'I'm fairly sure tattoos aren't supposed to move like that.'

but Cecil isn’t listening because Cecil is too busy admiring Carlos’s utterly perfect everything


“‘If you want,’ He said, ‘We can do some tests on the trees. I’ve been meaning to do some scientific tests on the trees. They seem normal, but given all that I’ve observed in this town, it is a significant chance that they are not.’
Well, of course I could not pass up the opportunity to perform real science side by side with my Carlos. And so we approached the nearest tree, an old sagging thing, and began to perform tests: The nature and purpose of which I am not remotely qualified to describe.”

UHHH uhhh here is a thing i made

Haha um I love Carlos so much; who does experiments in the middle of a date omg what a big ol DORK

Well anyway if you couldn’t tell because I drew it shitty, in the first pics that thing on the left is part of a tree and Carlos is holding a stethoscope 
(Not to worry, I got a 4 on my ap bio exam I’m pretty much a biologist and I can assure you checking trees for pulses is just a basic step of the scientific method)


They were beautiful in the hushed twilight, shimmering in a night sky already coming alive with bits of the universe. 

We understand so much.  But the sky behind those lights - mostly void, partially stars? That sky reminds us we don’t understand even more. 

uhgh have this dumb embarrassing thing that I drew because I was so ridiculously happy about these two :’)

in other words, forehead touches make me highly emotional


And no, it wasn’t Larry Leroy out on the edge of town, but thank you, intern Dana, eternally trapped in the dog park, for texting in that incorrect guess. (How are you even hearing this?) I see one of those bags of Doritos must have made it your way since your typos have stopped, or perhaps one of the mysterious hooded figures has stolen your phone and/or soul. Either way, thanks for listening!

And now: the weather.

((I DON’T KNOW WHAT THIS IS. I was trying to go to sleep and rolled over and emailed it to myself. Also I have a tendency to be senile and get canon things wrong so apologies in advance. Except you already read it, so not so much in advance, I guess.))

Ever since Condos I’ve had a mighty need for cecilos + dog.

Cecil looks like he’s saying something sweet to Carlos but he’s probably just talking shit about Steve Carlsberg’s scones or telling one of his moon jokes. He’s borrowing that nerd shirt from Carlos. lmao this started out as a First Date thing hence the furry pants but lbr he probably wears those all the time 


If Carlos emerges from the House That Doesn’t Exist all I want is for Cecil to scream and then comment on his appearance like, “His long, luscious hair is so messy, so long, is that…is that a beard? I…” And Carlos flinches, expecting him to get as angry as he did with Telly, and Cecil lets out a deep breath, saying, “I love it. Listeners, I suddenly find myself into beards. And rugged, heroic scientists that wear them.”