look how adorable and cute he is

Practice piece on my phone. Its the protag from persona 5 because he is a cutie and i love him

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📱 ( for chad )

     who are you in their phone ? | accepting .

photo :

ringtone : vivahappy.mp3
last call : 2 days ago .
last text : an hour ago .

          [ Text to: Kuki | Sent ]

     guess i’m babysitting tonight .
     parents are apparently leaving
     money for pizza so … there’s
     that .


Oh, ah, thanks for wearing a shirt and tie; looks great. Can’t talk you into a hair cut, can I?
The Negotiator - 3x15

Every JHOPE is cute, but no-one can tell me that sleepy Hobi isn't the best.

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Y'know these are like the only two pictures of Chris that I know of and it’s really unfair how adorable he is.


{Happy Birthday Nam Woohyun 08.02.91}; My heart is always beating because of our fans & I can’t help but smile brightly. I’m also really thankfull they like me like this. I can get love like this from someone.  I get happy when I think something like that. 


Dan’s phone: Phil Lester has just posted something
Dan: Ah he probably posted something dorky

Dan: …phiLIP MicChAEL LEstEer WHO tHe fUCk gaVE YoU tHE RiGht wHILE I AM litERALLY mILEs aWAY WTF