Whenever I woke up the next day it was Sam next to my bed, and I would always ask where you were! Every time, he would have to apologize for your absence! So don’t tell me that it was both of you when all you did was take the credit from Sam!” I took a deep breath to try and calm myself down before lowering my voice and walking straight passed Dean.

“Tell Sam I said goodbye if don’t see him on the way out.”

As I reached the door I heard a rough, croaky voice.


I hated the concern and worry in Sam’s voice as I reached for the door handle.

“Goodbye Sam, sorry I went against your brother’s stupid rules.” That was all I could say without bursting into tears and I slammed the door behind me and headed towards my car.

~Deans P.O.V~

[Y/N] rushed straight passed me and all I could think about was her. How had I been so stupid? Why did I have to yell at her and be the same old dickhead I told myself I wouldn’t be?! I had no idea what to do. I froze in my spot unable to move because of her backlash. I stood there, shocked as the door slammed shut and I ran out of the bedroom just to get shoved into a nearby wall by Sam.

“What the hell was that?!” He asked angrily, staring at me with a cold look.

The signs as #JustPeriodThings
  • aries:when you bleed so much you think you're having a miscarriage
  • taurus:waking up 10 pounds heavier
  • gemini:going to bed with a clear face but waking up looking like a pubescent teenage boy
  • cancer:crying/getting angry over the tiniest things like dropping a spoon on the floor
  • leo:when you sneeze/cough/laugh too hard and it feels like the elevator in the shining opened in your pants
  • virgo:that "oh shit" moment when Mother Nature tricks you into thinking you're off your period when you're really not (it's like the calm before the storm)
  • libra:the eternal struggle of wanting to hook up - your heart tells you yes but your period tells you no
  • scorpio:cancelling all your plans because Mother Nature says so
  • sagittarius:going to the bathroom every 5 minutes to make sure you don't ruin your thousandth pair of underwear
  • capricorn:when you come off as a little moody and someone asks "are you on your period" and you're sent into a blinding rage
  • aquarius:when you have such bad cramps it feels like Satan is trying to claw his way out of your uterus
  • pisces:having your period arrive a few days late and going into an immense panic about being pregnant (even if you're a virgin)

“I suffer from Crohn’s disease. It’s not the worst possible disease and you can live with it. But’s incurable and often manifests itself when you’re stressed. Before I came here to study international business, I lost a close friend, so I was stressed and my disease hit crisis mode. I was scared because I was about to move away from friends and family and France. But my mom also suffers from this disease, so I tried not to look stressed because it also affects her. I had to be strong. Before my surgery last year, my mom was very scared, but I laughed all the time and tried to look calm. Then before coming here, I also tried to keep a straight face. My mom said, ‘How can you be so cool about it?’ I smiled and told her, ‘Don’t stress, Mom. I’m fine, I’ve got this.’ Later, she told me that the way I was being cool and laughing helped her a lot. So I’m proud of myself.”


So my in laws very recently adopted a dog. They already had one, a cockerpoo, who is very loveable, but very excitable and bouncey, and they wanted a more calm and chilled out character. They met this absolutely lovely lassy when looking round an Animal Rescue, only thing is, we’re not sure what breed she is! All we know is that she was rescued from the street in Romania.

Any thoughts on what mix she could be? She’s almost got a jack Russell face (I think anyway) but then she has a veeeeery long body, very short legs, and a tail like a fox.

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Okay I'm in need of fluff so Hanzo and McCree in bed with their respective s/o's where their s/o wakes up before them (in the morning) and just plays with the boys hair until they wake up and when they wake up their s/o's sigh and say "I love you so much" what are headcanons for how the boys react to their s/o's doing this?


- he would wake up and jump slightly, still startled by having someone else present with him when he first wakes up but would quickly relax

- would almost groan a soft hum feeling their fingers through his hair and keep his eyes closed, feeling so calm and relaxed

- when his s/o says that they love him he will look up at them a almost shocked look on his face not expecting them to just say it so casually and lovingly and his cheeks would end up a bit flushed

- Hanzo would adjust himself so he is now holding his s/o, giving their head a kiss as he whispers that he loves them as well which isn’t necessarily a rarity but he doesn’t say it as often as he probably should because he feels like he shouldn’t but he is getting better at learning it’s ok to express himself


- would first wake up groaning a bit but then get a soft happy grin on his face met with a chuckle, his eyes stilled closed as he feels his s/o playing with his messy hair

- when his s/o states their love for him his heart will low key melt and that will be the best part of his day

- he will move around propping himself on his side with his head resting on his hand smiling at them and saying that he loves them more before bringing them into a bear hug laying in bed not wanting to leave

- will probably brag about it later if someone mentions how lovie dovie he is towards his s/o and just chuckle saying “oh come on now you are just jealous because you ain’t got no one to wake you up telling you how much they love ya~”

GOT7 Reaction To Seeing Your Self-Harm Scars.

TRIGGER WARNING: Mention of self-harm.

This is a very serious subject so I was debating whether or not to do this request but I’ve finally decided I am going to do it. If anyone ever needs to talk don’t be scared to message me   ❤️




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You and Mark were laying on the couch that was placed in your shared apartment, you were cuddled into his side and his arm was lightly placed around your waist. Both of your eyes were glued on the television, intently watching the new episode of your favourite show.

Half way through the episode you felt Mark’s fingers begin to gently brush over your arm in a calming manner, you tensed slightly silently hoping he wouldn’t feel the marks that were etched onto your arm.

You felt Mark move from behind you so you turned and saw him leaning his head on his hand looking down at you with a confused expression on his face.

“What’s wrong?” He frowned “When I touched you you tensed.”

“I -uh- I just wasn’t expecting it,” You lied. Mark’s frown deepened, clearly not believing you. He reached over your body and  gripped your arm in his hand.

“What are you doing?” You questioned, trying to tug your arm back but Mark’s grip was to firm for you to pull away. He quickly pulled the sleeve of your jumper up to reveal the scars on your arms.

“Baby, please tell me these aren’t what I think they are,”

“I’m sorry,” You whispered

Mark pulled you up and wrapped his arms tightly around your waist, “I love you so much, please never do this again.”


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“Y/N, its extremely hot. How are you wearing a jumper?” Your boyfriend, JB, questioned glancing at what you were wearing.

“ I’ll be fine.” You smiled at him before sitting down.

“Are you sure, baby?” he questioned again, looking concerned.

You looked up at him and just nodded, hoping he would drop the conversation. Luckily he did.

A few hours later you were rushing around your house trying to clean up before your friends arrived. Without noticing you pushed up the sleeves of your jumper to your elbows and carried on what you were doing.

“Jagiya?” You heard JB call before walking into the kitchen to find you but he suddenly froze.

“What’s on your arm?” He questioned, you glanced down at your arms and saw the marks on your arm that you hated.

When you looked back up he was in front of you, looking at you with concern etched on his features. He gently gripped onto your arm and looked down at it, seeing the pale lines that laid there.

“Y/N,” He almost whispered before pulling you into his arms and laying a gentle kiss onto your forehead “Promise me you will never ever do this again.”


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You stared down at your thigh, eyes focusing on the self-inflicted burn scars that lay there. It’s been months since you picked up the lighter that caused the burns and you were proud of yourself, but you still haven’t told anyone about the scars your had and you finally though it was the right time to tell Jackson, your boyfriend.

You quickly gathered your thoughts before taking a deep breathe and standing from the chair you sat in.

“Jackson?” You called into the house.

“In here,” You hear him call, you followed his voice and found him causally laying on your shared bed his phone rested in his hand. Once he heard you enter the room he smiled before turning his phone off and sitting up.

“What’s up baby?” He asked, patting the spot next to him signalling you to sit down, which you did.

“I need to talk to you about something,” You say, not looking him in the eye.

“Go on,” He said, his voice now soft and full of concern

You explained everything to him, from when you started to when you last did it. When you finally finished explaining to him you you up at him, only then meeting his gaze which was blank.

After a few minuets of silence you felt muscular arms wrap around your shoulders. “Never ever do this again, please.”


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“I’m going to get popcorn,” You announce to Jinyoung who was sat on the couch, deciding what movie you were both going to watch. He nodded not looking up, engrossed in picking a movie.

You stood and walked to the kitchen and soon remembered you kept the popcorn in the very top cabinet and would definitely struggle to reach it, you sighed to yourself before reaching up to try and get your hands on it.

“Y/N?” you heard a playful voice chuckle from behind you but it abruptly stopped. You swung around to see Jinyoung leaning on the door frame.

“I thought you were picking a movie,” You say before going back to trying to get the popcorn.

“I came to see what was taking so long,” the playfulness was now gone from his voice.

It was silent for a few seconds before you felt hands lay on your waist, you gasped in surprise and swung around to see Jinyoung’s eyes staring at you in concern.

“What’s wrong?” You questioned confused, you felt Jinyoung’s fingers trace something on your hip and you soon realised that he had saw… them.

You quickly tried to pull away from his grip but got no were, you felt his fingers gently pull your head up to look at him in the eyes.

“I love you, so you need to promise you’ll never do anything like that again.”


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It was an a Sunday morning, and both you and Youngjae  were laid in your bed neither of you finding the courage to get up and face the day. You were facing each other, enjoying the rare time you had together.

“Can I ask you something,” Youngjae said, breaking the silence, you nodded signalling him to carry on. “What are the marks on your wrist?”

You looked at him with wide eyes not expecting the question. “What are you talking about?” You ask

“The marks on your wrist, how did they get there.” He questioned again, his usual soft features full of concern “I see them a lot and I need to know.”

You look away from him and sighed “I’m guessing you already know.” You mutter.

Silence once again took over but you soon felt Youngjae’s soft grip pull your arm closer to him, you quickly glance up just in time to see him placing a soft kiss on your wrist before pulling you even closer than before.

“Promise me you will not do anything like that again.”


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“Y/N?” You hear Bambam call your name from his place on the couch

“Hmm?” you mutter, giving him a quick glance before focusing back on what you were doing.

“Can I ask you something,” he questioned before you heard him stand from the couch. You looked up again to see him making his way over to you so swung around your chair so you could face him.

“Uh sure,” You reply looking him in the eyes.

“Why do you always were long sleeved shirts?”  he asked, you were slightly confused over his question but soon realised what he was hinting at.

“Oh, no reason.” You replied, smiling up at him. You knew by the look on his face that he did not believe you.

He suddenly gripped onto your arm and pulled you up from your seat, you stumbled slightly from the sudden action before gaining your balance back. Once you were able to stand straight again Bambam rolled the sleeve of your shirt up to show the pale scars that lay there.

“How’d you know,” You mutter, looking down.

“I’ve been suspecting something for a while,” He admitted, running his thumb softly over the marks “I just didn’t know for sure.”

You finally gained the courage to look him in the eye and when your did you saw his face was full of concern. He gently pulled you into his arms before saying “Please never do this again.”


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You held your wrists up for Yugyeom to see, pale lines littered your skin. You finally thought it was the time to come clean about your scars to your boyfriend.

“Baby,” You heard him almost whisper, when you looked at his face you were shocked to see him smiling slightly “Thank you for telling me,”

You were more than confused at that moment “Why are you so calm about this,” You mutter

“I’ve known for a while,” He confessed, which made you even more confused. “I didn’t bring anything up because I knew when you felt comfortable you would tell me,”

You couldn’t help but smile a little, you wrapped your arms around his neck and his arm automatically circled your waist “I love you,” You mutter into his neck

“I love you too, baby.” He said, pulling away to look you in the eye “But you can never do this again.”


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Can I get a scenario of reaper/poly/s76 comforting or talking to their s/o who has major anxiety? It's been a bad day for me so far and this would really cheer me up 😢😢😢

I know that people with anxiety have different feelings when going through an episode, and I only have experiences with my own anxiety issues, so please know that this isn’t how all anxious people react/are best comforted

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Imagine staying with Charlie while Sam & Dean go after Mary’s spirit.

A/N: This takes place S1E5 Bloody Mary when Sam and Dean leave to smash the mirror, you stay behind with Charlie to watch over her.

Dean’s age-26

Sam’s age-22

Reader’s age-15

Image from google

“Don’t worry Charlie, Dean and I will handle this and Y/N will stay here with you. She’s better then both of us, you’ll be safe with her.” Sam said to Charlie trying to calm her down.

You let out a small scoff, you knew Sam was talking you up, you were good, but you knew they were better then you were, only because they were always so damn protective on hunts.

“You’ll be safe with her Charlie, I promise. I wouldn’t leave Y/N alone if I didn’t think she could handle it.” Dean added.

You turned and looked at Dean and saw the sincerity on his face, he really trusted you to watch over both you and Charlie. You smiled widely knowing that both your brothers trusted you.

“We’ll be fine Charlie, we’ll stay right here on the bed and won’t look at anything reflective. Hell you could take a nap and I’ll keep watch.” You looked her in the eyes, “I promise, I won’t let anything happen to you.”

Holtzbert Headcanon - Musical Interlude

One night when they’re alone upstairs Holtz reaches into a tattered chest she has in the back of her lab, and she roots around in it for awhile looking for something and finally pulls out an equally well-loved guitar. And Erin is sitting at her desk that she has facing her whiteboard and away from Holtz (she turned it when she realized if she could see the blonde working and dancing she’d never get anything done, but she reasoned it made more sense anyway to face the equation-filled wall anyway) so she doesn’t know any of this is happening until she hears soft chords drifting from behind her. And her first thought is “wow, this is calm, for her” thinking Jillian has just changed her usual playlist up a bit. But then she hears the unmistakable husk of the engineers voice and God… She’s never heard it so tender as she sings:

“I think that possibly,
maybe I’m falling for you
Yes, there’s a chance
that I’ve fallen quite hard over you
I’ve seen the paths
that your eyes wander down,
I wanna come too
I think that possibly,
maybe I’m falling for you….”

And Erin spins her chair around and Holtz isn’t making eye contact, she’s looking down at her hands shifting slowly up and down the guitar, as she strums gently, her one foot on the floor as she sits on her stool and the other kicked up on her cluttered desk, she’s facing slightly away, even. But Erin can feel the specific sort of tension in the room and cannot contain her gasp at the beautiful way Jillian’s lips curve up in a smile when she sings. And it’s amazing. It’s love. God, does she love her.

Holtzmann looks up when she hears the sound, always fine-tuned to everything Erin after all, and she holds eye contact as she finishes the verse and Erin’s not crying silently, she swears she’s not (she is though, and Holtz can tell).

When the song is finished, Holtzmann lays the guitar down on the floor and wrings her hands together and breaks eye contact again, biting her lip as she speaks, “I’m not so good with putting - uhm - feelings into words. So I stole some. I mean -

She takes a deep breath and drops her hands, trying hard to feign casualness, maybe even blushing, “it’s more than that. I wanted you to see something about me that no one else usually sees. Since I’m not so good at the telling.”

“Go on a date with me?” Erin can only blurt in response, because what she really wants to say is “Marry me??” But even she figures that’s too much.

Jillian laughs, stands up and walks over to Erin across the room, leans down and kisses her firmly but chastely on her mouth when the physicist looks up, eyes bright with tears, and they’re both grinning so it feels a little funny, they bump noses clumsily and still, it’s perfect.

“I was gonna ask you that,” Holtz teases, and Erin blushes, “sorry” she says, ducking her head and looking down, but Holtz lifts her chin back up with two fingers,

“You can steal my thunder anytime, Erin Gilbert.”

“Is that a yes?”

“That’s a yes. So you better pick somewhere good.”

Jillian pulls Erin to stand and looks at her for a long moment, until Erin steps into her space and puts her finger on her lower lip, brushing along it intimately, “I will. Your voice. It’s beautiful. Um…”

Jillian laughs gently, and there she is again, gentle-Jillian, Erin’s new favorite thing in the world.

“Kiss me again.” It doesn’t matter who says it. Their lips slide together as smooth as an acoustic song, an unexpected one. (And it’s not chaste this time, not quite).

What she says: I’m fine

What she means: It really bothers me when people don’t appreciate Finn Balor for the gift he is. The man took the recycled demon gimmick and made it into something completely interesting and new, clawed his way up to the top in Japan where he co-formed the bullet club, a stable that has had such an impact that the WWE basically copied it, and mentored/trained one of the WWE’s best wrestlers, Becky Lynch. He is also a complete cinnamon roll, building things out of legos to calm him down, reading comic books, and face-timing his parents after several of his matches and when he was drafted to Raw. He always looks so happy doing that vertical plank pose wherever he’s wrestling currently and loves to interact with fans, especially kids. He’s also a total dork and hangs out with tons of other superstars outside the ring (Sami Zayn, Enzo & Cas, Becky, AJ Styles, Gallows & Anderson, Matt Bloom) and congratulates his New Japan/NXT buddies on twitter when they win something big. We don’t deserve this man.

Prompt: A Morning Shower Together Before Work.

Prompt: A morning shower together before work.

Beep…beep…beep. The phone alarm Aomine that it’s morning.

His job requires him to be an early riser. It’s not really all that bad for Aomine himself because it means that he gets to wake up to the sight of an asleep and peaceful Kagami snuggling next to him. Kagami have irregular shift hours, so some days he gets to sleep in.

Aomine smiles as he looks at Kagami’s sleeping face. Kagami’s hair is sticking out in all sorts of directions and his lips slightly parted breathing in a calm pace. Aomine’s hand slowly moves to rub Kagami’s cheek, he see that the redhead slowly moves towards the warm touch. Aomine then lean in slowly to kiss Kagami’s forehead and muttering “morning” to the sleeping man.

He sat up from the bed ready to start his morning jog around the block. An everyday routine that had been working well for him since his academy days. It keeps him feeling refresh and ready to start the day.

Aomine about to get off the bed until a hand snake around his waist firmly.

“Daiki don’t…” Kagami says slowly.

“What’s this? Missing me that much already?” Aomine replies and hold tight the hand on his waist. “You wanna come with me today?”

“No…long shift” Kagami said with a groggy voice.

“Then get some more sleep. I’m just gonna go a few rounds around the block,” Aomine leans down and kisses Kagami’s cheek.

“Don’t go… Pleaseee…” Kagami whines as he cracks one eye open to see Aomine. Sleepiness takes over him and he closes it again. He looks like an abandone kitten and Aomine can see his willpower slipping away to his sleep. “No…breakfast.”

“Taiga it’s like 6 o'clock in the morning. Too early for breakfast.” Aomine runs his fingers slowly through the red locks and gently move to get off the bed.

“I’ll blow you off.”

Aomine chuckles and remove the hand from his waist and kiss the knuckles fondly.

“Yeah right. Tempting as that sounds, I know you’d just fall asleep again while doing it. I’ll be back in an hour okay?,” Aomine got up and rummage through the dark room in search for his sweat shirt and pants.

“Fine. Leave me here all alone and horny like this,” Kagami said sulkily and wraps himself beneath the blanket from head to toes like a giant burrito.

“Aww~come on. I’ll be back before you know it,” Aomine said cheekily as he hug the giant burrito and kiss it’s head. He then head towards the doorway.

After 6 rounds around the block, Aomine slow his pace and starts to head back home. He took few deep breaths and calms his heartbeat a few notches.

The feels of his leg muscles all throbbing as blood flow in them, is the best feeling of adrenaline to start the day. He loves this routine, it gives him a little space of serenity other than playing basketball.

He got home to the sound of shower running in the bedroom. He removes his shoes at the doorway and make his way towards the bedroom. He slips out of his sweaty clothes and threw them in the hamper.

He then slowly walk in nakedness opening the bathroom door slowly entering it. He saw Kagami’s broad back facing him in all its glory. The water slowly drips down ever so seductively through his hair streaming down to his perfect ass. How he loves those plump ass and could never get tired of it.

Aomine slowly walks into the shower, feeling the nice hot water pourrs on his ache muscles. He then wraps his hand around Kagami waist and place his head to the man shoulder. Kagami hums in relief and leans back to the warm embrace of Aomine’s.

“You’re up early,” Aomine said as he place few kisses on Kagami’s neck and lightly bite on his shoulder drawing a few more hums from Kagami.

“Yeah…was hungry,” Kagami replied pulling Aomine’s head for a kiss.

He and Aomine share a wet and sloppy kiss under the shower. Aomine’s hands then starts moving sensually all over Kagami’s body, touching everywhere except his nether region drawing small moans from the redhead. Aomine then starts massaging Kagami’s ass grabbing and spreading them apart loving the full feel of it in his hands.

He repeats the motion until he hears Kagami moans a bit louder on his shoulder and his dick in between their bodies twitches in need of more friction.

“Daiki…” Kagami moves his hand in between their bodies and grabs Aomine’s dick. He rubs bith their members with firm motion.

“Ahh…T-Taiga…hmm…” Aomine moans in relief and grabs harder on Kagami’s ass, closing the space between them.

“Still want me to blow you?” Kagami smiles as he pepper kisses on the bluenette jaw and neck. He heard the man moan a little too eager.

“F-fuck…you little- I never reject an offer this tempting,” Aomine heave smirking at Kagami suggestion.

Kagami immediately went on his knees onto the wet tiles. He slowly started kissing the tip and lightly licking the shaft like a little kitten. He then look up and gaze at Aomine as he slowly flick his tongue under the tip knowing it always drives him nuts.


Kagami then started slowly deep throating Aomine’s dick keeping a steady pace. He then moves his hands from the inner part of the bluenette thigh, moving upward to caress his chest and nipples. The motion earns him more reaction from Aomine.

Kagami felt that Aomine’s body getting tense as the bluenette started to tighten his grip on his hair. He drag the climax then stop as the man about to come, he got his mouth off Aomine’s dick and jacks him off while lightly licking his balls. He repeats the motion a few more times sucking, kissing and licking until the man above him sighs in frustration, rejecting Aomine’s climax.

“Taiga…haa..you better let me come the next time or I’ll fuck you so hard you wont even be able to get up until nightfall,” Aomine threatens through gritted teeth.

“That doesn’t sound so bad. I don’t have shift today anyway,” Kagami smirks looking up at Aomine.

“You ask for it you cock tease!”

Aomine is buried balls deep inside of Kagami. The redhead back is now against the cool tiles as both of his legs are wrapped around Aomine’s waist. Kagami hugs Aomine tighter as the man hits his prostate.

“Haa! Haa…t-there more,” Kagami gasps on Aomine’s neck.

“You…haa..like that Taiga? Maybe I should tease you too huh?” Aomine change his thrusting position avoiding the prostate.

“No…Daiki…no…” Kagami whines trying to meet the thrust and hits his good spot again.

“No can do babe. You start this first so I’m giving you a lil’ taste of your own medicine.” He chuckles as the man went restless.

“I-I’m sorry…sorry…let me cum. I love you,” Kagami pleads kissing Aomine’s neck and biting his ear in persuasion.

“Hmm…” Aomine hums.

“Pleaseee! I’ll never do it again!” Kagami pleads in eagerness as he itch for release. “Plea-Aah!”

Kagami wheeze as Aomine thrust in deep hitting his prostate again and again. The fast motion got him moaning loud the whole bathroom echoes with his voice. He moves his hand in between their bodies to touch his aching dick, when a hand pulls it away and pins it to the wall.

“Nu uh…haa… You’re only coming with me inside you,” Aomine smirks and kisses the shit out of Kagami.

Aomine straighten out his uniform infront of the mirror and place his utility belt around his waist. He then walk to bed and leans down to kiss the worn out redhead temple.

“See you tonight babe. Love you.” He smiles and turn heading toward the door as a hand tug on his hand.

“Love you too Daiki. But you’re forgetting something,” Kagami said slowly and taps his index finger on his lips.

Aomine chuckles and leans down again kissing Kagami lips again. “Good morning Taiga.”

Kagami smiles back “Good morning Daiki.”

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Gosh I love the bond between the veteran trio. Everyone is busy talking about Levi and Erwin but they forgot Hanji was in extreme grief too. At the end of ch.83 I thought for sure she would be the one to step in and demand Levi giving armin the serum, but no, she was the one to hold mikasa back, calm her down, and the one to close Erwin's eyes. I can't get over the way she looks when she says Erwin is dead. Gosh there's just so much pain and sadness on her face

I can’t say enough about Hange in this chapter. I was always confident Hange would choose Erwin. Hange is a person of logic and reason and Erwin was the logical and reasonable choice. She tried to explain that to Mikasa.

“Mikasa, we still need Erwin!! The Survey Corps has been nearly wiped out. If the commander dies too, humanity will lose its symbol!! We can’t allow the flames of hope to be extinguished within those walls. Yes, Armin is an incredible talent, but our battle is nowhere near over yet!! We still need Erwin’s experience and leadership to…”

I assume she was going to say “win the war” before she was interrupted.

Also interesting to me is that Hange didn’t fight Levi when he decided against injecting Erwin. She obviously disagreed. If the serum had been hers, she would not have allowed emotions to cloud her judgement. Erwin would be the one waking up. But Hange respected that the choice was Levi’s. It wasn’t her decision. She was there when Erwin assigned the decision to Levi.They all were. Even though Hange was acting commander at that moment on the roof, she respected Erwin and Levi enough to not interfere.

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The male officer sighed a bit as he walked into the office and took a seat while treating a cut on his arm. "Stupid fucking drug dealers with their knives....I'm the bad guy though if I put you through a wall." He muttered to himself as he tried to calm down and wait for his next assignment.

Jinx walked into the room, her face buried deep in a case folder. “Don’t let them get so close, fat hands.” She said to Vince without looking up.

Cinnamon Girl

I offered to buy her some food, as I often do with folks that are hanging out near the car parks in unfortunate situations. She said “nope, let’s have yours” as I was attempting to walk away. “Oh okay here” I pushed towards her. “No, you eat a few fries, I’ll eat a few fries –too busy to eat with a homeless person?” Her sarcasm ripped through me. So smug. I was a little taken aback that she hadn’t heard of me or didn’t recognize me (because I take the same route daily.) A calm look of almost stoicism glossed over her face after we each ate a fry. I assumed that meant we were now acquainted.

We had a long talk about the world at large, ageless winds, education and heartbreak. She spoke of territory undefined and how much she’d like to understand herself. I fought the urge to ask her if each freckle held a story. She looked about sixteen but you’d never know it. Those eyes had seen enough things to tell the secrets of the universe but in a blink were as icey as father time peering out from the void. She had a bear she called Cap and a fish called Ponyo. None of it made any real sense to me yet.

I slid down along the side of the building to sit next to her and as my shirt grazed the brick and tugged I realized what I was doing. We shared some food and she told me her first job was a server for customers at a seafood joint where she was dressed as a giant halibut on weekends. A halibut. Of all fish. She went on to describe a childhood on a Hawaiian island where nothing strange ever happened and everything was really easy. We finished up and she gave me a hug. I set some money beside her with “ya know, for later” as my parting excuse. She grinned and shook her head like bashful people do, then signed to me “I love you” from across the street as I walked away.

Look at that Sam got a matching tattoo! :D

I hope you like this Jack!! I also want to mention I was having a bad night with panic attacks non-stop, I rewatched your “Papers Please” playthrough. It had calmed me down and I eventually fell asleep. In my dream I met you face to face, I was stunned and so happy I couldn’t stop jumping! Somehow we had a conversation even if my aspergers was showing and we laugh at each others jokes while taking pictures with each other. The morning afterwards I couldn’t stop smiling. I was so happy that a guy like you can make everyone happy and smile! Thank you for making amazing videos and making us smile. Please don’t ever stop :] One day I will give this drawing to you!

George Weasley

Request: Hello, can I have 6 and 8 with George? 😁 –Anon

6) “Kiss me”

8) “You’re not jealous, are you?”


“Fred, stop” you snorted with laughter, trying to contain yourself so you could take sip of your butterbeer.

“What it really happened” he replied smiling at you, you managed to calm down a little bit as you rested your head onto your boyfriend, George’s shoulder. You grinned up at him, but the look on his face made the grin slip off your face and frown replace it.

“You okay, Georgie?” You asked as you sat up and turned to face him, Fred also looked over at his twin, brow furrowing in confusion.

“I’m fine. I’m going to go and get another round. You two have fun” he muttered sharply while standing up stiffly walking over to the bar. You and Fred looked at each other before you got up and followed him leaving Fred sitting alone.

“George, what’s wrong?”

“Why don’t you go and ask Fred? You seemed to be getting alone awfully well.” Your eyebrows raised in surprise at his statement, until you chuckled as you realised what was actually going on.

“You’re not jealous, are you?” you laughed harder at the look on his face, “he’s your brother, of course we’re going to be close. I would’ve thought you would have been happy that we were getting along. I love you, Georgie”

“It’s just people tend to prefer Fred over me and I didn’t want you to do that, I’m afraid to lose you (Y/N)”

“You won’t, now shut up and kiss me”

And he did exactly that.