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On a scale of 1-10, how excited were *you* to know Kruger is 'The Owl'? Who is Kruger anyway? It's pretty random, don't you think? Like something Isayama pulled out of his ass (Of course, nothing is random. Everything in his story is planned carefully)


In chapter 86 I was on the fence about Kruger. Sure he was handsome and looked a bit like Erwin, but I couldn’t be sure whether he was good or evil. By keeping young Grisha from going after Fay, it seemed possible he trying to protect him, but there was no way of knowing for certain. Now we know.

Pushing Sergeant Major Gross off the wall

tossing his hat and identifying himself as the Owl

transforming into a titan

and taking down the Eldian military

was basically the hottest greatest thing since Erwin smugly stared down the Armored Titan. Or maybe since Erwin freed Eren from Berthold. Or maybe since Erwin took down a corrupt government. You get the idea. 

What can I say? I have a type. And that nose is 100% my type. Erwin will always and forever be my #1 favorite anime husbando of all time, but I’ll probably be adding an “owltaku” ( krutaku?) tag to my shiplist XD