I am not prepared in the slightest for what is to come for Harry.  I am in no way, shape, or form able to completely handle myself for when Dunkirk promo starts happening.  I mean.  WHAT?  All we’ve seen are pictures and my life is in shambles.  My heart starts beating so fast every single time I see new photos.  He looks so amazing.  So gorgeous.  I can barely keep it together and they’re just photos.  How am I supposed to deal with actual promo?  Harry doing interviews with……everything.  Magazines (GQ??)  Late night (James Cordon??)  Radio (GRYLES???!).  EVERYTHING.  His hair is going to be short and styled.  He’s going to be wearing Gucci, Saint Laurent, Marc Jacobs.  We’re going to hear him speak and talk about the film and I JUST CAN’T IMAGINE HOW CRAZY IT’S ALL GOING TO BE.  Making jokes, and telling stories from set and laughing with his co stars.  HE’S GOING TO BE WALKING ON RED CARPETS.  HE’S WORKING WITH OSCAR NOMINATED DIRECTOR CHRISTOPHER NOLAN AND ACTING ALONG SIDE OSCAR WINNING ACTORS.  THIS IS SO WILD.  I’M SO PROUD. FUCK.

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Siren Rhys and Jack just finds out but uses Rhys siren powers for fluffy stuff Idk it sounds cute in my head

Bit short and I’m sorry for how long it took DX But I hope this is what you’re looking for! <3

Jack couldn’t believe it… They’d been dating two years and he didn’t even know.

Well, now he did, but that’s besides the point.

“I-I’m sorry Jack… I’m sorry I didn’t tell you sooner.” Rhys apologizes, his brows furrowed. Jack couldn’t deny that he felt some anger boiling deep, but he couldn’t overreact about this. There were things that he hasn’t told Rhys either… Its just that Rhys’ secret was slightly larger than anything he hid…

“Why? Why didn’t you tell me sooner?” Jack questions. They were sitting down on their shared, king-sized bed in Jack’s penthouse. Once they’d gotten back from work, Rhys had asked if they could talk.

“I was… Scared. I’m a male siren… That’s unheard of. Only one other person knew about my powers and they tried to take me in for experiments.” He admits, fiddling awkwardly with his fingers.

“And you thought I’d do the same?!” Jack growls. He really wanted to keep his cool. Rhys was scared, that was understandable, and he wanted to help him, protect him, care for him… But he’d lived with him for two years without knowing now. He thought he trusted him more than that.

“The person who betrayed me was… One of the closest people I had in my life. Its not that I didn’t trust you, if I didn’t trust you, I wouldn’t have told you at all, I just needed to build up the courage to tell you.” He replies, glancing up at the man, a worried expression written on his face, “please Jack, I’m sorry.” He breathes, now sorrowful. Jack hesitates, trying to decide what emotion he is going to allow to take over.

“There’s no need to be sorry Kitten,” he soothes, reaching forward and gently placing his hand on Rhys’ cheek and caressing it with his thumb. “Its a tough subject… I’m glad you told me though.” He smiles warmly.

“So, um… Are we… OK?” Rhys stammers.

“Of course we are.” The CEO coo’s, holding out his hands and urging the young brunette to come close. Rhys happily obliges, crawling over and sitting in his lap, Jack’s hands wrapping around his waist and coming to rest on the small of his back, whilst Rhys’ own arms rest on his broad shoulders.

“So, what powers do you have pumpkin? If you don’t mind me asking.” Jack hums, lying back, the other lying on his chest, cuddled close.

“…Telekinesis and phaseshift. I don’t know about any others…” He hesitates, his eyes glancing around the room again, rather than at Jack.

“Angel had Phaseshift… But I don’t know anyone having Telekinesis. Mind testing it out for me?” He purrs, cocking an eyebrow toward the brunette.

“Uh, uhm… Sure. What shall I-?” His eyes scan the room for an object before he’s suddenly interrupted.

“This.” Jack replies, his tone serious and finger pointing to the bottom clasp of his mask.

“J-Jack… I couldn’t. That’s your secret to-” Rhys breathes, his eyes widening slightly and his body instinctively leaning back.

“You built up the courage to share your secret,” he interrupts, shrugging his shoulders slightly, “I wanna return the favour. I trust you Rhys.”

Rhys presses his lips into a thin line, before bringing his hands up to either side of Jack’s face and closing his eyes. He imagines the clasps, the hinges and the way they sit on his face, before seeing them open at his command. Opening his eyed they gently flick open and the mask shifts slightly on the CEO’s face.

“Cool.” Jack muses, his eyes sparkling in amazement as he continues to sit as still as possible, “go ahead then Kitten… Take it off.” He urges. Chewing his bottom lip, Rhys reaches forward and gently pulls the mask from Jack’s face. 

He releases a breath he didn’t even realize he was holding.

“Suppose we’re kinda in the same boat, huh kiddo?” Jack smirks, “we both have things that we’ve trusted with people before, only to have it blown up in our faces.”

Had.” Rhys corrects, smiling warmly to the CEO, gently running his thumb along the jagged lines of the deep, blue scar. Jack leans forward to cover his lips with his own.

To be honest, Rhys has never fully explored his siren powers. Yeah, he knew he could use telekinesis and phaseshift, bit he didn’t know to what extent, or if he could do anything else. He doesn’t see why he can’t do anything more, he already had more powers than what the average siren did… Bit he wasn’t exactly a normal siren.

He was the first of his kind, in a way.

So when Jack had asked what else Rhys is capable of doing… He didn’t know how to reply.

He didn’t want to bring up the past, but Handsome Jack had a fascination with sirens. So it wasn’t really a surprise when the man started to challenge his powers, getting him to try and do things that he’s never done before, including powers that other sirens have. He’d never force him either.

Jack had swelled with pride when he’d found out that not even Rhys’ closest friends, Vaughn and Yvette, knew about him being a siren. He loved being the first and only person to know, knowing the level of trust that Rhys held in him.
“How goods your phaseshift?” Jack hums, his hands resting gently on the man’s lithe hips as he sits in his lap.

“Uhm… I mean, I can do what it says on the tin. I can change the appearance of the surroundings… But I’ve never tried to develop it.” Rhys shrugs.

“Show me.” Jack purrs, his lips pressing lightly against the brunette’s. There’s a few seconds of silence, before the bedroom walls around them seem to crumble away, breaking apart, Rhys’ tattoos glowing a vibrant white as stars and constellations appear in the blackness around them. Jack can’t help but laughter, cupping the younger man’s face and pulling him forward for a kiss.

“Thats amazing kitten.” He purrs, “but I know you can do better. Just focus.” He adds, brushing his fingers through his hair. Rhys’ eyes focus on the mismatched ones of Jack’s, leaning close and pressing their foreheads together. Jack’s eyes are suddenly drawn away as planets slowly begin to materialise around them, settling amongst the scattering of stars. Even the floor falls away, extending the vastness of the space illusion. The various colours mix together, purples, pinks, yellows, reds, blues…

“How’d I do?” Rhys whispers, grinning slightly when he sees the awe on the CEO’s face.

“Amazing… This is beautiful kiddo.” Jack breathes, wrapping his arms around his waist and pulling, lying back with the younger man resting on his chest, both simply watching the room around them.

Needless to say, Rhys is looking forward to learning what else he’s able to achieve and what other siren powers he has hidden…

It’s in his kiss

A Drabble Games fic requested by @eclairer-le-ciel, featuring Kili

10: “You should’ve told me.”
11: “I can help you.” 

Based on “Imagine Kili teaching you how to kiss” from ImaginexHobbit.


You weren’t nearly finished moping when Kili strolled, cheerfully munching an apple, onto the terrace you had chosen as your hiding place.

“I was wondering where you’d disappeared to,” he mumbled through a mouthful. “Big day, eh? Are you excited?”

A closer look at your woeful face brought him up short.


He tossed the apple’s core out into the air to plummet, smaller and smaller, to the valley floor below before leaning on his elbows on the balustrade beside you.

“I’m sure everything will be fine,” he said encouragingly.

“Easy for you to say,” you lamented. “No one’s trying to marry you off.”

He snorted with laughter. “Please. You know my mother.”

“Fair enough,” you couldn’t help but chuckle, though you quickly sobered again. “Kili, what if I don’t like Durgrim?”

“Then you refuse the match,” he said matter-of-factly. “You know the choice is yours.”

“I know,” you fretted. “But it still feels like I’d be letting everyone down. His father is one of the greatest lords in the Iron Hills, after all.”

“So what?” Kili shrugged. “You’re the one who has to live with him for the next two hundred-odd years. Follow your heart and do what makes you happy.”

“You’re right,” you sighed. “And of course, it’s entirely possible that he might not like me, and all my worrying will have been for naught.”

“He’s a fool if he doesn’t,” Kili said loyally, and you nudged his shoulder with yours in affectionate thanks.

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omg this makes me so excited!! and credit to caity for promoting this in the first place!!

  • OK first of all, you being able to shut down ANYONE who has something to say about how you dress or the way you look on your own
  • sodapop LOVING that confidence like 10/10 one of his favorite things about you
  • listen,,,he LOVES when you wear crops tops like he loves the way you look in whatever you wear but if there’s one thing he loves seeing you in the most it is a crop top
  • he goes on and oN and ON to steve and evie all the time about how you look in shorts liKE,,,ALL THE TIME
  • neither of you caring about the whispers around town bc who has time to waste being upset over what other people say??
  • soda loves showing you off and bragging about you
  • “LOOK AT MY GIRL, THAT”S MY GIRL” all !!! the !!! time !!!
Make It Up (Jooheon x Reader)

How’s it going people? Good? Good. I’ll keep this short lol Someone requested a Jooheon smut where he’s been away on tour for a few months and surprises you when he comes home in a ‘romantic’ way..wink ;) So here you are, enjoy and have a good time with this dimpled babe!

p.s. MX’s stylist, please give my boy curly hair!!!! Forever!!!

Originally posted by j00h0ney

You were on your way home from work, taking your usual night bus, when you felt a buzz in the back pocket of your pants. You looked down at the source of the noise tiredly, rubbing the oncoming sleep from your eyes. The bus windows were fogged with condensation from the many people breathing inside, you leaned your head against the cool glass as you pulled out your phone. Seeing the name on the screen caused you to shift in your seat excitedly, fingers flying to unlock you phone without a care for the other people who shot you strange looks. It felt like an eternity for your phone to load the message, you fingers eager to type an exuberant reply. But just as soon as your mood went up, it crashed back down as you read the text, shoulders sagging in disappointment with each word.

From: Jooheon

Hey, gorgeous. I feel horrible having to tell you this, but our flight was delayed for three hours. Which means I probably won’t be home tonightlike planned. I know I promised today was the day I would come back at the beginning of the tour, so I’m sorry it didn’t work out like how we wanted it to. :’( I’m so pissed because I want to see you! One more day can’t hurt though, right? I promise I’ll make it up to you in as many ways as I can! I love you, baby girl. ️

You felt fatigue slip back into your body, suddenly feeling like you didn’t even want to reply. You found it in yourself to text back, knowing your boyfriend would be a nervous wreck if you didn’t.

Re: Jooheon ️
That’s okay! I know it’s been crazy for you, so don’t rush. I want you to get back in one piece, l love you too!

You sank back into your seat, throwing your phone lazily into your bag before turning your attention to the bustling street outside. You couldn’t help but feel jealous as you stared at the seemingly normal couples driving along home together. You felt so frustrated and angry, even when it was something that your boyfriend couldn’t control. You knew that when you started dating a busy, rising idol like Jooheon that you were going to be apart for long periods of time due to promotions and schedules. But two whole months? You just weren’t sure how much more you could take.

You got off at your stop, shouldering your purse grumpily as you stepped off down the road towards your house. As you paced through the winding streets, your sadness kept increasing with each stride as you thought of how you wouldn’t be coming home to Jooheon. He wouldn’t be waiting for you, pulling you into his arms as soon as you walked through the door and not letting go for minutes on end. Jooheon’s not going to be there, okay? You need to get it through your thick head before you make yourself feel worse, you chastised yourself angrily.

You reached the door of your apartment with a sniffle, not even caring if your neighbors could hear your sobs. You pulled your keys out with trembling hands, not wanting to walk into the empty apartment you knew would greet you. The lock clicked open with a sneer, and you pushed the door open hard, letting it thump harshly against the wall. If it left a mark, you could care less at this point. Fuck the wall, it probably deserved it. So you slammed the door, making it rattle back on its hinges just to spite it.

The mocking silence that greeted you caused anger to bubble up in you as you tore your bag from your body, tossing it across the living room. Your shoes and socks quickly joined it as you stalked off to your room, wanting nothing more than to change into the comfiest pajamas you owned and crack open the ice cream that was waiting in your freezer. You couldn’t believe how childish you were acting, but you couldn’t help it. You’d had your hopes up all week, anticipating Jooheon’s return more than any holiday. You’d thought of everything you wanted to say to him, thought of all the ways he could possibly surprise you, and even what you would wear to greet him. You dressed up extra nice today for work, thinking Jooheon would come home to see that you’ve been taking care of yourself, not crying over him while watching Pride and Prejudice by yourself.

You ripped your bedroom door open, not even bothering to switch the small lamp on your desk on, leaving barely enough light from the cracked door to dig in your dresser to find your favorite night shorts and softest tee. Feeling somewhat satisfied after you changed, you plopped on your bed with a groan, loving the satisfying feeling of drifting off to sleep. You didn’t even realize how tired you were until now, work had really worn you out this week. Maybe you could just sleep off all your frustrations until tomorrow.

“It’s nice to see you too.”

If your heart could literally explode out of your chest, it would have. You’re pretty sure you rose a whole foot off your bed, to be perfectly honest. There he was, laying on his side of the bed, eyes a little tired but dimples poking out happily as he regarded you with amusement and adoration.

Jooheon?!,” you barely gave yourself time to finish saying his name before you practically threw yourself into his arms, burying your face deep into his sweatshirt. His arms embraced you tightly as you inhaled the scent you missed so much. The feeling of holding him and having him there was overwhelming, tears slipped down your cheeks and wet the fabric of his sweatshirt.

He grinned down at you, lifting your tear stained face up to him as he wiped them away, “Nuh, uh. We won’t be having that. Let me see my baby girl smile.”
You took in his face that was inches from yours, trying to retrace all his features, happy to be able to see them in person rather than through a computer screen. You gave a tentative smile, sniffing as he pouted, “_____~, that doesn’t look like the smile I love.”

You smacked him in the chest with a short laugh, eyes still spilling tears. But you finally got over yourself and gave him your toothiest grin, wiggling teasingly, “There. Happy? Now explain why your in my bed right now and not in some airport in who knows where before I throw you off this bed.”

Jooheon chuckled, hands resting on your hips as you lay on top of him, “Alright, alright. I lied.”

“You lied?,” you furrowed your brow in confusion, “Why would you do that?” What you really wanted to say was, why would you make me suffer this way Jooheon? Why?! 

He fiddled with the hem of your shirt, his fingers nervous as he mumbled, “I wanted to surprise you.”

You scoffed, no longer angry as you smiled down at him, “And surprised me you did. I thought I was nearly going to have a heart attack.” You buried your face into his neck, placing a gentle kiss there, “But I’m glad you’re finally home. You don’t even know how much I missed you.”

“But I do know,” he said, flipping you over so that his arms caged you into the mattress. “I know it’s been hard for you and I want to make it up to you.”
You gulped, seeing that familiar look in his eyes. It was stubborn, but also lusty, and you knew that combination was never good when it came to Jooheon. Once he was set on one thing, there was no changing his mind.

His fingers trailed up your bare thigh, teasing right up to the waistband of your underwear causing your breath to hitch, “Let me make up for three months of not loving you properly.” He leaned down and captured your lips, slowly but with passion. He pulled away all too soon and smirked, “Will you let me do that for you, baby girl?”

You were so stunned you barely found it in yourself to give a nod. He noticed your surprise and mocked you, “What happened, _____? I thought you were going to thrown me off the bed earlier?” You trembled from the sensuality of his voice, feeling need form in the pit of your stomach. Jooheon regarded your body with interest and amusement, leaning down close so that you felt his hot breath warm your skin, “Just the same as I remember. All bark,” he sunk his teeth harshly into the skin of your neck, two dark crescent shaped marks already forming as he pulled away. “And no bite.”

You gave a groan, feeling the effects of not having been intimate with your boyfriend for so long. You felt ten times more vulnerable and he was taking full advantage of your sensitivity. You tried to plea your way into getting what you wanted, feeling your skin practically burning beneath your clothes as you whimpered, “Please, Jooheon. I need you. It’s been so long…”

His eyes softened and he shushed you, seeing how you really wanted his touch made him weak and so he gave you what you wanted. He was acting dominant, but his words felt so submissive, “Tell me what to do, baby.”
You bit your lip, eyeing the creamy skin of his neck that tempted you to want more. Your words were a simple order, “Strip.”

You watched with bated breath as he sat up, hands finding the hem of his sweatshirt and shirt, pulling them over his head in one fluid motion. He smirked at the way you moaned, letting your fingers run over his chest when it appeared. Next his sweatpants were gone before you even had a chance to notice, now kneeling over you completely bare. You squirmed beneath him, eager to feel his skin against your own, “Now me.”

“Yes ma'am,” he smiled, pulling your comfy tee off and sending it flying across the room as he began to work on your night shorts. He kissed his way down you chest, letting his tongue dart out to tease your skin, “So bossy tonight.” He stopped at the waistband of your panties, his teeth lifting them a little before letting them snap back down teasingly. You whimpered impatiently and he chuckled, fingers gliding up your thighs to hook into your panties, “Don’t worry, sweetheart. I’m going to give it to you,” he slowly began to pull the now annoyingly itchy fabric down your legs, “In due time, that is.”

Jooheon’s dimples poked out as he watched your body quiver in desire, grinning at how unusually sensitive you were. Warm hands easily parted your shaking legs, before they skimmed up your inner thigh. He settled himself between them, a small smile playing on his lips, making your heart race at a sight you haven’t seen in so long. His head dipped down and he gave a long, slow lick from the bottom to the top of your heat, groaning at the feeling of your hips bucking into his mouth for more.‘You gave a mewl as Jooheon continued to deliver, his deep humming created a desirable vibration over your lower lips.
He watched through hooded eyes as you arched into his mouth, hips rolling as you cried out. “Your f-fingers, Jooheon,” you begged, brow furrowed in pleasure, “Please!”

He pulled away with a smirk, lips shining with your desire as his tongue swiped over them to taste you again. He crawled back up your body, chest skimming against the peaks of your breast as he gave you a lazy kiss before abruptly pushing two fingers into your mouth, “Suck, baby girl.”

You obediently did as you were told, tongue circling around the digits as you bobbed your head up and down their length, eyes trained on Jooheon’s as he groaned at the sight. He pulled them away all too soon for your liking, but you were not disappointed when he pushed them easily into you dripping heat. Your hands curled into the sheets, teeth hard on your bottom lip as Jooheon dragged his fingers in and out of you slow enough so that you’d feel every detail against your walls. 

“You’re still just as eager after all this time,” he whispered hotly, “So wet you’re practically dripping all over the sheets.” You somehow noticed through your lusty haze his hand reach down to pump himself to the same torturous rhythm as his fingers. He groaned and lowered his head to your stomach, pressing wet kisses all over your skin as he picked up his pace suddenly.

You watched panting as he worked the both of you, his hands never stoping once. You suddenly felt compelled to stop and help him, seeing as he’s done nothing but work for the last few months. He needed this more than you did.
You pushed yourself up onto your elbows, your voice soft, “Jooheon, stop.” You reached out and stilled his hand, coming to sit so you were nose to nose with him. 

He looked at you in confusion, annoyance just underlying it, you didn’t blame him though because you wanted it too. “What’s wrong?”

You took his shoulders and pushed him down into the bed, straddling his waist as you murmured, “Let me take care of you.”

His confusion only deepened as you pressed kiss after kiss to his chest, tongue coming out to tease his collarbones. He didn’t say anything in reply, why would he? He’s not one to be upset about handing the reigns over to someone else, especially when that someone was you. You stopped your ministrations to reach into your bedside table for a condom, tearing the plastic open haphazardly before rolling it carefully down his member.

You gripped him, teasing the tip inside your heat as he moaned in appreciation from the slickness. You wasted no time, your eagerness getting the better of you as you dropped down carefully onto him, the both of you letting out a collective moan that mingled in the stifling air of your bedroom. His warm hands gripped your hips firmly, anchoring himself down as you began to roll your hips into his.

Jooheon’s voice rose an octave, his eyes squeezing shut as you rode him, “Oh my god, baby.”

You felt empowered by his response and picked up your tempo, you voice caught in your throat but you still felt powerful, “Do you like that? Huh?” You emphasized your question with a particularly rough flick of your hips, nails raking down as if urging him to reply faster.

You were surprised when he stuttered, eyes looking up at you pleadingly, “Y-yes!” He jerked his hips up into you, urging you to pick up speed as if warning you that he would take control again if you didn’t. His fingers were almost painfully tight on your hips, but you couldn’t blame him. Three months without sex left the both of you weak with no stamina, so as much as you wanted this to last for a while, your bodies just wouldn’t let you.

You leaned down and connected your lips with Jooheon’s, hips slowing slightly as you got tired. Your boyfriend was quick to notice, flipping you over onto your back and began to snap his hips into yours as fast as his body would allow him. Knowing better than to leave you out, Jooheon pressed his fingers messily to your clit. Your hands gripped his biceps desperately, body arching as he relentless pushed you towards release, crying out his name like a mantra.

Whenever you came, it always like getting pushed off a tall building into a free fall, your body hurtling through the air. Right as you were about to hit the ground, the pleasure would hit you, sending you up into the clouds at a break neck pace, the sun warm on your skin and stomach doing flips from the roller coaster-like feeling. Now was no different as you gave one last strangled cry before your walls and stomach tightened, euphoria jumping throughout your body as your thighs twitched. Jooheon lasted only a few moments longer than you did, his eyes shut as they rolled back into his head from the pleasure, “Shit, baby girl.”

The two of you relished the feeling of being with one another again, but eventually Jooheon had to slip out and tie off the condom. He gave you a lingering kiss before he went to the bathroom to throw away the after math. You sat up in bed and held your arms out to him as he reappeared, a pout on your lips that caused him to grin. He laughed and tackled you into the bed, wrapping you up in his arms as you were both buried under a mountain of blankets and sheets.

You kissed his nose gently, nuzzling closer to him, “I missed you so much, Jooheon.”

He rubbed calming circles into your bare back, dimples poking out from his cheeks as he murmured back, “I missed you more.”

You giggled, hands lazily finding his hair and combing through it with your fingers. He kissed your cheek softly, eyes trained on your face as a serious expression came over his features, “God, I love you, ______.”

You smiled against his lips as you kissed him chastely, “I love you too.”

“I just don’t ever want to see you like that again, all disappointed and stuff because of me,” he blushed, eyes avoiding yours.

You tilted his chin towards you again, grinning, “Honestly, I overreacted Jooheon. You gave me exactly what I was wanting this whole time when you came back.”

“What’s that?,” he bit his lip in thought, so obliviously cute.

“A surprise, you dork,” you chuckled, squishing his cheeks together as you kissed him and kissed and kissed, making up for those three months in one night.

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Could I request Hara, Hanamiya, Haizaki, and Kuroo? (I'm so sorry, it's a lot)

how did you know i was absolute garbage for ¾ of these assholes? thank God bless u


  • He’s a little shit but it’s the little things he does to show he loves you. Like giving you a piece of his favorite gum or getting you some of your favorite juice from the convenience store before school.
  • Legs for days he just wants to look at your legs. Wear shorts around this boy as much as possible. He loves the leg. Especially your leg.
  • If you want him to shut up, feed him caramel. Just give him caramel bites and he will not bother you with his teasing until the whole packet is empty.


  • He’s a douchebag on every single level but he’s a total sucker for his mom. His mom is really smol and cute but can kick his ass so he really appreciates and loves her.
  • If you call him Hana-chan or Mako-Mako in front of his teammates he’ll get really flustered and tell you to fuck off but it’s really adorable.


  • HEEEERE HE IS. THE BIGGEST DOUCHEBAG OF THE UUUUNIVEEEERSE. He hums that song on the way to school tbh. No he doesn’t go to class, he hums that on his way to fuck yo girl.
  • When he has a girlfriend he’s still a total dick but he’d never do anything to hurt you.
  • He choked a lady why are we about this kind of life I just. Actual fucklord Haizaki i’m sorry i’ve v salty about Haizaki lmao


  • He wants seventeen kittens at all times. His mom also wants seventeen kittens. They aren’t allowed to have seventeen kittens because of prefecture laws and can only have four. They have four.
  • I feel like he grew up with a single mom, and his mom is a total badass. Because of this he does everything he can to make sure girls feel safe and always know he’s there to kick a douche’s ass for them.
  • He absolutely wants to get into your pants, and he’ll let you know too. But he’s not going to do anything unless you ask him to. Extreme Captain kink right here.
  • His favorite pet-name for you is Kitten. He thinks you’re cute and precious just like a kitty baby.

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Wait, what happened to Chittaphon?

Ten Hit The Stage recording (for ep.2) :
Hot pink shirt+short+handkerchief around neck, looking cute and sexy
Ehmm from fanaccs i read, it looks like Ten really hurts his right leg :((( idk how tho ;____;


Actually, I really loved this part of the clip!!! 

Yamada is so sweet!! (It’s not just my InoYama fangirl talking!…. I think.!) 

I really like how he’s already looking at Inoo and calls out to him to cheer him!!!!! 

And I also like how Daichan and Chinen too joins in and the way they’re being so supportive!!!! I think they’re all very supportive!! 

 And I think Yamada has been really really supportive of Inoo lately!! ☺️☺️☺️ 

I think he’s also really in-tuned with Inoo’s feelings too!!! (Like how he totally guessed Inoo’s feelings and reactions in his short message to Inoo on his first day of Mezamashi!) 

I don’t think InoYama is anywhere close to YamaChii, but I really like the way that they are with each other :)

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"Well hello there~" GD slides up to sans giving him wiggly eyebrows "the names guard dog or GD for short" she gives him a toothy smile showing off her sharp teeth. The stench of iron was everywhere when she slid up to sans and There was fresh blood coating her sweatshirt.

Sans looked at her intrigued. “Hi. I’m Sans.” He said sheepishly. The smell of Iron was everywhere. Sans didn’t understand it was from her clothes and body. “How may I help you?” He said looking at her eyebrows wiggling. 

AU: Riley finds out she's pregnant (part 1)

Note: Hi! This is the first au I’ve written for GMW so…go easy on me, please! It’s kinda long, but bear with me, I can never seem to keep things short, sorry, so I’m dividing it into parts!! Hope you like it :) here’s part 1:

Riley looked at the pregnancy test she had just taken and smiled, an overwhelming happiness taking over her as soon as she saw the little plus sign show up on it. Hearing Lucas shuffle around in her room, she quickly hid the test in her purse, not really sure how she was going to tell her fiancé they were starting a family sooner than they had thought. “You alright?” He asked, entering the bathroom and looking for his toothbrush, finding it and quickly starting to brush his teeth. He turned around to face her, showing her his cutest toothpaste grin. “Riles?” Riley snapped out of her trance and looked at him, standing in his boxer shorts leaning against the sink as he studied her expression. God, how could he look so good? She quickly got up and wrapped her arms around his neck, a shy smile creeping on her face. “Couldn’t be better.” His grin widened as he heard her sleepy morning voice. “Actually, no… I could use a good morning kiss.” He held up a finger, telling her to hold on, and finished brushing his teeth, before looping his arms around her waist, and giving her a soft kiss, mouthing “I love you” into her lips. Riley reluctantly pulled back, resting her hands on his toned chest, before patting it twice and turning around to pick up her purse. “Hurry up, babe. We’ve got a lot to do today.” Lucas groaned and followed her back to her room. “Tell me again why we HAVE to pick up Zay from the airport and drag him around with us all day.” Riley stopped looking for her favourite pair of wedge sandals and turned around, placing her hands on her hips, furrowing her brows. “It’s his birthday Lucas, and he’s your best friend. We have to keep him entertained before it’s time to go to Maya’s. Everyone’s busy getting everything ready on time, we got Zay Duty and I’m really happy we did.” “Smackle and Farkle refused to watch him again after what happened last year and we got Zay Duty because you lost at rock, paper, scissors against Josh, didn’t you?” He asked, folding his arms in front of his naked chest and smirking cockily. “Well, yeah…” She admitted, dropping her arms to her sides in defeat. “But I really do love Zay and want to do this for him. Besides, Josh doesn’t play fair.” She pouted. He chuckled knowing that she was terrible at rock, paper, scissors and shook his head, turning on his heels to leave. “Getting a shower, wanna join in?” He asked, wiggling his eyebrows suggestively. Riley shook her head, throwing his jeans at him. “Hurry up, we still have to swing by your place for you to change into clean clothes.” “Hey, if it wasn’t for your booty call I’d be getting ready at home right now.” Riley chuckled to herself and rolled her eyes. “Starting to think I’m your boy toy…” He yelled from the bathroom, his voice somewhat muffled by the sound of water pouring down in the shower. “What the hell is a boy toy?”, she yelled back , while making the bed. “You know, a hunk you call when you want sexy time.” “Hunk? Sexy time?” She snorted, immediately breaking into a fit of laughter. Lucas eventually got out of the shower and they were out of Riley’s one bedroom flat in five minutes. He drove them to the airport, after a quick stop at the flat he shared with Farkle, where both waited for their friend. Riley held out a colorful sign that said “Isaiah Hank Babineux”. Lucas laughed when he saw Zay coming through the terminal and rolling his eyes as soon as he read it. Zay was currently living in Malibu, a place he described as being “paradise”, where he could “find all kinds of bikini babes, all year around”. He’d come back for the holidays and his birthday, but everyone felt there was always something missing when he wasn’t around. Last year, Smackle and Farkle were in charge of Zay Duty, a difficult task, and they weren’t making the same mistake again: around his birthday, Zay would get giddy and act like a five-year-old, throwing tantrums and becoming super clingy and needy towards his friends. When Farkle and Smackle picked him up, he made them take him to Central Park and buy him ice cream. As soon as they looked away, he was gone. They looked for him for hours, finding him underneath a tree, chatting up a college student. Safe to say, Zay Duty always proved to have disastrous consequences and weird antics were bound to happen, but Riley was determined to make the best of it. As soon as he closed in on them and e locked eyes with Riley, his smile faded and he furrowed his eyebrows. Lucas didn’t seem to notice as he hugged him and took one of his bags from him, saying he’d get the car and leaving his fiancée and his best friend alone. Riley was about to ask him why he’d frowned when he saw her, but he cut her off before she could even get a word out: “You’re pregnant!”

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How about headcanons of Midoriya, Bakugou and Todoroki's reaction if their s/o gave them the lock of a key and lock keychain they won from an arcade game? Something like the key and lock keychain from Nisekoi?

I hope you don’t mind that I did short reactions instead and my knowledge of Nisekoi is pretty limited, I get the gist tho~

Midoriya looked at the small lock you’d placed in his hand. He knew the implication and saw that you had a little matching key; he knew that they probably didn’t even work properly but he loved it all the same. Reaching into his pocket he got his keys and attached the lock to them. “This way I’ll always have this reminder of you wherever I go.”

Bakugou immediately took the key from your hand to swap it with the lock you’d given him. He didn’t care much for gestures like this but he knew it would be bad to turn you down; instead he opted to take the half that he preferred. Not too long after he shoved the key into his pocket and made a mental note to keep it somewhere safe later. “It’s cute because it came from you but I think I’ll keep it at home.”

Todoroki was completely clueless over what had just transpired. He’s completely unfamiliar with the series but given a second or two he’d figure it out. Grasping the key-chain firmly he smiled at you, it was such a sweet thing. The type of silly romance he occasionally thought about. “Thank you, ____. I’ll always treasure it.”

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When Harry had long hair, I always thought wouldn't it be weird to see him with short hair. AND NOW HE PULLS IT OFF SO FUCKING GREAT LIKE IT'S UNFAIR. I CAN NEVER GET ENOUGH OF HIS SHORT HAIR LOOK!!!! UUGGHHHH! * sings liam's part in never enough *


I was so, so, so incredibly weary and nervous about his hair when it was announced he’d cut it and I really worried about how he would look because we’ve been so accustomed to him having long hair and whatnot with that gorgeous man-bun and his ever-so-beautiful curls hanging down his shoulders. And I must admit, it took me a while to get used to how he looked with short hair, but now, I’m just so tingly and smiley and I just let out the most inhumane noises ever when new pictures are released - especially when he’s on set for Dunkirk in his soldiers outfit and he looks all buff and muscular. xx

- Chat to me about Harry. -

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I feel bad for Erik hahaa, having to bear the glorious view of Charles' white shorts xD... I'm wondering how old are they on this camp au :)

POOR ERIK, no mere mortal has been able to look on Charles’s luscious tush without suffering from fits of hysteria!

I imagine the boys are about 14 in the summer camp AU. In my head Charles is more of a late bloomer than Erik; I don’t think he’s met anyone he’s liked in THAT way before, so this is all very new and confusing for him. Xxxxxx!!

Ohh come off it no one is holding a gun to BC s head here,UTA,Disney no one.If BC said No not sticking with  the sham OK Maybe he might never work in Hollywood again but is he working there now apart from Dr S. He HAS to man up and am sick of saying it and people making excuses for him Look at what a shitty world we live in lately and how short life can be and this man is willing to waste his personal life on a sham…Come on..

The Crystal Gems and the Cool Kids

So, everyone knows the parallels, right?

Garnet and Buck Dewey…Pearl and Sour Cream…Amethyst and Jenny.

However, forgive me if someone else has already mentioned this, but…there’s another parallel between a Crystal Gem and a Beach City teen.


Steven and Lars.

Curly hair…upturned nose…same head shape…similar wardrobe…

They even have similar laughs, which can be heard in Joking Victim and Shirt Club.

They both even do the starry-eyes thing!

Not to mention Steven and Lars are almost complete opposites, personality wise.

Let’s look at Lars first.

Lars is cynical, sardonic, hateful, short-tempered, and just overall a very bitter person.

He cares very deeply about how others perceive him, which causes him to act, as Sadie has put it, “one way in private and different way in public.”

Though Lars can be very rude and selfish, he can also be very sweet and thoughtful, as shown in Lars and the Cool Kids, Island Adventure, and the ending of The New Lars. Sadie even said it herself in Joking Victim!

“Look, I like Lars. He-he’s a nice guy…once you get to know him!”

Pictured above: the sweeter side of Lars.

Now, onto Steven.

Steven is hopeful, polite, loving, easy-going, and just overall a very happy person.

He cares about living up to the expectations of his mother, Rose Quartz, which causes him to make risky decisions based off of the question “What would mom do?”

Though Steven can be very sweet and gentle, he can also be very hateful and vicious. This side of him is shown most clearly in Shirt Club, Message Received, and Beach City Drift.

Don’t believe me on Shirt Club? Watch the T-shirt assassination scene again and then come back to me.

Pictured above: The more hostile side of Steven.

The biggest thing that Lars and Steven have in common is that they both have a huge desire to impress the ones they look up to most.

With Lars, it’s the Cool Kids.

With Steven, it’s the Crystal Gems.

Again, if somebody’s already pointed this out in a more popular post, then feel free to ignore me. But, I thought this was a very interesting parallel, and I wanted to talk about it.

Seventeen’s Woozi is the one of the most talented idols out there, but I feel bad for him. A lot of his fans only stan him because he’s “short and cute”. Don’t they realise how much talent he has? Comparing him to Suga and saying “I stan Woozi because he look like Suga” is plain rude. He’s even spoken out about this, saying that he looks like himself politely, but ARMYs won’t stop. I’m begging you, Woozi is really amazing, so please don’t do things like that.

Sometimes I lay down and think about :

Saitama lying down on his futon, wearing Only his boxer shorts during hot summer days, and having a Genos next to him who gently trail his hands on his legs and arms, watching the body hair curl as they pass, growing increasingly sad. And when his hand rub absentmindly on his unshaven face of a few days, Saitama can’t help but ask whats the matter…
…to which Genos reply he often wonder how he would have looked like had he remained human… In all it’s body hair distribution and acnea and puberty… And never knowing the feeling of shaving his face like his sensei does every so often.

….and then Saitama just grab him by the hand and show him how to shave his own face so he can at least have those simple little things ~

I need a moment.