Ever since Condos I’ve had a mighty need for cecilos + dog.

Cecil looks like he’s saying something sweet to Carlos but he’s probably just talking shit about Steve Carlsberg’s scones or telling one of his moon jokes. He’s borrowing that nerd shirt from Carlos. lmao this started out as a First Date thing hence the furry pants but lbr he probably wears those all the time 

If Carlos emerges from the House That Doesn’t Exist all I want is for Cecil to scream and then comment on his appearance like, “His long, luscious hair is so messy, so long, is that…is that a beard? I…” And Carlos flinches, expecting him to get as angry as he did with Telly, and Cecil lets out a deep breath, saying, “I love it. Listeners, I suddenly find myself into beards. And rugged, heroic scientists that wear them.”

This is Night Vale !

Inspired by this famous song ~

masteringastronomy said: cecil playing an acoustic guitar?

“Are you ~seduced~ yet Carlos?”

“Cecil oh my god give it back stop twanging at me.”

Cecil took Carlos’ guitar and is trying to serenade him with his lovely twangs 

Also I changed up Carlos a lot and now he looks really young? Anyway I imagine he has more than one pair of big dorky glasses, in several colors and shapes (though most of them are thick rimmed and square)

also close-up so you can see dimples and freckles (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)

okay but think about this.

Trans Carlos taking a job way far out in this town he’s never heard of because there nobody knows who he used to be. Then he gets there and some guy on the radio is talking about him so he assumes Cecil is making fun of him for still looking kinda-feminine, so Carlos goes out and gets a haircut to look ‘like a boy’ because he can’t handle being harassed in this town. Then he realizes that Cecil really meant it and they actually slowly awkwardly fall in love.

Anyways yeah I think about trans Carlos a lot.