Chocolate Milk-Artturi Lehkonen

Anon Request: Hi can you do an artturi lehkonen one where he’s really neverous about a big game and thinks he’s been playing awful and everything thing so you try to make him feel better and just cuddle with him for his pre game nap and everything

Request Are Open!

Warnings: none


You heard your boyfriends anxious murmuring coming from the kitchen. You leaned against the doorway as you saw him to continue to mutter to himself, stirring the milk rapidly. 

“Um, baby?” You moved into the kitchen, trying not to laugh.

Artturi looked up at you, eyes questioning.

“You forgot the chocolate.”

Your boyfriend looked down at the glass and, sure enough, the milk was still pure white. 

Artturi groaned, throwing his head back. You moved around the kitchen counter so that you were standing behind him. You placed your hands on his shoulders, slowly starting to massage. His muscles were super tense under your fingers, making you frown.

“What’s got you so riled up today?” You asked gently.

“Do you even have to ask?” He sounded so dejected that it broke your heart.

“Everyone has dry spells and rough patches. It is all part of being in the NHL,” you pushed on his shoulder, turning him around so that he was facing you. “Everyone has trouble with their game sometime. You’ll get through this.”

“I just wish it would be soon,” he grumbled. “I’m sick and tired of everyone talking about how bad I’m playing.

“Hey! I’m not. Or do I not count anymore?” You teased. 

“No, you count more than anyone,” Artturi leaned his forehead against your’s. He too a deep breath and visibly relaxed. 

“Move over you big oaf,” you giggled, pushing him aside. You reached for the chocolate and quickly fixed him the chocolate milk he had so desperately been trying to make. “Here, your pre game milk.”

“You can’t tell anyone about this got it?” He laughed. “Or else no one will let me live down the fact that I have to have a glass of chocolate milk before very game.”

“Your secret is safe with me,” you zipped your lips. “Now come here, you.”

You grabbed his arm and pulled him down the hallway, leading him to your bedroom. You jumped on the bed and he quickly followed, rolling so that he was almost completely on top of you. 

“Try and get some sleep okay?” You told him as he buried his head in the crook of your neck. “Your my favorite player if that counts for anything. I don’t care how you play.” You stroked his hair lightly, trying to lull him to sleep. 

“It counts,” you could feel his smile. “Your my most important fan of all.” 

I Like Spending Time With You | Joe Sugg

“I literally look bad in everything” you sighed, turning slightly to look at yourself in the mirror from a different angle.

“No you don’t” Joe argued. He was sat on the bench inside your changing room, on his phone whilst he waited for you to finish trying on your clothes.

“I do” you pouted, walking closer to him, “nothing suits my figure”

“Baby, you look lovely in everything” he reassured you, pulling you closer to him so you were standing in between his legs, his hands around your waist, “you’ve got the most gorgeous figure in the world, and we’re gonna find you something to wear, okay?”

“Okay” you smiled, leaning down to kiss him before starting to remove your dress, “are you sure you don’t mind waiting?”

“Nope” he grinned, looking up at you, “how can I complain? All I have to do is sit here and watch my gorgeous girl take her clothes off”

“Shut up” you laughed, covering his eyes with your hand.

“Besides” he started, kissing your hand, “I like spending time with you”

You’d been invited to a baby shower and had nothing suitable to wear, so you’d dragged Joe out into London to help you find something. After deciding that he needed a few things, and you seeing some items that caught your fancy, your quick trip out had turned into a shopping day.

“Shall we go in one of your shops?” you asked as you left Topshop empty handed.

“Why, are you tired?” Joe laughed, grabbing hold of your hand and walking into the flow of people rushing down Oxford Street.

“Yeah” you replied, clinging onto his arm as you searched for one of Joe’s shops to go in.

About 10 minutes later you were in Zara, following Joe as he searched the rails for something to go with the rather eccentric jacket he’d bought a few days earlier.

“You know it would just go with a black top?” you reminded him.

“That’s so boring though” Joe complained, “I want something black but with a pattern on or something”

“Don’t you think that’ll be a bit too much though?” you asked, picking up a black top to show him, “what about something like this? The material’s a bit different to what you’ve already got”

“I don’t know” he sighed.

“For a lad, you’re way too fussy about clothes” you laughed, “my brothers just throw on whatever’s closest to them in the drawer”

“I’m a fashion icon though” Joe joked, walking over to you and taking the black top from you.

“What do you think?”

“Yeah, I’ll just get this”

“Okay” you smiled, sensing that Joe was getting tired. You walked to the checkout and joined the ridiculously long queue.

“You okay?” Joe asked, extending his arm as an invitation for a hug.

“Yeah” you replied, burying your head in his jacket, “just tired”

“Same” he responded, “how about we pay for this then get a taxi home?”

“Yes please” you smiled, looking up at him.

“Then we can get in our comfy clothes, get a duvet and cuddle up watching a film, yeah? We can get a takeaway as well if you want”

“And a bottle of wine?”

“Always” Joe smirked.

“That sounds really good” you smiled. You’d had the best day with your boyfriend, and couldn’t wait for a lazy night in.

give thanks

Title: Give Thanks
Pairing: Tyler Joseph/Reader
Rating: Mature
Warnings: Daddy kink (obviously because I’m a monster), public shenanigans, dirty talk, unprotected sex (I never tag this whoops), aaand maybe there’s a camera involved…
A/N: Here’s my Thanksgiving present to all of you, especially those of you who had to struggle through a particularly tough dinner today. I hope you enjoy, I can’t wait to hear what you guys think.

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Becoming Real: Bad Words

Highlight #5 in the lives of Spencer x Luke and baby Diana. Little munchkin says her first curse word. @coveofmemories


Luke was in the kitchen cooking. He’d run out of some crucial ingredients, so Spencer had run out to the store for him; he never liked to stand still - his brain or body always had to be moving. After he ran out, Luke texted him to tell him to grab some things for Diana’s second birthday which was coming up soon. Might as well be prepared. A thump sounded behind him and out of nowhere, he heard it. His baby’s first curse word.

“Oh, shit,” she said, looking down at the bottle on the floor. “Dada.” She looked his way and Luke had to do everything not to laugh. He didn’t know whether to correct her or be proud that she used the word in the correct context at barely two years old, but the parent in him won out. While he approached her, he lifted his hand to his mouth to hide the smile.

As he picked up the bottle and gave it back to his daughter, he laughed. “We don’t say that word, Diana. That’s a bad word.” She looked like she comprehended, but he wasn’t sure, and he didn’t want to repeat the word. With the bottle back in her hand, she stared at him blankly, and now he felt like he’d been too hard on her, so he bet down to kiss her forehead. “Daddy loves you.”

Turning around, he went back to the kitchen and started chopping plantains when once again, he heard a thud on the ground. Luke spun around to see his daughter smiling at the bottle on the floor, but when she met his gaze. “Shit!”

“No, baby, no,” Luke said, his eyes going wide as he realized he was going to a very foul-mouthed infant. This was so bad. He was going to have to smack himself and kill Spencer for cursing so randomly in front of her, because of course that’s what she would pick up on. Diana couldn’t randomly spout some statistic about chess that she’d heard 100 times while she watched her Daddy play, no, she had to very correctly use the word “shit” when something dropped on the floor. Lovely. “We don’t say that word. That’s a bad word.”

“What bad word?” she asked, tilting her head in confusion. He slapped his hand down his face as he came to the conclusion he was going to have to say the word again to try and explain that she wasn’t supposed to say that. 

Apparently, she found Luke hitting himself in the face very funny. “The ‘s’ word,” he started, “shit, that’s a bad word. We don’t say that word, okay?”

Nearly 30 minutes after he’d first left, Spencer walked back into the apartment, surprised to see Luke staring so seriously at their toddler. “What’s happening here?” he asked, bending down to give her an endless stream of kisses before giving Luke one too.

“Nothing,” Luke lied, kissing her on the forehead again and returning to the kitchen. “Just saying hi while I waited for my food.” He took the bag from his husband’s hand and started on the rice, beans and chicken that he was going to mix with some friend plantains. While Luke continued cooking, Spencer sat on the couch with a book, closing it every five seconds when Diana dropped something on the floor. Thankfully, she hadn’t said any other bad words.

“Why do you keep looking at her like that?” Spencer chuckled as Luke’s head spun around to stare cautiously at the baby for what felt like the 40th time. 

Luke sighed, leaning against the kitchen counter. “Well, our daughter knows a new word.”

“Really?” he said excitedly. She was growing up so fast. So advanced for her age. About six months ahead of schedule, she was able to form complete but simple sentences, such as ‘I eat now.’ On top of that, she was also starting to add an ‘s’ at the end of words if she wanted to make it plural. He stared in awe at the little girl he never thought he’d be lucky enough to have. “What’s she saying now?”

“Look at me,” Luke said, catching Spencer’s eyes before mouthing the word so Diana couldn’t hear.

“Oh no…” he laughed. “Did she use it correctly?” Luke said yes. He kind of wanted to be proud. “Our baby’s so advanced!”

“Babe!” he exclaimed, placing some rice in a pan to mix with the beans, chicken and plantains. “We cannot encourage that kind of language from an infant. I don’t give a shit if…” Oh that’s why she’d latched on to that word. They both let it fly without even realizing it. “I don’t care if she’s a foul-mouthed teenager. I was too, but she’s barely two!”

Spencer nodded. “I know, I know. I’ll make sure to keep an ear out. But you have to admit that’s impressive. That’s like a three-to-four year old thing. Cursing.”

About 10 minutes later, Luke had finally finished with dinner, bringing the highchair up to the table so that she could sit between them as they ate dinner. Spencer took his first bite of food, grateful for a husband that was a good cook. Just as he was about to go for a second spoonful, with a bit of sweet plantain too, Diana knocked her toy off the highchair. “Oh fuck,” she mumbled, slapping her hand to her head.

“Oh no,” Spencer said, turning his head to hide his laughter from their daughter. “Morgan is going to have a field day with this. I remember last year when Hank said his first curse…Morgan almost pissed himself.”

why yes I will talk about that

  • ok, starting with canon basics: ronan lynch is the undisputed king of serving nasty looks. “A lady pushing a baby carriage gave him a dirty look for either sitting on top of the table or for looking disreputable while trafficking with carrion birds. Ronan reflected her look back at her after adding a few more degrees of shittiness to it.” let’s be real ronan destroyed that lady’s life. heck that baby’s life was probably destroyed in the fallout. 
  • so obviously ronan’s divine bitchface expertise comes in handy dealing with homophobes. let’s talk about the TRK scene where him and adam roll up in front of the trailer and adam’s dad is standing there: “Ronan spat into the grass – an indolent, unthreatened gesture. Then he rolled his chin away, contempt spilling over and out of the car, and silently put the window back up.”
  • how did robert parrish continue to live after this incident? like how do you go on from that? I really think I would give up on life if that happened to me
  • so yes normally The Look is all that’s necessary when people stare or snicker. keep in mind that ronan is also the king of prolonged uncomfortable eye contact
  • but woe betide the pricks who yell shit at him and adam from their pickup trucks. I’m not saying ronan would dream a new night horror and have it track them down to put the fear of god in them….but actually he would
  • there’s a store in town that always has signs for shitty right wing politicians in the window. instead of simply not shopping there, which is what all of his friends do, ronan goes in there like every week and just fucks with them. “uhhhhhh do you accept gay dollars? like, dollars that identify as gay? no? ok i’ll just add these to my planned parenthood donation i guess”
  • it’s funny because adam is very much the polite, benefit-of-the-doubt, just-ignore-them guy but he finds it amusing how worked up ronan gets (adam accepted long ago that ronan is always going to be worked up over something)
  • opal is very nonchalant about the fact that her dad has a boyfriend, because why wouldn’t she be? one day some kids at school say that’s weird or gross or something and she mentions it at home. ronan sits her down and has a long serious talk about homophobia and what she should say to those kids. it’s probably the best adam has ever seen ronan deal with a serious talking situation and also maybe the proudest he’s ever been of him

neverlands-little-lost-girl  asked:

Congrats for the 1k foolowers! and you deserve even more! could you write #31 with (young) Remus Lupin, please?

Thank you!! 💜

Remus Lupin x Reader
31. “You’re so cute when you’re sleepy.“  

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With your back against the headboard, you sit on the bed with Remus’ grey t-shirt on you, a book between your hands. It’s almost noon, but your boyfriend is still fast asleep, low hummings left his mouth as he sleeping like a baby. You glance up from your book, looking at him and bit your lip – he looks so adorable. This is the sight which you will never get tired of seeing. After you put down your book on the night stand, you slid next to him, tracing tiny kisses on his bare shoulder. He growls lowly, but didn’t open his eyes. You giggled at his reaction, shook your head before left the bedroom. 

The smell of fresh coffee fills the room as you tanding in the kitchen, making breakfast whilst you singing your favourite song quietly when you feel two big arms sneaking around your waist, a chin resting on your shoulder.

„Morning, sleepy-head.” – you murmured, slowly turning around.

He presses his forehead against yours. „You really had to wake me up?”

„It’s past noon, you dolt.” - you said, cupping his face.

His eyes flutters open, snapping up his head. „Sorry, love. Somebody kept me up all night.”

„Are you complaining?” – you asked with a cocked eyebrow.

„Of course I’m not.” – he said with a raspy voice, grinning before he leaning closer, kissing you slowly and gently.

His hair disheveled, eyes still weary as he burry his face in the crook of your neck, pulling you closer. You giggle as running your fingers between his brown locks.

„You’re so cute when you’re sleepy.”

You feel his smile on your collarbone, he presses a kiss on it before he says, „I’m almost always sleepy.”

„You’re almost always cute, then.”

He chuckles, drawing circles on your back with his hand, placing his head on your shoulders again. You gently push him away. „What if we eat some breakfast first and then spending the whole day in bed?”

With dilated pupils, Remus cup your cheek. „You’re the best.”

„I know.” – you smile, give a quick kiss on his lips before you turn back to the countertops.

Babies first steps (Mukami)
  • Ruki: He was reading a book and saw his 12 month old little girl was crawling around in the floor, he smiled and went back to reading. Suddenly, he felt something on his leg and put the book down to see his little girl was standing up and using his leg as a support to walk. His heart was filled with joy, but he stayed stiff as a board to see how far she could go. Of course, not very far. But to see her first steps gave him such a warm feeling. “Look at you, before I know it you’ll be running around here causing more trouble than your uncles.”
  • Kou: “Kou- don’t. Move.” You put your hand on his arm and gripped it so you wouldn’t distract your baby boy. He had stood up and was just standing there, looking at the both of you. Kou blinked a few times and then smiled widely, “Come here little man!” He squatted down and opened his arms wide. Your son giggled and took a few steps forwards and fell on his butt. Kou didn’t expect him to make it all the way to where you two stood, he walked over and picked his son up, “You’re so brave!” He showered his son with praise, kissing all over his face causing the baby to go into a giggle fit. You felt at peace that day.
  • Yuma: He was working in the garden, his little girl watching. She sat in the dirt playing, wearing little overalls and crawling around, “Hey sow, can you bring me that basket over there?” Yuma muttered. He was picking some vegetables and needed something to put them in. You nodded and said to wait a moment, but then you turned to see that your little girl was tugging on Yuma’s pants leg, he looked down to see her holding a bucket and standing up right. Yuma laughed and picked her up, “Little piglet thought her Daddy wanted her to bring him a bucket to put the vegetables in. Thank you.” He kissed her cheek and let her ‘help’ pick the vegetables. 
  • Azusa: He cries. Yes, cries. His little girl waddled up to him, and he held her for the rest of the day. 
Always Mine - Chapter 5


A/N: Hey guys! So this chapter is the first half of season 7 episode 4 “Service.” Since the episode was longer, I decided to split it up into two chapters. So part 2 will be up on Sunday! 

Michonne walked up the stairs of her and Rick’s house, trying to find him. First she checked in Judith’s room but only saw the baby asleep in her crib. Silently shutting the door, she stepped back thinking of where to check next. She didn’t have to look for when she noticed the door of Katherine’s room was ajar.

Walking over, she pushed the door open and saw Rick standing in the middle of the room, a stuffed animal in his hand. Hearing the door open, he turned his head to see Michonne standing there. He lowered his gaze and looked at the stuffed animal in his hand.

“I gave this to her on her fifth birthday. I-I told her that whenever I was out working and she had the bear, I’d be with her.” Michonne listened silently, her eyes flicking down to the stuffed animal that was dressed like a Sheriff. She knew Rick was beating himself up over Negan taking Katherine. Walking over, she placed her hand on his shoulder.

“We’ll get her back.”

Rick didn’t answer her. Instead he just turned back around to stare out the window, the bear pressed against his chest. He had tried so hard to keep all three of his children safe. But now his eldest daughter had been taken by a new enemy. He had no clue where she was or if she was okay. All he could do was pray Katherine would be fine.

Like she sensed what he was thinking, Michonne squeezed his shoulder in comfort.

“Katherine is strong. She’ll be okay.” Rick didn’t answer her. They stood in silence for a few minutes. It was broken when a cry sounded from next door in Judith’s room.

“I’ll get her.”

“No, no. I’ll do it.” He handed Michonne the bear before heading out of the room. Michonne sighed and walked over, placing the bear on the bed and resting it against the pillows. Looking around the room one last time, she headed out.

Katherine stood in the bathroom looking at herself in the mirror, a look of disgust on her face. It wasn’t her that she found disgusting, but what she was wearing. Negan had took it upon himself to pick out what she was wearing and she knew why he picked it. It closely resembled the outfit she wore on their very first date.

It was a spaghetti strap, floral print sundress. It stopped half way down her thighs. It was something she had would have normally worn on a hot day in the summer. But since the world turned, her style had changed. It wasn’t to safe to wear a dress all the time. How can you fight off walkers in a dress?

She had wanted to put up a fight and ask for jeans and a tee shirt but today they were going to Alexandria and she didn’t want to give Negan any reason not to let her go with them. She wanted to see her friends and family. She wanted to make sure Negan didn’t kill anyone else either.

Taking a deep breath, she picked the comb up Negan had given her and ran it through her long, brown hair to get all the knots out. She was almost done when she heard her bedroom door open and heavy footsteps come inside.

“You fucking done in there?”

Katherine sighed hearing Negan’s voice. She had almost wished it was someone else but knew that was stupid to think. Not only did he insist on locking her door when he left to prep his men for their trip to Alexandria, but he was the only one who had the key to get in.

When she didn’t answer him, Negan smirked and walked over to the bathroom door. Raising his fist, he knocked.

“Kitty Kat you done? Or do you need help drying off? Cause fuck, I will gladly volunteer to help.”

Katherine rolled her eyes, knowing he couldn’t see her. Setting the comb down, she took a few deep breaths. Reaching a shaky hand out, she opened the door and came face to face with a smirking Negan. He stood there, wearing jeans, his black boots, a gray tee shirt and his signature black leather jacket. Lucille was in his hand, hanging by his side.

She felt a shiver run down her spine when she saw him looking her over and the way his eyes darkened.

“Well fuck me sideways, Doll.” His tongue flicked out and wet his lips. “I certainly made the right fucking choice.” He couldn’t help but keep looking her over while a memory hit him.

Negan tapped his fingers against the steering wheel of his car as he watched the entrance of the hospital. It had been a couple days since he had kissed Katherine in the parking lot. Since then, he hadn’t seen her. He was trying to understand all these feelings he was suddenly having.

Lucille had been the love of his life for so long. But meeting Katherine, awoke something in him. Something that demanded she be his and only his.

He looked at the clock on the his car radio. He saw it was five after noon.

Alright Kitty Kat, it’s your fucking lunch break. Where the fuck are ya?”

He sa t there and watched for a few more minutes until he saw her. He nearly groaned at the sight of her. She was wearing a floral print sundress. She paired it with a pair of sandals and her brown hair was up in a high ponytail.

Fuck me.” He muttered, watching her as she walked to the row of cars in front of him. Quickly turning his car off, he pulled the keys out of the ignition and got out. Shutting his door, he made sure to lock it before running over to her.

Her back was to him so when he reached out to touch her shoulder, she jumped about half way off the ground.

Easy! Fuck, it’s just me.”

Katherine spun around, a hand resting on her racing heart. Her eyes widened and a blush covered her cheeks.

“Jesus Negan. You scared me.” She was actually a little shocked to see him. She hadn’t seen him since their kiss on Friday. That had been five days ago. Negan gave her his famous smirk.

My apologies, Doll. I’ve been fucking waiting for you.”

Katherine raised an eyebrow.

You have?”

Fuck yea I have. I was gonna see if you wanted to go get lunch or some shit with me?”

Katherine’s eyes widened. Was he asking her on a date? Biting her lip, she looked at him.

I don’t know.” Negan laughed and took a step forward.

Are you fucking playing hard to get, Doll?”

Katherine tried not to laugh. Instead she just shrugged. Negan grinned.

Come on, we made out in a fucking parking lot. Let me take you to lunch.” Kathrine blushed. She wanted to keep up the hard to get game. She had been waiting to see Negan since their kiss, so he could wait a few minutes for an answer.

I still don’t know.” Negan’s smirk dropped and he walked towards her. Katherine walked back until her back hit the trunk of her car. Negan placed his hands on either side of her, trapping her in. Katherine’s heart was racing when he bent down to whisper in her ear.

“I don’t like teases, Kitty Kat. Just say fucking yes already so we can go. I wouldn’t want you late getting back to those fucking little ankle biters.”

Katherine couldn’t help but feel desire shoot through her. Looking into his eyes, she slowly nodded her head.

Okay.” Negan grinned and pulled back, grabbing her hand and leading her over to his trunk.

Negan let out a groan, looking down at Katherine who was standing there, looking confused. Negan had just zoned out for a good five minutes. He lent his head to the side and grinned.

“Sorry ‘bout that Kitty Kat. Just remembering the first time I fucking saw you dressed like this. I swear I’d never gotten a fucking hard on so fast in my life.”

Katherine felt her cheeks blush deeply. She looked down at the ground while he laughed. Seeing her embarrasment, he bent down to whisper in her ear.

“Don’t be fucking embarrased, Doll. It’s one of my favorite fucking memories.” Katherine didn’t look at him, just keeping her gaze on the ground as he stood up to his full height. “Get your shoes on. We’re fucking leaving in five.”

He moved away from her and walked to the other side of the room. Katherine let out a deep breath and walked over to sit on her bed. Grabbing her combat boots, she pulled them on and tied them before standing up.  

She watched as Negan looked around the room. God only knows what he was looking for.

“Before we go, I should tell you the fucking rules.”

Katherine swallowed the lump in her throat.

“Rules?” Negan turned his head, a serious look on his face.

“Yea, fucking rules. You’re not allowed to leave my side. At all. Now I know it’ll probably be fucking emotional when you see all your little friends and your daddy, but you don’t fucking move an inch without my permission. Do you understand?”

Katherine swallowed hard and nodded.

“Good. I hope your fucking father follows rules as good as you. Let’s go.” He grabbed her wrist and pulled her out of the room and down to the front of the building. He nudged her into the truck they’d be riding in. She got in and sat next to a heavy set man before Negan got in and sat on her right.

“Aright Fat Joseph, move out.”

Katherine’s heart clenched when they pulled up in front of Alexandria. The truck stopped and Negan turned to her.

“Let’s go see if daddy’s home.” He got out and pulled her along. “Stay.” He ordered, leaving her by the side of the truck. She turned around and looked as all his other men and some woman stepped out, their guns ready. She saw Dwight pulling Daryl out of a truck. She let out a sad sigh before turning back to watch Negan.

He raised Lucille and bashed her against the gate that kept her family and friends safe.

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“Little pig, little pig! Let. Me. In!”

As the gate slid open, Katherine felt her heart stop. Of course of everyone there, Spencer had to be the one to open it.

“Fuck,” she whispered. It would be just her luck to tell Negan Spencer was dead and then have him be the one to open the gate.

“Um, who are you?” She heard him ask. She shook her head. Spencer was cute but sometimes he could just be so dumb.

“Oh, you fucking better be jokin’. Negan, Lucille. I know I had to make a pretty strong impression.”

Katherine watched on as Spencer just stared at Negan. She saw Spencer’s eyes flicker over to her. Before he could do anything, she shook her head in a silent plea not to do anything.

“Don’t.” She mouthed, happy Negan couldn’t see her. She thought he was about to turn around when her father showed up. Negan grinned.

“Well, hello there.” Rick just stared at him. Negan’s grin dropped. “Do not make me have to fucking ask.” Rick swallowed and glared at him.

“You said a week.” He pulled the chain fence open. “You’re early.”

Negan smirked.

“I missed ya. And so did my fucking little Kitty Kat over there.” Negan turn to grin at Katherine. Rick followed his eyes, his heart stopping at seeing Katherine standing there. She looked as though she wanted to run for him as her eyes glistened with tears, but she didn’t move.

His eyes dropped slightly. He wanted so badly to run over and grab her so he could hide her from Negan. But he knew that was to dangerous.

He lifted his eyes when he heard a walker growling. Negan heard it to and looked back at him.

“Oh, Rick, come on out here. Watch this. I’m fucking calling it!”

Katherine watched as Negan swung Lucille and hit the walker right in the head once it was close enough. The walker fell to the ground, dead, while Negan laughed.

“Easy peasy lemom squeezy! Fuck, all right everybody. Let’s get fucking started. Big day.”

Rick didn’t look at him. Instead looking at all the men he had brought along. His eyes stopped once he hit Daryl.

“Hey, Rick, you see that? What I just fucking did? That is some service! Ain’t that some service Kitty Kat?” Katherine didn’t answer him as he continued talking. “I mean, we almost get fucking turned away at the gate. Who is that guy anyway? Do I get mad? Do I fucking throw a fit? Do I bash some ginger’s dome in? Nope. I just take care of one of those dead fuckers that could’ve kill one of y'all.” He grinned and bowed. “Service.”

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Katherine watched as he walked towards her father.

“Hold this.” Her eyes widened when he made Rick take Lucille. She knew he was playing a mental game with her father. Making her hold the weapon that had killed two of their friends. Negan stepped further into the front.

Originally posted by wdtfsklaine

“Hot diggity dog! This place is fucking magnificent! An embarrasment of riches, as they sat. Yes sit, I do believe you are gonna have plenty to offer up. Kitty Kat, get over here and fucking enjoy this with me.” He smirked at Rick before looking over at Katherine. She didn’t move at first but saw the look in Negan’s eyes, daring her to disobey. Her blue eyes flicked to her father’s before she slowly walked over to stand by Negan’s side.

Negan smirked and wrapped an arm around her shoulder’s. Rick didn’t look at them, afraid he’d lose his shit and go after Negan with the man’s own weapon. Instead he focused on Daryl.

“Daryl, hey-.”

“No.” Negan said sternly, letting Katherine go and walking over to stand between them. “Nope. He’s the fucking help. You don’t look at him, you don’t fucking talk to him, and I don’t make you chop anything off of him.”

Katherine watched as her father lowered his head slightly. Negan turned and walked closer to Rosita. Katherine couldn’t even imagine what she was going through having lost Abraham. She watched as Negan got right up close to her.

“Same goes for everyone.” He sang. “Right?”

Katherine and Rick watched on baited breath as Rosita just stared at Negan before walking away. Negan grinned and shook his hands.

“A lot of fucking suspense there. I don’t think she even knew how much.” He clapped his hands together. “All right, let’s get this show on the road. See what kind of fucking goodies you got in the cupboard.”

“We put aside hall the supplies.”

“No, Rick. No. You don’t decide what the fuck we take. I do. Arat.” Katherine watched as a young woman walked up, holding a gun.

“You heard the man. Move out!” All of Negan’s men started making their way into Alexandria. She watched as some of the people from the community watched on confused.

“They’re just gonna seard the houses a bit, keep the process movin’.” Negan walked back over to Katherine and wrapped an arm around her waist. “All right. You gonna fucking show me around out not?”

Rick looked at him, then back to Katherine.


Rick looked back at him. He glared before leading the way.

“Damn sweetheart, now I know where that glare you used to give me all the time fucking came from.” Negan laughed and pulled her along as they followed her father.

They walked around Alexandria. Katherine watched as Negan’s men went in house after house, pulling everything they could out. Her thoughts traveled to her own house. Knowing her father, he had most likely made sure Judith wasn’t there. And that was a good thing. She didn’t want Negan to know about her. Her eyes widened when she noticed the men were taking mattress out.

“Why are you taking those?” She asked before she could think about it. Negan looked down at her and smirked.

“Because I fucking can, Doll. But if you’re good, maybe I’ll leave a few.”

Before she could say anything else, he turned his head to look back straight.

“You see this? This is the kind of thing that just tickles my fucking balls. Well, not the only thing.” He gave Katherine a lewd smirk. She couldn’t help but glare at him this time. She knew what he was trying to do. He was trying to rile her father up. And by the look on her father’s face, it was working.

“Oh relax, Doll. Jeez, I was just fucking messing around.” He pulled her tighter against him. “A little cooperation and everything is pleasant as punch. You see, we really are fucking reasonable people once you get to know us. Honest.” He said, once again speaking to Rick. As they walked, he came across a cooler sitting on the side walk.

“Ooh.” Unwrapping his arm from around Katherine, he walked over and opened it, pulling out a soda.

“Man,” he said, opening the top and taking a sip. “Ahh! Kitty Kat, want a taste?” Katherine shook her head, Negan shrugged and threw it on the ground. Katherine just barely held in a scoff. Did he really have to be such a dick?  

“Fuck I love this place!”

One of Negan’s men came up to him, holding a video camera.

“Negan. Somethin’ you might wana see.” He handed the camera over.

“Well, well, well. What do we fucking have here? I got my fingers crossed for a little freaky-deaky.”

Negan pushed play and Katherine heard her father’s voice. It was the video Deanna had taken when they all first arrived in Alexandria.

“Is that you, Rick, underneath all the fucking man-bush. Fuck, I would not have messed with that guy.” He held up the video camera to Rick’s face.

“But that’s not you anymore, is it?” Negan took the camera and pointed it at himself. “Nope. I really gotta shave this shit.” Katherin scowled as Negan turned the camera to her. “Don’t pout Kitty Kat. I’ll take this back with us. Imagine how much fucking fun we could have with it.”

Katherine shook her head. She was surprised to see how much her attitude had changed since they got here. But she was determined not to let him hurt or harass anyone other friends or family.

“No? Well that’s a fucking shame.” He shut the camera off and gave it back to the guy.

“What ever happened to that sick girl?” Now that Negan had mentioned it, Katherine couldn’t help but wonder where Maggie was. She had been praying they were able to get her to Hilltop in time. She had already lost Glenn. She didn’t deserve to lose her baby too. She listened on as Negan talked about how he was gonna ask Maggie to come back with him.

“But of course, I fucking got my Kitty Kat back.” He smirked at her. “Ya know Rick, I fucked a lot of people in my life. But your daughter was definitely one of my favorites.”

Rick glared at him, his hand tightening on Lucille. Negan noticed his glare.

“Careful. Careful how you’re fucking looking at me, Rick.”

“Dad,” she whispered. Rick turned his head and looked at his daughter. She shook her head.

“I’d listen to your fucking daughter, Rick. Wouldn’t want anyone else to get hurt.” Rick held Katherine’s gaze, his hand slowly unclenching from the wood of the bet. He turned back around and looked down at the ground.

“Atta boy Rick. So where is she? I would love to see her.”

“Do you care to pay your respects?”

Both Katherine and Negan jumped, Turning around, she saw Father Gabriel standing behind them.

“Ho-ly crap! You are fucking creepy as shit, sneaking up on me, wearin’ that collar and that freaky ass smile.”

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Father Gabriel gave a tight smile.

“My apologies. I’m Father Gabriel.”

Negan kept a straight face as his words hit Katherine. Pay respects?

“No.” Her throat tightened and tears stung her eyes. She had lost yet another friend because of Negan and the terror he had caused that night.

“She didn’t make it?”

They followed the priest to the back of the church where there were three new graves. Katherine couldn’t help but let the tears fall from her eyes.

“Damn tragedy. That’s what this is.” Negan took a deep breath and looked down at Katherine. He wrapped his arm back around her and pulled her into his chest. “Fuck, I’m sorry Kitty Kat. At least her and the Asian are back together.”

Katherine snapped back at his words and glared at him as she wiped her eyes.

“This must really fucking suck for you guys. Number one? That was one me. No fucking choice there. Lessons had to be learned. But number two? That didn’t need to happen. Daryl, there, he forced my fucking hand.”

Katherine tuned the rest of what he was saying out. She didn’t want to hear it. The more she looked at the graves before her, the more she thought about Sherry’s words.

I did it to keep the person I loved, safe.”

Katherine understood why she did it. And the longer she looked at the graves, the more she thought about what she could do to keep her family and friends safe. She would do anything for them. Even if it meant having to become one of Negan’s wives or whatever he wanted.

A loud gunshot pulled her out of her thoughts. She immediately turned to look at Negan, who had a deadly glare on his face. 

Originally posted by negandarylsatisfaction

He grabbed her wrist and immediately followed the sound. Her stopped in her chest when she realized it had come from their house.

That means it could have only been one person.



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Behind You

Request: Reader is Jax’s little sister. She is secretly dating Juice but is forced to tell everyone when she winds up pregnant.

Warnings: None

Pairing: Juice X Reader

   “JUAN CARLOS!” you roared from your bathroom as you stared at the positive pregnancy test in your hands.

   You heard the sound of his boots rapidly hitting the floor before he was standing in front of the open bathroom door panting “What’s wrong baby?” he asked in between breaths.

   You just shot him a deadly look before holding the positive pregnancy test up in front of his face.

   “Oh shit.” he said, the blood draining from his face.

   “Are you sure this is right?”

   “No Juice, I went to find a pregnant lady and asked her to pee on it so I could mess with you.” you said, giving him another look.

    He let out a loud sigh and ran his free hand over his mohawk in frustration.

   “What are we gonna do?” you asked, sitting on the toilet and lacing your fingers in your hair.

   You heard no response from him and you looked up to see him with a look of pure fear coating his features.

   “Jax is going to kill me.”

***Time Skip***

   You could feel Juice’s hand shaking in yours as you approached Gemma’s front door, getting ready to enter one of her famous family dinners.

   “Juice you need to calm down.” you said, pulling him to face you, stopping only feet away from the door.

   “(y/n) what if they kick me out of the club? What if they make me leave you?” he asked, sounding extremely panicked .

   “Baby look at me.”you said, gently grabbing his face so he was forced to look you in the eyes. “They aren’t going to kick you out of the club and I refuse to leave you. I’m a grown woman who can make her own decisions.” you said, trying to calm him.

   You knew Juice well and you knew that if he worked himself up enough he would cause himself to have a panic attack.

   “We’re gonna go in there and wait until it’s only my parents and brother left and then we’re going to sit them down and tell them about us okay? Everything will be fine.” you say softly, kissing him on the lips.

   He nodded slowly after you both pulled away from the kiss, breaking his hold on you.

   The plan was that you two would go in, acting like you had in the past few months ,then when everyone had left and it was only your family you and Juice would sit them down and tell them about you two.

   He kissed you one last time before separating from you completely and walking inside.

   You had no idea how this evening would go but you hoped with all of your heart that it was going to go well as you followed him inside, being greeted by the club.

   ***Time Skip***

   Gemma sighed setting the last dish in the sink.

   “Well I think that’s another dinner well served if I do say so myself. “she chuckled, taking a seat at the table where you and Juice were watching Jax and Clay play war.

   “It was great Gem, we should do these things more often.” Juice said, smiling that boyish smile you loved so much.

   “Maybe we should. You got someone you want to show off to us or somethin’?” she asks, causing Juice to blush.

   “Actually yeah, I do.” he said, glancing over at you.

   You straightened up and cleared your throat before speaking.

   “It’s me.”

   Dead silence greeted your statement and you looked up to see Gemma staring at you with a smirk while Clay and Jax seemed to share a look themselves.

   “Wow. It took you this long to tell us?” Jax spoke up, now with a smirk that matched Gemma’s.

   “What? H-How did you know?” you asked, looking at Juice dumbfounded.

   “Your mother caught you two making out behind the garage at TM.” Clay said, sifting through his cards as if it were a normal occurrence.

   “So I guess you know she’s pregnant too, since you seem to know everything?” Juice asked, causing your eyes to widen.

   Gemma’s eyebrows shot up to meet her hairline and Jax spit out the beer he had in his mouth.

   “YOU KNOCKED HER UP?!” your dad yelled from the end of that table.

   You flinched at his words, hoping that he was just pretending to be mad as you and Juice nodded in response.

   “Jesus guys! Are you two stupid?” Jax asked, wiping his mouth.

   Your temper started to flare as they continued their string of comments.

   “You know what?! Yes, Juice got me pregnant! But I am happy with him and I love him and if you can’t accept this relationship and our baby then I guess we’re gonna leave you three alone to think about things before I do something i’ll regret.” You say standing up, fully ready to walk out the door.

   Gemma clears her throat, causing the attention to swing to her.

   “Sweetheart, we’re not saying that we’re not supportive, we’re just saying that this is something you need to really be ready for. If you really love each other and think you are ready WE WILL ALL be supportive of you.” she said, raising her voice and looking towards Clay and Jax at the last part.

   You were a bit relieved to have your mom on your side but you still weren’t sure where your dad and brother lay.

   It was silent for a few moments before Jax spoke up.

   “I guess I don’t really have any room to talk about stupid decisions.” He said, looking a bit guilty.

   Your body relaxed a bit more but you were still waiting for your father to speak up.

   “Clay.” your mom said with a warning tone as she watched your father stare you and Juice down.

   He sighed and threw his hands up in the air before standing and coming over to grab Juice by the shoulder.

   “I swear to God if you hurt her I will kill you. Slowly.” He said, a threatening finger jabbing Juice in the chest as he spoke.

   Juice nodded in response.

   This must’ve been enough for your dad because he smacked Juice hard on the shoulder before walking over to you and planting a kiss on your cheek and pulling you into a hug.

   You let out a relieved laugh as you wrapped your arms around your father in return.
   You knew that they weren’t too happy with the situation but you were satisfied knowing that they were behind you and had your back.

soccerplayer!calum au where you know his biggest turn on is when you wear his jersey so one day you were watching the game on tv because it was too cold to go to the stadium so when the game was over (the game was close but calum’s team won) and you knew calum would be home any minute, you changed into your favorite lingerie and put his jersey back on top of it, and waited for him to get home. when he walked through the door, he was shivering and threw off his jacket only to find you standing in the doorway to the living room.
“what is this?” calum asked, smirking because he obviously knew you wanted to celebrate the victory with him.
“just wanted to… reward you for playing so well today,” you said in your most innocent voice before noticing how cold he looked and an idea popped into your head. “but you look cold baby, let me warm you up.” you hopped onto the counter and pulled him closer to you by his adidas pullover. calum looked curious and turned on as he stepped between your legs. you reached up to massage his broad shoulders, running your warm hands over his clothed collarbones and chest, warming him up even through the layers. calum closed his eyes and a blissful smile came across his face, but it was gone two seconds later when he snapped out of it and pulled your thighs closer to him. you gasped at the sudden action but smiled devilishly as he looked you up and down in his jersey.
“you know i can’t handle it when you wear my jersey, baby,” he said breathlessly.
“of course i know that calum,” you moaned into his ear as he ran his big hands all over your body.
“enough of this teasing. it has to come off,” he groaned as he pulled the jersey off and took you to your bedroom.


Summary: Sasuke always thought he was so smart.

A/N: Based off of the song “Dear Theodosia” from the Hamilton soundtrack.

“Sasuke, do you want to hold her?”

Sasuke blinked twice and looked down at his pinked haired wife. Hair strewn, face flushed and baby in hand, Sasuke swore Sakura never looked more beautiful.

Still, in all her beauty, Sasuke couldn’t help but be terrified. His newly born daughter was tiny. What if he crushed her? She was sensitive. What if he made her cry? She was his. So what if she didn’t like him?

Everyone had shown up for Sarada Uchiha’s birth. Naruto and Hinata stand next to Sakura’s bed, one and half year old Boruto in Hinata’s arm. Tsunade had personally delivered the child her self and Shizune was close by, filing the birth certificate and running blood tests to ensure that baby Sarada was healthy as could be. Mebuki and Kizashi, Sakura’s parents, made conversation with Itachi and Shisui, boasting proudly about their granddaughter and niece. Ino, pregnant as can be, made it her priority to be by Sakura’s side through birth — despite cramps of her own. Even Shikamaru in all his laziness had made it to the hospital (partially thanks to Temari, but he’d never admit it).

And Sasuke was thankful. Seeing all of his comrades, his childhood friends, fill the room warmed his heart. He didn’t have a family growing up, but Sarada would.

“Sasuke?” Sakura called again, sage green eyes looking at her husband almost pleadingly.

Sasuke stared at Sakura, his eyes flickering to the small human in her arms. He nodded every so slightly, almost undetectable to the human eye, but Sakura saw.

She handed Sarada to him, Sasuke holding her like she was the most precious diamond in the world — no, with more care than that. With more care than he’d ever held anything in his life. Sarada cradled her head into Sasuke’s prosthetic elbow, her raven black hair fell over her forehead, eyelashes covered her pale cheeks. She squinted, and eventually opened her dark eyes. Sasuke didn’t know what to do. He reached out to move her hair out of her face, but tiny hands wrapped around his finger.

Dear Sarada, what to say to you?

Sasuke saw every bit of his wife in his daughter; Sarada had her mother’s nose and hands — certainly her mother’s grip — she had the slight gleam in her eyes that Sakura had while looking at Sasuke, and Kami provide, she’d have Sakura’s determination.

But she was an Uchiha, and it would take a fool not to see that. Raven hair and eyes and a near perfect pout at only hours hold (Itachi was impressed), Sarada was definitely her father’s daughter. Her eyes were shaped almost like Shisui’s and there was a comfort to her gaze that reminded Sasuke of his mother. She was his daughter and she was beautiful.

“Aw, teme are you gonna cry?” Naruto teased, with the same stupid grin on his face that he’d always had.

When you came into the world you cried, and it broke my heart.

Sasuke didn’t look his way. How could he? It was almost like Sarada was commanding his undivided attention and he couldn’t look away. He wouldn’t. 

He was in love.

I am dedicating every day to you — domestic life was never quite my style.

Sarada’s tiny fist squeezed her father’s finger harder. Flicking her dark pupils between his hands and his eyes, a ghost of a smile appeared on Sarada’s face. With a few more squeezes it turned into a full blown smile, tiny, angelic giggles following suit. And Sasuke cried.

When you smile you knock me out, I fall apart and I thought I was so smart.

Sakura lifted a hand to her chest. It was like Sarada and Sasuke were having their own wordless conversation, and she had never seen a bond more beautiful than the one between father and her child. She knew he loved her the second he held her.

You will come of age with our young nation. We’ll bleed and fight for you, we’ll make it right for you. If we lay a strong enough foundation, we’ll pass it on to you, we’ll give the world to you.

“You’re gonna blow us all away someday, Sarada.”

Imagine being Tig's daughter.

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Tig wasn’t surprised when you were standing hand in hand with Jax at Abel’s coming home bash, he had nothing but joy actually, the smile never leaving his face as you cradled that beautiful baby boy and looked at him with all the love in the world, as you sat on his father’s lap, whose eyes were never leaving you.  

Originally posted by wifin-niggaz

It didn’t surprise him either when at Donna’s funeral your face lit up when you saw Jax walking over, and you walked away to hand him his cut. You looked like you were gonna go back to your spot but his hand grabbed your hand as you turned and you stopped. Seconds later you both were walking toward your childhood best friend’s grave, leaving your father with nothing but a smile on his face as he watched you leave. 

Originally posted by pandapunk825

 He was never prouder then the time you told him about flipping Ima off as Jax fucked you in a bathroom and how later that night you actually punched her in the face for calling you a biker whore. As you recounted the story to Tig he couldn’t stop thinking about how proud he was that his little princess grew up to be a person who was not going to take no shit from no one. 

 His heart broke when you ran away crying because you found out he was the reason Donna was dead. He figured you would never speak to him again, your words still ran through his head when he thought about it. 

“Daddy, how could you, you are by far the worst person I have ever met, and I never want to see you again, unless it’s because you are in a fucking wooden box." 

 You stormed off as Tig’s eyes watered, he found himself just sitting at the bar, drinking until the pain went away. The pain didn’t go away though for hours and it wasn’t the alcohol that made it go away. 

"I get it ok, you were acting on orders. As much as what you did was a dick move you at least tried to make it right. And I’m sorry I reacted like that, I love you." 

 When your arms wrapped around him he felt as though he would never experience that kind of heart break from you again. 

 Until right now, as he sat at the end of the metal pit, the smell of burnt flesh filling the air as he sat there defenseless. He could still hear your screams and the sound of Pope laughing as you slowly died. He managed to call the guys and at the sound of the engines he knew it was his fault, you were dead because of him and as Jax ran up behind him all that could come out was, "they killed our girl Jax, and now we gotta kill him.”

So when I screencapped my previous post about how much I love that little spiritshipping bit of the GX season 3 opening, I went on youtube to also find a clean copy that isn’t covered with the ID info for the subbing group, and found that actually, there appear to be two very very slightly different versions of the exact same opening. It’s not a different opening with the same song, it’s the same opening with subtly different animation.

In the first one, Judai starts out looking pretty sad:

Poor baby! But then he holds his head up high, determined to stand against all the horrible shit happening in this season:

Look at the determined glare on his cute baby face! He’s not beaten! And when his buddy comes along to support him, he also gives the audience a reassuring confident smile:

This season is REALLY miserable and stressful, so Judai has to close his eyes for a split second but Johan knows he’s okay, and believes in him and smiles determinedly:

And a syllable later, Judai holds his head up and glares into the distance just as determinedly. Together nothing will stop them!

Back to back! Badass and romantic at the same time!

But in the other version, something’s wrong…

Judai’s sad again, but in this version of this shot, unlike the first version, his eyesbrows don’t tilt downwards in a frown as he steels himself when he opens his eyes (scroll up to the top if you want to see). They stay tilted up, making him still look worried and sad. Nor do his eyes start frowning or ever look determined when he lifts his head:

He just looks lost and unsure and exhausted and like he’s holding back tears.

He doesn’t give any reassuring smile or look of acknowledgement to the audience. This time his misery and hopelessness is too deep to notice us, let alone comfort us:

Johan doesn’t smile this time either. He just looks REALLY REALLY WORRIED about how his buddy is doing:

Judai keeps his eyes closed longer this time, as if in deep psychic exhaustion and reluctance to face the world this time around, and Johan senses it:

R U OK BRO????? :(

When Judai does open his eyes he again is not frowning like he was in the first version, determined not to be beaten down by the shit in this season. In this version, he just stares blankly as if preoccupied and tired and burnt out, with his eyes half-closed:

Johan is still SUPER WORRIED and doesn’t smile until Judai’s expression turns from acute misery to weary serenity, still unable to conjure up even a ghost of the spirited glare and stubbornness he showed in the first version:

And then they stand proudly back to back, but this time there’s a whole lot less bravado or certainty about their show of support and solidarity, and Johan looks like he’s picking up the slack here rather than the two of them sharing the moment equally, due to the continuing expression of dull misery on Judai’s face:

I just thought it was really cool how a few tweaks in the animation can make the characters convey totally different emotions, and also was really curious about wondering WHY there are two versions. What possessed the animators to make two such subtly different versions of the exact same sequence? Especially when it’s CLEARLY done to make one version is sadder and more hopeless than the other one? And which one came first? Did they do the second one and then go “noooo this is too depressing let’s tweak it and make it a little more hopeful”? Or did they go “LET’S MAKE IT EVEN MORE MISERABLE AS THE SHOW BECOMES INCREASINGLY MORE MISERABLE MWA HA HA HA”??


Q:Now your co-star Jared is a bit of a baby. He says shooting the show scares him!

Jensen: Yeah, he’s a bit of a baby. I have to slap his hand away every now and again when he wants to hold mine. He’s also a very big baby…I’m 6'1" and he makes me look 5'9". He’s 6'5". I tell him i get to slap him whenever I stand on an applebox.
Jensen:And they were pleased with it and went home that evening and got a phone call, ‘Well, there’s this guy Jared Pada… Padasomething and they really are liking him for one of the brothers.’ So of course, I look him up online.

Jared:He thought I was hot.

Jensen:This guy is smokin’ hot. I cannot play his brother. And then they said they’d like to bring me back into Dean and I was of course very excited.

John Shiban:And the second thing, honestly, is casting and chemistry. And chemistry is something you cannot manufacture. These guys have it and they are so great to write for.

[Jared looks at Jensen and leans in to kiss him, but Jensen points to the audience which breaks into cheers and goes wild]

Jared:“Worth a try, worth a try”.

just imagine being pregnant with harry’s kid…

i can just imagine when you first tell him like maybe you’ll do something real cute like telling him without really telling him like you’ll make dinner one day and you’ll have like baby back ribs and baby carrots and those small bottles of water idk just everything’s miniature and he’s like “why is everything so small? i’m not a baby. i’m a man.” and you go “well you’re not a baby but…” and you trail off and you look at him and he looks back at you wondering why you didn’t finish your sentence and then you’re like widening your eyes and he’s still not understanding what you’re trying to say and so you put your hand on your tummy and he slowly but surely pieces together what you’re saying and he’s like “you- you’re…” and he stands up and walks over to you very cautiously and you notice tears welling up in his eyes and he reaches out to touch your stomach but looks up at you for confirmation before gently placing his hands on it and kind of like rubbing over it and then he drops down to his knees and kisses all over your stomach and you run your hands through his hair and he realises that you’re there too and stands up and pushes his lips firmly against yours bc i mean you two were married and trying but he hadn’t expected to get it right so soon and he was thrilled and he was crying which made you cry and he hugged you so hard you could barely breathe but it felt nice and then he dropped back down to his knees and wrapped his arms around your midsection getting your child in on the love too.

and then imagine being actually like pregnant and showing and stuff like he’d be a tip top husband when you were having cravings that were in reason. he’d only complain minimally when you woke him up at nearly two in the morning bc you want chocolate chips or plums or banana bread and he’d console you when you cried bc you couldn’t have sushi or coffee. he’d deal with you graciously when you got angry over things that didn’t necessarily merit it because he knows you’ve got mood swings and you always apologise later even tho he’s told you not to. and he’d nap with you bc you’d be tired all the time and he’d lay behind you with his arms gently wrapped around the baby bump.

as time goes on tho he’d still be a tip top husband. he’d still give you back and foot massages and give you his leftovers bc you are eating for two and he’d rub your stomach with creams bc he knows you’re insecure about the stretch marks that have appeared and there would definitely be daily daddy and baby time when he would talk to your child still in the womb and laugh and joke and sing to it but i think at times he’d be quite cross with you bc he has a studio session in the morning and you’ve woken him up five times to help you get out of bed to use the restroom or because you won’t turn the air con above 65° F due to your hot flashes or when you insult him and his organic whatever he has bc “that’s not what i asked for! the doctor said i can have it! i don’t care if that’s healthier. the baby is fine! i’m carrying your child why can’t you keep me happy?!” but through it all he’d keep in mind the end goal and not everything that’s going on is your fault. the hormones are all over the place and even if that’s a little hard to remember sometimes he knows that when he’s in that delivery room with one hand in yours and the other on your leg and he’s pressing kisses onto your head and encouraging you while you’re crying about how you can’t do it anymore and that you should just leave the kid inside you and then finally there’s a head and shoulders and arms and legs and your little tiny precious baby is finally here and he’s able to take it into his arms for the first time that it was all worth it. you’re worth it.

Prologue~ Family (misawa)

“Let’s have a baby.”

He looked up from the sports magazine that he was reading as he adjusted his glasses to look at the brown-haired man standing a couple feet away from him. It seemed that the man was also gripping a folder in one of his tanned hand as he responded a little cautious, “I’m sorry, what was that?”

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Imagine Robert Plant hearing you cry in the shower late at night. Life has been too much for you lately and you just lost control. He opens the bathroom door as he yells, “Love, you alright in there??” You remain silent. The whole reason that you were crying in the shower was so Robert wouldn’t hear you. Now that your plan has failed, you feel rather embarrassed. You’re curled up in a ball, leaning your head against the tile wall of the shower. Robert jerks open the shower curtain. “The hell?! What’s the matter baby?" 

Your face turns red. You don’t even turn your head to look at him. And you’re thankful that the steam of the shower hides your puffy eyes. You didn’t want him to see you like this. Robert continues to stand outside of the shower, looking at you, slightly confused, but mostly concerned. The water is slowly soaking his blonde curls. You think to yourself, ‘Maybe if I continue my silence, he’ll just leave me alone.’ Slightly irritated by your silence, Robert leans over and shuts off the water. Dammit. He reaches over and picks you up, bridal style. He sets you down on the toilet and reaches for a towel. The two of you remain completely silent as Robert dries off your legs, arms, and torso. You’re surprised at how gentle his touch feels. As he squeezes the water out of your hair, you stare into his eyes.

 His eyes are too focused on your hair to notice you staring at him. His eyes seemed so soft, and almost hurt. You feel yourself melt internally. Still, the two of you remained silent. The only sound was the occasional drip from the recently turned off shower faucet. Robert then wrapped a fresh towel around your body. He reached for a brush and began to run it through your hair. You were his girl, and he wanted to take care of you in your moment of weakness. This thought made your eyes moist. You let Robert finish untangling your hair. He then picked you up off the toilet and carried you bridal style once again, and laid you down on the bed that you two shared. He tucked you in, and rested his lips on the side of your forehead. He lingered there awhile, until he undressed himself and climbed into bed next to you. What a man he was.

“you’ll blow up the very ground you stand on to make something right.”
alec slowly looks up, letting the words sink in as he studies magnus’ face. it’s only when he reaches out for alec’s uninjured hand that he lets the determined look on his face be replaced with something softer.
alec puckers his lips, a gesture that almost makes him seem uncertain, but places his hand in magnus’. he pushes himself away from the stairs to take a step closer. it’s a slow and tired move; you can almost see the last bits of energy leave his body.
magnus lowers their intertwined hands as alec takes another step towards him.
“can i heal it?” he asks softly, glances down at alec’s left hand for a second and then looks up again. he doesn’t make a move to do so yet, doesn’t even so much as look at alec expectantly. he doesn’t assume, he just waits.
you can see alec think for a moment, his eyes still on magnus, brows furrowed. he sucks his lips in before pursing them again.
after a while he shakes his head. 
magnus lifts the corners of his lips slightly - not enough for it to be a smile, but just enough to let alec know he understands - and nods. “ok.”
he doesn’t push, doesn’t look at him with pity or disappointment. he just nods as he squeezes alec’s hand. “let’s go inside.”

anonymous asked:

can you do something cute & sweet involving Calum? thanks :)

idk when i think cute and sweet i automatically go to pregnancy/daddy!calum because he would literally be so adorable so my apologies if this isn’t what you were looking for!

“Whoa,” you look up from your magazine when you hear Calum, tilting your head back to look up at him where he’s standing behind the couch.

“What?” your brow furrows, watching his adam’s apple bob as he swallows, his eyes still cloudy with sleep as he holds his first three cups of coffee.

“You,” he slowly rounds the couch, licking his bottom lip, “I mean, your- that’s a baby.”

You chuckle, looking down at your stomach, the baby that’s been growing inside you for months finally deciding to make an appearance in the form of a bump between your hips, “uh, yeah,” you smile up at him as you smooth a hand over the bump, “where have you been?”

He shakes his head, staring at your belly in awe as he sits on the edge of the couch, setting his mug down on the coffee table, “that wasn’t there yesterday,” he says, finally looking up at you, cocking his head to the side like a puppy, “was it?”

You don’t respond as he pushes up his shirt you’re wearing, his breath leaving in a huff when he gets his first real look at your belly, “you know it’s only going to get bigger,” you murmur, suddenly self conscious- you can’t tell what he’s thinking and it’s making your insecurities rise.

He presses one large hand to your skin right where it’s curved the most and his lips part on a breath, his eyes finding yours, “that’s our baby,” he murmurs, and the awe in his voice makes your heart lurch in your chest and all your insecurities disappear, the crazy hormones coursing through you making tears spring to your eyes.

“Yeah,” you manage to gather enough oxygen for the single word, but it’s leaving your lungs a second later when his lips break into a grin before he’s leaning forward to capture your lips in a deep, slow kiss, his hand gentle against your stomach.

It doesn’t take him long to forget his coffee and instead settle on his stomach between your legs, laying his head on your thigh as he gazes at your baby bump, the rough pads of his fingertips tracing circles on your skin as he has a quiet, one sided conversation with your baby. He falls asleep like that, hand on your belly, promises of love and happiness on his lips and you just watch him, your fingers running through his hair as you ask yourself for probably the millionth time since you’ve been together how you got so lucky.