Phil waited a beat before realizing that Dan possibly hadn’t even registered that your question had been directed at him, busy as he was staring at you. Phil turned to look at him, eyebrows raised slightly, a grin forming on his face.

“Dan?” he prompted.


“I think that question was for you,” Phil said, gently as he could, though it was clear he was trying not to laugh. Dan’s eyes widened and he seemed to snap his focus back to the task at hand.

“Oh god, sorry,” he said. You waved his apology away with a smile.

“It’s alright,” you told him. “You’ve probably been answering a lot of these same questions already.”

“No!” he said quickly. “You’ve had really original ones. Weird ones. Not in a bad way, though! Good weird. We like weird. We’re pretty weird…” he trailed off lamely. Phil was no longer containing his laughter beside him, shoulders quietly shaking with it as Dan cleared his throat and looked to you again.

“Right. I’m so sorry, could you possibly repeat the question?”

“Just this once,” you teased, looking back to your notes and missing the full-on smile Dan found himself giving you, forcing himself to pay attention to what you were saying instead of only staring at your mouth.

x x


“If you could recast that whole show with only one person to play every part, who would you pick?” Phil asked when the last episode had ended.

“That’s easy–”

“And you can’t pick Evan Peters!” Phil interjected, and Dan looked at him, scandalized.

“Why the hell not? That’s not a rule you can just make up.”

“I would cast myself,” Phil said, ignoring Dan’s comment.

“Really? You would cast yourself to play every role? Oh my god, Phil,” Dan said, and covered his face as he shook his head.

“What about you, Y/N?” Phil asked, and they both turned to you. But you were laughing too hard to answer, hugging a pillow to yourself and trying to catch your breath.

“I told you the cat whiskers would help,” Dan muttered under his breath to Phil as they both smiled at you, happy to see you laughing for the first time all day.



You know what must be so frustrating? Dan telling people he’s not gay, yet it gets repeatedly thrown in his face for absolutely no reason. 

  • hahah FYI HE DOESN’T LIEK VAGINA!!111!

The fact that he literally tells you he’s not gay and you lot don’t believe him, but he gives a little, microscopic hand gesture and suddenly his word is invalid because he’s absolutely gay (according to a bunch of 13 year old scientists who totally know his sexuality)

Stop being ignorant and tossing that word around because for fucks sake, if he’s truly not even bisexual, he must feel like shit that the entire internet calls him gay. It’s not just hate comments calling him a fag, but his so called “loving fans” who attempt to use it as a term of endearment. 


This is literally coming from me, an actual phan shipper. You guys can ship phan quietly but when you start to actually force a sexuality on a person, it’s so terrifying. The reason why I’ve made this post is because I’ve seen it about nine times today. 

Thanks for reading. That is all.

91. He finds your fanfics about him (requested)

Dan: You were sat on one end of the sofa reading a book while Dan was on the other end scrolling through Tumblr, laughing every now and again. “What are you laughing about over there?” you asked curiously. “Oh, nothing,” he teased. Suspicious, you leaned over so you could see his screen. He was on your fanfic blog from about four years ago. “No!” you exclaimed and shut the laptop. He laughed some more. “I’ve already read a couple of them,” he started while opening his laptop again. “They’re pretty good actually. A minus.” “Oh god,” you groaned as you hid your face in a pillow.

Phil: “So you want to have hot sex with me in a tent while our friends are sleeping in a tent next to us?” Phil had asked, looking up from his computer. You were taken aback by his question. “Excuse me?” But your reddening face made it clear that you had heard him the first time and knew where he got that idea from. He had somehow found a fic that you had written a while ago. Phil kept looking at you with a raised brow. “Shut up,” you muttered as you hid your face in your arms. He leaned over to you and whispered, “I never said I was opposed to the idea” as if your face wasn’t red enough already.

Imagine Dan and Phil seeing each other for the first time in a month

• Dan and Phil calling each other and whispering “I love you” and “I miss you” until they fall asleep

•Dan arriving at the airport an hour early to wait for Phil

•Dan pacing anxiously back and forth while he waits, chewing on his lip

•Dan hearing a familiar yelp and turning around as Phil stumbles on the escalator

• Dan crying out Phil’s name and Phil looking up, unable to stop a huge smile from breaking out on his face. “Bear!!”

• Dan taking off running toward Phil, and Phil breaking into a run as well

• Phil letting go of his suitcase, allowing it to fall to the floor as he nears Dan so his hands are free

• Dan practically leaping into Phil’s arms, and Phil catching him and spinning him around

• “Oh my god, Bear I missed you so much”

• “I missed you too, never leave again”

• Both of them crying as they pull away, huge smiles on their faces as they just gaze at each other.

• Phil gently cupping Dan’s cheeks and wiping his tears away with his thumbs as he leans down and captures Dan’s lips

• Dan clutching at Phil’s shirt as his knees go weak

• Whispered “I love you"s between gentle kisses


Our Art was featured in the show !!!
Dan: What the HELL. is that ?!? Am I vomiting out Phil’s face
Phil: That’s actually how the universe was made
Dan: Well, thank you a Shelly and Karina
Phil: Oh, look at all the expressions I actually made in that video
Dan: OMG! Are those all different faces ?!?
Phil: Yea
Dan: Oh God, how long did that take you ?!?!

Kissed in The Haunted Mansion

A/N: My bæ and I are going to Disneyland together this summer and I’m super excited. With that in mind, I decided to write a phanfic about Disneyland. Enjoy! Also, please please send me more requests. Thank you!

Word Count: 1073

“Phil! Hurry up!” Dan whined jumping up and down.

Dan and Phil were in the US for VidCon. They came three days earlier and decided that they wanted to spend one of those days going to Disneyland. 

“Alright, love. I’m coming.” Phil chuckled.

They took a taxi and before Dan could finish 4 Muse songs they were at the park entrance. They bought park hoppers so that they could go to both Disneyland Park and California Adventure. 

“Oh my god, Phil! I’m so excited!” Dan yelled as they entered the park. 

They ran and saw Main Street filled with hundreds of people. Phil looked at Dan who had a huge smile on his face. His dimples dug deep into his cheeks and Phil so badly wanted to kiss him. Dan took Phil hands into his and swung them. Phil pulled away abruptly after a second.

“Dan, we can’t hold hands. We can’t risk being seen by a phan, remember?”

“Right. Sorry, I forgot.” Dan said with a little disappointment for a second than again realized just how excited he was to be back in Disney.

They first headed for Tomorrowland. Dan wanted to start with his favourite, Space Mountain. 

“Phil! The queue is only 40 minutes. Let’s go.” Phil happily followed.

They spent the next couple of hours riding the Tomorrowland rides and checking out the shops.

“Hey Dan.” Dan turned around surprised to see Phil holding up a lightsaber. “I am your father.” Phil impersonated in a deep voice.

Dan grabbed a lightsaber, “Battle!” He yelled and they started fighting. They went to go get popcorn after their browsing. After they fully explored Tomorrowland they skipped along to Fantasyland. 

“Peter Pan’s Flight! C’mon, Phil. I wanna go see my childhood boyfriend.” Dan smirked.

“If you’re trying to make me jealous with a 12 year old cartoon boy, it’s not going to work, Dan.”

“Petah! Oh, Petah!” He mocked while they walked into the queue.

“They’re children on the premises, Dan. Clean your dirty mind.”

They continued through Fantasyland until the reached The Haunted Mansion. 

“We’re going on this one, Phil.”

“No, Dan.”

“Yes. You chickened out last time and promised you’d go the next time we came. It’s not even that scary. ”

“Dan.” Phil whined. “Don’t make me.”

“Phil, I really want to go on this ride, but,” Dan paused. “I love you and don’t want to force you to do anything. If you don’t want to we don’t have to.” He knew the guilty trick always worked on Phil.

Phil sighed. “Fine.”

Dan then pushed Phil towards the queue. They waited out the 30 minute time before they were in a small room with about 45 other people. The ghost speaker came on behind them making Phil jump.

“Is the room getting taller?” The creepy voice asked.

Phil eyes filled with fear as the ceiling moved up revealing the creepy portraits. Suddenly, there was lighting, a loud crash, and a scream. Phil screamed along with it. Dan took this moment in the dark to intertwine their fingers together. The lights came shooting back on a moment later and he slowly brought his hand back up by his waist. The crowd was then guided into the hallway where you entered your doom buggy. 

The two were brought in their vehicle through a maze of creepy hallways and dark shadows. Phil was slightly shaking. Dan took the chance of privacy to wrapped his arm around Phil’s waist which calmed him a lot. Phil took Dan’s hand in his and then rested his head on Dan’s shoulder. They then came to the giant Dining room with the hundreds of ghosts. They appeared suddenly making Phil slightly jump.

“What? What kind of technology is this?” Phil questioned as he looked at him.

Dan was staring at him with hearteyes. Phil caught notice of this a smiled at Dan placing his forehead on the one of the younger man’s. Dan then caressed Phil’s cheek and ever so gently placed his lips on Phil’s pair. Phil pulled Dan in closer by the waist as they started moving their lips. They soon parted and when Phil averted his attention by to the attraction he jumped again at the fact he was seeing a woman hold an axe next to a husband with his head chopped off.

The ride ended soon enough and they both hopped out of the buggy. Phil still a little shaken up walked into the gift shop pleased that it was over.

“See, Phil. It wasn’t that bad.”

“The only reason I enjoyed it was because I got a kiss from you that’s all.”

They spent the next 3 hours in the Disneyland park exploring Adventureland and Frontierland and then ToonTown. They decided that it was time to head to California Adventure.

Dan immediately ran over to the Oswald shop as soon as they entered and put on one of the hats. The next few hours were spent going on the easy rides until they approached The Hollywood Tower of Terror. Phil gave Dan the deaf stare as he smirked.

“Alright, alright. I won’t make you go on another scary ride.” He smiled almost pecking him on the cheek, but then realizing they were in public. 

They walked to discover more of Cars Land and Bug’s Land until they ran into a “phan.” 

“OMG! Are you guys Dan and Phil?” Spoke the boy who looked about 15.

“Yes we are.” Phil said with a big grin.

“Can I please get a picture?” The boy squeaked.

“Of course.” Dan chuckled.

The couple then ran off to explore Paradise Pier and after a few boardwalk games it was time for their show, World of Colour. Being the awkward risk takers they are they sat in the splash zone. The show was about 20-30 minutes and Phil was awestruck.

“It’s beautiful isn’t it, Dan?”

“Well, I was hoping to get splashed more.” Phil laughed.

“Can we do this again? I love spending this time with you. It makes me more happy than anything.” Dan looked at his boyfriend.

He stared at his slightly opened mouth and bright blue eyes. They matched the blue colours that were shooting from the waters in front of them. Dan then leaned in to place a short sweet kiss on Phil’s cheek. Phil looked at Dan as if to remind him they were in public.

“I don’t care.” He said ever so gently.     

You swore


He asked me as we sit in front of the camera about to film a dare video. I had to crouch down trying to get out of the shot until it was my turn to get it. I nodded and then he turned the camera on. “Hello internet, so you all know I love embarrassing myself and you all know how greatly it affects my whole soul” he faked laugh. I try to hold in my laughter as I can feel my face getting red from my head being upside down. “So what better way to destroy my soul some more other than bringing an actual human to do the dare with me!!!” He cheered. “Welcome, Y/N!”, I sat up and saw myself looking bright red. “No no, Dan. It’s Mrs. Cherry Tomato” I corrected him as he bursts into laughter. “Yeah, right okay” he rolled his eyes.

“So Phil picked out some dares for us-”, “oh God” I reacted. Dan then laughed at how much he knows how these dares are going to end. He then continued explaining the rules and we went on with the dares.

We were actually doing pretty well, until the THIRD DARE. Which was, of course, on me. “Kiss the other person on the lips everytime the other person swears for the rest of the video.” Dan read as he facepalmed himself with that piece of paper. “Phil you little shit” Dan continued. I eyed him until he realized what he just said. “Are you literally shitting on my leg right now, Dan?” I laughed. “Hey hey, you have to do it” he inched closer to me. I then quickly pecked his lips and palmed his face away. “That’s enough heart-eyes-Howell” I laughed. He pouted and moved on.

We had a pretty fun time. He didn’t swear the rest of the time so that was pretty good. “Okay, last dare on me” Dan chanted as he picked out another dare. “Phil, are you f–”, I eyed him before he could even say the damn word. He then smirked and said “FCKING SHITTING BITCHING KIDDING ME RIGHT NOW?” he shout out loud. “HEY NO FAIR, YOU DID THAT ON PURPOSE” I palmed his face as he laughed. “I guess you have to kiss me three times now. Pucker up” He teased and started to lean in. I then put two finger onto his lips copying the shape of the lips. Doing that two more time, he actually believed it was me.

After that, we then had the outro and blah blah blah. done. “Thanks for staying over, Y/N” he turned to me and gave me a cheeky smile. “You’re welcome Daniel” I chuckled and gave him a hug. He then turned silent and looked up at me with these innocent eyes. “What’s wrong?” I nervously laughed. “I JUST CAN’T TAKE IT ANYMORE” he flopped his back on his bed and staring at the ceiling. “What CAN’T you take anymore?” I copied him and did what he did as well. He turned his head to me while we both laid down on his bed. “I can’t take the fact that you’re just there”, I tilted my head so confused about what’s going on. “YOU’RE JUST SO CUTE AND I WANT YOU TO BE MORE THAN MY BEST FRIEND AND. UGH FCK” He shout out and turned his body to the opposite side, his back facing me. I quickly turned him to me and pecked him on the lips. He laid there, wide-eyed and questioning what I just did. I for one, just laid there facing him smiling cheekily. “Why the fck did you just”,

“You swore”

“How do i look?”
“Oh my god you spork, you’ve got one on your neck”
Hello! I wanted to participate in the pastel!phan action so here’s phil putting Dan’s flower crown around his face to cover his eyes and Dan being totally a fan of it. (In a flower field)
>(What is my life.) Also: I’ve been wondering if any of you guys were interested in me doing commissions, So if you are, please let me know because I am interested!

Spotted Out in Public (Preference #7)

Dan: “OH MY GOD.” You and Dan both looked up from your phones to see three girls staring at the two of you from across the street. You and Dan had been looking online for a place to eat, both of you having just gotten your hair cut. Two of the girls had looks of panic on their faces as the third put her hand over her mouth in embarrassment. Dan smiled, and waved at them, causing the girls to meekly wave back. The two of you crossed the street to make your way to the group. “Hi there.” Dan said, opening out his arms for a hug. The girl who had shouted embraced him, cheeks burning red. “I am so sorry about that shouting, I didn’t mean to do that. It just sorta… came out.” Dan made a dismissing gesture. “Its fine, I’m used to it by now. So, what are your names?” They introduced themselves as Courtney (the girl who had shouted), her sister Tasha and their friend Reyna. The two of you talked with them for ten minutes, signing whatever they had on hand and taking plenty of goofy pictures for tumblr. “Well, it was great meeting you guys!” Dan said, as the two of you turned to leave. “Have a wonderful day!” “Bye!” “Thank you!” You opened the (crappy) tumblr app on your phone as the two of you walked away. “What are you doing?” Dan asked, peering at your phone. You smiled, showing him a picture of you two with Reyna. The caption read ‘Bumped into Dan and Y/n after Courtney yelled at them from across the street. They both got their hair cut today, cute! And Y/n is a sweetheart!’ You turned your phone back to you. “We’ve already got over 10,000 notes.”

Phil: “HOLY SHIT!” The exclamation made you jump, whipping around at the same time as Phil  to see where it had come from. Ten feet away from the two of you stood a boy and girl, staring at the two of you in awe. You were sure they recognized you, but waited for Phil to take the lead, since he was the YouTube star, not you. Your boyfriend took hold of your hand a bit shyly and made his way back down the street to the pair. He stopped in front of the two of them, smiling. The boy spoke first. “Oh my god, I am so sorry for shouting at you guys. I didn’t mean to.” Phil shrugged. “It’s okay, it happens all of the time. What’s your guys’ names?” “Sean.” “Lily.” “Can I have a hug?” Sean blurted out, staring at Phil. Phil grinned, opening his arms. “Of course!” This lead to all of you talking for a while, snapping instagram pictures, signing Lily’s phone case and some money of Sean’s. As the exchange started to come to a close, Lily walked over to you. “Can I just say that I am so glad you are Phil’s girlfriend?” You smiled meekly, waving your hand to try and dismiss the compliment. “It’s–” “No, really!” Lily interrupted. “You are so supportive of Phil and really pretty and you never let any of the Phandom hate get to you. All of us on tumblr are really glad you two are together.” You felt your cheeks darken at the barrage of compliments. “Thank you Lily. That really means a lot to me.” The two of you hugged. “No problem Y/n.”


Sorry for posting late today guys, school starts in less than a week and I am crazy busy! But here is today’s preference! Feel free to make requests guys!

No but imagine Ward and Skye go get some alone time away from the bus at like some hotel or something and it’s the first time since he’s been back on the team

And it was a spur of the moment decision and they tell Fitz to tell Coulson

But Fitz forgets and Coulson goes on some man hunt for them and tracks them down at the hotel and barged through the door while they’re in bed and he’s like pointing his gun at Ward all like


And Skye is just like ‘DAD’

And May comes from behind and touches his shoulder and is like ‘I don’t think she was kidnapped Phil’ and nods towards them covering themselves with their sheets.

And Coulson looks again and has this look of horror on his face, and keep his gun still up and


And Skye is just like


And basically everyone is just traumatized and May is escorting Coulson out.