Okay, so, actually, this was requested twice. Ben and Jacob are vastly different Daveys and people have noticed and wanted me to compare and contrast them, because… I’m the resident authority on this I guess, idk.  Anyway, here we go!

The first row is when they show up at the distribution desk and when they’re paying. Both are put on the spot, but Ben handles it really well. He holds his ground and pays calmly. Now look at Jacob. You can tell that he’s uncomfortable, he doesn’t want to be here. Look at his body language, he’s tense, and he scurries away so quickly after putting his coin down. Jacob is tall. I don’t know if he’s actually particularly tall or if the cast is just short, but he’s one of the taller newsies, which makes his acting more amazing because his Davey is also uncomfortable being conspicuous. 

The second row of gifs is when they meet the bowery beauties. Ben isn’t all that interested, probably because he doesn’t really want to be at Medda’s theatre in the first place, he just followed Les who was following Jack. He’s here to keep his little brother out of trouble and he’s really not interested in anyone or anything else. But look at Jacob, man! His cute girl radar is going off the charts, he’s grinning because they’re paying attention to him, and he had taken off his hat when he was introduced to Medda because his mama raised him to be a little gentleman and he sill has it off, but he nonetheless pantomimes tipping his hat towards the women and moves to watch them walk off. 

The third row is in the fight at the end of act one. This is the last we see of the Jacobs in act one, so they’ve both had the crap beaten out them pretty thoroughly at this point. Both men are focused on getting their brother safe behind the distribution wagon, but Jacob takes it a step further. He’s holding Les the entire time, checking with him to see if he’s okay, almost like he’s tying to physically shield him from further harm.

The fourth row is the line “There’s no escaping us, pal. We’re inevitable.”. Now, Ben has about fourteen different ways he’d say this line and in this particular version he’s going with the pissed off. But, I have to say, one of Jacob’s strongest points is his line delivery here. He has impudent teenager down pat. Look at that little smirk right after he finishes delivering the line. With Ben, the only time we see him really being young and acting his age is King of New York. The rest of the time he’s being a grown up, because he has to be. The fate of his family is resting on his shoulders and he knows it. Hence why he’s so firm when he’s talking to Jack about how he’s right about the union being what could have predicted his father. Jacob honest to God sounds like he’s crying when he says it. But in this example here, he is acting like a teenager. I am seventeen, I have seen every single one of my friends behave like that more than once.

The final example is the rally. When I first got the request to compare them, my first thought was to use the rally. Ben holds the room. He’s confident, he knows what he needs to do and he’s ready to do it, even if he thought he’d have Jack beside him to help. He can do this alone. Jacob… has no idea what he’s doing. He’s nervous, he’s unable to stand still, and he can’t convince anyone that he’s worth listening to. When I watch the gif, I’m reminded of a scene from the Newsies movie, where Davey sees Jack as a scab. He’s saying something along the lines of how they don’t need him because all of the words, they were his. Jack responds with something along the lines of “Yeah, but you never had the guts to say them.” You see that in Jacob, especially at the rally.

So, in conclusion, Ben is a more confident and mature Davey. He knows who he is. And not, like, in the “I’m David Jacobs” way, more in a metaphysical sense. Now, the first request I got for this gifset called Jacob anxious, which is definitely correct and something we’ll look at more later in another gifset. Jacob is uncomfortable in his own skin and he doesn’t really know what he’s doing, but he’s very clearly a teenager.

If you enjoyed this, you can read my comparison of Jeremy and Corey here and my comparison of how Jeremy and Corey interact with others here. Thanks for reading!

Black Witch - Bull dog & Fennec Fox

Learning watercolor while working on my Black Witch book. I have some down time while waiting for StarVeil’s script to be all edited. Really enjoying doing the traditional work, learning a ton about how much I fail haha. Digital offers so many solutions that it’s made me incredibly lazy. But I feel the watercolor is actually somewhat easier because it makes me focus on the planning stages and the slow build helps me see the image for what it is. With digital it’s really easy to quickly start images and jump right to high contrast/finalized look without really taking the time to progress through the image naturally. Or at least that’s the down fall of my process digitally. Sadly this image is full of mistakes that I wish I caught earlier! It’s ok though, time for the next ones!


askshinyvulpix-deactivated20140 asked:

Another Vulpix! Do you come from a big family?

Melissa stammered a bit at the seemingly excited Vulpix “I… I only had my mother with me when I was growing up, and even now , she’s… gone… did you have a big family, Miss Persephone?”

Satin gowns, fast cars, pills, and parties are the lifeblood of American glamour. Red carpets, unbridled opulence, and the kind of elegance that looks amazing in high-contrast black-and-white photographs are its marrow. Icons like Sinatra, the Kennedys, Elvis, and Marilyn Monroe appeared to be beacons of the good life, but behind the velvet rope was a darker, less-than-pristine reality: one rife with gossip, addiction, betrayal, and violence. In 2014, no artist embraces both that world’s intoxicating glow and frayed seams more acutely than Lana Del Rey.


“Alright, I’ll teach you a little saying to start off with. Fortuna caeca est means ‘luck is blind’” Sam picked out a phrase from his little book, and passed it to you so you could look at the spelling. The contrast of the tiny pages to Sam’s massive figure almost made you laugh.

“For-tu-na” this isn’t going too bad. “ca-sa-”

“Whoa, whoa whoa” Sam interrupted. “Stop there.”

“What? What did I-” you immediately became defensive.

“Wait” Sam held up his finger to illustrate his words, and giggled. His giggle escalated into a full blown laugh, and he was soon bent over in his hysteria.

“What? What did I do wrong?” you crossed your arms stubbornly. When Sam didn’t stop giggling, you huffed “fine, I’ll try again. Fortuna ca-ca-”

“That’s even worse” you saw a tear slip from Sam’s eye, now. You made a “harumph” sound and waited for him to finish laughing. When he was finally done, he proposed “alright. Let’s try a different one. If you get it right, you’ll et a kiss from me.” he grinned

You sighed, but nodded afterwards. 

“Okay, uh…” Sam’s finger traced along the lines of text in the book. “Omnia vincit amor.”

“Om-nee-a vinecite am-ohr?” you tried.

Sam gently grabbed the collar of your shirt and pulled you in to kiss him. His hands cupped your cheeks and he bit your lip, before skimming his tongue over yours. You let out another sigh, but this time it was in contentment.

“So, I got it right? What does it mean?” you asked after Sam had finally pulled away.

“You got it wrong, but it means ‘love conquers all’… so I kissed you anyway” Sam smiled, his forehead pressed against yours, before leaning in again.


Pai and his relationships
  • With Ella:I know you don’t want to be with me because I’m boring but you can’t leave. We’re soulmates. You have to have a child with me after marriage.
  • With Al:My wife beats me in sudden rages, constantly tells me he is cheating, tells me I make him feel ugly because I can’t keep it up, and threatens me constantly.
  • With Luzifer:I love him so much. I want to be his first choice but I never will be. I have to keep trying to be deserving of the affection he gives me that I am so grateful for. I wish he loved me but I know he will have me leave the moment I slip up. I want to hold him so badly. Please tell me I'm worth being happy. Tell me I make you happy.
  • With Furce:… He treats me so gently. How do I respond to this? I tried to kill him and he ruined my life but he is so kind to me. No one has ever held me like this and told me so often that I did a good job.