Hajime-Iwaizumi >>> Mikuni--Alicien

Because I've become obsessed with Servamp and have fallen in love with Mikuni ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ♡

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I've had such a busy week!

I decided to come back to Lima to visit my dad for a couple of days, and I’ll return home on Friday evening. I’ve had a couple of meetings with past and present students, but I’m looking forward to getting home to my husband. I hope everyone’s week is going well!

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Here you see one lineartstyle but 5 different colouring styles.

I drew some of my many sons *looks at smudged writign on hand* Merits, Ramen O’s, Rusher, and Gaymedic. Also I drew one of my husbands *looks at smudged writing on the other hand* Man curry. Also that Spain is for your amusement. Enjoy his hair bananas.

Baby brain is at a new high the last two days. I think it’s a combination of Wesley sleeping less and waking up more frequently in the night plus him crying more when he is awake.

Baby brain moment #1: The dial on our dryer is broken, so we use pliers to turn the dryer on. So two days ago I went to throw some clothes in the dryer, and as much as I tried with the pliers, the dryer would not start. I asked my husband to look at it and he couldn’t get it to turn on either. So yesterday we contacted our landlord and he came to look at it. He said he would get someone to come look at it. Just before our landlord was about to leave, I hear Nic say that he’s going to check one thing. I hear the time dial turn and then hear the dryer start up. Our landlord and Nic started laughing hysterically, realizing that I hadn’t actually put any time on the dryer before trying to turn it on. 😳 Thank goodness the repairman was never called!

Baby brain moment #2: With the movie today, they told me to come with a copy or picture of Wesley’s birth certificate and a copy or picture of our Income Tax Notice of Assessment for 2015 (as a proof of residency). When I was almost at the set (which is a good hour from our house), I realized that I completely forgot both documents. Thankfully Nic was able to text me pictures of them when he got home from work, and I got them before the film crew requested them.

I typically have a good memory, but lately it’s gone to shit haha. I definitely blame baby brain!