So here are some of the doodles I did while my computer wouldn’t work and I was procrastinating on writing :p. In case anybody was wondering what the heck I did before yesterday’s update, here it is.

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Just look at this dapper gent. 
I am 100% star struck. Sydney was the absolute kindest; he took his time with every person who asked for an autograph or a picture; he didn’t rush anyone & he even made sure that the people in the back of the crowd had a chance to pass their playbills forward.
The man has oodles of talent & he’s sweet as sugar to boot. 
I’m so grateful to have met him!


Elijah had to stop himself from running. He had 18 years of frustration built up and it was all ready to come out.  He wanted to be in control of what he said, but halfway home he realized it wasn’t going to happen.

He walked in the front door and headed straight to the kitchen, ready to tear right into her, but to his dismay, she started in on him.

“What right do you have to go snooping around on my computer?  What did you print?”  She  stuck her finger in his face and had an almost crazy look. That was it.

“What right do I have?  How about all the years you’ve been ruining my life.  Your crap killed dad, then when he was dead, you moved onto me. You blame me for you not living the rich life. You blame me for him dying. You blame me for everything. It’s crap and it ends now!”  He was shaking he was so mad.

“You know what, It is your fault!  It’s your fault I live in this crappy house, crappy town and have to live near these stupid people. I should be in a mansion being catered to.  Once your inheritance comes in, I will be.” She yelled back.

“That’s all you have ever cared about, what you could have. I was a kid!  You should have been there for me, but no! All you could do was worry about your fucking money. You have broken up every relationship I have tried to start, just to keep me here. When I put my foot down with Haven and told you I loved her , you sabotaged the whole thing. Not only did you ruin my life, you ruined Skylars!”

“I didn’t make her do those things in that picture. I didn’t make her g to that party.”

“No but you took advantage of someone bad decision.  You made her do something she will regret forever. You just go through people like you do credit cards.  I printed that picture. THEN, I got rid of it from everywhere. I deleted your email, I formatted your hard drive and everything else that you had ever accessed. It may be out there, but your access of it is gone.  And, so am I.  You will never have access to my money, or me again.” 

Elijah surprised himself by saying that, but it was true. 

“You want to leave? Fine, leave.  Go find your poor girl and see how fast she leaves when your money runs out. I don’t need you.  I don’t need any man.”  She smiled and went in her room and shut the door.

Imagine Hanging Out With The Boys And BamBam Annoying You With That New Dab Thing Going On “Guys I Will Be Back I’m Going To Go Bring Food You Keep Practicing I Want To See It When I Get Back” You Stood In Front Of Them “Ok” “Yes!” “Your The Best Y/N” BamBam Just Dabbed At You. You Rolled Your Eyes Smiling And Walking Off . When You Came Back You Got Them Together To Eat “Hey Y/N Thank You” BamBam Said Of Course Followed With A Dab “Oh BamBam What Am I Going To Do With You Please Stop Dabbing At Me” You Whined “No I’m Dab King I Never Stop” He Got Up Started Dabbing Crazy You Looked At Jb Giving Him A Face “Okay Okay Bam That’s Enough” Jb Said “Seriously Bam” You Giggled At Him