Hyukjae, dear.. think again before calling Heechul ‘pabo’ ~

I am honestly incredibly hurt and so bitter too that Crowley wasn’t in the promotional pictures
Like honestly he deserves so much more and should be treated equally to Cas since both Mark and Misha are series regulars

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okay I have a question and i was all " who do i know who knows at least 2.3 fucktons about turtles??? " okay so when they put their heads in their shells do their necks contract or do they bend???

They bend!! 

Turtle skeletons are extra weird because almost everything is connected and/or melded to their shells, including most of their spine:

As you can see here, the neck and tail are the only detached vertebrae in the spinal column. You may also have noticed that the neck starts waaayyyy far back into the shell; we tend to think turtles’ bodies start where the shell starts, but a more accurate way of looking at it is that the shell extends really far forward like a turian cowl. The shell is situated like a turtleneck sweater, actually, which always makes me giggle :)


There’s two subgroups in turtle taxonomy, and they’re divided up based on how they retract their necks. The most common are the cryptodires, which pull their necks backwards into a folded U shape and then tuck their feet in front for added protection:

…which also gives us this very cute turtle hidey pose:

(This example is actually a tortoise, BUT THE POINT IS THAT IT’S CUTE ALRIGHT)

And then there’s my favorite neck retraction method, used by the pleurodires, where they fuckin bend their necks sideways in a full semi-circle:

They are absurd!!! I tried to find a good video of it bc it’s kinda hard to visualize, but these guys are a lot less common so I was unsuccessful. Here’s a few decent pictures of pleurodires doing their thing, though:

Look at em go!!! I’m pretty sure this is why turtlenecks (the sweater kind) are called that, but I don’t actually know for sure. 

In conclusion, turtles are weird long-neck bendy nerds and I love every single one of them and if anybody wants more cool pics of turtles and their necks I just spent like an hour and a half searching for (and becoming distracted by) them so hmu <3