Alicia did her best to smile, and she swiped her hand over her forehead.  Part of her wished she had a few mintues to throw on some make-up, but part of her just didn’t give a shit.  She just spent sixteen hours in unmedicated labour.  She has twenty-eight stitches in places she doesn’t want to think about because her seven pound bundle of joy has the biggest head she’s ever seen on a newborn.

Frankly after all that, she’s allowed to look a little bit like a bed-goblin.

Her hair’s in a plait, with strands all over the place, and she hasn’t showered since the day before she pushed this boy out of her body, and she thinks she smells like a mixture of milk and whatever spray they used to sanitise the rooms.

With a sigh, Alicia glanced over at her husband’s teammates, who are like family.  The boys and their wives–a couple girlfriends here and there.  They were cooing over Jack, “Not Jacques, eh?” and fiddling with the light green baby toque pulled over his thatch of black hair.

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I don’t care if people insist “shyness isn’t cute”, it is so friggin adorable

I love the blushing

I love the giggling

I love the beads of sweat forming on someone’s forehead

I love the way their eyes travel around the room, desperately looking for something else to focus on

I love the uncontrollable smiling and the way they shield their pearly whites with their sweater’s sleeve

If someone doesn’t like their shyness, I will absolutely love it for them ♡

Dating Michael would include:

- “Can you stop poking my boobs?”
- “But they’re squishy”
- Lot’s of ass grabbing
- Him trying to teach you guitar
- Him giving up
- “Maybe I should ask Luke to teach me.”
- Him trying to teach you again bc he’s jealous
- Forehead kisses and bear hugs
- “Omg you look awful”
- Play fighting
- “Being a rockstar isn’t easy let me sleep”
- “No Michael I wont dye my hair.”
- Lots of whining
- Sex all the time
- cuddles
-“ I love you.”
- “Are you sure it’s not my killer ass you love?”
- “That too”

Where can I buy myself a Michael

Headcanon that Tim Drake can get so tired at times to the point where he just passes out in random places. He rarely gets more than half an hour per night, so this has become increasingly normal. Like Dick goes into the cave to train to find Tim sprawled out in the middle of the floor and just walks right past him. Or Cass will be looking for something in the closet and sees Timmy curled up and snoring on a shelf. Whenever Damian or Jason find him napping, they never hesitate to draw a mustache or even write things on his forehead like “Red Hood was here” or “Get some sleep, loser”. But the best is when he’s with the Titans. He’ll be dead on his feet all day, and then suddenly during a meeting that he initiated, he just passes out mid-sentence. And everyone’s like “omg what just happened”, except for Kon and Bart who’re just like “nah it’s fine he just gets sleepy sometimes”. And then they just leave him like that, curled up in a ball on the floor like a cat. Honestly, this kid is just such a mess.

dating jungkook

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so tia @park-jimeme and i were talking about this a while a go and i literally havent been able to stop thinking about it so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ this and like 4 other similar ones happened lmao enjoy 

  • actually kisses everywhere
  • ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)  ayyyy
  • hed do a back hug for the first time and he wouldnt let go for so long and youre like “jungkook i love this but like let go now pls” AND HE CANT BC HES FROZEN HES SO EMBARRASSED
  • “omg kookie youre so fucking cute”
  • “im not cute im super manly”
  • “my cute lil muffin”
  • hed get flustered so easy omgomgomg
  • anime marathons
  • *ugly anime character comes on screen* "look thats you”
  • singing all the time
  • its literally never ever quiet theres always music playing
  • trying to out-compliment each other
  • “youre cute”
  • “youre cuter”
  • falling asleep together would be so nice and warm and snuggly but waking up would be hell - hair is everywhere, youve been smothered into a pillow, his hand is on your titty, your legs are impossibly tangled, youve kneed him in the dick like 4 times
  • hed take photos of you all the time
  • he would be so so protective of you like he wouldnt let you fucking do anything bc he doesnt want you to get hurt 
  • if you cry he cries tbh
  • “hey look at this meme”
  • you had to find a new place together pretty early on bc you two are not v quiet when it came to the sex
  • speaking of sex it would be GREAT
  • WOW
  • like i cant decide if it would be really gentle and slow and lovely and MMMMMMMMM or if itd be really rough and hard and you bend over to get a spoon you drooped and whoop hes fucking you on the kitchen counter or maybe both???? either way its gonna be fucking incredible
  • late night serious conversations that literally go all night
  • this lil bean would brag about you to everyone
  • you would be his whole world tbh he would be so so in awe of you and everything you do and hed just ’?????? wow how did i get this girl’ and hed make you feel so special and nice and warm and fuzzy and youd do the happy leg kicky thing like at least 14 times a day bc wow this boy

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top 9 twitter pictures of jungkook please? i'm feeling even more kookie biased than usual hELP PLS THANK YOU

Why 9 when you can have 10, anon?

Top 10 Jungkook Twitter Pictures 2015

1. Bow tie x Glasses x Suit Jungkook slaying everyone’s Halloween.

2. Because I ship Jungkook with that white shirt more than JiKook.

3. Officer Jeon Jungkook to steal your mind, sleep, heart, breath, not to mention sanity.

4. Because Jungkook in a suit has me in tears and that cute grin thing agh

5. Because forehead Jungkook is the best thing that has ever happened to ARMY.

6. Because you’re hiding Jimin’s jams and you have nowhere left to run.

7. Because I can’t believe blond Jungkook x adorable red beanie came and went that fast, I’m not over it and those lips omg just him 

8. Jeon Jungkook aka the jock basketball player who will crush your feels.

9. Because he looks so adorable, all you wanna do is take his other earplug and lay in bed listening to music you don’t understand with him all day.

10. Because I’m trash for athlete runner Jungkook.

Bonus : TaeKook that slays my heart and Jungkook is winking does he know that’s illegal??

I’ve realized that Jeon Jungkook is officially BTS’ selca heartbreaker along with a certain Kim Taehyung.

Yoongi ver. Namjoon ver. Hoseok ver

If a dude ever says “what’s wrong? On your period?”, I do wonder what he would do if you stuck your hand into your knickers and brought out your fingers all bloody and went “OMG YOU’RE RIGHT!”

If they freak out at a mention of it (except when they’re being derogatory about your personality), imagine the looks on their wee faces if you went “SIMBA!” and reached for their forehead…

i hate when people point out my acne

you know when someone goes “oh man thats a big pimple” “omg her acne is really bad” “your acnes gotten worse” “you should put medicine on that” “maybe you should wash your face more” “you’d be a lot prettier without all those pimples”


you honestly think that i didnt look in the fucking mirror today and see the gigantic bump right in between my eyebrows? or the small tiny pimples over my forehead? BC I FUCKING DID

stop pointing out obvious shit and understand that MAYBE i am a god damn teenager with acne in my genes

don’t tell me to wash my face because i already fucking do dumbass i probably take better care of my skin than you do but guess what


because why????????

GENES and oh yeah i’m a fucking TEENAGER

get that through your thick skull you insensitive asshole and shut the fuck up

EXO reaction to them not wanting to wake you up cause you haven't slept good in a while

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*Trying so hard to not wake you up* “She is… drooling… omg she just moaned my name… no wonder why she is still sleeping”


*Is about to wake you up but has second thoughts* “Maybe I’ll let her sleep some more… stay all day in bed… yeah~”


*Stays next to you all morning just thinking how much he loves you* “Nothing like.. having your girl in your arms..” *Forehead kisses here and then*


*Definitely taking pictures of you and him in bed* “I’ll show her later.. we look so cute..that’s my angle! Say whiskey… oh you are asleep… right”


*Don’t worry he won’t wake up until you wake him up*


*Doesn’t want to move* “Did she just… got on top of me… jagi even in dreams. Where are you touching” *Awkward giggle*


*Starts to get sleepy again* “If I don’t wake her up… I might fall asleep again.. let’s sleep” *Squishy Baek*


*Probably he is the one who doesn’t has enough rest because he works too hard for his baobei*


*Tries to make your breakfast* “Maybe… I’ll do this again… yes… that way she’ll have more time to sleep…” 


“I’ll go back to sleep… she needs rest..” *Cuddles you until you finally wake up*


*Doesn't move an inch because is scared of waking you up with any movements* “I need to scratch my nose…. damn”


*Can’t stop watching you sleep* “This must be real love… her hair is a mess and she still looks beautiful” *His intense stare kind of wakes you up*

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OMFG MIGHT BE A FLASHBACK SCENE CAUSE MARGOT LOOKS VERY HARLEEN HERE BUT JARED OMG LOOKS PERFECT! Seriously his looks, his smile, the insanity is all there and i think the tattoos are there too, the damaged one might still be on the forehead (cant make it out) but it doesn’t bother me as much now, very excited for this, we already have a kiss and a slap, Harleen flashback (maybe) and Jared going psycho with a crazy hair flick, whats not to like, CANNOT WAIT!!!

Imagine Michael jumping on you wanting to cuddle you bc you’re wearing a cute Stitch or Pikachu Kigurumi and you be all like “omg Michael stop it” and he’d be like “Y/N you look unbelievably cute in this” and he’d kiss you on your forehead anD I HATE MYSELF FOR THIS


I know everybody’s probably getting pretty tired of all of the Snow White and The Witch posts but…

My grandparents came round to my house with this very special package!! OMG SNOW WHITE IS SO MUCH MORE GORGEOUS IN REAL LIFE! AND THE WITCH IS SO INCREDIBLY WICKED LOOKING! Seriously, the stock photos do these beauties absolutely no justice at all, they’re definitely one of my favourite designer sets. Snow Whites face is so sweet and innocent and the way that they’re interacting in the box is breathtaking. Plus, Snow White doesn’t have messy hair or backwards feet, and the hag doesn’t have red dye on her forehead! So all my worst fears didn’t come true! They’re number 5,833 out of 6,000!