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/farts and blames ace tbh/

An aroma as foul as the night was black wafted across the deck. The mighty captain’s face screwing into a most displeased look as he grit his teeth and opened his jaws, “ AAAACE!” The booming voice was enough to reach the furthest corners of all the world, and by his tone the man was none to happy. Someone had committed one of the most foulest of crimes. Someone had the gall to defile his beloved ship and desecrate all that was just within it’s beautiful structure. Someone must have thought themselves hilarious at how their stinking gas tortured the noses of all who so unfortunately caught wind of the repulsive odor.

Someone had farted.

What gets to be is how unabashedly happy they both are.

I don’t know about you, but I have never seen Oliver Queen smile with the many teeth. He looks completely relaxed and comfortable in his own skin. It is like loving her is the easiest thing he has ever done. And to an extent it really is because fighting not to love her was the hardest thing he ever did (which says a lot after 5 years of hell).

And Felicity is so happy and proud. I have always admired that Felicity never felt ashamed of what she felt. Yes, she would get flustered and babble but she was never ashamed of people knowing she was attracted to Oliver or that she loved him. Even when she wasn’t ready to say it herself. And now she gets to show it and be proud of loving him and being loved by him. 

They are so openly happy and it warms my heart. I can’t believe these two are ruining my life again. 

There were so many times season 3 were they both thought and felt they had lost each other for good. And to see them finally be together and make each other happy is all i wanted! 

I don’t know what to do with myself.

camp counselor!Luke for acoustcmichael and suburbanbluesmichael’s camp counselor!5sos blurb night :-)

somehow, you and camp counselor!luke wound up in the same canoe, watching over the boisterous group of pre-teens moving about the water in their own two-man boats. not that you were disappointed by your shipmate, you’d be lying if you said he wasn’t one of the reasons you’d been excited to come back this year, but as your canoe moved unsteadily across the lake his eyes kept glancing uneasily at the murky water beneath you, a little hint of worry on his usually carefree face.

‘Luke, why do you look like we’re being circled by a shark?’ You asked with a laugh, peeking over the edge of the canoe yourself.

He looked up at you, his teeth pressing hard against the black ring through his lip, ‘I dunno, don’t you think this seems a little.. unstable?’ You laughed quietly as he shifted uncomfortably again, his nervous fidgeting the only reason the little boat was rocking at all. He wanted to smack himself, he’d been looking for an opportunity to be alone with you and this was the first activity in the week you’d been at camp so far that the two of you had been assigned together, but his smooth moves had been interrupted when he found out he’d be squishing his long limbs inside the tiny red canoe.

‘It’s only unsteady because you keep wriggling!’ You giggled again, reaching out to rest your hand on his bare knee. The contact took him off guard, his whole body jumping with the sudden feeling of your skin against his, sending the two of you rocking so abruptly that before you had a chance to stop it, you were dunked under the cold, dark water, your boat capsized on top of you.

Gasping loudly you both broke through the water at the same time, heads bobbing under the cover of your previously completely fine boat, ‘LUKE! What the hell!’

He winced, involuntarily floating closer to you, his legs moving quickly to keep himself up. Without thinking, you reached over to rest a hand on his broad shoulder, aiding your own efforts to stay afloat. 'I’m – I’m so sorry,’ he mumbled, suddenly aware of how close you both were, your deep breaths echoing in the shade of the upside canoe. 'I just – I wasn’t expecting you to touch me.’

Your body leaned in a little closer to him, still bobbing gently against the water. He gulped and your eyes shifted from his to his lips and back again, 'You won’t like, accidentally drown if I kiss you, right?’

Luke shook his head, a quiet breath escaping him before you grinned and pressed your wet lips against him, his cold lip ring hard against your mouth and little droplets of water dripping from his eyelashes to your nose.

He was grinning too when you pulled away, both of your deep breaths reverberating around the small enclosure, 'Uh, we better – better check they haven’t drowned,’ he laughed, jerking his head to the left, hand reaching out to rest on the side of the canoe.

'Yeah,’ nodding, you let out a slow sigh and a small wink. 'These things are pretty unstable.’