When they’re having twins.

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Minseok sits in the waiting room, tapping his foot impatiently. You wanted to surprise him with the sex of the baby, and told him to stay outside while you got your ultrasound done. When you finally come out, he stands up, looking at you expectantly.


“Girl,” you say, hesitantly.

Minseok smiles and envelops you in a warm hug.

“…both of them,” you mumble.

He pulls back, looking shocked. For a second, he just stares at you. Then, he laughs and hugs you even tighter.

“Yes! We’re having twins!”


Junmyeon skims the morning paper, as you sit across from him, fiddling nervously with your engagement ring.

“Y/N, what’s wrong?” he asks, taking a sip of his coffee.

“Hm?” you jerk your head up in surprise. “Oh, nothing.”

He raises a brow at you, and you sigh.

“How many kids do you want, Junmyeon?”

“Two,” he replies, briskly.

“How do you feel about having both at the same time?”

He looks confused for a moment. Then his open mouth turns into a grin, and he laughs, incredulous.

“Are you serious!? I-I have to call the members! I have to call my parents!”


“Really!? We’re having twins!?” Yixing says, his voice high with emotion.

You nod, smiling.

“What are they, boys or girls? Or both?” he asks, his eyes wide.

Before you can reply, he speaks again.

“Wait, no! Don’t tell me. I want it to be a surprise.”

He lifts you up in his arms and twirls you around, kissing you deeply. It’s not long before you have to move things to the bedroom.


“Well, of course we’re having twins,” Baekhyun says with a cocky grin.

Your doctor gives him an impassive look, and glances at you. You shake your head silently, signalling her not to say anything. You’ll hit him with the facts tomorrow. Let’s let Baekhyun believe this was all thanks to his super-sperm, just for today. 


“I’m pregnant…with twins,” you say.

The guys erupt in cheers and Jongdae breaks into a smile, looking down at his lap.

“Aw, what’s this,” Tao teases, trying to look at Jongdae’s face. “Are you crying, hyung?”

“No, I’m not crying,” he scowls, punching Tao in the arm.

The guys huddle around in a circle and begin a heated discussion about baby names. You watch as Jongdae turns away and wipes at his eyes when he thinks nobody’s looking.


“I’m practicing how to be a father,” Chanyeol boasts, when you ask him what the hell he’s doing. “I think we’d all agree, Sehunnie is equal to two babies.” 


“Kyungsoo, say something,” Suho urges.

But Kyungsoo just keeps smiling. All the lyrics and cheesy dialogue he’s ever memorized, gone. He can’t think of a single thing to say. No words can describe how happy he is right now. 

When you’re both alone tonight, he’ll sing you to sleep.

“It’s practice,” he’ll say. 


Tao doesn’t try to hide his tears. He cries for a long time, sobbing into your shoulder about how happy he is, how thankful, and how much he loves you.

It’s so sweet, you almost forget about how resistant he was when you first told him you were pregnant. Almost…

“Baobei, you’re not going to forget about me when the babies come, are you?” he asks, crying harder.

Congratulations, you’re having triplets.


“Just two?” Kai pouts jokingly, wrapping his arms around you. “But I have so much love to give, jagi. Let’s try for quadruplets next time, yeah?”


The guys all crowd around Sehun, smothering him with hugs…and kisses. Yixing and Baekhyun need to be kept an eye on, you mentally note to yourself.

“Hey, I’m the one that has to carry them for nine months!” you whine, effectively removing the group from Sehun and leading them to smother you instead.

Usually, Sehun would protest, but he’s too happy to be a brat today. He’s going to be a father…to two boys. The more he thinks about it, the more he smiles.

The proposal-Jack Johnson imagine

; just something quick. I based it off of a video i saw on facebook, so i hope you all enjoy. again, requests are welcome! ;

I was just finishing up my make up when I heard a knock on the bathroom door. I turned to see my boyfriend of 3 years standing there, looking handsome as ever in a pair of dark wash jeans and a white button up shirt. “You look gorgeous, baby” he said, smiling at me. I returned the smile and walked to him, giving him a quick peck. “You don’t look too bad yourself, Johnson” My compliment made his face flush, and he looked away. I giggled at his reaction and walked back to the mirror to add the finishing touches.

“We’re going to be leaving soon. Shawn wants us there around 10” Jack told me before leaving the bathroom. Our friend Shawn was filming a new music video and had asked Jack and I to be the starring couple. My excitement was growing as I thought about people around the world seeing us in Shawn’s music video; it was going to be incredible. I took a step back from the mirror to admire myself. I had loosely curled my hair and done my makeup naturally, just a simple v-neck on and a pair of jeans, not worrying about my wardrobe since they would supply us with outfits on set. I quickly got my purse and phone and went downstairs to meet up with jack.

After about a half hour drive, we pulled up to the set. Shawn was there to greet us, giving each of us a hug before taking us into the trailer to change our clothes. I was given a solid black tank top paired with a fuller, flowered skirt which hit about mid thigh.They paired it with a cute leather jacket and a pair of black high heeled ankle boots. Jack was wearing his same dark wash jeans, but he was now wearing an emerald green v-neck, which looked gorgeous with his hair and eyes. It was amazing the effect this boy had on me by just looking at him.

“Now Jack, Y/N, this song is the story of a couple and their relationship, from the time they met to when they get married. We’re gonna be doing shots in different locations around here, with the last one being in the café down the street. All I want is for you guys to be yourself, okay?” Shawn explained to us. We both nodded, and jack laced his hand in mine as we walked to our first location.

It was now 6 pm, and we were about to shoot the last scene in the café. Jack and I walked in, and I was surprised to see all familiar faces sitting in the café. I looked around and saw Jack G, Nate, Sam, Nash, Cameron, and Matt, all of our friends. I gave Jack a confused look and he just shrugged.

The director of the video came up to us and led us to our table in the middle of the place. We each took a seat and looked up at the director as he told us to just act natural, have a conversation, whatever. Shawn was going to be performing in the corner. Shawn started playing, and Jack looked at me.

“Y/N, you know I love you, right?” He said. I was confused by his sudden statement.

“Of course, Jack. And I love you” I replied. I was extremely confused as to where this was going.

“Well, Y/N, I just wanted to tell you that these past 3 years with you have been nothing short of incredible. From the late night in-n-out runs to early morning coffee runs, I wouldn’t want to do any of that with anyone else. You are the greatest person to have walked into my life, and I know I wouldn’t be half the person I am today if it weren’t for you. You support me with all of my decisions, and I couldn’t thank you enough for everything you’ve done. You’re the first thing on my mind when I wake up, and the last thing I think about when I go to sleep. You inspire me to be a better person, and you bring out the best in me. The only thing that would make me happier is if you did me the honor of taking my last name.”

Jack got up out of his chair, grabbing a small box out of his back pocket, and knelt on one knee if front of me. The tears were streaming down my face at this point, and I noticed tears in his eyes as well.

“Y/N Y/L/N, will you marry me?”

I looked at him in shock, absolute shock. A smile grew on my face as I held out my left hand, shaking my head yes, knowing I couldn’t quite form words right now. He slipped the simple, but beautiful, engagement ring on my hand and pulled me closer to him, kissing me with such passion and fire, I forgot everyone else was there until I heard all the clapping and yelling. I pulled away from him and looked around. Everyone who was there was now standing and clapping for us, and I noticed that both mine and Jack’s families were there. I ran up to my parents and hugged them, both of them congratulating me.

“How did you guys know?” I asked them, pulling away.

“Jack has had this planned for months now, honey. He knew that you didn’t like the idea of a stereotypical engagement, so he came up with the idea of disguising it as a music video” my mom explained to me. I felt two arms snake around my waist and a kiss placed on my cheek.

“Welcome to the family, son” my dad said to Jack, shaking his hand before him and my mom walked away. I turned in Jack’s arms so I was facing him.

“God, I can’t wait to call you Mrs. Johnson” He said in a low voice before placing a small but powerful kiss on my lips. 

*sweats nervously*

AN: I am a Fluff Fairy not an Angst Angel. I am not. I promise to stay a FF.

Pairing: SasuHina
Rating: T


Late morning rolled around and so did Hinata. Deep, dark eyes stared at her, ebony tresses fell over them carelessly. She was hesitant to reach out to him. He might vanish. “Why are you here?” She whispered, propping up on an elbow. He just smirked.

She wanted him here, yes?

The Uchiha stood as she started getting dressed and he proceeded to walk out the door. Hinata sighed softly and went to check on their son. Sasuke was standing over the crib. “He looks like me more and more each day,” said Sasuke.

Hinata nodded. “He does. He’s beautiful, no?”

The baby looked up at his mother with a toothless grin and he squirmed and lifted his arms. Hinata picked him up and bounced him on her hip.

“You’re tired,” said Sasuke.

Hinata shrugged and pulled out some clothes for Daisuke. “I’m always tired.”

“No,” he started. “You’re really tired. You’ll end up killing yourself this way.”

Hinata didn’t reply as she dressed up her boy. She cooed him into his carrier and closed the door behind her. Sasuke walked silently next to her. The civilians watched Hinata closely. She wondered if she looked that tired.

Daisuke had fallen asleep before reaching their destination. “Hyuuga,” said Sasuke.

“No,” snapped Hinata. Opal eyes drifted to the name craved into stone. Her fingers ran over the lettering.

A Hero and a Husband.

“And a father,” whispered Hinata. She took Daisuke into her arms and held him close. “You’re not the last Uchiha anymore, Sasuke…”

“Hyuuga…” Still with the nickname.

Hinata closed her eyes. “I don’t want to see your ghost or…or whatever jutsu you placed on me. I would like to move on…I have to.”

Sasuke knelt down before her. “Are you sure?”

She nodded, heated tears fell from her face without her knowledge. “P-please… Daisuke needs me to be strong.”

Sasuke placed a hand on her shoulder. “I need for you to be strong.”

She felt Daisuke’s grip on her finger tightened. He was waking up. “I will…”

Sasuke stood after watching his little boy. “I love you, you know? That’s why I protected you both.”

She looked up at him. “I…I know.” She smiled at the giggling boy. “I…we love you too.”

“Very well…” He clasped his hands together and slowly vanished.

Hinata looked at her husband’s grave. “Don’t worry about us.” She pressed her hand to her lip and placed it over the Uchiha Crest. She picked up her son and smiled as the wind blew. “Tell nii-san the same thing…”

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We get that you already have a metal arm, but what are you going to do about the metal leg? :o

“Allllready ahead of ya~” He reached over patted around under the bed for what he was looking for- and blatantly lifted a metal leg in the works and waved it in the air. “I’m gonna chop off my leg and install this baby, then I’ll be allll good to go~”

He snorted and put it down on his lap. “Nah, I’m joking. I’m gonna be wearing pants, so there’s no need to show off the leg.” He looked down at the metal leg, the one someone from a car crash is willing to pay alot for it’s build- but honestly Arthur just wants to help him stand back up and continue on with life. 

With a hum, he got out of bed and moved over to his desk, sitting down and putting the leg on the table. His hospital took away days where he should’ve been working. Well, guess that means it’s time to get back on track!

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“She likes you better than me…” Anya to Zach

“Oh, come on, that isn’t true…” Zach laughed and rolled his eyes. They both looked down at Briella, who had just learned to stand on her own, and found their daughter staring up at him with adoration in her eyes. “Okay, well, it’s only because I sneak her snacks when you aren’t looking.” Zach laughed and scooped the baby up. He kissed Anya’s cheek and shrugged “Sorry, babe, you know I like being everyone’s favorite.” 

For those who are fond of dogs...

On Blurr’s movie night the subject of saints was briefly brought up, and since Cujo was playing, it made me think of St. Guinefort. This wiki page does not tell the story as interestingly as did my Anthrozology professor, but it is still a cool story! For those that don’t want to read the whole thing (it’s really short and you should!) I’ll sum it up in the paragraph below. (The way i remember it vs wiki differ a little, but point stands)

A Knight entrusted his dog to look over his infant while he was away. Upon returning the dog greeted him at the door with bloody feet, seeing a bloodied baby and dog, the Knight killed the dog. When the Knight inspected the infant’s bed he saw a dead viper. The knight, realizing his mistaken assumption buried the dog in a well and made a shine. The dog became St. Guinefort and looks over children.  


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The most awkward think about him pushing the pram is the angle this pics was taken from - the only angle from which the inside of pram is not visible - pictures from behind, from sides etc, could reveal the baby. Also someone is standing in the window casually and BC has this weird feeling so he looks up if that someone is not takong pic of him and his baby and boom they really do.. well no, I don't think so. I don't know if he has or hasn't baby inside but the pics looks a lot like staged.

To me, I still believe someone called BC, caught his attention and the graces of the iphone god smiled down at her and didn’t make her camera app take forever to get it’s shit together.

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*I get out and start to take our bags from the back of the truck* *Oddball keeps wagging his tail and barks more* *Ciara smiles big* How was the flight? *Oddball runs out the door and down towards the truck* - Bruno

*I look at G and point out the door* Go get Bruno go get him *I stand up and look at Xavier* It was alright *I start to tear up* Hey baby boy *I reach out for him*