So I love how there’s pretty much always that pairing trope where Person A is this happy-go-lucky, dorky, head in the clouds type person, and they are paired with Person B that rolls their eyes and smirks, and they’re all suave or sophisticated, and they’re basically the anchor that keeps Person A grounded in reality

And then you look at Cecil and Carlos and you realize

They’re BOTH dorks. They BOTH have their heads in the clouds and they’re BOTH happy silly goofy goofballs. There IS no suave, sophisticated one of the two, they’re both absolute dorks

Cecilos Headcanon Fluff

•One day Cecil and Carlos get a baby. (the helicopters deliver them and we can’t just leave it outside! Carlos. Carlos look how cute it is")

•Cecil thinks Carlos hesitated but he was just staring and his boyfriend holding a tiny human like he was pretty sure he was gonna explode

•Carlos just watches as Cecil sings this tiny human to sleep

•Carlos also doesn’t think Cecil sees it when Carlos plays music and dances with the baby and it’s adorable

•"This child is going to be a scientist" “I’m pretty sure she’s going to be a radio show host” “NO”


“Carlos it’s three am you need to sleep”


/And again I’m one episode behind… I will try to catch up!/

/Look at these dorks. Cecil came home, Carlos made some lunch, Josie came by with her friends and dropped off some bottled water and everybody play Cards in Favour Of Humanity. …Also poor  John Peter the pharmacist!/

/Ok, time to listen to new ep!/

Carlos throws the door open to their apartment so hard that the door bounces against the wall and the doorknob leaves a scuff mark.

‘Carlos, what in the–’

‘What the hell Cecil?’ Carlos’ eyes are ablaze, and Cecil is momentarily taken aback. Carlos points an accusatory finger at Cecil. ‘What the hell is this?’ Cecil opens his mouth to speak, but Carlos cuts him off. ‘You think I’m okay with hearing about this from fucking Old Woman Josie? You think that’s okay? What the fuck?’ Carlos looks quite demented, spitting out curse words with such venom that Cecil flinches. With a sudden rage Carlos starts shouting with vigor and passion in Spanish. He tears off his lab coat and storms over to where Cecil is lying on the couch, his leg propped up on a cushion, wrapped in a plaster cast.

‘Carlos, my love, please–’

Cecil is cut off again by another torrent of furious foreign words and angry gestures that become increasingly gentler as the scientist’s hands near the cast. Finally Carlos is simply muttering under his breath, checking over Cecil’s multiple wounds. His left pant-leg is rolled up to make way for the cast. There are several bandages on his arms, and there is one thick gauze bandage taped to the side of Cecil’s neck, close to his artery.

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I JUST THOUGHT OF THE BEST AU. Cecil works at a convenience store called Night Value. Every day he’s sick and tired of greeting every customer with “welcome to Night Value.” then enter Carlos. Carlos gets so flustered that he always gets the wrong thing and has to keep coming back. Cecil looks forward to meeting Carlos every day to see what he meant to buy instead of cigarettes or rice crispies. Also, Steve is Cecil’s manager and Steve let’s him not wear the uniform and allows the outlandish outfits because he’s dating Cecil’s sister.


“A home is - I mean uhh scientifically speaking, speaking from the point of view of mere facts and logic and uhm, y'know what with science and all… uhhh…. I… I-I just thought it was time for us to make a home together.”

{Look like Cecil!} {Look like Carlos!} [art by chilicurry]

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"Hey Carlos, look! I can fit almost this whole microphone in my mouth!" *makes a little bit of a show putting mostly just the tip of the head of the microphone in his mouth, then looking up innocently and winking at Carlos*

Carlos just stared at him, confused for a moment. Why the hell was Cecil putting that in his mouth? That was not a food.

But then the wink seemed to be the trapdoor into the thoughts-not-to-be-had-in-public pit. Carlos’ eyes widened and he swallowed silently, not saying a word but not looking away from Cecil either.