Passion comes easily to an Aries Venus, so does love and attraction. Although when in love Aries Venuses can need a lot of attention and passion towards them, they are also able to give a lot of attention and passion. But they do have a problem of taking more than they give. When you want to think of how an Aries Venus wants to be treated, just imagine Rihanna’s song (she’s an Aries Venus btw) “Only Girl (In The World).” They want to be treated like the most important person in the world, quite similarly to Leo Venuses tbh. They also tend to like those who aren’t too clingy, or those who play hard-to-get. They are generally much more up for the chase than the actual relationship, although they like being the one being chased just as much as being the one doing the chasing. But if you end up lucky enough to catch yourself an Aries Venus they can be very loving. 

Aries is can express themselves a lot physically, so it wouldn’t be a surprise if an Aries Venus kind of take the authority in the relationship in that way. Honestly, Aries Venus being a cardinal Venus often kind of have the most control over the relationship. They get their way. They either jump right into love or try their hardest to fight it off. Aries being ruled by mars makes this placement not only most passionate physically, but it makes their love easy to uhh… arouse you? They may also be very easily aroused themselves. 

They have a lot of energy to put into love, but they don’t want that energy to go to waste so they won’t go around dating people just for the hell of it like a Libra Venus. They honestly do it for love… well, and attention lol. When it comes to expressing their love through words they find it hard… they both prefer to show and receive love through actions. Not particularly grand gestures of affection, but showing love through smaller actions. 

If an Aries Venus chooses to leave you, it can be done way too impulsively. Meaning it could end up being at either the best time or the absolute worst possible time. Honestly, this is the point at which their truly selfish side of love shows. They can turn cold and uncaring. 

Venus can also influence our own personal taste in style a bit, and I personally see Aries Venus as the type to wear a lot of black and red. They may do very impulsive things when it comes to their appearance, like going out and impulse buying a ton of clothes of a different style than their usual, or getting a completely new haircut out of nowhere. They do this in part because of their impulsivity, but also because they like to set trends. When it comes to art Aries Venuses tend to enjoy art with a lot of color. They also may like very avant-garde art pieces. 

  • Jason: Oh, feelings? Yeah, I don't have those anymore.
  • Tim: What?! You can't just do that! What's the point in living if you can't feel happiness? Wonder? Love?
  • Jason: Or the sweet taste of revenge! You're right, Tim! What's the point in living if I can't enjoy such simple things?
  • Tim: Eh... close enough.

If you want Rey Random,

  • Don’t make her live on a sand planet
  • Don’t make the Skywalker lightsaber call to her.
  • Don’t give her shots that perfectly parallels Luke Skywalker (and some, Anakin Skywalker)
  • Don’t make her see visions and hear things that are centered around Luke Skywalker and his mentors.
  • Don’t have her close to crying as she meets Luke Skywalker 
  • Don’t have him close to crying as he sees her
  • Don’t make her dream about an island because that’s where Luke just happens to be on.
  • Don’t even call her “Rey” or Kira (in early drafts of TFA)
  • Don’t make her wear clothes that have the same color scheme as Anakin and Luke.
  • Don’t use musical cues that John Williams use to identify characters with.
  • Sand. Get rid of it.
  • I could go on.

Making her a Random is cheap, lazy and uncreative storytelling with what we have now.

Possible Concept for Season Three:

  • Big fancy party where Prince Lotor will be

  • Voltron needs to get in somehow

  • Princess Allura goes in, ready to be Royal Guest™ but she cannot go alone

  • Shiro could be possible date but not the point of post lmao
  • Cue Allura excitedly wanting to put Pidge in a dress (cue Pidge internally screaming)

  • Pidge comes out

  • “I feel stupid” - Pidge, scrunching her nose and giving everyone venomous looks because she looks as uncomfortable as she feels and she would rather die than wear this dress anymore because pants are a thing

  • “Yeah, no. This is not going to work” - Hunk

  • “Now what will we do?” - Allura

  • “Lance, get in the dress” - Keith

  • What?!” - Very startled and slightly offended Blue Boy™ because Keith clearly has the curves for the dress while Lance does not, not to mention that mullet will make him look even more princess-y

  • Cue Keith and Lance arguing over how no, Lance will not get in the dress, and no, Hunk, that does not mean Keith will be his date, while Pidge flings the dress off her body, much to Allura’s dismay

  • Anyways, the screen suddenly goes to the party, where Allura and Shiro are linking arms, with the rest of Voltron looking out and meanwhile, Coran is back in the castle, wearing the dress and muttering how rude it was that no one even considered him