EXO Reaction to: Someone Doubting His Child is His Because His S/O is a Foreigner, Thus The Child Looks Different Than Him

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Xiumin: externally, is quite and polite about the situation, explaining to the person that his s/o is foreign. but internally, he thinks the person is ignorant

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Luhan: “oh, that’s funny. I didn’t realise anyone asked your opinion?”

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Kris: is pretty speechless. as a Chinese-Canadian, he knows what it’s like for someone to expect him to look different/shorter/not speak fluent English/etc. but his child? an innocent child? and they’re doubting its parentage?? he’s so done with that person

Suho: bOI RUN. mama junmyeon’s been angered

Lay: confused.jpg. “but … this is my child?? I was there at conception, at birth, as he’s grown up. what do you mean?”

Baekhyun: gapes at the person. who did they think they were, doubting if the greatest thing that’s ever happened to him was his?

Chen: “not my child? puh-lease, look at this beautiful girl. that’s thanks to my genes I’ll have you know!”

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Chanyeol: “ah, you’re right. I’m doubting if he’s my son too. look how short he is!! kyungsoo-ah, (y/n), do you two have anything you’d like to confess?” he’s joking of course. bc inside he’s actually really mad that this person is doubting his child is his. but he doesn’t want to fight. he wants to use humour to escape the situation

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D.O: is cute and squishy as he asks his child to leave the room. only to turn into satansoo once they’re gone. “don’t you dare ever doubt that my child is mine, do you understand?”

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Tao: gets sassy. “but … this is obviously my child? looks that good could only have come from me”

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Kai: “look, I understand that you’re just curious. but you should mind your own business. and especially not ask something like that with my child present. do you want him to start doubting that I’m his father?”

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Sehun: immediately turns to one of his hyungs, nudging them and sneering. “do you hear this, yeollie? apparently my child can’t be mine because her skin is too light/dark. have you ever heard such stupidity?”

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And some other characters, featuring Gladio. And Noct.

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sometimes the size difference between jimin and jungkook seems not as different? but then in some pics Jimin looks REALLY SMALL. Whatever it is, I love the size difference so muchhh, it's some of the reason I like jimin with tae too

okay but for real, jimin’s not that small. like i’m 5 foot, so when i hear people saying “jimin is so small, he’s a baby, look at how short he is!!” im just like “??????????” because the boys like 5 foot 8? like he’s not super tall, but he’s legit 5 or 6 cm smaller than jk. like calm down??? but then a pic like this happens and im like…. wait. jimin is a smol. (then i remember jk likes to wear shoe lifts and im reassured that jimin is in fact average height)

Haircut Pietro Maximoff x Reader

“ I CANT BELIEVE YOU!” peitro shouted as he sped into the living room of the avengers tower where everybody else was. causing them all to look up in 

shock . “ WHATS THE BIG DEAL!?! ITS NOT THE IMPORTANT!” y/n , a fellow avenger and his girlfriend shouted from the hall. right behind him.

 " NOT THAT IMPORTANT!?!“ HE SAID SHOCKED, ” YOU SHOULD HAVE RUN IT BY ME!“ he shouted and she groaned and walked into the room. 

” for the love of God peitro its just a haircut!!“ she sighed and ran a hand through her hair, looking at the avengers to see that they too were surprised. yes, y/n had cut her lovely long hair very, very short. a pixie cute and a small quiff in the from that framed her face perfectly. though her hair was beautiful long, it looked freakin amazing short. 


except for peitro. 


Who didn’t think so.” just a haircut!? look how short it is!“ he groaned and she huffed. "yes it is short, but i LIKE IT.” she emphasized then sat down on the couch between Thor and tony.

“ i think you look amazing.” Thor said with a smile and she smiled and gave him a hug and a kiss on the cheek. “see? Thor likes my haircut.” she sassed and he grumbled to himself.

“yeah you look nice y/n.” Natasha said to y/n. who also had short hair so she understood.“its cute.” Wanda said and y/n smiled, yet peitro groaned. 

“ but its so short! it’s too SHORT!” he said, causing y/n to stand up angrily and glare at him. “ what’s wrong with short hair maximoff?” she asked. “ do i not look good?” she asked, causing him to pale and shake his head.

 "nonono ithinkyoulookwonderful i really do.“ he said quickly as he peppered her face in kisses. "its just that… im gonna miss you with long hair.” he mumbled and he chuckled and flicked his nose. 

“well get used to me with short hair maximoff. ‘cause i like it and its gonna be that way for a long time.” she said smugly and sat back down on the couch. continuing watching hunger games with the others. peitro sighed and grumbled to himself and sat down next to Wanda. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~“why do we have to go out again?” peitro grumbled as they walked through the town with Wanda, Steve, and Natasha.

 "because peitro, its good for us to walk around and be in society for once instead of cooped up in avengers tower.“ y/n said, causing him to stick out his tongue.

 ” i don’t quiet understand why we have to go out either.“ Wanda mumbled, it had been a LOOOONG time since her and peitro had gone out into the real world. 

"well too bad. 'cause we said so.” Natasha sassed as the walked into a restaurant.they all took their seats as a waiter walked over. he smiled,

 " so my name is Andrew and ill be your sever today. what shall we start with- oh hey y/n!“ he greeted with a grin. causing the others to look up.

 "hey Andrew, how ya doing?” she asked and he chuckled. “oh ya know, same old things. just got a pug with my girlfriend. ” he said and she smiled and 'awwed.“

"oh that’s great!” she said, then peitro couched loudly. “why wont you introduce us to your…………friend.” he said with false politeness as he slung an arm around her shoulder and held her tight to his chest.

“ oh im sorry, guys this is Andrew a friend, Andrew this is peitro, Wanda, and Natasha. ” she said and they all waved and Andrew then jumped.

 "oh my god y/n your hair!“ he gasped and she rolled her eyes.

 "i know i know if your gonna-”

“it looks amazing!you look great with it!” he said, here eyes widened, so did peitro’s.

“really?” she asked bashfully, not used to complements. 

“really?” peitro asked, his was more of a 'you’re fucking kidding me, right?’ kind of tone.

 "yeah i mean you got the hole, 'sexy punk rock badass look goin on. it suits you. you look hot.“ he said and she smiled.

 "well thanks Andrew, you’re too sweet.” she said with a smile. 

“yes.” peitro falsely laughed. “too sweet, WAY too.sweet.” he said through gritted teeth. Andrew then nodded quickly, feeling the tone of the table. 

“ ill be right back with your drinks.” he said. then scurried away. everyone looked at peitro with a glare, meanwhile y/n merely chuckled. 

“ whats the matter peitro?” she asked.“ jealous that someone likes my haircut?” she said, batting her eyelashes. causing the other girls to giggle and snicker. making him growl and grumble, but kisses her temple and mumbles. 

“your lucky i love you."she hummed and leaned against his chest.” mm i know baby.“~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~peitro walked around the halls of avengers tower repeatedly, it was a habit when he couldn’t sleep. suddenly the door next to him swung open, he jumped in surprise. 

"peitro freakin maximoff if you keep speeding up and down this hall i don’t care that i love you i will rip off your legs and beat you with it. ” y/n warned angrily, but he wasn’t focused on her threat. but merely on her. 

she was wearing a black tank top and baggy sweatpants, but his eyes were on her hair. due to the shortness of it it was slightly frizzy and her quiff in the front turned into a little puff on top of her head. he couldn’t help but smile, she was adorable, and he really did like her hair. 

she looked at him oddly, “ why are you smiling?” she asked and he chuckled and kissed her forehead. 

“because you are beautiful y/n.” he said with a smile and then walked into  room and sat down on her bed, patting the spot next to him with a smile.
she looked at him then sighed and shook her head.“ ill never understand you peitro, you’re lucky i love you dork.” she  said and layed down next to him with a small smile as she drifted off to sleep in his arms. meanwhile, he stayed fully awake.


he merely sat there, running his hands through her short, soft hair with a smile. he would love her no matter what, short hair, long hair, or anything else. but hell, she did look awesome with short hair. 

i really liked writing this and im sorry this was so long but please request for more marvel imagines and one shots, but more importantly………request PEITRO I WILL PROBABLY WRITE IT

look how short oh m he should be holding their hands what if he gets lost or they forget to look down and accidentally step on him like ,,

how the homestuck fandom perceives the trolls
  • aradia: asshole
  • tavros: asshole
  • sollux: asshole
  • nepeta: asshole
  • kanaya: asshole
  • terezi: asshole
  • vriska: asshole
  • equius: asshole
  • gamzee: ASSHOLE
  • eridan: asshole
  • feferi: asshole