Hi, I’m Julie! I’m 18 and I’m from the northwest U.S. All my favorite things start with P… pizza, pasta, Pentatonix, pcolorguard.
I’ve been a Pentatonix fan for over a year but I’ve only been in the fandom for about 3 months.

I love them all but I’m especially obsessed with Scott whoops

Someday when I’m not broke af I’m going to get a Light in the Hallway tattoo

I like talking to people so feel free to send me a message or something

Happy 6 months to the most beautiful and compassionate person I’ve ever met! You’re my whole universe Amy and I love you so, so much!! I hope we get to visit around Christmas– it would be the best gift I could ever ask for. You’re my true love and best friend, and I have no idea how I got so lucky to have you. ♥


hello hello!! its aqsa, back again with the selfie/bias challenge i was supposed to do months ago oop; im sorry for being so late!! it’s hard finding nice jisoo pics to “collab" with /)^(\ (btw, full credit for the gif of jisoo goes to @ftwonwoo!! there, i tagged you skdfhakf ;u;) 

tagged by @lovgyu @minqyew @jinssmolgf and @jungkie (who btw are all too heavenly for this world omg check em out pls you will not regret 10/10 recommend), here’s my face (both obscured by a flimsy petal and an attempt to shoot jisoo back for all the pain he’s caused me >.>) 

i’ll tag: @cinnamingyu @jihooon @howellsmovingcastl-e @vernonlaugh @vitaminniedk @svt-jiswoon @cafewoozi @jxmin @gyuberry @svt-coups @syubzi and @crayontae 

and as always, you dont have you if you’re too busy/simply don’t want to!! just sit back and drink lots of water and hold a puppy or a kitty or a bias and relax :> thank you! 

p.s. here’s a bonus gif of that new filter snow has that creeps me out (cause only jisoo is allowed to pat this head my guy aiight)

ok bye <3

  • me:nah it doesn't matter that my own brother told me my arms look huge today
  • me:no my great-aunt was just joking when she said it was sad that even though I don't eat junk food I still put on weight
  • also me:lmao I'm so fat I want to die