My god, I could just eat her up with a spoon and get diabetes… Look at this little cutie patootie lounging around, doing that thing she does. This picture is actually a smaller part of bigger whole that I haven’t actually finished yet. I just thought she was cute enough on her own and that you guys would like this.

Well… and then there’s the other reason I uploaded this… Truth is, I just needed to get your attentions for a quick second. So, here’s the thing: I done gone and made myself a Patreon account. If you would like to support me and my artistic endeavors, why not head on over and become a Patron. It would really mean the world to me!

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Grimm Tales And This- AW, JUST LOOK AT HER! I JUST WANNA HUG HER! © Camron “Darkesper” Davis

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