• MC To: ....
  • Zen: Looking as hot as always babe <3
  • Jaehee: Stay strong bae!! Think of Zen! You can do this! ^^
  • Yoosung: Just shut the fuck up.
  • Jumin: Darling, your kink side is showing ;)
  • 707: Please trust me baby and I'm sorry for everything T^T
  • Rika: Rika honey, I know how you feel... but you need help.
  • Saeran: my lil creampuff! ofc I'll stay- WTF DID YOU PRESS THAT?!!
  • Vanderwood: Lookin good sweetie~
  • Elizabeth the 3rd: Adorable as always elly~

Iris came home late, and looked for Barry. 

“Babe?” she called out setting the groceries down. She heard nothing, but she did smell candles. She started to worry, given that fact that barry really likes candles. 

“Babe?” she called again. She looked and saw a delicious thanks giving like meal on the table and smiled, along with a note.

B eing with you makes me so happy” she walked off, and saw another note. 

E very thing I do, is for you” She smirked. and yet again, saw another note. 

D on’t deny it, i’m your dork :)” Iris looked at all the notes, and lastly saw another one. 

“ I am where all the bold letters put together is” Iris looked. BED. she smiled as she rushed up the stairs to get to him. He was laying down, with little clothes smiling. 

“FINALY!” he said. Iris smiled and went to hug and , and kiss him on the cheek. 

“I love you so much iris, your the world to me” Iris smiled, and kissed him harder. 

“I love you too Barry Allen”

“Oh, one more note!” He said. Iris smiled and looked at him as he got on his knee. 

“were already married” she said laughing. 

“Yeah, but…” he handed her the note, and iris felt tears. 

“Oh my gosh-”

“Iris Westallen, you have been my lighting rod, before we even met. I have loved you before I knew what the word love even meant, iris. I want to spend the rest of my life with you, and I just wanted to say, I love, you, and will you move in with me at out new house?” 

Iris looked In shock. “what?”

“I bought a house, like a single family home, for you and me, and our future”

Iris cried, as she smiled. “Barry…”

Barry stood up and kissed here, bringing her to the bed, as he thought, let make this future one to never forget. 

If Anything He’s More Like A Big Teddy Bear (BRAUN STROWMAN)

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This request came in from @deanswife010114 for some Braun


Reader’s new boyfriend Braun meets her parents for the first time and the parents have some concerns: FLUFF


Warnings: NONE


Y/N inhaled deeply after hearing the doorbell ring.

“Okay.” She said letting the deep breath she’d just taken, out. “Here we go.”

She slowly unlocked the door, opening it soon after. “Braun?” She said when she was standing face to face with her boyfriend. She pulled him in. “I thought you were my parents.”

“I could tell by the look on your face, babe.”

Braun leaned down for a kiss which Y/N graciously accepted.

Y/N slowly pulled her lips away from Braun’s. “What are you even doing here, though? I didn’t even know you were gonna be in town.”

The last time she’d talked to her boyfriend he was still in whatever city he and the other WWE superstars had to be at for the show.

“I got a little free time and I wanted to fly out to spend it with you.”

Y/N couldn’t help but smile at what he’s just said. “Aww. That’s so sweet Braun but…” She sighed. “I wish you would’ve told me, because my parents are coming over for dinner and–”

“Y/N!” she heard her mom’s voice, and looked over to see them in the doorway.

How did they even get in?

Y/N mentally shook her head.

Must have left the door open she thought.

“Mom! Dad!” Y/N called out to them greeting them with open arms.

“Hi, sweetheart.” Her dad said, giving her a hug followed by a kiss on her head.

She then went to do the same with her mom, but her mom’s focus was elsewhere.

On Braun to be exact.

Y/N bit her lip as she watched her mom go over to Braun.

“Oh, and whose this?” She heard her mom ask, as she looked back at her, then back to Braun.

Y/N bit down harder on her lip. “My um.. he’s my…” Y/N stuttered.

“I’m her boyfriend.” Braun spoke, saving his girlfriend. “It’s nice to finally meet you. I can’t tell you how long I’ve been wanting to do this, but it’s so hard to get back home with my schedule.” He explained with a smile.

Y/N sighed relieved Braun was so quick with his words.

“Thank you.” She mouthed to Braun, receiving a nod in response.


“So, you’re that wrestler from tv, right?” Her dad asked questioning Braun. “That Man of Monsters?”

Y/N frowned looking down at her plate.

Is her dad serious?

Man of Monsters?

That doesn’t even make sense, she wanted to scream out.

Braun chuckled lightheartedly. “Actually it’s Monster Among Men.”

Her dad nodded, responding with a chuckle of his own. “My mistake.”

It was now her mother’s voice that was heard. “So you’re into wrestlers now, Y/N…” She said staring her daughter down. “Isn’t that a bit scary? Especially their size?”

Y/N almost spit out the sip she’d just taken from her drink, while her dad looked at his with with a hint of shame in his eyes.

“His size?”

Y/N’s mom nodded. “Yes honey, he’s not a normal size man.” She said sounding proud of what she was saying. “What if he hurts you?”

That’s it, Y/N thought.

She was ready to explode.

She put her glass down, and began to make her way up from her seat, but before she was full up, she felt Braun’s hand on her thigh.

She looked over at him as he motioned with his head for her to sit back down.

“Mrs. Y/L/N…” Braun started. “You have nothing to worry about. I’m not gonna do anything to hurt your daughter. In any way. I love her too much to do that.” He assured her politely.

Y/N smiled leaning over placing a kiss in Braun’s cheek.

“He’s right mom. You don’t have to worry.” Y/N giggled calming down. “If anything, he’s like a big teddy bear. That whole monster thing is just a facade.” She told her finally getting her confidence back.

Her mom smiled taking in what her daughter and Braun had just told her. “And for my previous comment, I am sorry.” She raised her glass. “Welcome to the family.”


Ah, underwater art is so calming^^ even though this didn’t exactly turn out how i wanted but it still was pretty calming so i take this as a good result ^^

DAY-1 . DAY-2 . DAY-3 . DAY-4

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But will there be more Tora? Or any more nekomas? I have a need for Nekoma Second years teasing Daichi or dumb antics at the bar (or poking fun at Kuroo's inability to not cry during sex)

Mommy’s tired, Chillrin. I honestly don’t think I’ll be bringing more non-regular characters in at this point. I’m technically trying to wind it down to an ending, believe it or not. (After a little more angst… meh heh heh hehhhhhhhhhhhh) 

So probably no Tora or other Nekoma folks, unfortunately.

Maybe if I get around to finally answering all these asks that have been collecting dust in my box, I will write a little extra scene with them but as of right now, doesn’t look like it.

Sorry Babe. 

Daddy is so tired. (Yeah I called myself Mommy and Daddy in this post so what sue me.)

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Alex invited Jessie over the next day. But this time she was in a very different mood. Alex went in for his usual greeting but he was completely rejected.

Jessie: Look babe. I’ve been meaning to talk to you about this..

Alex: What?

Jessie: I’ve met someone else. N-nothing has happened! I wanted to make this clear with you first.

Alex: So that’s it then! We are done?

Jessie: Well. It was only casual, was just trying to loosen you up a bit, help your street cred ;) You are certainly less of a goodie goodie now eh? So no hard feelings?

Alex: Right… okay. Bye then.


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Okay, I’m late for Ari Met Dante Day… My photoshop wouldn’t let me finish. So here! Have some Ari/Dante art for tonight!! Happy (belated) Ari met Dante Day! This book was one of the sweetest books I’ve read in a long time that isn’t fantasy. This book killed me with so many feels, I was almost tearing up by the end <3 I definitely recommend this book to everyone.