look at this shit yo

Man I’m SOOOOO sexually fustrated! I need some dick or pussy ! To be honest ! I wouldn’t care who it’s coming from as long as that mouth is doing its job & those body parts are on track ! I’m not fucked up bout yo size , what you look like ! NONE OF THAT ! As long as yo shit clean & you take care of yourself ! Mfs in this town to scared! Of “fat” man , FUCK that ! I can’t wait till I’m in college ! Cause I know imma be getting that dick & pussy that I need ! 💯😊😊

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Tfw I think my town is great then I look at screenshots of other people's and realize I haven't done shit yo

heh, yeah. I sometimes get that way too with my main town when I see really awesome screenshots of forest towns.

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Why u always look confused in yo selfies, Dad?

Cus I’m always questioning shit

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Are you really from Brazil? You don't look brazilian to me.

Well shit yo what did you expect?

I am from Brazil, yes. Born and raised, never really left the country.