The more often I rewatch A Party the more I think people REALLY need to stop calling Katie out for “the Tom thing” because yes, that may have been problematic, but a) it was two years ago which is a great amount of time for the life and the brain of a teenager and it is obvious from the videos that apparently everyone watched that Katie isn’t the same person any more - she felt horrible because of it, she knows that it was the wrong thing to do and she clearly won’t do anything like it ever again, b) she’s been called out for it several times on and off camera and in light of a) that’s enough and c) she has current flaws that would make more sense to call out.

I’m not saying every problematic behaviour has an expiry date, and Katie definitely still needs to sort this out with Tom, but in this case it really bugs me that everyone keeps bringing it up, especially with no one calling out Peters behaviour from literally a couple of weeks before.

If anyone brings up “the Tom thing” as an accusation against Katie again I’ll have to SCREAM.


Lillian Gish and Joseph Schildkraut in Orphans of the Storm 

Okay okay but did you ever think about

  • You are the pilot of this plane and i’m the only passenger for some reason
  • I tried using a bad pick up line on you and you laughed so hard you fell off your chair and hit your head on a table shit are you okay AU
  • Your date and mine both didn’t show up so… Yeah AU
  • Oh my god i am such a big fan… Wait oops wrong person AU
  • The hotel did something wrong so we have to share a room
  • You were sitting in the park alone what’s wrong? AU
  • You missed your job interview because i ran into a pole and i’m bleeding and you had to take me to the hospital AU
  • We don’t know each other but i drew you while we were sitting on the train and you saw it AU
  • We are in prison together and we have to stay here at least three years so let’s be friends (or more) AU
  • Accidently sent nudes AU
  • We are in the same class and we never talk but we hate the same people so i like you AU

favorite celebrity friendships 

shelley hennig & dylan o’brien ♥ “I think we have a really good banter and we both really enjoy what we do and it’s really important to us but we also really enjoy just having fun with it.”