Happy New Year to all my followers

Carlos spent the whole of New Year’s Day making jokes.

“Babe, I can’t believe I haven’t shaved all year!”

“Cecil, I’m really sorry that this is the only coffee I’ve made you all year.”

“I wonder how Janice is doing… I haven’t seen her since last year!”

Cecil spent the whole day groaning. As the day drew to a close, Carlos suddenly leapt off the couch and ran towards the front door. 

“Where are you going?”, asked Cecil. 

“Ceec!”, said Carlos, looking slightly panicked. “I haven’t done any science since last year! I have to go to the lab right now!”

Post ep.98

“Honey, I heard…” Carlos swallows as he catches sight of the look on Cecil’s face. He does not like this look, it makes Cecil look thirty years older. It makes it look like Cecil is about to curl over and die. “Come here.” 

Carlos’ arms are opened, and Cecil falls into them with such heaviness that the scientist stumbles, then supports himself. “You’re not useless.” Carlos whispers into his boyfriends ear. “You are so important.” 

He’s not sure what to say past those words, having never been good at comfort or even understanding others emotions. Emotions were difficult. Emotions were not strictly logical. 

But he has his arms, and his body, which Cecil presses into needfully. Carlos hugs tighter and lets Cecil share his warmth. His shoulder becomes warm and damp as Cecil starts to empty out his grief.

The sobs are silent, deep and brief. There is a sigh, long and shaking from Cecil’s hidden face, and his hands twist into the folds of Carlos’ labcoat. There they stay. Two people, holding, sharing love, without words and without the need for distracting eye contact and formalities. 

Cecil closes his eyes and feels loved.

This is Night Vale !

Inspired by this famous song ~

HOLY HELL I JUST HEARD CECIL AND CARLOS GOT MARRIED! I haven’t listened to wtnv in a long time not because of disinterest but because I have trouble listening to podcasts without something to watch so I end up spacing out and missing the whole episode but that makes me really happy!!! 

2016 has been saved by the gays. Victor and Yuri, Tracer and Emily, Rose and Kanaya, Alex and Maggie, now Cecil and Carlos?! It’s beginning to look a lot like christmas!