How to Animate in TVPaint

Animation Software Tutorial
“Since leaving paper behind and going all digital with my hand drawn animation, I have found TVPaint to be an incredible piece of software. With it I have been able to create hand drawn, paperless animation that looks every bit as traditional as my old stuff from my Disney days. I’ve even come to like it a bit more actually for the ease of getting to the finished product faster.

Here I’ve created a tutorial that will take you through a basic introduction and get you up and animating in no time.” - Aaron Blaise, Director, Brother Bear

Source: The Art of Aaron Blaise

For more animation tips, tricks & free resources go to:  https://app.hiive.co.uk/swarms/animation-tips-tricks/111/#/

mkx looks p. fun but so far nrs is 0 for 2 when it comes to making a fighting game where pushing buttons feels good and clean and that makes me hella skeptical about spending sixty bucks on it

no matter how much i played injustice i never really felt like my hand-eye coordination started to sync to any real degree


We’re miles apart,
And yet I can still feel your heart.
It beats in sync with mine,
Like it does all of the time.
Or at least that’s how it seems.

Distance doesn’t hold us back,
It tied us together stronger in fact.
We took a bad hand,
And made it rather grand.
Or at least that’s what we want to believe.

We love so fondly,
And care so kindly.
You’d think we’ve been married,
Our love scripted in the stars above.
But looks can be quite deceiving.

We may fool the outside world,
And perhaps our facade won’t ever fall.
Do you truly want to spend our lives,
Constantly spinning lie after life,
Or are you willing to just let it go?

Is our lie worth living, to you, my dear?

pornhubhood asked:

hii! if you're still doing blurbs can I have one with Calum please? :)) my name is allison! I don't really have many hobbies tbh, but I really like nature & being outside, & I like rainy days because they're good for sitting inside watching Netflix all day, so whichever one of those would work for you! thank youuu! :))

‘Ready?’ You yell, ‘3, 2…1!!!!’ You and Cal jump off the swing in sync and land on the ground laughing. ‘We have done this like 20 times and you still haven’t landed on your feet.’ You sigh, ‘I’m too cool okay.’ Calum shakes his head, smiling. He grabs your hand and you both wonder over to the grass and lie down, looking up into the clouds. ‘That one looks like a fish.’ Says Cal, pointing up. You look and it, confused, wondering how on earth cal see sthat as a fish. ‘Oh my god cal look at that one!’ You yell pointing to to sky. ‘What? What?’ he asks, getting excited. ‘That one looks exactly like a cloud!’ You say sarcastically. Calum scoffs and elbows you lightly in the ribs. You laugh and poke your tongue out at him. ‘Wait did you feel that?’ He asks. You sit up, ‘What?’ I’m pretty sure I felt a- suddenly a clap of thunder errupts through the sky and rain starts to pour down, drenching both of you in seconds. ‘I told you!’ You yelled, through the noise, ‘I told you that it was gonna rain!’ Calum just laughs and shakes his head. ‘Let’s go!’ 

Once you’re back at his house he hands you one of his baggy shirts to change into and then you both lie on the couch. ‘What should we watch?’ Cal asks, scrolling through Netflix. ‘Monsters Inc.’ You say - basically because it was the first film that came to your mind. ‘Okay then.’ He says, putting it on. He snuggles next you, and wraps his arm around you, bringing you in closer. More thunder is heard from outside and you jump from fright. ‘Aw is Allison scared?’ Says Cal, pouting. ‘Pfft no!’ You say, ‘Besides, I did tell you it was gonna rain!’ Cal laughs, ‘You were right.’ He kisses you softly on the top of your head, ‘Although I do prefer cuddling than attempting to jump off of swings.’

Week 6- Institute by Gecko Theatre Company


I went to see Institute by Gecko Theatre Company and I was blown away by how dynamic, precise and in sync their movements were. This is what they said about the piece:

“We have plunged into what it means to care. We have spoken to our elders, colleagues and friends, witnessed those on the edges of society, and looked at the world around us. For two years we have honed and crafted INSTITITUTE – and intimate dissection of the way we nurture and care for ourselves and each other.”

               There was an inspiring moment where they were all holding hands and quickly and swiftly intertwining their bodies. Their use of breath worked very well and this simple sound was very effective in portraying their emotions and journey.

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"I can’t do this anymore."

“I can’t do this anymore.”

There was once a time he saw an article regarding the female idol, and he envied her exuberance, fame, and charismatic ways. The way she facilely tapped into her stage persona without looking inelegant, confident expressions, strong forms of movement — the things the seniors in his company were not afraid to tell him he lacked. To see her disheartened by an article of malignant intent, it was eye opening and said sources of vision froze still onto the female’s visage. He was not sure how to react, he wanted to comfort her in any given way — a jest, a hug, anything. However, his thoughts were not in sync with his body at that moment and absentmindedly, a pale hand elongated to snatch the female’s cellphone from her palms.  “Do not look at it. You have gone too far now for you to breakdown over malicious comments, you can cry if you like, I’ll comfort you, but please don’t give up. I idolized you during my trainee days, you did not look like someone who wanted to give up, don’t do it now. You are a leader, your fans and groupmates need you.” During his vocal strife his tone soon began to shake, his voice was uneven virtually as if he was the one breaking down, he wanted to yell, but he managed to keep his volume to an almost whimper that clashed bellicosely with his emotions and mindset. “Don’t give up. I haven’t even debuted yet, we have yet to be on the same variety or the same music show with our groups, promise you won’t give up.” His grip on the contrivance tightened to the point of straining veins as his entreat came to a conclusion. Once words stopped pouring from his lips, a smile gingerly peeled those ruddy pads to a curl. His smile was not forced, however to his dismay, it was not the smile of mirth he wished to have expressed.