Artemi “Doe-Eyed” Panarin (x) | requested by anon 


i think i found my Mars Lip Color because look at this beautiful lipstick!! i want to cry!!! it’s NYX soft matte lip cream in “cannes” and it matches my natural lip color but it’s a few shades darker. i love it i want to marry it

Oh hey, it’s just me trying stuff.

I didn’t even bother erasing the pencil


A Woodlawn Cemetery mausoleum window from the inside and from the outside.  Look at the beautiful gold color on that tiled ceiling! (My poor cellphone camera skills do not do it justice.)  This is one of the mausoleums where the brilliant Guastavino tile company did the ceiling work.

The Wikipedia page for its founder, Rafael Guastavino Sr. is linked here:


I highly recommend taking Woodlawn Conservancy’s tours; you can usually get a peek inside some of their mausoleums.

See their official website for upcoming tour events: