ackleholics asked:

things you said when [we realised we loved each other] (sadreel but u can do destiel if u rlly want xoxo c:)

(def gonna do sadreel for you Rose <3)

Stepping on soft, green grass, 
you walked along the majestic scenery,
lust forestry and blooming flowers,
the ethereal beauty of his Father’s creation,
the creation of Sam Winchester’s mind.

The human in question, runs a hand,
through his hair as he feels the breeze,
sitting underneath the shade of an old oak tree.
You sit down, beside him, and he looks at you,
a blinding smile brightens his face,
dimples appearing like they were carved into perfection.

A pang of pain goes through your grace,
this mortal soul, has invoked feelings,
things you have never felt before,
and yet he assumes, all you are is a work of fiction,
the penmanship of his own mind.

You sit in silence, admiring the animals,
as they move around, living their daily life, when
Sam, gently, lays his head on your shoulder.
And you know, and as does he,
you know that what you’re feeling is love,
a tale of myths, and cupids,
but love, nonetheless.
The human next to you, know it too,
and this is a gesture,
of his admiration,
of his love.

You cherish this moment,
storing it in your long memory,
wondering how long it would last,
how long it would last,
before he wakes up,
and the truth comes out.

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She had that shade in her smile prancing somewhere every time her cheek dimpled,

The look of someone used to rejection, but not quite used to it,

Because you can never get used to being told you are not enough

—  Prerana Kumar , Let the Colours Out