look at this shit yo

I was having a discussion with a coworker of mine about circumcision the other day and she’s very against the practice she believes it’s inhuman and should be outlawed, personally I’m all for the idea of the practice I’m glad my mom circumcised me as a child I don’t want my shit looking like a pig in the blanket, you know how embarrassing that is , like you can get in a fight with yo girl and she’ll use that as ammo and shit you’ll be at thanksgiving giving dinner and she’ll just go off FUCK YOU ALLEN YOU TURTLE NECK DICK BASTERD !!! Now everyone looking at you cus yo dick look like a push pop and shit

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"When they need a haircut too." I think of you as their hair patrol now...

It’s my excuse to drag them with me. “Yo, ya hair looks shit, ya need a haircut. Come with me”, kinda, haha. Just wait until I someday do that to ya as well.

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*There is a large box of authentic jewels in Remix's path but no one around for miles*

“Yo shit!…..” 

Remix looks around in all directions and sees nobody. He shoves the box in his jacket and teleports back to Chief’s house. He opens the box and looks through is jewels. 


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Your such a fat piece of shit. Cut your throat and slit your wrists yo anorexic ugly looking piece of shit

Lmao this makes sense.

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Looks like you're having a shitty day. But yo real shit, fuck everything and be happy. You a beautiful mother fucka, everything gonna eventually get better

lets hope eventually is soon lmao (thank u 💜)

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bitch i have you snapchat... and ive seem you without makeup in person and so have a lot of people. you posting a pic when you dont does not prove shit when you posted a pic not to long ago laying kn the road with fucking zit between your eyebrows dumb bitch yo shit aint soft shit looking dry as a bitch with nothing but redness. shittttttt

lol i dont recall because I haven’t been laying in the road? that’s what stupid people do. and bitch if you have my snap and been seeing me in person why is it so hard to say the shit to me instead of on anonymous? like people dont get acne anyways 😂 you’re just a pussy bitch is all lol fuck up out my businesss beeiitchh

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"#powered!nilesy#wonder if they could get him a prescription for medical marijuana#chill that boy out a little" for no reason at all i know a lot about weed n stuff (yo hyper focuses make u look up weird shit) but p much its a 50% chance it would help him chill out but also like 50% chance of fucking him bad. the reason that marijuana can (not guaranteed) up paranoia, only amplified by mental health probs, and of course with paranoia it can spiral into a shit storm of stuff (paranoia > (1)

depressive thoughts > violent thoughts) so what we learned today is that marijuana may or may not be a good idea for nilesy and pan’s hyper focuses are hell and they know alot abt weed despite never doing drugs stronger than tylenol. (2)

Iiiiii did not know that! That’s very good to know, especially considering MMJ is legal in my state and I’d been considering having a crack at it.