Things that happen ALL the time to pregnant women: invasion of their space, people touching them without consent, doctors ignoring their concerns, everyone and their dog telling them what to do and how to eat and shaming them for veering off what is perceived as the “right” way to be pregnant, shaming them for the way in which they became pregnant, the entire process being hijacked by doctors or family members. And that’s women who aren’t even remotely famous.
Bottom line, pregnant bodies don’t magically become public property and touching a pregnant person, talking about what they should or shouldn’t do, asking for details when they haven’t offered…that’s all invasive and creepy. Speculating about someone’s pregnancy is invasive and creepy. Back the fuck off it. Pregnancy is fucking terrifying and personal and it’s none of your business. 

racketstory asked:

I think U should talk 2 me about preggo sterek

What would you like to hear?  About how Stiles carries low, and how his baby belly swells over the tops of all of his pants? He buys one of those maternity baby bands and wears all his old pants unbuttoned, zips and rivets hid under the soft stretchy material.  His happy trail peeks over the top, downy soft hair that just sneaks out from underneath his shirt.  His stomach itches from the stretch, but Derek rubs cocoa butter on it every night.  Derek can’t do a lot for Stiles - he’s uncomfortable and pregnant too! - but he loves sweeping his large hands over Stiles’s stretched skin and murmuring soft words to both of their cubs.  

Or would you like to hear about how Derek carries high and his ribcage expands, making shirts a near impossibility until the Sheriff chuckles and says softly that Claudia carried Stiles the same way, and then he goes into the attic and retrieves a well worn soft cotton muu muu that Derek happily wears for the rest of his pregnancy?  (The muu muu is patterned with daisies and smells like home and family and relaxes Derek to the point that he allows Stiles to put matching flowers in his hair when they lay in the two side-by-side hammocks Scott put in the backyard after their burgeoning baby weight caused their old one to nearly collapse). 

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I am following Briana on Instagram (I freaking hope it's her or else, that girl is REALLY creepy, posting all these Briana selfies and all) and if she is pregnant. Well. With all the alcohol and champagne she drinks, baby's not going to be healthy at all.

honestly that is so disgusting, like. lying about being pregnant, that’s bad enough, but killing your baby by drinking when you really shouldn’t be? i’m absolutely done. whether the baby is real or not, she’s sending out the message that she doesn’t give a fuck about the life she’s (supposedly) carrying. it’s gross. i’m so disgusted.