Pegoryu Prompt: A Calming Kiss

@noctislife Looks like I got it done early. I hope it lives up to expectations.


It’s time. The plan to break down the ugly, gaudy barriers of Madarame’s cognition is happening. Ann is heading off to be a distraction while Morgana attempts to pick the lock to the real door. She’s waddling away from the hideout, trying to leave a fair distance between herself and the boys. Akira’s outward composure is cool and collected, befitting of a phantom thief, but his gaze moves nervously back and forth along the skyline. Ryuji continuously shifts his weight from one foot to the next, anxious to put Morgana’s plan into motion.

“Hey, Akira…” Ryuji leans in next to the brunette. “Ya even think this’ll work?”

“We have no better options right now.” Akira turns his gaze to Ryuji who is worrying at his lower lip with his teeth. That look is distracting and makes something inside Akira tighten up, but he bites it back and doesn’t let it show. “Just stick with the plan. We can do this.”

Ryuji’s face relaxes and the corners of his lips turn up into a grin. “Jesus, Dude, how can you be this cool all the time?” Akira breaks out into a genuine smile.

They look out toward Ann who is still struggling to move in her outrageous amount of layers. She turns back slightly and waves to them. She gives a sly smile and Akira smiles back as he waves her off. Ryuji looks between them and feels awkward.

“Somethin’ going on between you two? You’ve been acting kinda weird.” The blond’s eyebrows furrow and his mouth turns into a slight frown.

Akira’s poker face persists. He shakes his head and leans back against the railing, the hazy twilight sky plays around his features. Ryuji catches himself staring and turns back to looking out at the city. The light does wonders at hiding the slight flush in his cheeks.

“You’d tell me, right?” Ryuji gazes out of the corner of his vision. “I-I mean I wouldn’t blame you going for her since she’s pretty n’ shit.”

Akira turns to Ryuji, wanting to say something, but it dies in his mouth as he turns away to check Ann’s progress. She is no longer in his line of sight. He sighs and turns back to Ryuji.

“Let’s go…” Akira nods his head toward the other end of the walkway. Ryuji’s face drops a little more.

“Yeah…I guess so.” The blond huffs and takes his place alongside Akira’s stride, struggling a little to keep pace.

They make it outside of Madarame’s shabby shack and Akira begins putting the words into the Nav App. Madarame, Shack, Museum. He chances a glance at Ryuji, who refuses to meet his gaze. Akira breaks character for a moment, letting some of his frustrations translate to his features as the world shifts around them, warping the shabby atelier into the golden museum of Madarame’s cognition. As soon as the scenery settles, Akira falls back into being Joker of the Phantom Thieves. Ryuji takes up his role as Skull and forces a smug smile onto his features.

“Let’s fucking do this then. Lead the way, Joker!”

Joker leads the infiltration back into the Central Garden without incident. The peacock screens unfold before them one by one, leading up to the barrier of red lasers. Now there is nothing left to do but wait. The silence between the two is horrid.

Skull finally breaks the silence with a “The fuck is taking them so long?”

Joker shrugs and leans his hip into a nearby rail. He stares up at the sky that swirls and warps like a river of blue ink. His face remains in an impossible state of calm.

Skull can’t seem to stand still. He shifts more than usual and constantly breaks character to steal glances at Akira. It’s making him crazy. Why did he avoid the subject of Ann? Are they seeing each other? What was that look about? He wants to explode and ask every question at once. He can’t calm down and be Skull until he knows if his best friend is seeing Ann. But why does this matter so much? Why is he having such a hard time with the thought of his two friends together.

Ryuji keeps looking at Akira, each time he finds it harder to look away. His face is so calm. His eyes never betray any feelings to him. Those mysterious grey eyes that always lead to the smirking corners of his mouth and… why the hell is he thinking about his friend’s mouth. Though his lips do look particularly soft. And then it hits him all at once. His face goes bright red and Joker catches it. He walks over and gets too close for comfort. Their noses are mere inches away from touching.

“Are you getting sick? Your face is completely red.”

Now is Ryuji’s shot to confess. To close the distance and kiss him. To do fucking something other than sitting there and looking at Akira like a complete moron. But that’s all Ryuji can do when Joker removes one of his signature red gloves and brings it closer to his face. He wants Joker to touch him, but wusses out at the last minute and catches his wrist just before his hand could make contact with his cheek.

“The hell are you doing!” He can’t. He just can’t risk alienating his best friend with these feelings. After all that they’ve been through, he can’t risk the rejection. It’d destroy him and this fragile new happiness that he has built with him.

Now it’s Akira’s turn to break character. “Why are you acting so weird?” He pulls his hand out of Ryuji’s grasp. Did Ryuji just look hurt?

“Me? You’re the one acting all secretive!” The blond growls out. “We’re best friends! And you can’t even give me a straight answer about Ann!”

“Stop shouting…” Akira hisses out, “You’ll attract the shadows.”

“There you go, fucking avoiding me again!” Ryuji shakes his head, “Why the hell won’t you tell me about…”

Akira shoves Ryuji into the dark shadow cast by one of the potted trees. He presses up against the blond, using his long coat to blend them further into the dark. Ryuji’s breathing gets faster and he opens his mouth to speak. To his surprise, Akira presses his lips to his friend’s in a kiss. Ryuji’s brown eyes shoot open and glass over. His body goes rigid and shudders as the brunet pushes him flush against the ground. He can feel every inch of Akira against him. Ryuji stops letting himself think and relaxes into Akira’s kiss as a shadow stalks into the room. The hulking thing scans the area, searching for their whereabouts.

“I swore I heard shouting from here…” the reverb from the shadow echoes as it scratches under its security guard hat. It does another passing scan before it trudges out of the garden.

Akira pulls away and lifts himself onto his hands and knees, still hovering over the blond. He releases his breath and leans his forehead into Ryuji’s. Their masks meet with a soft cling. He’s breathing heavily and his cheeks flush a soft shade of pink in contrast to Ryuji’s bright shade of red.

“This wasn’t the way it was supposed to go…” Akira whispers.

Ryuji’s mouth moves , but he can’t form any words to save his life. Akira looks down into Ryuji’s eyes with an expression he’s never seen before.

“You have Ann and me all wrong…I asked her to take extra time with stalling Yusuke.” The brunette runs a hand through his thick messy hair. “I suck at things like this…”

“What?” Ryuji asks incredulously. His mind is swimming.

Akira maintains eye contact, blush deepening against his fair skin. “I wanted time to say things properly, but that all went to hell because I gave you the wrong idea…”

Ryuji presses his lips into a thin line.“You’re not screwing with me, right?” He reaches up and pulls Joker’s mask away. The expression did not shift.

“Why would I do that?” He sits back on his haunches and pulls Ryuji up to face him. He pulls the Skull mask off. “I’m putting a lot on the line for this. I risk the Mission, the Phantom Thieves, you…”

The blond studies his friend’s eyes then a wide grin stretches across his face. He bumps his head into Akira’s sternum and releases a shuddering breath. “What does this mean? I’m not that smart, so I need you to tell me…” Please say it. I’m too terrified to say it myself.

Akira’s lips turn up at the corners. “Fine. I’ll tell you something good. Something honest.” He leans into Ryuji’s ear and whispers, “I’ve always liked you.” He presses another kiss to Ryuji’s lips, but just as quickly, they part. He places the Skull mask back onto the blond and pulls them both back up. He takes his own mask back and returns to being Joker. Cool, collected, and just a little more suave than before.

Suddenly the red lasers flicker off and the entrance opens up. Skull snaps to attention.

“It’s off!” The blond seems surprised and relieved all at once. He grabs onto Joker’s hand and runs full speed toward the next area.

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Taehyung x Reader

Word Count: 2,333

Genre: Smutty Smut

“You’re being so quiet tonight, baby”, my boyfriend whispered against my ear, “is something wrong?” I shook my head and smiled at him as he sat normally again, a pout on his adorable lips. I pat his cheek gently and leaned up, kissing him just as sweetly, “I’m okay. I’m just a little tired”. He nodded slightly, but he clearly didn’t believe it. A few minutes go by and I find myself playing with my food again instead of eating. Ah I just want to sleep. I closed my eyes for not even a second before they shot open and met Taehyung’s hand on my leg. I stared at it then slowly looked up at Namjoon who was sitting across from me, thankful he wasn’t paying attention at all. His hand slowly crept up my leg so I was quick to push it down, glaring at him. “Taehyung, not here”, I sighed as his hand slid back up again, pushing my dress up further on my thigh, “someone could see”. He shrugged and drew an infinity sign over and over dangerously close to where I didn’t want him right now. We got through dessert and he still hadn’t made a move to touch me—sexually. I don’t understand why, but whatever. Everyone started getting up to leave so I did the same, feeling Tae’s hand slide down to my knee then drop as he stood. “Are you two coming back with us? We’re going to have a movie night”, Jimin smiled, taking his girlfriend’s hand, “unless you need some alone time”. Taehyung shook his head, pulling me into his side, “we’ll meet you there”. We said bye to everyone then went outside, requesting an Uber. “Are you really tired?”, Tae asked softly, rubbing a pattern on my lower back. I curled into his side and nodded, wrapping my arms around his torso, “I could sleep for days”. He was quiet after that and then the Uber pulled up and he opened the door, letting me get in first. I slid all the way to the window on the far side and he got in after me, thanking the woman for picking us up.

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Kai+mafia+ "Just stay with me" Please!

➸ word count: 968

➸ it’s not completely angst or fluff i guess it’s in between, idk lOL

➸ a/n: i think i like this one, not sure. could be better, but i hope you enjoy it none the less. thanks for the request. pls excuse any typos/misspellings.

Jongin was pissed. He was livid. 

Beyond that though, he had to get out of the burning building as quickly as possible. 

He slumps against a wooden container, wincing slightly at the immense pain in his ribs. His thigh is wounded, shot by one of the rats that double crossed him. With a deep and strained breath, he pushes himself back up and tries to find a way out. 

With a limp, he drags his body until he finds an old closed off exit. There’s a bunch of cardboard boxes and pieces of wood piled up against it.

Making a quick work of knocking them all down, he pushes the door open and makes his escape. 

He’s not quite sure how far he’s walked, but he knows he’s far away enough from the dealers that double crossed him and the building they set on fire to get rid of him. 

Jongin groans out in pain stopping to catch his breath while leaning against a brick wall. His chest heaves with the shallow breaths he takes, his ribs constricting painfully with the struggle to get air into his lungs. 

Looking up and scanning the street he’s been walking down, he realizes why it all seemed very familiar. ________ lived in an apartment building near this street. 

Jongin thought long and hard before deciding what to do next. 

“She’s going to be so pissed” he muses pushing himself up. He carries on limping for a few more blocks before he reaches ________’s. 

With a sigh of relief, he makes his way in. 

The boy at the front desk is completely engrossed with some kind of handheld game, headphones on securely while some rock music blares out of them. 

Withstanding all the pain, Jongin crouches down and begins to make his way across the front desk towards the elevators. He could only hope they were working, he doesn’t think he could make it up four flights of stairs. 

_________ sits on her couch with her legs crossed under her, a fuzzy blanket wrapped around her body. 

It’s a quarter past ten pm, and she’s watching Guardians of the Galaxy when there’s a thump against her door followed by three soft knocks. 

Frowning, she wonders who could possibly be visiting her at this time on a Sunday night. 

She slips on her slippers and makes her way towards the door, peeping through the small hole above. 

“________” comes a muffled voice, and she gasps in surprise. 

“Jongin?” she wonders before opening the door. 

Upon it being swung open, Jongin’s bloody and bruised body topples in, slumping against ________. 

“Please” he calls out in pain, “I need your help”. He passes out in ________’s arms, leaving her shocked and frightened while struggling to hold him up. 

Gathering all her strength, she hoists him up, and as gently as she can, pulls him inside her apartment kicking the door closed. 

She’s not sure how, but she somehow gets him to her couch, and as gently as possible lays him down. 

“Fuck you’re one heavy dude Jongin, what the fuck” she huffs lifting his feet up. She makes a quick work of taking off his shoes, then places them on the ground and goes to look for her first aid kit. 

“You have quite the explaining to do once you wake up” ________ mutters under her breath. She’s found the first aid kit, and is now kneeling on the ground, wiping the dirt from his face with a wet cloth and cleaning the cuts on his face. 

She checks his body for more wounds, and finds that he might have a few broken ribs. She’s not even shocked when she finds the gun wound on his thigh. 

With some scissors, she cuts a hole on his pants–not really feeling comfortable with taking them completely off of his body while he laid half dead and unconscious on her couch. She makes the whole bigger, then basically rips off the leg sleeve leaving with half pants half shorts. 

She cleans up the wound before stitching him up and patching up his leg. 

________ sighs looking down at Jongin’s face. He looks so calm, and for a second she thinks he could be dead, but he groans out in pain before settling back down. 

She touches her hand to his sweaty forehead and sighs. He’s got a high fever. She gets up and heads to the bathroom once more placing a cloth under the cold water. She wrings it and quickly heads back to her living room. 

Jongin comes to, his eyes fluttering open. He cries out in pain when he tries to get up. 

“I suggest you don’t move much, you have a broken rib. Mind clueing me in?” ________ asks placing the wet cloth on his forehead. 

“I was supposed to be buying some new weapons tonight, but it was so sketch, you have no idea. So these assholes tried to double cross me thinking I wouldn’t figure out” he explains, “and well here I am now”

“I could kill you” ________ says. 

“I know, I’m sorry. I know you told me to stay away, but I had nowhere else to go” he tells her softly. 

“It’s fine, I would never turn you away or deny you help if I could give it” she tells him patting his hand.

They stay in silence for a few minutes before ________ is making a move to get up telling him to rest up. 

“Wait, don’t–don’t go. Just stay with me” Jongin whispers. Not being able to say no, ________ kisses him lightly before nodding. 


Jongin closes his eyes and sighs contently. Well, as contently as he can with a broken rib. 

Tomorrow is a new day. He was going to fix things between him and ________, and the assholes that tried to play him would pay for this. 

Vincent Bauer x Reader - Feeling You (ENDING 1)

eThis is ending number 1 of my fanfiction about Norman Reedus’ character in Air (2015)

Previous parts can be find on my Masterlist ♥

Warnings: angst,fluff,mention of sexual acts between Bauer and Reader, trigger warning for suicide.


Originally posted by amaranthline

“How much time do we have?”

“Not enough love, not enough”

We were getting dressed after our passionate “rendez-vous” however that was easier said than done.

Bauer brought both of his muscolar arms around my waist, hugging me from behind and leaving little kisses on the back of my neck:
“Vincent, c’mon!” I giggled, trying to free myself from his grasp.

He managed to turn me around into his embrance so I could see his grinning face.

“God…you’re so beautiful” he whispered, caressing my cheek with his right hand.
I lean into his touch, smiling at him and enjoying his tender touch.

Our little moment was interrupted by Cartwright’s cries for help.

“Bauer! (Y/n)! I need help!”.

Both Bauer and me stared at each other with wide open eyes before rushing out the storage room.

When we finally reach the control room we find Cartwright trying to extinguish a fire which was quickly destroying his sleeping chamber.

“What the hell happened?” Bauer screamed at our coworker, however Cartwright was way too scared to answer.

Remembering that in the bathroom there were a fire extinguisher, I quickly run into the little restroom while Bauer was using a big wet rag, trying to contain the flames.

“Stay back!” 

Once both men get away, I try to extinguish the fire.

It took sometime but finally the fire was gone,what once was  Cartwright’s sleeping chamber now was just an useless chamber full of ash.

“You said that everything was okay Bauer!”
“Oh don’t put the blame on me now!”

Bauer went to take what was left of the protective film, a basic sleeping chambers’ component; without it the chamber is useless.

That’s when I notice blood coming out of his hand.

“Vincent you’re bleeding!” I rushed to him taking his hand so I could take a look.

“Fantastic, now how can I take care of myself?” he joked, moving his other hand up and down.
Both me and Cartwright laughed at that: “Oh baby, I can always help you with that” I winked at him.

“Sure you will princess” he whispered, kissing my forehead.

Cartwright was taken aback from that: “Wait…are you guys a thing now?”.
“You can bet on it” Bauer answered, making me blush.

We were too distracted about what happened to remember that we have  limited time.
A beeping sound makes all of us turning toward the digital clock.

…1 minute…

“Oh fuck…what should we do now?” I say.

We have just two sleeping chambers for three people and in a minute there won’t be breathable air.

I start hyperventilate so Bauer rushed toward me.

“Don’t panic (Y/n)! You’ll go into your sleeping chamber, me and Cartwright will start the emergency program so we’ll have enough oxygen to find a replacement for his chamber”.

While explaining this he walk me to my chamber, making me lying down.

“no, I don’t want to leave you!”

“if we’ll have enough time, I’ll wake you up again okay?”.

He lean down, giving me a peck on the lips calming me.
I finally let the film envelope my body, the last thing I see it’s Vincent smiling down at me, his lips forming three little words

“I love you”

 Smiling back at him, I let myself falling into a deep sleep.


Even into my forced sleep state, I couldn’t help being worry about the whole situation.
My only wish was waking up and seeing Vincent’s blue eyes again. 

Suddenly I hear the chamber’s film retreating and finally I can wake up.

The first person I see is Cartwright, he has bloodshot eyes like he had cried a lot and a bullet wound onto his shoulder.

“oh my God what happened to you?!” I rushed toward him but he pushed me gently away, a sad expression on his face.

“Cartwright…how much time passed?”

“An hour since Bauer put you into your sleeping chamber…listen (Y/n)…something happened while you were asleep”.

A knot formed into my stomach, the fact that I didn’t see Vincent increased the bad feeling I had since I went to sleep.

“What? Where’s Bauer?”

“He…he get mad! Something happened while he tested the repaired chamber and he thought I wanted to kill him! I…I had to stop him”.

Tears started to stream out my eyes, what was he trying to say?

“Cartwright…what did you do?”

“He tried to shoot me…then he wanted to kill all the sleepers once he learn that one of them is my wife…”

Cartwright kept babbling, but my concern for Bauer was increasing.
I didn’t even had a reaction when he confessed that one of the sleepers was his wife.

“…I had to kill him”.

“He didn’t soffer…I gave him a shot of morphine”.

A loud sob escaped my mouth while sadness and anger grow into me.

“You killed him…” I whispered.
“I’m really sorry…I didn’t want to” he took a step closer to me, trying to hug me.

“YOU KILLED HIM! HOW COULD YOU?HOW COULD YOU?” I screamed at him, starting to hit him everywhere I could reach.

He could easly stop me but he didn’t, he felt guilty, however I didn’t care because he took the man of my life away from me.

“Tell me where he is!” I menage to say between sobs.
“Sleepers’ room…but what do you want to do?”

I didn’t answer him because once I knew Vincent’s location, I run toward it.
My eyesight was blurred because of my tears but I kept running… I needed to see him with my own eyes.

Once I reach my destination I notice a lot of broken phials on the ground.
Following the path I finally see him.

“Vincent…” I fell on my knees next to his body, crying louder than before.
I reach for his body, taking him into my arms and crying onto his chest.
I’ve never felt so much pain in my whole life, losing him was the worst thing could happen to me.

I raise my head and look at his face…he looked so calm, like he was sleeping.

I really hoped that he would wake up and throw one of his dirty joke or gave me a sweet kiss…but he didn’t.

While I was moving my legs, trying to get a comfortable position I hit something with my foot.
Taking it up I read the tag:

I stare at it then at the man laying on my arms.

“Do you really want to stay alone as before? Are you ready to live in a new world without Bauer?”

I smile down at Vincent’s sleeping face, remembering all the time we spent together as friends and then as a couple.
We have t been together for a little…however I already knew the answer.

“No…I can’t live without him..he was all I had”

I moved Vincent’s body toward the wall, moving him into a sitting position, then I take the little phial and a syringe that I’ve found near the broken bottles.

Letting out a long breath, I bring the syringe on my arm’s blood vessel after I found it.

I keep my eyes closed while I feel the content running into my body.
Once I made sure that I’ve injected all the medicine, I sit next to Vincent, bringing his lifeless body against mine.

His head ended into my neck, while I gave him a last kiss on the top of his head.

“We’ll be together again”.

That’s my last thought before I close my eyes forever.

Please don’t kill me//hate me for this.

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Ehi!! I just read your les mis fic and it's really amazing!!!O(≧∇≦)O I was wondering if you could write one with the Sickie scenario you reblogged with A being enj, B being R and C... I don't know actually... Ferre maybe?

(Okay so here’s the thing: I don’t know what I reblogged. I have a very vague memory of it which I’m certain is right for the most part but I may have missed out some of the detail on the scenario so apologies for that! I’ve said this before but I love writing les mis!! Also sorry if my translations are off! Not native French speaker!)


J'ai mal a la tête-my head hurts
J'ai froid Grantaire- I’m cold, Grantaire
J'ai sommeil- I’m sleepy
Quest ce qu'il fait faire ? -What should I do?
Je suis desolee- I’m sorry
A tés souhaits- Bless you
Je ne me sens pas biens- I don’t feel well
Prenons ta temperature, oui? -Let me take your temperature, yes?
Tu as l'aire malade, Enjolras- You look sick, Enjolras
Restez au lit, oui?- Stay in bed, yes?
Ou est Grantaire? -Where is Grantaire?

Grantaire knows Enjolras well.

He’s spent a long time watching him move, analysing every little thing about him, and he’d fall in love a little more each day. And ever since Grantaire realised that his love was returned, he could only fall deeper in love.

He’d fall in love with Enjolras’s hair in the morning, how soft and perfectly messy it was. He’d fall in love with the look of his sleeping face, so calm, so beautifully natural. He’d fall in love with the way he’d constantly tap his fingers on surfaces to cope, and the little noises it would make. He’d even fall in love with the little stutter and shake to his voice, and even how clammy his hands got when he was anxious. Which was a lot of the time.

But these things no matter how imperfect made Enjolras.

And Grantaire loved Enjolras.

He loved him and all his little quirks. He’d memorised them; a little cheat sheet permanently installed into his head. Grantaire knew when Enjolras was getting sick.

He knew when he came home and his jacket pockets would be stuffed with tissues. He knew when the very tip of his nose would be slightly pink and slightly dry. He knew when Enjolras wore old  hoodies for days in a row. He knew when Enjolras sneezed slightly louder, a little more powerful.

Enjolras pitched forward with a forceful sneeze that doubled him over, but managed to catch wth his sleeve. The sound was obviously strained, but not too successfully, like he had been trying to muffle the sound but had failed to do so.

Grantaire frowned and put down his paintbrush, sighing. It had been the 6th time in the past half hour, and he needed to draw the line. He approached him quietly, gently putting his hands on Enjolras’s shoulders and softly massaging them.

“Bless you, baby,” Grantaire whispered.

Enjolras jumped slightly, face still buried in his sleeve. After he pitched forward with another sneeze he cleared his throat and smiled at him wearily.

“Thank you,” Enjolras said.

Grantaire rested his chin on Enjolras head as he lovingly embraced him, “E, baby, I think you’re coming down with something.”

Enjolras cleared his throat and shook his head weakly, “I’m fine, R, I promise. Just a little tired.”

Grantaire frowned, “I don’t like you working like this. You’re worrying me, come to bed?”

Enjolras offered him a sympathetic smile, “I love that you care for me so much, but I am honestly fine, ‘Taire.”

There was nothing he could do to convince him.

Enjolras sighed, “Here, let me just finish this point here then I’ll come to bed, okay?”

Grantaire sighed and gave him and a sad little smile, whispering a soft little goodnight as he left a little kiss against Enjolras’s nose. He left shortly after towards the bedroom, but couldn’t quite get rid of the anxiety building in his chest once he heard the harsh and chesty cough that came out of his boyfriend.

Enjolras didn’t come into bed until many hours later, and as much as that worried him all Grantaire could think about was the oh so good warmth against his body filling him with love.

They could figure this out when the morning came.

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Always by your side

TITLE: Always by your side


AUTHOR: sigridlaufeyson

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine being Loki’s wife. He is the king of Asgard and you are the queen. It was an arranged marriage and you barely spoke to each other before the wedding. A few months pass and you feel yourself growing closer to him. Talking for hours on end, playing jokes on each other. But you fear he’ll always see you as a friend. About a year after you two were married, you get kidnapped. You’re held hostage for what feels like years and all you can think about is how much you want to see Loki, about how much you love him. Loki finds you after 3 days and he takes you back to the palace and doesn’t leave your side until you recover. When you finally do recover, Loki admits how scared he was at the thought of losing you. He then looks deep into your eyes and utters the three words you longed to hear…

“I love you.”


NOTES/WARNINGS: English is not my first language, so I apologize for the mistakes I have made. 
I also apologize for making you wait so long for the second chapter. 

Britta just lied there, looking at Loki. His face was so calm and relaxed. Usually, he was irritated, grumpy or just tired. Britta’s face was close to Loki’s as she studied his features. Loki shifted in his sleep and opened his eyes.

“Good morning, Britta,” Loki said sleepily as he sat up. 

“Morning, Loki,” she replied with a smile. 

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-welcome to “shippers anonymous” what brought you here? -well I thought my shipping problem was under control untill I realised I spend several minutes per hour staring at this gif. -how do you feel about that? -I can’t even… I mean… LOOK AT NAT’S FACE SHE’S SO INTO ELISE -Calm down, remember why you’re here… -BUT THEY’RE SO CUTE!! -Please sit down and… -NEGOVANMAN FOR LIFE!!! *RIPS HER SHIRT OFF AND RUNS AWAY SCREAMING*

Oh no. Also, Sherlock exhausted after not sleeping for a few days and falling asleep on John’s shoulder after a case in a cab back to 221b and eventually so far gone that he plops down on John’s lap and John just looks down at him and he looks so small and open and innocent with his features smoothed out when he’s sleeping. John smiles down at him and dies a little because he wants to reach down and trace fingers along his cheeks and smooth his hair out but is too afraid that Sherlock will wake up and just know if he sees the look on his face so he just calms himself down and looks down at Sherlock with an affectionate smile and is happy that Sherlock is getting some sleep finally. And he’s doing fine until Sherlock grabs a handful of his jumper and mumbles “John” and John’s heart drops in his chest and he thinks ‘maybe’ and he wants to reach out so so badly…….