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Hi could I have an imagine please?? Where the reader and either Monty or zach are secret cuddle buddies (like friends with benefits but for cuddles) and the boy develops feelings and avoids the reader so she confront him at school in front of his friends who don’t even know they talk and then it ends kinda fluffy kinda sexy? Not smut just not too cheesy! Thanks!!

author’s note: Sorry this is kinda late? i was quite out of it and i really need to sleep now but i hope this is any good!! aaaaa I don’t know how sexy I could turn this into?? I hope my ~sadness~ didn’t get much in the way (mainly i hope i didn’t disappoint hahahahaahkjasjd) i hope you enjoy it! hope i didn’t mess anything up!!!! it’s also quite long but i feel like i tried to shorten it up a bit. a mess. i apologize. /also i was the only one to read it so if any english mistakes,, again,, i apologize/

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I entered the school, trying to keep my small self-cheering to myself and walking with a teeny smile on my face. I greeted the kids I know, some greeted me back some just nodded at my existence, but none of that really bothered me. No, nothing could possibly bother me lately.

I was happy, is it too cheesy to say that?

Recently it is felt as if teenagers can’t feel happy, only stress and worry on their minds. Occasionally depressed, but it is the youth, mood swings are totally acceptable, which is how adults completely ignore any kind of scream of help coming from their children. With all the pressure coming at us, whether it’s socially with all the high standards or it’s school, which has really not any kind of low standards and you have to want, not need, but want to achieve a full score on anything.

But out of all the odds, I was happy. After everything that has been going on, being a little selfish and having a dot of happiness is what I deserve.

I went on and passed down the halls, getting to my locker and opening it. I felt a presence behind me but I brushed it off since tons of kids are walking there, but turned around when someone coughed and touched my shoulder to get my attention.

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Ok. Why if you are just bros with someone would compliment them by calling them a sexy Secretary??? A "normal" bro compliment would be like "ah yeah you look good in those" like it blows me away with the words liam decides to use to compliment his "bro". Nah man. In the very least you call someone a sexy Secretary if your attracted to them. Ziam is real. Ok I'm done now 😂

Hello!!! I’m sitting here laughing because I wonder the same whenever I think about it?? Liam could’ve easily been like, “you look like Clark Kent!” or something to that effect, but no. Why would Liam Payne waste an opportunity to be extra? LOL. And even then I could’ve let it all go if Liam hadn’t exposed himself a few months later with this display:

^^Shameless, Liam.

But let’s not be too hard on him!!! Liam just has a funny way of bro-ing it up where Zayn’s concerned. For instance:

“Ignore the adoration in my eyes, bro, and just let me look at you.”

“Bro, is it normal to hear the Kill Bill sirens whenever someone mentions your engagement and/or gets handsy with you, bro?”

“Brb gotta wake up my bro with a feather-light tender touch.”

“OMG, I think my bro is having a medical emergency!!!!!!!! I know what to do.”

“Bro, whenever I look at you it feels like the sun is laughing, is that weird?”

“Is it hot in here, bro, lol ahh what’s happening”

“What moisturizer r u using now, bro?”

“Bro, while you’re here, let me seduce you for a sec.”

“I think they’re playing our song, bro.”

See, anon??? Liam’s just being the best bro he can be to Zayn. 😂

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Dan: announces this is what his 'orgasm face' looks... Me: just bros being dudes being guys

Friendly Banter: An Novel By Daniel James Howell

At Some Point Probably #2
  • Daniel: Jack, I'm gonna post this pic of us, what should I caption it?
  • Jack: Love my babygirl
  • Daniel: What??
  • Jack: *not bothering to look up* you heard me
  • Daniel: Bro I'm not using that
  • Jack: *silent* *gets up off spot on the couch* *walks directly over towards Daniel* *leans over him* *takes phone out of his hand*
  • Daniel: ...
  • Jack: *fiddling with phone*
  • Daniel: *defeated* You posted it with that caption didn't you
  • Jack: I also changed your bio to "@jackaverymusic is my Prince Charming so stop asking for nudes"
  • Daniel: i hate you
  • Jack: *smirking whilst tossing the phone back to Daniel and exiting the room* You're welcome, Cinderella

I know this isn’t Fire Emblem related, but just now I was playing Majora’s Mask and I was in the well trying to light a torch with a fire arrow and accidentally hit a Gibdo too… I had no idea they were ReDeads underneath the mummy wrap! 😱

I feel so bad now because it’s just standing there looking at me like

“Link, bro, all I wanted was some milk and you did this to me.”

‘oh shit! we should call you ransom and holster! sick name for a d-men pair.’ it only takes a second to register the look in your eyes and i return it with my own; it’s perfect. we’re perfect. i know it’s for real when you apply for a room change and practically live in my dorm anyway when you’re denied. 'bro,’ you say one day, your fingertips coming up to rest on my cheek while you look me in the eyes. 'bro,’ i say back, my other hand seeking out yours and lacing our fingers. we don’t have to say anything; we know. it’s beautiful. we’re beautiful.
of course–
sometimes (most times) i still wake up gasping for breath and i swear there’s smoke in my lungs and i reach to your side of the bed to make sure you’re there just as my brain reminds me you’re not. the sheets are cold compared to the heat of my nightmares and all i want is to curl up in your arms and weep. i fall asleep imagining that you are the one whispering 'it’s okay’ over and over while the flames that took you lick back into my subconscious.
and then–
the first time we meet is on the ice, you with the aces and me with the falconers, and when you catch my eye, grin and nod before the game, electricity zaps up my spine. alexei is a great d-man but i can’t help but wonder how it might be for you and i to play for the same team (there’s a metaphor in there, i think, but i’m too busy getting checked into the boards hard enough to see stars to think about it). after the game (we win; it was a charity match, and no one is too torn up) you find me before i go to my hotel for the night and tater stays back with me, looking at you distrustfully. 'you went to samwell, right? i remember playing against you and zimmermann in the frozen four.’ you smile and it feels like someone’s punched all the air from my chest. 'i almost went to samwell too, you know.’ 'yeah?’ is all i can manage, but that’s okay because you’re already pushing on. 'yeah, i mean, the whole one in four, maybe more thing is pretty inviting.’ it’s my turn to smile, and i wonder if i affect you the same way you do me.
after that–
starting a new high school in a new country partway through your senior year is scary enough without also adding in the fact of being black and bi and trans and an activist. that morning, eyes heavy with sleep and brain forgetting my anxieties it had seemed like a great idea to wear my pride pins on my bag and my black lives matter shirt, had seemed like a statement, but now i’m surrounded by white teens who give me a wide berth and distrustful eyes and my heart is in my throat. my third class is social studies and i was never one for dramatics but seeing you in the back of the class smiling and talking and laughing in a shirt that says “make racists afraid again” and your bi pride bracelet is like taking a drink after being stranded in a desert. the knot in my stomach starts to unravel and i can breathe again; at least until you catch sight of me, and your smile is so blinding that i nearly stumble when you beckon me toward your group of friends. 'adam.’ you’re still smiling. 'justin,’ i say back, and your hand feels warm and safe when we shake. you keep talking about how your break had been, how pissed people had been when you said happy hanukkah instead of merry christmas, and the space you make for me in your circle of friends feels so natural i almost forget what worry feels like.
next time–
bits and pieces is one of providence’s most successful businesses– one part because of the food, one part because of the host of professional nhl players who worked or stopped by in their free time, and one part because the bakery is loudly and proudly an lgbt safe space. the cafe was quiet, which was normal for this time of day; a few patrons were scattered around at tables, the tv up in the corner on a news station replaying the highlights from the falconers’ winning game the night before. in about an hour bitty will close the bakery for the next few, because the falconers will be coming home with their new teammate and bitty will want them to all get to know each other before the masses descend on the establishment. 'so, justin,’ you say later, leaning against the counter while i make your drink. you’re adam birkholtz, tater’s new d-man, and angels sing when you say my name. 'you gonna write your number on that cup for me, bro, or do i gotta make you a drink instead?’ shitty whoops from behind us and the tips of your ears go red, and the effort for you to keep looking calm and collected is adorable. 'nah, brah, i’m classy.’ on impulse i grab your hand and scribble my number across the back, glancing up to meet your eyes and grin. 'fuckin high school romance this shit up, birkholtz.’
every life with you flashes behind my eyes when they’re closed and i’m so desperate to find you that it hurts. 'you remember your soulmate once you start puberty,’ my parents had said. 'you’ll remember the lives you spent with them; it can be disorienting, so we’ll keep an eye on you. don’t worry.’ it was only one or two, usually, i knew; it was rare to find your soulmate often in past lives. puberty came and the memories of us left me bedridden for a week; not one life, not two, but hundreds, each memory overwhelming and leaving my heart aching more for you than the last. i try to convince myself that my choice to go to samwell had nothing to do with you, that i just liked the lgbt aspect of it, that it was familiar because so many of my lives had been here, but i knew it was a lie. i was hoping that i’d see you there again, that i’d finally find you after years of pining. you’re not in the locker room or on the ice at the start of practice, and i ignore the ache in my chest, ignore the disappointment, ignore– 'ransom?’ i don’t have to look, i just know, and in the next second my arms are around you and you’re laughing and i’m grinning and saying 'holster, god, i– holster’ and shitty’s skating by in the background: 'oh shit! ransom and holster! sick name for a d-men pair.’
it’s perfect.
we’re perfect.
—  soulmates have to be real or you wouldn’t feel this familiar every time
when i die
  • god @ st peter about me: oh myself, is this the guy??? the incest guy? [looks at me] BRO u are FUCKED UP, man, like, and i wrote the BIBLE!! u know how much incest i got into back in my day? soooo much incest bro, but this? [holds up sumrick fic] TOO MUCH, man, just, YIKES