It is rumored that The Hilltop is being built. If it is then I am SO beyond excited to see the finished result! The Hilltop is my favorite location in TWD. It looks then coolest to me, it’s the richest community in terms of food and other resources, and of course… Jesus! I can’t wait to see him drop kicking empties on screen since he’s obviously my all time FAVORITE character in the comics and soon the show as well. He’s so badass! … Also that means Negan isn’t that far away either! Man, I can’t wait any longer!

I need to talk about this very important manga page for a moment

first of all - bokutos back. look at him. look at these shoulders.

secondly - TEAM BONDING

look at yaku and suga having their mom talk and ASAHI SMILING LOOK HOW COMFORTABLE HE LOOKS

tiny hinata next to tiny kenma waiting for their food or drinks together with lev and probably being best friends forever???

and then the captain dads having their super serious dad talk and omg look how badass kuroo is like HONESTLY serious kuroo dadsurou is so important

and then there’s flustered komi. precious “omg a manager girl is talking to me” komi haruki. pls love him. (update: might be tora not komi, but I’m not sure about that)

I love this page

anonymous asked:

My theory is that P5 Protag had something horrible happen to him and trusted some authority to get justice, but it didn't work out, so now he rebels against authority. (since he is living with his parents' friends, I'm guessing his parents got murdered or something idk)

I agree with you anon, I’ve been thinking something along the same lines. His parents (or another relative) also could have been soldiers/field journalists/officers/detectives/attorneys etc which would explain why he highly valued the notion of morals and justice. Seeing them being killed even though they were doing what they loved most would make anyone bitter.

Whatever happens must have been really bad to make him snap like this. I mean sure, the characters look badass and all in the trailers but gods, they seem to be suffering so much… *glances at protag and Ryuji* I’m concerned about those poor souls.

j4ck--fr0st asked:

What are you looking forward to for season 5?


Scott McCall and Malia tate



Malia tate’s story line and development.

Lydia being a badass with her powers, but god if they kill her off I’mma be pissed tbh.

The trio (Malia, Kira, and Lydia) getting closer.

Brett Talbot coming back

Theo, curious as hell about him. Cody C. is hella adorable on twitter and instagram!

Pissed off anti scott fans.

Pissed off anti Malia fans.

bring it tbh!

Not looking forward to all off the destructiveness and misogyny so heavily dominant in the fandom. 

So much.

I’m ready, but I’m not.

Because Scott, Malia, Stalia, braeden, and Kira will be getting a lot of hate. I’m not here for that bullshit!

Not here for people turning away from Scott McCall.

prince-leorio asked:

Hi! Do you ever think about Sousuke like being one of those people who's mastered doing things completely straight faced? People see him like, "Dang that guy is so focused!", and really he's just looking up about 500 vines on puppies yawning and or walking for the first time and Rin is the only one looking at him and being able to realize all the little things that prove otherwise? ("He crinkled his nose, he's trying not to go aww! Be strong, Sou!")


Everyone thinks he’s so cool and badass and so focused, wow, he’s probably reading a serious novel on something that matter but really he’s just 

*watching a bunch of vine videos of new born pups*

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Ryan's constant "awww's" towards ashley and meg make my heart melt, like i was listening to one of the patch's where ashley was upset by a game and ryan was super sympathetic and making sure she was okay and i feel like he does that a lot with everyone and dear lord just give me all the ryan being super caring and looking after everyone (but especially with meg cus like c'mon, we both lap up that cute shit when it comes to turnhay) #haywood4life~ #turnhay4life~

I KNOW. ryan is so sweet and just super caring with everyone and that really fucks me up??? especially b/c the fandom constantly makes him out to be this super tough, really dark, dangerous badass or something and i’m just so not about that, tbh. b/c ryan is a huge fumbling nerd who is only ever tough when he’s pretending to be and there is not a dangerous bone in his body lbr. he couldn’t hurt a fly and if he did it’d be on accident and he’d apologize profusely afterwards.

omg!!! Steven is a badass!

look at his face! he looks ready to kill yo! and them movements with his shield!!! omg omg omg *dies of happiness* I’m so glad he can actually fight now!! eeeeeee! Please make this little gem child strong and awesome!

in other news…. why does pearl keep doing that!? she keeps thinking of Steven as his mother and that is not fair to him considering he’s a completely different person. that’s like saying “you should get straight A’s just like your brother/sister”, don’t do that pearl. you’re not being a cool birb mom when you do that!


The new “rules” can be found here

Tagging anyone that wants to do this 

Who is your ultimate bias and WHY
Okay so it’s Kwon Jiyong because he’s such an amazing, talented, and hardworking person. Not to mention he’s hella good looking (-: And this is my short answer bc otherwise I’d type up a whole novel with each chapter being a reason why I love him so much

What is your favorite anime (or favorites bc it is hard picking just one I know)
I really love Fairy Tail (but the anime sucks now lol just keeping up with the manga), Tokyo Ghoul (never seen anything like it I love the concept, second season is a bit meh I’d recommend the manga instead), Cardcaptor Sakura was my childhood favorite bc well.. I thought she was pretty badass yet cute af in her costumes going off to battle monsters and KERO WAS SO CUTE BUT THE WHOLE ANIME WAS ALSO SO SAD UGH, Kaichou Wa Maid Sama bc I’m a sucker for cliche school life animes smh, Clannad/Clannad Afterstory bc it was so, so, so sad and taught me so much about life (has a special place in my heart for making me use up 2 boxes of tissues and watching the whole series in a mere 2-3 days), and the last one I’m going to mention is Angel Beats! The concept of afterlife is pretty different than what I imagined at first and the plot in general is pretty good. I have soooo much more tbh but I don’t think you guys wanna hear them LOL. 

One of your favorite posts on Tumblr of all times??
Here, have some GDYB

What is something you like about yourself?
I like my singing <: 

What is a food you’d recommend to me ; A ; -I’m a fattie-

What song are you listening to RIGHT NOW 
Eyes, Nose, Lips by Taeyang~

Top 5 friends you’ve made through Tumblr?
CAN I TAKE BACK MY OWN QUESTION BC HOW CAN I PICK JUST MY TOP 5????? I’ve met so many amazing individuals on here tbh but I’d have to say orange-unnie daljiyong welike2bang nyongtories seungriseyno memoriestomelodies hobikook alittlepessimistic bc they take the time to actually talk to me and listen to my annoying rants ; A ;

What’s your favorite movie? 
Any one of the Harry Potter movies.. The Hunger Games, and idk if this count bc it’s like a Japanese animation movie but if you haven’t watched The Cat Returns go fucking watch it it’s hilarious LOL 

If you could choose which of the “BIG 3″ companies (JYP, SM, YG) to train at, which would you pick and why?
I’d say YG because first of all, I really look up to and respect all the artists that works/have worked there. Despite YG’s bullshit sometimes, I personally think that it’s better than SM in terms of friendly-ness and has that unique “family” vibe to it.

What city in Korea would you settle down at?
I’d say Seoul Q____Q..   

Are you more of a meat person/seafood person/veggie person?
I am definitely a seafood person. No meat for me, and veggies are gr0sssssss (jk but I only like certain ones)

The Secret Circle Starter Sentence Meme
  • All those moral merit badges should add up to something.
  • Oh I am so back.
  • Things will get better, I promise.
  • You're a master elder with a badass cloaking spell and you use it to hide your girly mags?
  • I guess my taste in guys has hit a new low I never imagined possible.
  • It took a curse to figure out being with him was a colossal mistake?
  • No one is dying. It's just a story your great greats told their kids so they wouldn't have sex. It's an abstinence program at work.
  • You can't live in the past. Especially when the present looks like me.
  • You just ran away from a guy who looks like someone you win in a raffle!
  • I know not everything can be perfect. But I have to believe that it can be.
  • Not all witches are created equal.
  • Some things should be done without magic.
  • Oh for God's sake, spit it out! You're a witch. You're a full-blooded, hundred percent witch. We all are. There, done.

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Have you read issue 7 of Gotham Academy? I got into the series when I found out that Damian was going to be in it. I don't want to spoil it in case you haven't read it but it was adorable to see him hang with someone that's closer to his age than the rest of the Batfamily.

Oh, I’ve seen snip-its of it on the internet where Damian has to go to school and a girl catches him practicing his moves in the garden or something and Damian is being super sloppy with who he covers up his identity. I mean, he almost calls Batman is Father.

To be honest I never had any pull to start reading it but I’ve heard great things about it. Another thing that I’ve heard that is great but doesn’t have any money to get.

Lil’ Gotham.

That’s so fucking cute but yet badass and the art is super cute. Same with Gotham Academy. Damian looks too cute in that comic.

But ya, I kind of get the information from either Tumblr, Wiki, or reading it online. But I’ve seen the pages on here. Ya, Damian needs friends his own age but isn’t Colin his age and aren’t they friends. I think they are. I’m pretty sure. I’m like 90% they’re friends.  Ya.

I wonder if Damian had any friends or any other kind of human contact when he was with his mother for all of those years?

vague-but-menacing asked:

Lol the only reason I don't talk about asoiaf is because the last time my dad mentioned the television series, I went on a tirade that lasted half an hour and my voice was at a frequency only dogs could hear. I read all the books when I was in high school and I can't believe how much the show has strayed....

I am so heated about season 5 y'all don’t even know. I think I watched like 2 eps and gave up, but I did look up the Hardholm fight becuz my baby was there and I needed to see him being a badass. I just really really hope tWoW is out before 6 because I think it’s unavoidable we’ll get spoiled from it and I wanna read it in book form dammit.


The Beast diaries

We are in the middle of NYC in a pre-Gangs of New York/pre-Copper age. An angry mob is after poor 19th century beast Alistair. He is about to get shot when Rebecca, his damsel-not-in-distress, arrives just in time to save him [Looks like being a badass runs in Catherine’s family]. In the next few scenes we get some useful information: Alistair and Rebecca were definitely a couple [so Rebecca didn’t keep Alistair as a prisoner like we were initially led to believe]. Plus there was another beast terrorizing NY back in the day and pinning his ruthless murders on Alistair. History definitely repeats itself!

Usually, I am not a big fan of the “let’s go back in time and all the characters are played by the same actors for no reason” idea. But… Kristin and Jay looked so cute… and all the 1800s images were in Cat’s mind as she read Rebecca’s journal. So, I guess it makes sense she would “imagine” Rebecca and Alistar as herself and Vincent. So yeah… I’ll accept the gimmick.



One of the most important things I’ve ever done for myself was change,changing my looks to please me.I grew up with a father who was heavily tattooed,at the age of 9 my dad started to stretch his ears and I was in love from then.For my 13th birthday he took me out and we got some crappy acrylic plugs from hot topic and I don’t think I’ve ever been as happy as I was then (besides getting my tongue split).I looked up to him my whole life because I thought “How badass is my dad being covered in tattoos and nobody else in school had a dad like that?” I literally never had a friend or saw other parents so heavily tattooed.I wanted to be just like him as I grew up.So I got my belly button pierced,then my lip,and started the stretching process.I knew I’d lose my old friends but I didn’t give a shit because I wanted to be different,I felt beautiful making these changes.Then the tattoos started at 16 and I haven’t stopped.I like it to an extent when people are put off by my looks,not many young people are,mostly adults.I think it’s hilarious because the second they talk to me I can see their thoughts begin to change.I love being different because I feel like it’s part of my responsibility to help rid the community of its stereotypes.We aren’t scum bags,we aren’t all drug addicts,we don’t all worship the devil,not everyone has a criminal past.We have families,work jobs,pay bills,have social lives,goals,things that everyone has but we just like to be unconventional.Whats wrong with that? Nothing. I think that body modification has truly helped me care less about people’s opinions.Of corse there’s parts of you that get pissed off at the glances,the pointing fingers,the dirty names,the perverts,we’re all human.We all care to an extent but it’s taught me to have tough skin.
Im beautiful,your beautiful,he’s beautiful,she’s beautiful,everyone is! No matter what.
It’s literally the most important thing in my life and although I can’t afford the best of the best,I can’t buy tattoos all the time,I can’t afford to get pierced whenever.Despite all that,it’s my everything.Its who I am.Body modification is ME and I can’t wait for the days when I can finally continue the journey and teach my kid that it’s ok to be different.“Normal” is just a word,we all have different ideas of what it looks like.

SMTM4 bits

- Team YG tried to be tough when in fact they all are just ball of fluffiness

- Verbal Jint looked like he just wants to get out that warehouse/audition site

-Loco being super giddy was super cute

-Beezino identity stealer Black Nut. He’s really something. Probably the most memorable contestant so far

-Poor Crucial Star. I actually like him singing more than rapping

-Ravi wasn’t bad, but please leave your aegyo home. This is SMTM4, not VIXX’s fan meeting. Greasy Ravioli

-Min Jae is my favorite so far. Great flow and nice enunciation. Didn’t front

-Watching Seo Chul Goo from diss god Olltii’s crew closely from now on because he’s another badass freestyle rapper

-Gram-inem killed me. Husband being her manager was adorbs

-Mino what are you doing? Dis he just quote Shinee’s Choi Minho?

Overall the premiere was fun to watch, even when I couldn’t stand some of the producers. Hopefully the skilled ones go far. Can’t wait for Double B to come back and rep team YG in the producer performance showcase.

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I've always imagined Sayo's theme song being "The rabbit has landed", Ishikirimaru's being "Legend of the great Gods", Mitsu's "Lunar clock ~ Luna dial" and Imanotsurugi's "Wind God girl".

Link to the songs for those curious or too lazy to search them


*cries* Sakuya’s theme is my fav and it would fit Mitsu perfectly that badass looking dork

imperatorkuviro asked:

If I were you I'd turn your anon's off right now, or at least be really wary of your ask box. You've managed to go this long without being spoiled about Tobi, now that you actually mentioned him I'm not sure how much longer that will last.

Since you sent me this I’m assuming Tobi is more badass than I’m imagining and it’s making me so excited to see his character more.

But I shall listen to your advice. Anons are off for now…. Then again, there could be one ballsy asshole so I just won’t look in my ask for the time being.

Hiatus round 2? Ha!

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hey! so first off i wanna say how much i love your fanfics! thanks for writing them! and i was thinking about that if shadowhunters gets an opening it would be so awesome with it would be a little bit like the teen wolf opening and in the later seasons (3 or 4) the opening will show alec kissing magnus or hugging him or something like that and then after that it will show him shooting an arrow just like allison in the season 2 opening idk i just thought that would be super cool >.<

that would be fucking cool, I’m so excited for season 1 and the opening is going to look so cool (Alec being badass with an arrow or snogging all over Magnus makes me 100x more excited)

(also tyvm for enjoying my fics, I’m rly glad u don’t hate them)

yata-badass-misaki replied to your post:why is everyone more disturbed by him being in a…

I just keep seeing a Roman toga and sandals instead of a dress so my first thought is always //oh look college frat boy//

it’s not even a dress it’s like this dank ass shirt and long cloth/skirt thing and then trousers underneath like is2g he’s hiding some sorta weapon or something