Pairing - Harry x Y/N


Requested - “ hey cutie can you do an imagine with simon or harry were you’re waiting till marriage to have sex and the wedding night finally comes and smut smut but also fluff” I chose harry btw

Notes - The anon called me cutie :) 

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Harry carried you bridal style into your hotel room. The wedding day had finally come and it had been an eventful one. You got married. Your first dance as husband and wife had been magical, something that would forever stay in your mind. The hotel had offered you the honeymoon suite, so you took it. Once the door was close behind you two, you took the chance to look around the spacious room. 

On one wall stood a large four post canopy bed. The frame was dark wood. The bed was covered in red sheets that looked satin. White rose petals were scattered across the sheets as well. On a different side of the room white granite stairs led to a large tub. The tub had rose petals scattered across the top of the water. Candles were perched around the tub, with a lighter to light them with. The wall and ceiling around the tub were mirrors. The whole room was beautiful and breathtaking. 

“It’s so pretty Harry.” You told him as he let you down, facing him. 

“Not as pretty as you, Y/N.” He said, cupping your face and leaning towards you. You sucked in a breath in anticipation. Kissing Harry was always an amazing feeling.

“Can I kiss you?” He whispered.

“Please.” With that Harry connected your lips together. You swung your arms around his neck, kissing him a little more passionately. The kiss went on as Harry slowly backed you up until your legs hit the bed. You broke the kiss, looking Harry into the eyes. They were filled with love, but also with something you hadn’t seen before. 

“Are we finally going to do this?” You asked Harry, slightly nervous but excited at the same time. Harry knew what you were talking about. Around the beginning of your relationship you had told Harry you were waiting until marriage to have sex. Harry didn’t make a big fuss over it either. He simply told you ‘I look forward to the night when I make you mine then.’ You’d always thought he had been bluffing, especially because at the time you hadn’t been dating that long. But now here you two were, married and in your honeymoon suite. 

“Only if you’re ready. I promise I wont hurt you.” Harry looked down at you, waiting for you to give the green light. 

“I’m ready.” You gave him a quick peck before walking a pace away and turning around. 

“Unzip me, please?” You timidly asked. Harry didn’t respond as he slowly unzipped your dress, placing kisses on your neck and down your back. You heard him step away. Slowly you slipped your arms out of your dress and let it drop to the ground. You were very nervous. Harry had never seen you naked before. Maybe when you were changing clothes, but never bare. You turned around to see harry standing with just his trousers on. 

“You’re so beautiful baby.” He said, pulling you into his arms and kissing your neck. He brought you back to the bed, laying you on it and crawling over you. Harry started kissing down your neck until he reached your boobs. 

“Can I take this off baby?” Harry asked politely, one of his hands motioning to your bra. You arched your back up in response, allowing Harry to easily unclasp your fancy bra. He stared at them for a second while you blushed. No one had seen this much of you before. He grinned up at you as he leaned down and attached his lips to one of your nipples, his hand working on the other. This feeling was new to you as you let out a strangled moan. 

“How’s it feel, Y/N?” 

“It feels good Harry.” You let out with another moan. 

“I can make it feel better.” Harry stopped his assault on your breasts as he kissed his way down your stomach to your underwear. He put his fingers under the material to pull it down, making eye contact first to make sure it was okay. You nodded. 

Harry pulled your underwear down and threw them on the floor. He looked at the new area that had just been revealed while you covered your face. 

“Don’t be afraid love. You’re beautiful. There’s not need to be embarrassed.” He came back up for a kiss. While he was kissing you you felt on of Harry’s fingers slip into you. You gasped out from surprise. The only thing that had even been in your pussy before was a tampon. He pumped his finger slowly.

“Does it feel good?” Harry asks. You moaned out in response. 

“You’re so wet love.” Harry smirked. This continued for a little bit, your slight moans the only thing filling the room until Harry spoke again.

“I’m going to try and add another finger okay? It might be a little uncomfortable but it’ll get better.” Slowly Harry worked another finger into you. It hurt a little and you let out a small whine. Soon Harry’s fingers left your body and he stood up to remove the rest of his clothing. Once he pulled his pants down his hard member sprung out and smacked his lower stomach. You couldn’t stop staring. 

“See something you like?” Harry winked at you. 

“Its just… So big.”  Harry chuckled at you. “I’m sorry Harry but there is no way that’s going in me.” You told him, starting to sit up. Harry walked around so he was standing next to you.

“Do you wanna touch it Y/N?” You extended your hand out cautiously, until your hand was gripping his member. Harry moaned. You slid your hand up and down his shaft, watching his reaction. Your hand was removed and Harry was back on top of you. 

“I’m going to enter you now. It might hurt a little. You can squeeze my hand.” Harry locked your hand with his after he rolled on a condom and slowly pushed himself into you. You squeezed Harry’s hand very harshly. It wasn’t too painful, but very uncomfortable. 

“Can I move, Y/N?” 

“Yes.” Harry set the pace nice and slow. The pain faded into pleasure as you started to let out moans along side Harry’s. Harry’s thrusts got faster. 

“Let go for me baby.” Harry muttered in your ear, bringing his hand down to make figure eights on your clit. Something let go inside of you as you reached a state of euphoria. It felt amazing. 

Once Harry was also done he picked you up and brought you to the tub. He sat down and pulled you into the water with you, wrapping his arms around you in the warm water.

“I love you Harry.” You told him, snuggling into him in the rose petal water. 

“I love you too Y/N. I can’t wait to spend my life with you.”


Almost ready with the Pokemon sun and moon Mimikyu cosplay for Sydney smashcon 2016 that’s on this weekend also got to keep up my drawing skills for the doodling 🖊✏️drawing competition 🌺🌸💕🍭🍩🍬🎂🎉🎊💖💕💜❤️💀🎁🐾🍬

Got to say I love transformers fan stories with Jazz and prowl (more so when jazz is tiny cutie bamf ether wearing a cute hoodie or have cute door wings or is just cute music performer /dancer/ singer or just being his cute bamf self) so tried to draw little jazz with door wings or what my guess of what door wings would look like on him (I love how some head canon that he can hide his door wings and make them show whenever he feels like it)

Also Miss Kitty the magical flying cat is hyped for Sydney Smashcon 2016 🌸🌺🎀💕

((P.S. That kitty cat in the photos is miss Pirate))

Rules: Just answer these questions and try to have fun! Be proud of Kpop!!

So I was tagged ages ago by the cuties @xiao-dan​ and @whatthefuckbyunbaekhyun​ , thank youuu ❤️

Picture(s) of me:

It’s been 84 years since I uploaded a picture of myself so hello this is what I look like in case you’d forgotten he he he 

Bias (up to 3 only):

Chanyeol and Chanyeol only <333 Yixing, Kyungsoo and Luhan shares the bias wrecking spot 

Do you watch K-dramas, if so, what is your favorite one:

I’ve only watched the dramas that the exo members has been in: Choco Bank, EXO next door (gold) and currently watching It’s okay, That’s love which is meeh. 

What is your favorite word in Korean:

I don’t think I have a favourite word lol

What is the first kpop song you ever heard:

f(x)’s “Electric Shock” or Super Junior’s “Sexy free and single”

Was your blog originally a kpop blog:


Do you get made fun of for liking kpop:

Actually, I don’t? I’m very honest in what I like and so on and I always listen to kpop openly in front of my parents and closest friends. They always pretend to sing along in a weird accents, but other than that they’re cool haha

Do your parents accept you liking kpop:

Lmao I feel bad for how much I rant about it to my mom… My dad doesn’t care and isn’t interested but my mum has even showed her the “Monster” MV to her friends at work (yes I’m proud). Although she still mix Chanyeol and Jongdae up all the time (bc of the ears you know). And they let me go to kcon in Paris on my own this summer so, yeah, I think they accept it 

Do you have someone who you talk to that shares your Kpop interests:

MATHILDA MY LOVE (aka known as abryu on here). I don’t know what I would do without her. Love you

Describe Kpop in ONE word:

Religion (don’t ask questions)

Do you make kpop gifs, if yes show 2: If I was that talented haha

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Quiet reconnection, yd&r, 31 ( yay finally more QR! Thank youuu<3)

“I may be an idiot but I’m your idiot.”

He doesn’t know why that makes him smile, but it does. She lays on their bed, stares at the ceiling, and does not look the least bit sorry at the drama she’s caused in the last three hours. His Rachel is back and he couldn’t be more thrilled.

“I didn’t know. I’m sorry.”

Rachel sighs and rolls over onto her side. She tugs on his shirt and encourages him closer. After her outburst, he doesn’t feel the need to withhold from her. “One of the things I’ve always loved about you is your blind fidelity. When you love a woman, you are completely focused on her. I know that’s why you never made love to Eun-Sang. I didn’t believe you at first but I do now. You have no sense when other women want you. I’m better now, I can remember that, when I couldn’t before. I know you didn’t know what your mother was trying to do. Are you upset that I yelled at her?”

“No.” He pulls her closer and breathes her in deeply. “I’m sorry, I didn’t see what she was doing with Yoon Se-Na. I honestly thought she was just my mother’s assistant and helped out with the kids because they were too much for her.”

“She did it out of love for you. But I am done tolerating her hate of me. I am done. Until she apologizes to me, she can’t see the children. I won’t ask you to repudiate her. I never wanted to come between you. My mother wasn’t welcoming of you either.” Rachel presses her lips against his throat and he immediately hardens for her. “But she tried to take them away from me. I can’t forgive that.”

Young-Do swallows as he gently rolls her onto her back. There is no resistance in her. Things aren’t like they were Before, but he isn’t afraid to reach for her right now. “I’ll talk to her tomorrow.” He doesn’t say that he’s glad she isn’t trying to give them away anymore. When she tells him she doesn’t remember much from that time, he is relieved, because he never wants her to ever consider it again.

Rachel smiles up at him as he bends down to kiss her. “I love you, Choi Young-Do. Am I allowed to say it now?” It is a little sad and tentative. So he kisses her before pulling her on top of him.

“I love you,” he says back. “We need to lock the door.”

I swear to god, this dog. If I’m not with in a couple feet of her she’s unhappy. And I never notice her move. I just look and there she is, curled up near me, looking like she’s been dozing for hours. I just got out of the shower and almost tripped over her. I didn’t even realize the door was left a jar.

God damn it, dog. It’s also some real horror movie shit. Or, it would be, if she wasn’t the cuties little Cujo in the whole wide world.

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"Ryan?" Camille called out as she wandered through the front door, letting her jacket slide off of her shoulders as she did so. The house was quiet and it was pretty gloomy out; she liked that. "Where are you, cutie?" She added as she shut the front door as well. (If this is happening, it's happening now)

Ryan looked up at the sound of his name, smiling and getting up from the bed. “I’m here!” He called, having been dressed in a loose shirt and boxers. Ryan walked up and kissed her cheek gently, pulling back and smiling. “It’s been no fun here alone.”
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