Older brother Namjooon+ rest of BTS scolds you PT.7

BTS x Reader

Genre: Angst

Namjoon’s Sister AU

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Y/N’s p.o.v

I reached the cafe that Taehyung told me to meet him at, and I looked for him through the glass windows before wanting to go in. When his soft brown hair caught my eye, I noticed he wasn’t alone. He brought them along. Every member, including my brother. Someone I wanted to see the least right now. He brought them along even after he had promised me that he wouldn’t. I stood there looking at him as tears welled up in my eyes. I thought he cared about me, I thought I could trust his word, I feel so betrayed. Why was everyone against me? 

I saw him look up at me and guilt washed over his face, I assume it was because I was stood here silently staring whilst tears fell down my face. Before he could even stand up from his seat, I took off - I ran until I got far enough away from the cafe, when I realised that I to Joonie and I’s favourite spot, a quiet park that rarely anyone ever went to. Joonie would usually write music here whilst I played with RapMon. I missed my brother, it’s been over a year since I got to come here with him. I took a seat on the bench and dropped my head, still crying and wanting the ground to swallow me whole because I didn’t want anyone to see me crying right now.

“Y/N” I heard a breathy voice call my name, it was a voice I knew all too well, did he run here? “Y/N” he called out to me again. “I’m sorry! I didn’t want to bring the guys with me, but I had to because I thought it would have been a good idea for you guys to make amends, and it would be better if you did it in person.” he continued to speak as he stood in front of me, but my head still hung low. I didn’t want to see him right now, I’m a crying mess, I don’t want him to see me like this. I felt him kneel in front of be, using his index and middle finger to lift my chin, making me automatically locking eyes with him.
“Raindrop” I didn’t reply. “Why are you crying?” I let out a sarcastic laugh.
“You promised me, but you lied. I trusted you and you betrayed me. I’m not crying because I saw them there today. I’m crying because of you Taehyung, because now I know I really can’t trust anybody. Not even you.“ 

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Lost and Found

In which Bucky and your daughter try to find your missing smile.

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader
Author’s Note: Winifred was Bucky’s mother’s name and that’s who Wini is named after. Just saying. I HOPE YOU LIKE THIS GUYS.


Bucky paused, screw driver in hand as his daughter’s piercing wail sliced through the garage’s thick, calming silence. He barely had time to shove his toolbox under his motorcycle, and remove the hazardous chemicals lying around before she ran into him and wrapped her tiny arms around his legs. 

Tears glistened in her eyes, and her little chubby face was scrunched up and swollen in distress. He looked down at his child, heart clenching.

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Humans are Weird - Part 3

~Yo my last two parts gained me 41 followers…holy shit. I guess you guys really like this…Anyways, here’s part three. Hope you enjoy it!~

Xylion sighed as he walked towards the Captain’s quarters. Zellnor had requested he go to his office so he could talk to him. Xylion knew it would be about the humans, and he was already making a list of all the things he would say about them.

He sighed as he stood in front of the door. The keypad beeped as he touched each individual key. The sound of multiple pings sounded once the door began to open. He trudged in, his whole body heavy. Xylion was dreading this already.

Captain Zellnor looked up at him. “Ah, Xylion! You’re here! Have a seat.”

Xylion did what his Captain told him too. He sat in the chair in front of his desk, and heard the door close shut behind him. Xylion stared at his boss, waiting for him to speak.

“So, how are the humans doing?” Zellnor asked, his sharp teeth glinting in the light around them.

Xylion sighed. “Captain, if I may be honest, they are…eccentric, to say the least.”

Zellnor frowned. “What do you mean, Xylion?”

“Well, for one, they have strange…activities.”

“Like what?”

Xylion sighed as he thought of one specific event.

Xylion walked down the hall, when he heard muffled voices. He frowned as he looked towards one of the doors. Xylion moved towards it and was about to open the door when he heard loud cries in the room. He immediately thought that perhaps one of the humans was in trouble! Why else would they be screaming?

He frantically typed the code into the keypad, his tentacles slipping every so often. Curse his species! Why should they, when scared or nervous, start secreting mucus? It was disgusting and not useful whatsoever!

The door beeped open and he pushed into it, his breathing erratic and quick. Sitting on the floor was the humans, with Human Isaac standing up, a bunch of colorful cards lying all around him and his face red with rage.

“How dare you play that card, Fredrick!” Human Isaac screamed, looking down at his fellow human.

Human Fredrick, however, simply grinned. “Hey, it’s not my fault that everyone else had draw two cards, and I had a draw four one.” Human Fredrick moved his shoulders up slightly at the end of his sentence. Why Xylion had no idea.

Human jenny sighed as she looked at them. “Honestly, Isaac, it’s just a stupid game.”

Human Isaac seemed to break when Human Jenny said this. HIs head slowly turned to look at her, and his right eye was twitching. Xylion felt his spines stand on end when he saw the expression of anger, disbelief, and other odd emotions. Even Human Jenny seemed shocked at the look. “Just…a stupid…game?” Human Isaac said, his voice an octave higher than normal.

Human Jenny glanced worryingly at Human Mason, who was merely staring at Human Isaac. “It is not a stupid game, Jenny! This game…this game is the only thing that keeps me going at night! How can I live knowing that I shall not be the sole winner of Uno?” He cried out, throwing his hands into the air. Human Isaac then proceeded to laugh, though something about this laugh made Xylion think it was not a funny laugh. No, it sounded more…crazed.

Human Mason sighed as he stood up. “Isaac, you need to calm down.” He said, his dark eyes looking at Human Isaac with what Xylion could only see as annoyance.

“’Calm down’? Calm down! How dare you tell me to calm down, you oversized-!”

Human Isaac stopped talking once Human Mason punched him in the cheek. Xylion’s jaw dropped as he watched the action. Why would he punch his friend? Human Fredrick sighed. “How did he even get this job?” He asked, leaning his face on his fist.

Human jenny shrugged. “I don’t know, but he sure has some issues.”

Xylion had no words for this event.

Zellnor blinked at him. “That’s…”


“that’s certainly one way of describing it.”

“Oh trust me, you haven’t even heard the worst yet.” Xylion said, staring his boss dead in the eyes.

“What could be worse than that?” Zellnor cried, his red eyes widening and his scales turning a dark shade of brown mixed with some spots of black. He was shocked, yet also fearful. A good combination for what he learned next about humans.

“Oh trust me, this next story is far worse…”

Hope you enjoyed this part. On the shorter side, I think, but I hope you enjoyed it all the same. The next part is coming out tomorrow, so keep a look out if you want to see it.

I'm halfway across the world and can't see NCT at KCON, but can someone please show this or tell this to one of the english speaking members?

I want Johnny to know that we love him. That we waited so long for him to debut and are so proud of his achievements and how far he’s gotten, and that even though he doesn’t have that many lines, it doesn’t make him unworthy of being part of NCT. I want him to know that he is beautiful and talented and that so many people admire him and look up to him, and that we’ll wait even longer until he gets the recognition and appreciation he truly deserves.

I want Jaehyun to know that we love him. That we like all the sides to him, from Jeffrey to Yoonoh to punny Jaehyun who looks out for everybody and takes care of his NCT brothers. I want him to know that his smile makes people’s days better, that his dimples are the cutest thing, and that he’s doing a great job along with johnny as DJ’s on NCT night night. He has an amazing personality and a very lovable nature, and I hope he knows that.

I want Doyoung to know that we love him. That his random dabs and his savage jokes make us laugh until our stomachs hurt and that we miss his Vroom Vroom talk show. I want him to know that he’s a wonderful MC and that anybody who calls him a visual hole is wrong because he and his gummy smile are some of the most amazing things we’ve ever seen. His voice is beautiful and soulful, and I hope he knows that he is loved and appreciated.

I want Taeyong to know that we love him. That he is not his past mistakes and that he’s an amazing leader and does so much to take care of his members. I want him to know that he is more than just a pretty face and that his rapping moves people and shows them what true passion is like, and I want him to know that we’re thankful for being so caring and soft yet a strong pillar of support when needed.

I want Sicheng to know that we love him. That his korean has improved so so much and that we’re so proud of him. That his dancing is still elegant and beautiful no matter what the choreography and that he always makes us smile whenever we see him be his comfortable self around the others. His smile makes everyone else happy, and I hope he realizes that.

I want Yuta to know that we love him. That even though he doesn’t get that many lines we still look forward to hearing his voice, and that we love his sexy healing smile. He always knows what to say and it could be a burden, so please thank him for being so kind and loving to everybody around him. His savage jokes make us laugh until we cry, and he’s amazing.

I want Taeil to know that we love him. That no matter how many times we listen to his OST it’s still so soulful and full of emotion, and that his random outbursts of weirdness make us smile. I want him to know that even if h doesn’t say much sometimes, we don’t get annoyed and we still love him and know that he’s just a little anxious, but we will support him no matter what. Being sensitive isn’t wrong, it’s beautiful.

I want Donghyuck to know that we love him. That his skin is never a problem and that I’m so jealous of his gorgeous skin tone because it’s so mesmerizing. I want him to know that his smile and laughter makes everybody warm and that he always manages to brighten everyone’s day, and that his voice is so unique and wonderful we could listen to it for hours on end.

I want Mark to know that we love him. That he’s so hard working and he must be exhausted but still gives his best no matter what the situation. I want him to know that his rap inspires and motivates so many people and that he has helped so many people who were about to give up.

I want Ten to know that we love him. That it’s okay to rest and get better and that we hope he’s happy and feels better soon. That he’s so talented and his smile is so breathtaking and that his amazing dancing fueled so many of our motivations. Seeing anything related to him makes us jump with excitement and we hope he’s resting properly so he could get back to enjoying his dream.

I want all the rookies and the DreamTeam to know that we love them. That they’re such a beautiful family and their efforts are what we’re so proud of. I want them to know that their music is amazing and makes us hyped, and that their trainings and workshops always give us hope. We hope to see them all soon, and we love each and every one equally, including Jaemin, who we hope is recovering properly. We miss you all.

I want NCT to know that we love them. That we’re so proud of them for making it this far and for getting their first win, and that we’ll continue to endlessly support them no matter what. Anyone who has to say otherwise can get off my blog and unfollow me now.

Thank you for everything, NCT, we love you so much for everything.

Always here for you,

Cee, a loving NCTzen 💕


Gif source:  Nick

Imagine having an office romance with Nick Amaro.

——— Request for anon ———

There was no denying it, you were attracted to Amaro. The more you worked with him, the more you couldn’t mistake that feeling of butterflies in the pit of your stomach. It didn’t hinder your work, but still it wouldn’t be appropriate to have it be openly known around the office.

But the little glances he was shooting you now across the desk made it hard to keep from bushing as you a small smile blossomed across your face, most definitely not in response to the case files you were finishing up.

Finally, you quietly tell him, “Stop it.”

“What?” he asks innocently, not even realizing what he was doing.

With a sigh, you look up at him trying to seem serious despite your growing smile, “Looking at me like that— Stop it, Nick.”

That only serves to make his own smile wider.

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For Jon x Sansa - 27. “I’m not going to apologise for this. Not anymore.”

Jon steeled himself before walking into his wife’s solar. Sansa looked up from her sewing and, almost instantly, looked back down again.


Jon gritted his teeth. “Look, I’m not going to apologize for this. Not anymore, do you understand?”

Sansa’s jaw stiffened. “Really.”

“Aye.” His northern accent came out thick when he was angry. “I rode out to protect the people of Winterfell, to protect you. I won’t apologize for that.”

Sansa threw her sewing down into her lap and looked up at him with blazing eyes. “Oh, you’re so stupid!” she snapped. “Riding off like that with only ten men! You could have died, you lout!”

Jon’s jaw slackened. “That’s what this is about?”

“Of course it is!” She stood up, letting her sewing fall to her feet. “Those men could have killed you!”

He resisted the urge to scoff. “I fought White Walkers–these malcontents were hardly a threat.”

“That doesn’t mean you’re invincible,” she said, the anger in her eyes cooling. “You wouldn’t be the first man to pay for his overconfidence.”

Jon moved towards her, taking her hands in his. “I wasn’t about to leave you a widow,” he said quietly.

She shook her head. “Then why did you take such a stupid risk?”

He stroked her cheek. “I won’t do it again. Not if it upsets you so.”

“Promise me, Jon.”

“I promise I won’t do it again.” He kissed her temple, rested his forehead against hers. “I won’t leave you alone in this world.” He kissed her for the first time since he’d ridden out. Nothing tasted sweeter than this woman who loved him.

Forgetting - Yoo Seonho Requested Scenario


Genre: fluff



“Do you think Guanlin even remembers me?!” Seonho exclaimed dramatically, falling backwards.

I laughed, falling backwards as well, “probably Seonho.”

Seonho opened his mouth again but I spoke before him, “and Minhyun, and Dongho, and Daehwi and all you friends at Produce, okay? They’ll all always remember you.”

“Will you remember me?” he asked, looking at me, “even after you’ve debuted?”

I looked up at him, nodding before chuckling, “Seonho, we, as two trainees, have been through far too much together for me to forget you.”

A tears fell from my eye, I sat up, wiping it away and whispering, “even in two weeks, when my debut comes, I will spend everyday waiting for you to call and tell me that you’re debuting too.”

I heard Seonho sit up and slide next to me.

“I’m glad you think that but I think you’re going to be waiting for quite a few years,“ Seonho laughed.

“Don’t say that!” I exclaimed, leaning on his shoulder.

It was silent for a while as he wrapped his arm around my shoulder until I heard him laughing.

"What?” I asked.

“Do you remember the time, when I’d just got here, you thought I was a janitor?” he asked, laughing.

I blushed red and laughed too, “yeah.”

“I’ll never forget things like that,” Seonho sighed.

“That’s probably because I called you a janitor,” I chuckled.

He nodded.

“I’ll never forget how you told me your life story when I asked your name,” I laughed, “I knew then you weren’t like everyone else.”

Seonho sighed, “I’m gonna miss you Y/N.”

I nodded and he wrapped his arms around me and I leaned into his chest, “I’m gonna miss you too.”

“I’ll remember this,” Seonho said, “for all the right reasons. Not because you called me a janitor.”

I laughed, nodding.

“Y/N,” he said in a questioning voice, “do you think it would be frowned upon for a rookie to have a significant other?”

I shrugged, “it depends on whether it’s public or not.”

I stopped for a second before looking back at him.


“Because I’d like you to be my girlfriend,” Seonho said, casually.

I looked at him, my mouth gaping open.

“I’m so sorry!” he exclaimed, scooting further away, “that was a weird thing to say! I’m sorry!”

I chuckled slightly, moving closer to him, “actually. I’d like to be your girlfriend.”

“Honestly?!” he exclaimed, looking at me.

I nodded, grinning.

Seonho gasped, practically jumping onto me and wrapped me in a hug.

“We’ll keep it private for now though, yeah?” I said.

But I don’t think Seonho was listening as he nodded, comfortably resting in my arm.


Hey Guys, 

Sorry I haven’t uploaded in a while, but here it is. It’s very short, but if you want to know what happened between Y/N and her father let me know and I’ll write it. 

Requested: No

Summary: You want to visit your father, but Shawn says no.

“I have to go see him, Shawn.” I state as we walk into his dressing room.

“No. No, you don’t.” He replied shutting the door behind him. I took a deep breath and stuffed my hands in my pockets. Everytime this comes up we have the same argument.

“He’s my father.” This makes Shawn scoff.

“Your very abusive father.” I looked up at him to see him running a hand through his hair.


“No, Y/n. I don’t want you to go. Last time you went…he got angry. You had bruises for days.” I flinched at the though of my last encounter with my father. “Knowing that I won’t be there…that I can’t protect you… No, Y/n. I can’t see you like that again. I won’t…I-I can’t…” Shawn stated breathing heavily.

“Hey, hey. I won’t go. Ok? Baby, breathe. I won’t go.” I said taking his head in my hands, forcing him to look at me.

“Promise?” He panted. It broke my heart to see that he worries so much that he physically can’t breathe. “Y/n.”

“I promise. I promise.” I said wrapping my arms around his neck. His breathing started to slow down, bring me to ease.  

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23 and 139 with youngjae

drabble prompts: “Stop doing that or I’ll kiss you.” [ 23 ] + “I want to sleep next to you.” [ 139 ]

only did [ 139 ] because I couldn’t think of any ideas to add in 23, hope that’s okay!

sleep | youngjae

You snuggled closer against him, never being able to get enough of his warm and softness. One of his arms was lazily wrapped around your waist and his other was preoccupied with your hair, his fingers slowly running through it.

You looked up at him to see his never ending beauty. His soft features, his squishy cheeks, his plump lips, his adorable nose, and so much more. You could stare at him all day if you could. His eyes were closed and in that moment he looked so peaceful.

Your arms were wrapped around his upper stomach and you gave him a light hug, making him chuckle instantly.

“That sort of tickled.” He laughed.

A smile formed your lips, joy was an overwhelming feeling that was consume you. Something that tended to happen whenever Youngjae smiled.

He slowly opened his eyes and when he looked down at you, his smile grew. Youngjae decided to give you a tight hug, something he absolutely loved to do.

“You’re so soft.” He mumbled, his voice laced with sleep.

You placed your fingers in Youngjae’s hair and gently ran them through, “Are you sleepy?”

Youngjae pouted and nodded slowly, “A little.”

“Go home and sleep then.” You smiled sadly, not wanting him to leave you.

He shook  his head and held you close, “No I want to stay…” He shyly looked away and a blush crept onto his cheeks, “I want to sleep next to you.”

Your eyes widened at his words and soon enough your cheeks started to feel warm, blood rushing to them immediately, “Oh.”

Youngjae let out a small chuckle, “Ah, sorry. Might be too soon, huh?”

“No no no… I’d be happy if you stayed. I don’t mind sharing a bed.” You added quickly, looking up at him as you spoke the words.

He made eye contact with you and his bright smile returned, “Really?”

You nodded and scooted up to press a chaste kiss onto his cheek, “Yes, really.”

Youngjae’s bright smile became even brighter by hearing only two words.

Hood Sex

Happy took you on the hood of the car with your legs drapped over his shoulders, roughly grabbing at your breast as he thrusted  deep inside hitting your cervix. The pain made you cry out.
“Fuck Little Girl, your so damn tight”. He said as his head went back
“Happy, Harder Daddy Harder”. Your hands trying to grab ahold of something on the car.
He looked down at you as your first orgasm hit. Clinching around him almost took him over the edge. He stopped as you tried to come back  down to earth.
“Why’d you stop”. You whined
“I’m not ready to be done yet”. He grunted as he started to pound in you once again
“Fuck Hap”
You looked up at him, his eyes were fulled with lust. Knowing someone could walk up on you two was a big turn on.
“Shit Baby”. You could feel him become sloppy.
“Hap make my come again please”. “Please Daddy”.
He thrusted a few more time until he released in your dripping pussy. You felt him pulse as you came. It was a amazing feeling.
Happy pulled out and zipping his pants. He gave you his shirt to clean up as you got off the car.
“We’re definitely doing this again”. He said giving you a sweaty kiss.
“Oh yes we are”. “I like when theres a chance we can get caught ”. A devilish smile came over your face.
“I knew when I saw you, you would be my Kinky Queen”. You laughed. Driving off. With your man in the palm of your hand literally.

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who do you think can shoot the farthest??

A/N:I’m going to assume you mean when they come, and not making snow yellow. that’s not a fic i’m prepared to write lol.

“I can catch it in my mouth.” Otabek says one day, out of the blue. 

Yuri scoffs, pushing at his shoulder playfully. “I’ll believe that when I see it.”

Otabek’s brow quirks and he turns over on his side, looking at Yuri unashamedly. “Is that a request?”

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I'd love to see a drabble playing on the recent fan art showing Twelve carrying Clara because she's tuckered out. (It doesn't have to be because of her shoes.)

“We need to run,” the Doctor insists for what feels like the hundredth time that hour, wringing his hands together as he looks down at where his tiny companion is crumpled on the ground, and then turns his gaze to the flames creeping towards them from the horizon. The planet was ablaze, and they needed to flee before it was too late. “Clara, we need to get back to the TARDIS, or we’re going to-”

“I can’t,” she whimpers, not looking up at him as she spoke, and he fought the urge to roll his eyes. “I’ve told you, I can’t.”

“Well, why not?!” he snaps, regretting his furious tone even before the words have fully left his mouth, and Clara raises her gaze to blink at him in shock, tears running down her face and leaving trails in the dust coating her skin. For a moment, she only stares at him, her expression wounded and hurt, and then her jaw sets and she gets to her feet with difficulty, leaning on the wall as she does so. 

“This is why,” she says coldly, taking a step towards him and crying out as her foot makes contact with the ground. She stumbles into his arms and he realises something is terribly wrong, looking down at her leg and shifting her carefully as he examines her. “Don’t,” she argues feebly, but he takes no notice of her protests. “Don’t bother.” 

“Clara, you’re hurt,” he says pragmatically, noticing a jagged hole in her tights and then a large, angry gash running the length of her calf. “How did you do that?” 

“I don’t know,” she says in a small voice. “I think when we left the control room, but I don’t know.” 

“How did you get this far?” he asks in wonder, proud of how brave she has already been. “It must be agony.”

“I don’t know,” she says again, leaning her forehead against his shoulder and exhaling shakily. “Just go, OK? Just go, and get the TARDIS, and come back for me.”

“There’s no time.”

“So go,” she swallows and raises her head, meeting his eyes bravely. “Go, I’ll only slow you down.” 

“Don’t be ridiculous,” he scoffs, and before she can argue he’s lifted her onto his back, holding her with the utmost care and resolving to do the running for the both of them. “Hold on, OK?”

She hums an assertion, and he smiles. 

“To the TARDIS.”

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anti seems to be falling apart o.O wonder what happens the first time he leaves something off long enough and it won't reattach because the blood is completely gone and it just won't work... he would probably start panicking and maybe he would yell for dark and he would look up at him with tears in his eyes and an arm is his lap and he whispers 'something's wrong'

I don’t really think it ‘’looses life’’ bc it’s something like ‘’a new power’’ for Anti

but im watching ya tryin’ to make anGST *eyes emoji*

this boy has gone through so much since day one and let me tell you he’s the strongest boy I’ve ever met, I’m honestly so proud of being his fan, he’s such an amazing person and I need to tell him HOW IMPORTANT HE IS!!!! not to be that person but he was the LIGHT OF 1D, I started to like them THANKS TO LOUIS I always look up to him, he was this amazing persona and so fucking happy all the time, he just got me

so yeah, I LOVE YOU SO MUCH thanks for existing

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Can I have hcs about Yamu accidently bringing young Sin and Ja'far into the present? y!Ja'far still curses from time to time, and y!Sin is still an innocent bean, older Ja'far would probably go into mom mode on both of them and Sinbad would want to show them everything, how would their older selves feel about their younger ones knowing what awaits them? and vice versa what's their opinon about their older selves? (it takes Yam half a year to gather enough information about sending them back)

In Sinbad’s case…

> Younger Sin is very happy with his older outcome. Not only that he finds himself looking really good grown up, he also admirers the knowledge and the success he apparently is going to have in the future, though he can’t help but wonder what obstacles he must overcome so he won’t fail this version of himself. He is very happy that Ja’far seems to become very dignified and looks up to him

> Older Sinbad feels torn. He doesn’t mind the presence of their younger selves but he’s not sure how he should act and whether he should tell them or how much he should tell them. In the end he will keep it to only telling them the most important things that they should avoid or look out for in the future that awaits them. But seeing the two younger versions of him and his best friend, mostly makes him recall the good memories the two went through together

In Ja’far’s case…

> Young Ja’far feels the headache coming the first moment they set foot in the future, but even so he can’t help but marvel over how the future seems like they accomplished their dreams and his friends grew up to be these - in his eyes - mighty and noble. He sees a lot of similarities with his older self, while still not quite believing that he’s going to be like that, but is happy to see that all the efforts he put into himself seem to come in handy when he grows up

> Older Ja’far can’t believe his ears when he hears his younger version curse and while he is quite shocked about how he apparently behaved when he was younger, it makes him happy to know he matured up after all. He’s very protective about what Sinbad or the others tell them, fearing that certain information are not good for them to know but otherwise learns a lot by meeting their past selves and reviewing things, he might already have forgotten