look how cute he eatting his watermelon

A Picnic with the Sun

Pairing: Donghyuck x Reader

Summary: just some quick fluff of you and boyfriend Haechan having a lil picnic

Genre: fluff

A/N: I’ve been trying to write this for so long but every time I open up this draft that picture attacks me

Inspired by: this bullshit

“Y/N hurry up!” Haechan was running ahead of you, picnic basket in hand through an open field. 

“Hyuckie slow down!” you taunted back. This boy was really running in hot summer weather. By the time you reached where he was standing he had already laid out a blanket and put the basket on top of it. 

“Finally you made it” Donghyuck hugged you, promptly knocking you both to the ground. “heehee~” he looked down at you from where he lay on top of you and ruffled your hair. He grabbed the picnic basket and looked at you as he opened it up. “What would you like first, my queen?” You laughed softly as you slowly sat up.

“Whatever dish you’re most proud of, my liege” You and Haechan had split the cooking. Hyuck had offered to cook it all, but you insisted on helping. You didn’t really do much besides chop up things and throw them in a pan, but let’s be real, watching Donghyuck cook was too fluffy to pass up. He ran a hand through his hair as he took out flasks of a watermelon-mint drink he had whipped up right before you both had left. He took his time arranging all the food in an orderly way, appetizers to desserts left to right. He leaned back and looked at his creations.

“Can we eat it now? Not going to lie just looking at food isn’t exactly what I came here for”

“Sorry, sorry!” He put a hand on your back, bringing you closer to him, “I just wanted to make sure everything was here and perfect for my baby,” He leaned forward to try and give you an Eskimo kiss. Normally you would fight his cheesy ass off of you but he was being cute today so why not. He pulled away with the smile on his face that was wider than the Amazon river. “Okay! Let’s eat!” The food he had made was amazing. Definitely restaurant-quality. “How is it?” he looked at you expectantly.

“It’s good,” you replied, “but you have nothing on my chopped fruits”. Laughing at your playfulness, he took one of your hand crafted watermelon slices from a container, inspecting it.

“I don’t know, needs a bit of an edge,” He glanced at you from the side, giving you a wink. As hard as you tried, it was impossible not to blush. When you had both finished eating, you started putting lids on containers and placing them back in the basket. Hyuck rolled off the blanket onto the grass, shutting his eyes in bliss. He had one had on his chest and one against his side. The sun was beaming down on his tan skin, making him glow even more than usual. You folded the blanket and put it back in the basket and laid down next to your boyfriend. You took the arm that was by his side by the wrist a stretched it out, resting your head on him and cuddling into his chest. You shut your eyes and listened to his heart beat, quietly joining him asleep.